Rose Chibambo dies aged 86: Malawi first female minister – she is on banknote

Rose Lomathinda Chibambo, Malawi’s first female cabinet minister at independence, has succumbed to a heart attack.

Rose Chibambo on bank note

Rose Chibambo on bank note

She died at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital in Blantyre in the early hours of Tuesday, January 12, 2016, according to hospital sources. She was 86.

Chibambo hailed from Kafukule in Mzimba district, northern region.

Funeral details are yet to be announced by the family.

Nyasa Times reported a few days ago about her hospitalization.

Hero of Malawi’s independence struggle, Rose was imprisoned by the British and gave birth while in jail. Malawi’s first female cabinet minister, she rebelled against Kamuzu Banda during the Cabinet Crisis of 1964 and was exiled in Zambia for 30 years.

Chibambo’s face is on Malawi’s K200 banknote.

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56 thoughts on “Rose Chibambo dies aged 86: Malawi first female minister – she is on banknote”

  1. chiteboy says:

    my malawi pple yes real pple r dyin leavng dzitserekwete,rip mama rose

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Goodbye Rose,you have left a decent and unforgettable political history of your beloved Malawi and Africa eventhough you did not enjoy the fruits of your sweat.You are many of your stature and we are going to make sure that the Malawian people after the tribalistic storm cools down,our children and the coming generations,are going to remember your relentless commitment towards the indendence struggle and let be assured,that the remains of Chipembere,Augustine Bwanausi ,Attati Mphakati and others,will be brought home in the country they dedicated their precious lives.Rest in peace mama history will never let you down,but effigies will crumble for ever.Rest in peace,AMEN!!!

  3. Winston msowoya says:

    Goodbye Rose and our love to your loving husband Edwin Chibambo and never forget our revolutionary salutes to the following heroes of our independence and multiparty struggles: Yatuta Chisiza,Attati Mphakati,Kanyama Chiume,Masauko Chipembere,George Ndomondo,Dunduzu Chisiza,Orton Chirwa,W.Masamba,L.Chidawati,Felix Mwaliambwile,Medson Silombera,Augustine Bwanausi,Willy Chokani,Harry Jonga,Chakufwa Chihana,Lutengano Mwahimba,Laurence Msawangaand the rest whose names are not on the list.Once again,goodbye Rose your contribution to. our freedom struggle will not be forgotten as you can destroy an effigy,but you can not erase history.Paweme mwana wa ku kwithu uhambe kughle

  4. Mangwaya says:

    Aunt Rose in your time uhave done alot evin the world will never forget u.RIP

  5. Felix says:

    May her soul rst in peace

  6. Austin says:

    Rest in peace mama

  7. Benjamin says:

    Am sorry you may rest in peace. Malawiz when r u going to install robots instead of drums Banda system is still on,let us see your strength now

  8. friends says:

    may her soul rest in peace.

  9. Professor Chinkhwasale says:

    May her soul rest in peace!

  10. Nzoona Ndithu says:

    The child I think is Gadi

  11. Lhomwe 2 says:

    I don’t think she deserve state funeral,that will be mockery to the family and people from…..we don’t want shedding crocodile tears and insult from this southern govt,let us as a family and friends do our cultural and private funeral… . ..remember heros like Chihanas,chirwas,kanyamas,chisiza brothers…….one day we will remember our heroes…..

  12. Lingi Everton says:

    Rest in peace our hero

  13. master says:

    Northern region had large share of political casuaties during MCP rule, its sad north Malawi sacrificed a lot for this country but no visible impact that side by govt

  14. Dan says:

    My condolences

  15. Baba says:

    Amalawi timakonda kulemekeza munthu akamwalira koma alimoyo nkumutaya. Choncho poti ndife amalawi; mayendedwe athu achimalawi, madyedwe athu achimalawi, imfa zathu zachimalawi, kutonthoza kwathunso kwachimalawi. Remember Christ is only our resurrection. So be born again

  16. Comred Brigadier says:

    Rest in peace if people there rest

  17. Bernard Banda says:

    I remember her vividly during my undergrad research. She was so passionate in enlightening me about the cabinet crisis during her era. She was so helpful. May soul rest in peace.

  18. Jack Muhura says:

    I will live to remember Rose for the good job she did to Malawi while alive she never stood on the podium and castgate people as we see some female ministers today.May her soul rest in eternal peace.

  19. Dickson Chonongera says:

    May her Soul rest in peace

  20. Mbuya says:

    RIP our agogo

  21. Mapwiya says:

    RIP Rose Chibambo

  22. h says:

    why is Malawian political history so hidden , they so little information that such people need more than noble prizes , May her soul rest in peace dear Mother.

  23. nguluwe says:

    History will judge us harshly if we fail to honour this magnificent life appropriately.

  24. Zondiwe says:

    She was a gracious and respectable lady. Very cultured.
    Never raised her voice!
    She will be sorely missed by all.

  25. Sapitwa says:

    She survived to at least to tell us what actually happened that forced her and them into exile. MCP edited the story such that a lot was hidden. I hope our journalists might have interviewed her that can be narrated in her obituary. She was indeed a woman and a half, very courageous. She deserves a State Funeral.

  26. Gracious says:

    May her soul Rest In Peace

  27. shosholoza says:

    Rose you were a pride to us. I remember the time I was in Mzuzu, she used to go for Sunday service at St Andrews CCAP in her MAZDA. If not mistaken you were the only one left and Dr Vera Chirwa. Rose your history will remain for ever. I wish to say RIP with Tumbuka hymn 150

  28. Hlekwayo says:

    How long was she in exile? I assume she was never rewarded or payed since she rebelled against the British and Banda government.Where can I send my donations to such an honarable Malawi hero?

  29. Eddy Gomez says:

    May Her Soul Rest In Peace.

  30. Hlekwayo says:

    RIP mother of Malawi. You deserve a State funeral. We thank you for all you did.

  31. Daniel Ziyada says:

    Rest in peace Rose.

  32. Daniel Ziyada says:

    Rest in peace

  33. [email protected] says:


  34. Gundumulani says:

    Chiuta wane mwanisidirachi ? I love the mama Chiwambo/Ziba may her Soul Rest in peace

  35. HASTINGS says:

    We Are Loosing Important Pple. May Her Soul Rest In Eternal Peace

  36. Nkhuku za Lila says:

    R I P M’zimayi wolimba mtima analimbana nawo ma British mnyengo zao za Federation

  37. Hamza Wotch says:

    Dziko la Malawi ndilokondera,anali kuti maiyu nthawi yonseyi,zonse kungomva alikuchipatala,pano mukuti wamwalira,tiuzeni mbiri yake anafe timudziwe mai yu#from RSA

  38. Gogo Ntela says:

    Mw Govt did nothing to save her life pano ayambeno buzy kuti we lovedher Mxiii!!

  39. Tetilia says:

    Manjani abo
    Mbanjani abo mwe
    Bavwala vituwaaa
    Kura ku Chanya

    Mba Rose nyaZiba; Mrs. Chibambo

  40. may her soul rest in ertenal peace

  41. Wanzeru says:

    Rest in Eternal Peace mayi Rose

  42. Gift says:

    rip miss ur courage

  43. Chikondi Nsaluzo says:

    I support the idea of a private funeral. We don”t want someone to go and shed crocodile tears at the funeral. Some comments showed not only disrespect but that Malawi is deeply divided.

  44. nyamazi says:

    aa, aa, aa, what a loss. She deserves a State funeral. May her soul rest in peace please.

  45. BBC says:

    Based on the bitter comments that came from most people on this forum regarding the hospitalisation of Rose Chibambo, I urge the family to consider a private funeral for her whereby family and close friends should only be allowed to attend. Malawi is a country that is losing its moral values on daily basis. The comments that flooded this forum were so disrespectful to a hero who fought for the independence of this country.

  46. kalipinde says:

    Rest in peace Mama. you contributed a lot to the country hence your presence on the Malawi kwacha. Icone of Malawipolitics. I remember you working with dad in the shaping of the countrys politics and economy. you being first lady minister it’s great achievement to the family and country as a whole. We cherish your contributions. RIP.

  47. un-educated man says:

    For sure these are people that deserve state funerals. Let us put politics aside. Also Nyasatimes times do abit of investigatition and provide the readers more information. You said she gave birth while in prison. Is the child who was born in prison alive and what his/her name? While in Zambia what was she doing/anything that we can appriciate her achievement? did she continue the path of politics? Tells her achievements more. Her face put on K200 notes was not her achievemnets it was JB’s decision to appreciate this iconic lady

  48. Mnngulu says:

    Safeless politicians are going one by one. We remain with greedy and impudent ones. RIP mama

  49. Akatswiri says:


  50. yabwanya says:

    APM, don’t just seat phwiii ku State House. you better order your people to accord Mother Malawi the Funeral she deserves.

  51. wakukaya says:


  52. opportunist says:

    RIP grandma

  53. john Chamba says:


  54. Bonya says:

    RIP mama

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