Salima devastated by hailstorm, 55 homes asunder

Most parts of Salima district have had houses destroyed with hailstorm  that hit the area this week rendering at least 55 households homeless.

Kabwila presnt rellief items

Kabwila presnt rellief items

Houses destroyed

Houses destroyed

Kabwila with displaced victims

Kabwila with displaced victims

Speaking when parliamentarian for the area, Jessie Kabwila, toured the area Group Village Headman Mwadyakale said the rains fell continuously for just about two hours on Tuesday with hailstorm.

“We were fortunate that the rains and hailstorm came during day hours, otherwise a lot of people could have lost their lives when the houses were falling down,” said Mwadyakale.

Kabwila who handed over relief items including bags of floor and plastic sheets, called on government to assist the affected households.

Floods have hit hard Malawi with commentators saying the country has not witnessed anything of the sort since 1964.

Over 174 000 people have been displaced and many more continue to be. The damage caused, analysts have said, will be felt for many months, even years to come.

Mahimbo Mdoe, the country manager at Unicef, told The Guardian Newspaper of the UK in January that basic social services have broken down in affected areas, while in the camps there are unconfirmed reports of rapes and other assaults.

Much as the southern region has been the most hit, the northern and central regions have equally been affected. –(Additional reporting by Pius Nyondo, Nyasa Times.)

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16 thoughts on “Salima devastated by hailstorm, 55 homes asunder”

  1. chie says:

    Kongiless mchaniso

  2. cash gate says:

    well done madam kabwila, you used your own money, others uses the government’s money, they donated nothing, when they are back to office, they also claim MCP viva Dr Chakwera Viva Kabwira, 2019 Boma

  3. Muhamad Jesus says:

    MCP kuchitekete.

  4. chidumayo says:

    The most beautiful party cloth in the world, The MCP cloth. Wayiona bwa? Osati yako ija ya pa kaunjika.

  5. Yankho says:

    Kodi avala Suit yonyezemira ndiye a Bambo Kabwira. Mayi mukanawauza bambowo kuti suityi ndi pa pablic ndi zero.

    However you have tried and I congratulate you for the job well down. Let me also thank and congratulate you again you made us Malawi Congress Party supporters during the last sitting of parliament. Amayi munaitha ndipo munthu sangakupusitseni. Keep it up mama.

  6. YANKHO MAJIGA says:

    To me the houses look to have no roofs before, not that they were destroyed by anything. They seem to be incomplete houses. Please show us the houses that were realy distroyed!!!!

  7. Special advisor says:

    FOR THE ATTENTION OF……Ministry of Local Government or any other that is responsible should seriously consider providing blue prints for house construction. Poor people waste a lot of money on building temporary shelter which, being vulnerable to the elements, just wash away or blow away. If we have to drive away poverty, we must build homes for the future not just for tonight. Polytechnic and other technical colleges and other rural development investors should seriously think about this. Cement and paint applied to week surfaces and iron sheets put on a weak roof structure that rests on a roof wall that is built on loose ground is the best recipe for loss and disaster – a total waste of hard earned resources. This fuels the spiral of poverty into a vicious cycle. Something needs to be done to break this cycle.

  8. Maximum Prison says:

    Mmesa mumanena kuti alomwe awona ma floods chifukwa chobera ma election nanga ku Salima ku bwa? Chapereka mkono wa manja mkono wa mazere usadziwe Bible likutero! Nanga tikatere tiziti nchiyani? Campaign!

  9. Tatyata says:

    koma mayiyunso,ngati ogulisa nyemba munsuka!

  10. Namalila says:

    Looking at the pictures above it does not seem like the houses are destroyed by floods may be storm
    associated with heavy rains.
    Anyway, bola zisalowe zibwana
    and mapemhedwe.

  11. gondwe says:

    Kongress thandizani. Chakwera pita ukapereke K1000.00 yako ijatu….kkkkkkkkkk. Jessie Kabwila wagwira mchombo wake. Chitukuko kwa iye ndi ku manga nyumba za matope, nkuchedwa ku vina nyau

    1. Shimwitwa says:

      Its better it comes from his pocket. His giving is genuine

  12. bratusha says:

    I hate kupereka thandizo mowonetsera. This is bragging

  13. tomoka mphande says:

    Big hand kabwira for rescuing deserve to be member of parliament

  14. daudi mj says:

    very sad that many people are rendered homeless due to heavy rains. The government will suffer alot to bounce back on its development agenda. Malawians, it is time to build our nation. The responsibilities is in our hands,may the lord bless our state president with enough wisdom,

  15. ujeni says:

    Houses are being demolished or washed away by floods countrywide. What does that tell us, it tell us or show us that Malawi is a big village with mud thatched houses, no drainage, just look at the picture. After 50years of independence people still build mud houses right in Blantyre city business district, look at Mbayani. Shocking. All the MRA money, export earnings end up buying fleet for the president and his cronies to spend on flights going to Dubai.

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