Ruthless ‘war’ rages at Malawi State House: Presidential aide Chisale exposed by rival camp

The shadow boxing currently raging in the corridors of State House appears to be gathering speed and getting dirtier by the day, sources habe  confirmed to Nyasa Times that there are practically two opposing camps striving to outdo each other for the attention of President Peter Mutharika, in a ‘battle’ that is increasingly proving gruesome and ruthless.

League of presidential aides: Power  struggle

League of presidential aides: Power struggle

Mutharika’s private bodyguard and director of State House security, Norman Paulos Chisale is said to be commandeering one camp while the other is the camp that has shifted its loyalty to Agriculture Minister George Chaponda, who is  reportedly repositioning himself to be successor of Mutharika.

The bone of contention is the scramble for the President’s attention since Ben Phiri left State House  as Mutharika’s  special advisor as Mutharika has been placing more trust in his personal bodyguard, Chisale, and the Director of State Residences, Peter Mukhito, whom he considers most trusted, loyal, professional and dedicated to work.

“It is Chisale and Mukhito  who President Mutharika trusts most now. The President has known a lot of rotten deals happening in government through Chisale and Mukhito; they are two officers he now trusts most. Actually, the President can never go out of State House if Chisale is not around,” a source said.

According to the source, the anti-Chisale camp, which includes Safe Motherhood coordinator, Chimwemwe Mazabuko Chipungu, Chaponda and beleaguered Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) director Lucas Kondowe, has been severely threatened and riled by the recent turn of events and has vowed to ‘finish off’ Chisale and Mukhito through unorthodox means.

“This camp has assembled an army of ‘mercenaries’ including some State House employees to wage a smear campaign against the beloved officers, especially Chisale, in the social media. The group is creating fake social media profiles and using online publications to publish cooked-up stories with a lot of mud thrown at Chisale including criminal allegations, exaggerating his personal wealth and other serious false stories to destroy his character and ‘extract’ him from Mutharika,” claimed the source.

“Their aim is to get rid of Chisale and Mukhito and disarm Mutharika so that he solely relies on them They want to control the President so that their dubious deals remain unexposed,” the source added.

According to the source, the other camp has even started brandishing the tribal card, and is openly propagating to edge Chisale out because he is not from the Lhomwe belt. They do not want a Ngoni, Chewa, Tumbuka or any other tribe to be close to Mutharika except Lhomwes. Chisale is a Ngoni from Ntcheu.

According to the source, recent allegations on the social media linking Chisale to the brutal murder of ACB director, Issa Njaunju, is one classic example of this enterprise’s desperate attempts to finish him (Chisale) and wrestle back control of State House politics.

“The good thing is that President Mutharika now knows what is happening and can see through the whole scheme for what it is. President Mutharika is now painfully aware that some of his aide have been extorting money from the Indian business community in exchange for presidential appointments and lucrative government contracts,” the reliable sources said.

This is not the first time for State House ‘civil war’ as  former Director of Communications at State House, Bright Malopa, expressed his misgivings to Mutharika over  his aides tendency of ‘auctioning’ presidential appointments to Malawians of Asian origins.

Malopa was eventually elbowed out of State House and is now warehoused at Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA).

The ‘pay –to- have-an-audience with Mutharika saga also saw the firing of former Aide-de-camp for Mutharika, Fostino Gunda Phiri, allegedly for fixing an appointment that one powerful aide had not sanctioned.

The aides have also made sure Mutharika’s close relatives are systematically elbowed out of the system, and that no one from the President’s family is close enough to witness the Mafia-like moves of self-enrichment.

Chimwemwe Kajawo, nephew to Mutharika, is the notable victim of the carefully crafted scheme of creating false stories to make others look bad in the eyes of the President. He was thrown out of State House and has since been redeployed to Office of President and Cabinet.

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28 thoughts on “Ruthless ‘war’ rages at Malawi State House: Presidential aide Chisale exposed by rival camp”

  1. ernesto says:

    chisale is a thug hiding behind the president but soon he will face the music,ask kasambara.

  2. Jeremiah Tasosa says:

    With all the rumours around and with all the clear testimonies on how the most powerful Chisale and Mukhito have amassed their wealth within two years, having devastating fleets of vehicles, plots of land else where, marrying innocent men’s wives, I mean, seriously, APM MUST fire Chisale and Mukhito if he wants to be alive till 2019. Chisale has cars full in his parking yard and goes parking inside State House. One day in a weekend APM was going round State House, he was shocked to find a hammer Chisale 14, a mercedenz benz, fortuner, Toyota V8 Chisale 7, and a Minibus Chisale 15. He asked the owner of such vehicles but people had no answers, one workshop man had to come and said all those cars belonged to Chisale. Chisale has over 20 vehicles while Mukhito goes around 15 to 20 with houses almost in every low density areas of Lilongwe. God have mercy on us.

  3. Khudze Mkuyabwe says:

    This just shows that Malawi is in leadership crisis. Our President is not in control of the country’s affairs and some people are taking advantage of this weakness. Had it been he is in full control we could not have been hearing of all these nasty stories from state house. The man has no leadership skills hence people close to him are taking advantage. They do not respect him.

  4. Abusheda says:

    Am starting not to trust these Malawi online news sites. It is so unreliable as to who is doing what. Almost every site has its own politicians paying it to defame other politicians…and thats why you are having less and less followers every day. Today one site says this….tomorrow its viceversa…. Total RUBBISH…CRAP at its best

  5. Charlie Hebdo says:

    This article has been written to counter the story of Chisale’s involvement in the murder of Njaunju. The author is certainly under Chisale’s payroll. Sorry Mr Muheya, we don’t buy your story. Prove to the contrary that Chisale has not suddenly become rich beyond his means.

    1. And why show us heads of these greedy advisors as if you are telling the truth? Is chisale not that rich as reported earlier and where could one receiving less than K1,000,000 a month get all that worthy? Stop fooling yourself, the truth will come out once these sleeping watchdogs are out of the system. Remember Kasambara!

  6. John Black says:

    Mukhito is bad news. He engineered the academic freedom saga and picked a fight with Robert Chasowa, who was subsequently murdered.

  7. NIB Malawi says:

    Koma ku Malawi? It appears the politics of our country is too complex for the size of our country.

    But what is the main problem? Is it umbuli? Or laziness?

  8. [email protected] says:

    I do not trust articles written by Muhela because they are written like rumours. The tone of his articles clearly indicates that someone is using him. Sorry, no one will buy your trash. Chisale is a killer. Read the article by Wise man from East and see how well researched and written it is.
    No one will believe the trash you have written here.

  9. VYOTO says:


  10. zido says:

    Ine phee! kodi chisale ameneyu siuja amabandula mkazi wa mlaka uja?

  11. Winston Msowoya says:

    The Sept 9th,1964 Cabinet crisis,started in Zomba Government House and then,spilled out into the Parliament to give Malawians a true picture of the situation regarding the real issues of the conflict.Which were total dominance of the ex-colonial expatriates in the government,Banda’s fraternization with imperialist regimes,dictatorship tendencies and other anomalies.What we can deduce from this State House pandemonium,is a throng of greedy power struggle between deranged factions which Mathanyula has completely failed to solve and in actual fact,the Cabinet Crisis was principled guided by patriotic zeal.It is unfortunate that we have elected moron and misguided President on tribalistic line, who is there to destroy our nation and he has nothing to loose,but our miseries.

  12. biyoz says:

    Thats the problem of african politics everything its connected to ethnic groups

    1. NIB Malawi says:

      Not necessarily African politics. Kweni kweni tinene kuti Malawian politics is hinged on tribalism.

  13. biyoz says:

    Thats the problem of african politics, everything its connected to ethnic groups

  14. Joloza says:

    Chisale is a ruthless killer. Never be fooled. He is diverting attention and has paid this journalist

    1. Ngozo says:

      Nyasatimes has been bought by Chisale

    2. mmmmm says:

      u were there m’mene amapatsana ndalama

  15. OMEX70 says:

    The truth is known. You can not clean Chisale’s CV here. The writing is on the wall. Wise one from the East said it all. You can’t divert our attention by your useless writing here.

  16. Ngalamayi says:

    Excuse me… is anybody governing the country? If they spent as much time doing that as they spend in-fighting, squabbling among themselves, Malawi would be developed by now!

  17. Spade says:

    When all is said and done, at some point, Green Muheya will answer to the charge of complicity to the murder of Njaunju. Here we see him diverting people from the truth after being paid by Chisale.

  18. mchisala says:

    Mutharika is happy to play helpless and hopeless! I do not know any other individual in his position so bankrupt of leadership and managerial skills as him!

  19. Ida says:

    Chisale is the one who killed Njaunju, mistaken identity or not, he murdered an innocent soul and even if it was meant to be Kondowe, why? and for what? Pitala watch out

  20. Lilongwe says:

    A Muheya why do you allow to be used?. Ndichisaletu uyu kaya. Musazati you were not warned. Just go though what you have written. Do you think we are that stupid not to know that you are being used here by chisale. Don’t think that Malawians are so daft as you are. We got everything from the wise one and all you are doing is to try to counter that. Silly efforts. We now know what actually happened to Njaunju and you should be careful a Muheya otherwise muzayankha nazo izi.

  21. diso says:

    kaya tiyeni nazoni

  22. Keneth Maumba says:

    Desperate attempt by Chisale to divert people’s attention from what the Wise one from the East posted regarding his role in Njaunju’s killing. We cannot be fooled for we are not that stupid as you are. Go to hell and rot there.

  23. Charombanthu says:

    We’ll sit back and watch…..

    1. GADDAFI says:

      chisale do u think we r stupid ?mwazi wa isaac ulipa mutu wako .God help us to know wat realy happened to njauju

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