Rose Chibambo not soliciting cash for hospital bills – Daughter

One of the daughters of heroine and historic figure Rose Chibambo has said the family will not struggle to pay for her hospital bills at Mwaiwathu in Blantyre and that request for financial help should be disregarded.

Rose Chibambo on bank note

Rose Chibambo on bank note

Chibambo’s granddaughter Juliet Mhango was earlier quoted by Nyasa Times that the public should raise money to help her pay hospital bills.

But Chibambo’s daughter Dr. Gadi Chibambo-Smith said Mhango’s statement was “misinformation.”

She said the family was “totally shocked and alarmed” that they are begging for help.

“We are not requesting any financial assistance from anyone for mum’s hospital bills,” Gadi stated.

“ Mum has had hospitalization in the past and these have all been taken care of by the immediate family,” she added.

Gadi said granddaughter who gave the statements “was not authorized by any immediate family members to do so.”

She said the family request that Rose Chibambo’s privacy be respected during her illness

“We appreciate all the prayers and well wishes for her recovery,” she said.

Chibambo is on a K200 bank note.

She is the first female cabinet minister in Kamuzu Banda first ever cabinet of 1964.

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Lisa Munthali
It is sad that Malawians are publishing negative press about a sick patient, this is disgustingly unacceptable. Nobody is taking in to consideration what the family or the patient is going through. This is something that could happen to anybody and I’m sure that no one would appreciate negative publications from the press. All those being negative should be ashamed, Juliet Mhango is not even a direct grandchild but because she “claims” to be a grandchild and utters negativity about a patient and a woman who fought and struggled for Malawi’s independence, a lot of people prey on that. Shame… Read more »
Mlomwe original

Iwe Dr Gadi usatipusise. Zaoneka kuti Mayi ako sumawasamala.

Shame on you Gadi.


Caught off guard Dr don’t care for your grandma period.

Lisa Banda
You Malawians are just dwanzi chaps and have no sense of appreciation nor respect for your elders that is why this country will always be left behind whilst the rest of the world progresses nonsense…If the family has the means to take care of the bills is that not good for your corrupt leaders who have failed to take care of their country including your heroic veterans ? It has to take a foreigner to tell you about your own history? Go to school and get educated then maybe you will be smart enough to take care of your own… Read more »

We don’t put people who are alive on bank notes

Nasimba Novirhikana

This means that the granddaughter is closer to the first female deputy minister (the sick poor mum rose chirambo) more than this barking doctor in US. The granddaughter analysed the situation of the sick female gogo and had no option but to flash a begging bowl. It is up to you the reader to believe the granddaughter or the lavish doctor in US but I choose to side with the begging granddaughter. This Gadi person is a hypocrite trying to paint the picture that all is well with the chirambos financially.

Willie Chirwa

That’s better although I look at it as a face saver. This granddaugther seems to me to be telling the masses facts. if this lady was getting support from Dr. Smith the daugther why should have the grand daugther pressed the alarm button? Anywhere thanks for saving your own further ridicule and saving light hearted malawians from digging deeper into their pockets in this January Elnino to pay for your mums exobitant Mwaiwathu bills while you dine and wine in lower Mahattan’s 20 star hotels


Clean your house please..


You got all what you asked for from so called govt or other well wishers and now u have been told to change the chune…shame on you. God is there for bettet resolutions…uusi siufuka popanda moto…

eluby chikopa

hehehehe! madzi akatayika sawoleka kaya titi ukala ukatuluka subwerera mu mphwala.

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