SADC to honour Kamuzu as founding father

SADC has directed its Secretariat to find a mechanism of bestowing honour to its founding fathers who met in Lusaka, Zambia on 1stApril 1980 to establish the Southern African Development Coordination Conference (SADCC), precursor to SADC, after a series of consultations by representatives of the Frontline States to forge closer alliance.

Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda

Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda

“Summit directed the Secretariat to develop a mechanism to honour the legacy of the SADC Founding Fathers, to be submitted for consideration at the next Ordinary Summit,” said SADC Executive Secretary Dr Stegomena Lawrence Tax reading from a communiqué.

The honours will target leaders of Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, the United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Former Malawi first President Hastings Kamuzu Banda represented Malawi at that maiden meeting and will be honoured.

Among the nine founding fathers who cobbled the SADC we have today, only Zimbabwean President Robert Gabriel Mugabe and former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda may receive the honours in person.

As expected SADC made the decision after taking a cue for Mugabe, who as one of the remaining older statesmen usually sets the agenda and path for SADC.

During his farewell speech as SADC outgoing Chairperson Mugabe at the 35th Summit of Heads of State and Government implored on leaders to the founding fathers.

He noted that nothing has been done to pay tribute to those that sacrificed and dedicated their lives to the ideals of attaining political freedom and deepening regional integration.

“Let us remember those that have endowed us with this legacy. This could be in the form of something. Can’t we have a fund in their honour?” Mugabe is quoted as saying.

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No any other Hero in Malawi apart from Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda.Those who say Hastings was from Ghana are myopic and stupid.You are enjoying what he did yet you talk nonsense.


comment number 31 you think through your nose.where has your multi-partyism taken you to? dictatorship was the best for Malawi only that we chased the Britons too soon.

Stanley Malambo
The struggle for African unity must be revamped. It is inevitable that Africa remains divided amidst the many contributionso to unite it spearheaded by the founding fathers of most nations including Kamuzu Banda (I don’t care whether he is a Malawian or Ghanan in as long as he is an African). It is devastating to learn that the tireless efforts championed by the visionary leaders in their quest to unite Africa are going down the drain to the benefit of imperialist and monopoly capital. The legacy of divide and rule orchestrated by our former oppressors is undeniably taking its toll… Read more »
Keen Observer

Of course anthu anali ogona kumene, he was not a Malawian. His history was not adding up. Fake. Why only English??????? Osadabwa????


Kamuzu could have done much if he avoided wasting time with fake crop inspection


Whether somebody likes it or not, Dr Hestings kamuzu Banda, ndi Father to this nation.Let’s learn to respect our Leaders basically for their achievement.When we talk about good road network, health services, Education just to mention a few in our country then without mentioning kamuzu then who else could we?.My His soul rest in peace.Am educated today because his effort towards Education.

Lord Mansfield

Iwe Coment 31 Usamakhale Opusa Kwambili Ngati Kamuzu Anali Wa Ku Ghana Ndiye Kuti Zitsilu Kwambiri Zinali Zomwe Dzinamuitanitsa Kubwela Kuno Ku Mw Frm Abroad Nkudzamusiila Udindo Ndi Chipani Cha Mcp Atachiyambitsa Okha, For Yo Imfomation Kamuzu Anachita Kukamizidwa Kangapo Pomulembela Makalata Then Kumtumizla Tpt Kuti Azibwela Kuno Tsono Osamakhala Naye Ndi Kaduka Pangani Yanu Mbiri Amene Aja Anali A LEADS Sadzapezekaso


I was very young by then, but i cn witnes dat Kamuzu was a man of integrity based on what he rendered to MW thrut his life. Will remain a heroe.

wilson kasamba

who is the founding father of malawi ? Its chilembwe.not that ghana man who did not form any party in malawi.who formed nyasaland african congress ? Mcp is a party formed by a tumbuka orton chirwa.malawi is backward in development becoz of kamuzu.we are enemies of mozambique and tanzania becoz kamuzu foreign was bad.he was slow.very slow,he was self centred,built stadiums at sanjika mtunthama new state house for what ? am who I am policy of that man ended malawians in poverty up to now.chitukuko .which chitukuko ? Slow .osamayamikila zopusa.long live pit with kamuzu tranny


He deserve to be honoured!!! He Is was my hero!

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