SA police confirms Fayaz wanted, hiding in Malawi

South African police have confirmed that Fayaz Munir Ishmael was running Smart Cabs company in South Africa and reportedly committed criminal offences but has been on the run.

Fayaz: Committed crimes in South Africa

Fayaz: Committed crimes in South Africa

The businessman has been traced to be in Malawi and is part of the family running HTD Limited.

He escaped justice and came to Malawi to change passport with different names and use it travelling.

South Africa police intelligence operatives traced him after his photos with the Malawi leadership were posted on social media.

They have since comunicated with local police to help track Fayaz.

However, the HTD Limited family has close links with the President and has always associated themselves with the leadership of the country as top “well-wishers” in finances and vehicle donations.

Fayaz – who publicly boosts that he is the league of the untouchables because of the connection to the President – has also invited the Head of State to attend a wedding of their relation, in coming days.

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55 thoughts on “SA police confirms Fayaz wanted, hiding in Malawi”

  1. Ntchona says:

    When SA needs they want everyone to jump. What happened to the cases of xenophobic attacks of our fellow brothers

  2. namarokoro says:

    He is innocent until proven guilty. This is a law bidding land not banana republic. RSA is failing to arrest Zuma, failing to reposes RSA stolen cars, etc. asatinyase

  3. Twaniche says:

    Thats the kin of people our govt wants. Criminals and corrupt people khetekhete ndi boma.

  4. phodogoma says:

    Point of correction. Fayazi is not hiding in Malawi but he is staying in Malawi.

  5. phodogoma says:

    RSA constables, send Chanthunya here then we will send you Fayazi. An eye for an eye. Idiots RSA constables who are specialists in xenophobia. Fayazi stay comfortablly here as Chathunya is in south africa. One day Malawians will send you a film of Fayazi chatting with Malawians.

  6. hayibo says:

    Dont let SA police to cheat us, unless chanthunya posted back to malawi. Thy tek malawian like foot stand. Why thy keep chanthunya and craiming of fayaz while the matter are similar. Agwa nayo amenewo

  7. Majid says:

    Get Interpol involved! Corruption in Malawi should end

  8. Mfulatuvi says:

    How stupid can you get? Knowing full well that he is on the south african police wanted list,this fayaz character goes and posts his picture on social media for the whole world to see. Malawians are sick of these asian squatters who act with impunity because they have a few coins in their bank accounts.

  9. Mazibukoellio says:

    South African Police is very silly indeed and are not professions. I think security in South Africa is too poor because Fayaz has been to South African soil on many times residing at Pretoria. At one time he tasted waters by landing at their Airport and stayed there for an hour just to see if anyone would have spotted him but Alas!!!!! shit nobody. Leave these idiots and never bother us since Fayaz is very clean with of course too clean record on the soils of Malawi. Keep quiet you dogs in South Africa. You are used to come to Malawi and deceive us that we stole your vehicles and take them back where these are sold in Zimbabwe and share the money yourselves AGALU INU. The Malawi Police under Kachama should never allow these dogs to come to Malawi anymore for snatching our vehicles. In Mozambique and Tanzania they are now banned never to play fools in their countries. Surely, this will never be accepted under well educated Kachama since in the past there too many MBUZI in our Police Leadership. South African Police took us as a ride. Never allow Fayaz to be handed over to these stupid Government of South Africa and if it happens then the IG to be face chop no matter what.

  10. majoti says:

    Ndiye ntchito yanu atolankhani a 2 tambala inu! You write half baked stories. State the crimrs and Show us the proof kuti SA poloce apanga verify kiti akumufunadi munthuyu. Until then to hell with you.


  12. MBACHI says:

    Koma kuneko a Pitala with criminals, ndie anzanu.

  13. NquebeSallyie says:

    The man known as FAYAZ ISHMAEL MUNIR properly called is my best friend who feeds my home with the support of HTD Family. I don’t care what the South African Government asks Malawi but we are NOT going to release him to that stupid country which in turn is still HOSTING CHAMTHUNYA after Killing a Zimbabwean girl. FOTSEKI IMBHWA south Africans. Fayaz will comfortably stay here in Malawi and after all he is being under the family of HTD Motors Limited that heavily supports the economy of Malawi and nobody will even dare to talk about this rubbish matter raised by stupid South African Government, CHAMTHUNYA IS A CRIMINAL IN MALAWI AND YET SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT FURTHER HOSTS HIM FOR YEARS, SHIT!!!!AFTER ALL THE PRESIDENT DOESNT KNOW THAT FAYAZ IS A CRIMINAL IN YOUR COUNTRY AND EVEN YOU PROVE BEYOND DOUBT THAT REMAINS YOUR PROBLEM AND NOT FOR MALAWI JUST AS GOOD AS YOU ARE HOSTING A CHAMTHUNYA,SORRY YOU ARE VERY STUPID.

  14. Rambos says:

    Leader bfriends criminals

  15. How come that the President is having links with ppl who are criminals in other countries?I would like to advise the local police to act accordingly and send this guy back to SA.

  16. weaklicks says:

    There is also a man called Kunzi who is a fugitive from justice after murder in zimbabwe. He came here without a passport and he is engaged in the business of selling shoes and he is mostly found at wenela where zupco bus loads or premere. He speaks some chewa because he is married to a malawian .he is tall and dark in complexion and if you see him your first impression would tell you that he is a hard core criminal .o

  17. sylvia says:

    Ndi nkhani eneyi? You and your investigations osanena bwanji kuti ma crime ake ndi ati? Otherwise leave the guy alone mbuzi inu

  18. mayor says:

    Crimes? What crimes are you talking about that he commited? This is the exact same story you wrote yesterday except for one sentence. Whatever you have against this guy is personal!

  19. Give us Chanthunya and we will give you this IS man.

  20. bongozozo says:

    Let us exchange Chathunya with Fayaz….Deal?

  21. Pwiyapwiya says:

    Apolise akumalawi saziwa ntchito ayi

  22. Chris Banda says:

    This one should be an offering in exchange with Chanthunya

  23. MAKWACHA says:


  24. Tamala says:

    MiSundu yinu imwe mukum’bisa mthakati m’mwenye uyo. I. Hope mukumgunda kuthako.

  25. Boko says:

    Fayaz and the whole HTD crew are as corrupt as Peter Mutharika and DPP, SA should forget that they will catch him, at least not under a thug and fraudster like Peter. Fayaz is one of the most corrupt people here in Malawi and has always been donating money and bribing both the two useless Mutharika brothers becoz they love money so much. The Mutharika’s can do ANYTHING FOR MONEY my dear.

  26. Cia says:

    I know this man….met him last night at Amazon night club

  27. Kalizalizard says:

    Well trained Police.

  28. chiwa kogoya says:

    chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi basi!!!!!

  29. rebel says:

    This is one of the reasons local Malawians will remain poor even after 50 years of independence. Our leadership always treats foreigners with kid gloves.

  30. Mphwache says:

    South Africans lets swap these criminals. You want this guy, and we want Chanthunya. Fullstop.

  31. Think Tank says:

    reminds of Muluzi allowing a convict to go abroad for medical help and never came back to finish his sentence. What will our professor do? We apply to South Africa for extradiction. They seem to act. Though courts delay action.

  32. Denga says:

    dats how life goes

  33. nat turner says:

    Let’s just exchange him with Chanthunya full stop.

  34. Mr what what says:

    League of untouchables? His friend has a treason case to answer, and poor malawians are just praising him, and they have stoped it,

  35. Young &Denzel says:

    SA police want FAYAZ MUNIL ISHNMAEL who is in Malawi on that not MW police want CHANTHUNYA who is in South Africa. I think the deal will be 50 50 SA hand over Chanthunya and MW hand over Fayaz

  36. Nganga Bulawayo says:

    Malawi should extradite this criminal but the SA govt should also send back Masozi Chanthunya.

  37. NKHAMANGA says:

    This only smacks of our ruling party mediocrity and entrenches and vindicates some of us who have all along been putting it forward to you that this toothless old man called Muntharika is a crook and crime-monger with nothing to care about as far as our welfare and reputation are concerned. What matters to him is to fatten his wrinkled cheeks and toothless buccal muscles by calendstinely sucking from national investments, like the KAYELEKELA mine as well as receiving cash hand-outs from thugs who hide under his armpit. Fathom, in a law-abiding govt, how can an international thug openly brag to be untouchable? And hey you young Hispanic thug, you run away from RSA coz you feared being pinned down and for you to say you’re untouchable in my country is one hell of an insult to me. Realise that your DPP bloodsuckers can not protect you from my wrath. I’ll deal with you outside the corrupt legal parameters, yeah, I’ll strangle you up, ‘my way.’ MOSE NA MUCHEKULU WAKO UYO NDIMWE VINDERE CHOMENE. NDIPO AGOGO WAKO AWO WAKUKUBISA M’KHWAPA YAMANKHWINYA IYO WALIJE SONI, NTCHIFUKWA CHAKE ISE KUKAYA TIPANGENGE CHALO CHITHU, ‘Nyika Republic.’ Nimtukaninge waka apa.

  38. one malawi one people says:

    anjatidwe ameneyu tisinthane ndi Chamthunya….

  39. chosatheka says:


  40. Angozo says:

    Let Fayaz face the arm of the law, no matter what.

  41. Kamchitete says:

    Criminals love each other. How do you look at apm?

  42. Mulopwana Wa Mamwene says:

    My only worry ndi abale ku RSA aziwanzunza kuti dziko lawo likusunga munthu amene tikumufuna kuno

  43. SHARP TUMBUKA says:


  44. Tasiyana says:

    By de way who iz Fayaz?Indian or Malawian?where iz Chanthunya guyz?iz he not in S.A?

  45. ingompanani munthalikayo aulula kumene ali

  46. koma says:

    Dont give SA this guy unless they give us Chanthunya.

  47. galu wa galu says:

    Exchange of criminals here. Koma Mulungu amakonza dongosolo. Wazaaaaaaaaaaa!

  48. We dont trust malawi police, if u do u will be waiting in vain !! this is a land of nyasa.

  49. Jack Ruby says:

    When they were officially opening HTD Chakwera was also among the invited guests,dont just mention Mutharika,if SA Police managed to arrest Chanthunya why did they fail to arrest Fayaz?I think its a business rival who is trying to tarnish the HTD name

  50. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Hear that! Hear that!!
    Our president is being associated with thugs.

    Please, can someone clear the president of such bad stories. Next time it will revealed that he is the main suspect of these malpractices. Using juniors as conduits. Exactly what hear about JB and Lutepo

    The whole president! Shame!!

  51. kambere mbere says:

    Bwana Peter pls dont become like Zuma and the Jupters, surrender the idiot to the police.

  52. mamfumu says:

    Shame on Mutharika

    1. chakuhenga says:

      that’s the typical of dpp

    2. mmihavani says:

      Why shame on Mutharika? This guy came in many years ago and has been feasting Atcheya, JB, Bingu. Mwangodana ndi Peter. Nkwiyo wanu ukudwalitsanitu

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