‘Satanic disease’ hits Chikwawa school: Students leave campus

Students at a Catholic run girls secondary school in Chikhwawa have abruply left their campus after accusing management of slowness in dealing with a strange disease.

Strange disease

Strange disease

The students from St. Lawrence Girls Secondary School claim the strange disease affect the legs and they blame it on Satanism.

“Most of us have suffered this disease and we have constantly reported the matter to the head teacher but nothing is happening. We feel this school is affected y satanism,” said one student.

She accused the school management of being slow in dealing with the matter.

The head teacher refused to comment on the matter, saying she does not speak to the media.

However Chikwawa Diocese secretary Father Alufeyo Boloma confirmed the students have now left their campus.

He said the church organised several prayers at the school to help deal with the problem and hoped the students would return to their school soon.


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64 thoughts on “‘Satanic disease’ hits Chikwawa school: Students leave campus”

  1. Sir says:

    Eish that’s bad, realy needs God’s intervation

  2. nsanje port says:

    leave satan alone,not every disease is satanic,these other diseases are natural please Gods people

  3. Bweka Bweka aka Bweks says:

    A Malawi tsopano! Osangopita kuchipatala bwanji? Doctors will carry out a check-up, and possibly be able to offer a diagnosis and treatment (ngati ali nd mankhwala). It is the same backward mentality that keeps us behind.

    In the end, we watch something and tame it instead of taking action quickly. By the time we think…a nilute kuchipatala, the doctors tell you… unfortunately it is too late, only if you had come earlier.

    Wake up people! That is why tikukhalira kumanyuma and these politicians bakutilyera masuku pamutu as they know we will believe anything they tell us because of illiteracy!!!!

  4. smallpox or chicken pox says:

    Looks like small pox of some virus got these girls. Or Even Heat rash. Come on people. Yes God heals but he also gave us Brains, sanitation and medicine to relieve the physical suffering. . To help in the healing process and if it fails. YES LETS PRAY FOR OR SOULS. zinazi ndi level 5 stupidity. Stop making sensationalism and idiotic reports about nonsense.

  5. tiha says:

    many people have innocently suffered because of this name of satanism .something that just makes people stop thinking and waste for study .i agree that the hospital would have been brought in to check the condition. Its my hope that health research system is on the ground.

  6. ma nyasa says:

    nthu opemphelera satana associate everything with satanism,shame

  7. mbuzi za anthu,, satanic ,.satanic chani

  8. mphatsoblackout says:

    what are you waiting for ?

  9. samuel july says:

    oh my God.Boma litengepo mbali basi, ndalama musamangothela mmatumba mwanu.

  10. Katolora says:

    This article is written by a Journalist who himself without shame lives a stone age life. They will show no remorse for taking Malawians for granted. Why can’t you do research around your stories before giving us trash? Skin diseases are very common and contagious. Becomes worse in populated unhygienic areas. Could this be one scenario? I agree with my friends who have observed lack of balance in the story. What did the health authorities say? Stop sensationalizing minor issues. There are other major issues our have to deal with. ONE ADVICE from me, ” Stop publishing nonsense”

  11. sain it like it is says:

    mbuzi za anthu inu…chikwawa’s temperatures were as high as 47 degrees Celsius…what did u expect?ever heard of heat rash?that what it looks like u dumb people saying this is satanic..

  12. Okwenda says:

    Disinfect the school. The article wishes to propagate that satanism or exploit gullible Malawians which is what most if not all so called prophets do. In this age of advanced mefical research & information a phone call to Chiradzulu DHO and DEM could have done a lot of balance to the story. The school must get DHO involved the disease as probably higiene related. Malawi get out of this Satanic versus God mentality if this country is to develop.

  13. MLOMWE says:

    Bushiri bushiri come come come in chikwawa go deeper go deepest

  14. Malawian MomS says:


  15. Malawian Q says:



    ds xul its nt de first tym ds nuz of satanic 2spread, yr & yr wi hear ds 4rm ds xul, its nt de student bt dere z a certain staff who z behind ds…search 4 [email protected] plz

    1. bad man says:

      48, can’t you write like a grown person?

  17. Ali kaka says:

    pa chithunzipo ndimayesa ngati ndi shaft.

  18. bamusi says:

    Bolanso Mapempherewo asakhale omtukwana Namalenga. Mudzaguluka Mano. Athakati

  19. akweni says:

    kodi kuzipatala zimene anawo apita akuti ndi matenda anji? ngati ayiniake akuti ndizasatanic bwanji osawabva komanso uyu headmaster mukamuonesetsa ameneyu alibwino-bwino?mwinatu akudziwapo kanthu.Mapemphero akufunika akhalepo.

  20. Kenkkk says:

    The disease affects the legs but the photo seems to show arms of a male rather than a female. Is this probably just showing us the photo of the same disease elsewhere?

    Please contact the ministry of health to go there and investigate the disease and treat the afflicted. It looks like mphere but I doubt it if it is. This seems much more serious as some people here have suggested.

    Satanism seems to be the buzz word now in Malawi, superstition which was dying slowly now seems to have reawakened.

  21. Danger chipino says:

    We have those who call themselfes prophets go to chikwawa to help our sisters their do not pray for those you think will much money to your ministries

  22. Mulepula vimbwete says:

    Satanism lero? Fuck…u chimpazees..its a matter of havng medical practineers to scrunise that strange shit…atsikana inu ku nyengetsa heavy u hav taken somethng very strnge n blame the devil 4 wht it suppsd 2 be..shameful

  23. Spectator. says:

    Satanism sinkhani yachilendo
    Aliyense akachimwa amachoka mmanja mwa Mulungu nkupita mwa satana oipayo. Osamanamiza anthu kuti asatanic ndi afiti onkha Ai. Sikutinso muzitchera Ana kenako kukachosa matchera muzina la ambuye muziti ndinu ma prophet ochilisa inu a Simon the magicians mwanva.

  24. ganganinga says:

    healthy minister pls wake up

  25. Chinthu Chawaka says:

    Malawians are always very slow to act. The students have gone to their respective homes and there they will help to spread the disease if it is contagious. It would have been better to quarantine the students and understand more about the disease before releasing them.

    Lord have Mercy.

  26. msonthi says:

    I get surprised why we say Satanism yet its Satanism but we are Christians cant we pray so that Almighty God can intervene into our problem this shows that we are weak in our faith because God is more powerful than the devil we shouldn’t have to worry. Malawi as God fearing country as we liked to say before but not now we don’t anyway I think prayers can do more but don’t forget to inform our prophets I know some are outside but they can come as Jews this is their land we are in big problem.

    we need urgent assistance those from health sector be in your position no politics our dear brothers and sisters are in torments down Chikwawa.

  27. nyabake says:

    Mphekesera zikuti mwana wina pasukulupo ndiye akupanga za utsiruzo aphunzitsi wena akuidziwa nkhaniyo but they are protecting their job. The management needs tough action, otherwise the will lose its credibility

  28. mbuli67 says:

    What kind of reporting is this? You mean no medical personnel has ever visited this school, do you want to give us the picture that anthu angokhal phii kumeneko, osaopseza anthu, picture ya chickenpox, HPV,Impetigo, or even scabies if infected with other bacterias if not properly managed looks that way, ma dermatologist munkakatani Ku sukulu? Kapena nonse mwapita Ku Swaziland? Tawathandizeni anthu mwatani kodi? What about syphilitic rash,,tafufuzani eeee

  29. Cashgate1 says:

    is this not another HIV related disease. I hear there is new virus Human papillova Virus or something like that and it has these signs.

    Watch out Malawi.

  30. bojomujo says:

    Heavy floods might have brought several stuff the affected areas. The ministry must act swiftly on this, don’t waste time on prayers. God helped us invent medicines. Inu aku unduna wa za umoyo, pliz do not wait until people organize demos in the streets for you to take action. we are watching you.

  31. TruFactor says:

    Comment number 7, the article says the disease affects the legs NOT the arms. Please read again.

    Those who are denying that there’s satanism think twice. While we think of medical help, we can’t rule out satanism. Satanism is real my friends and satanists have caused a lot of havoc in this world. Ministry of Health, send your crew to examine this strange disease and if it’s proven to be a medical problem, civic educate people about it and how it can be rooted out. Believers, continue praying, for there’s power in the name of Jesus and His power is not limited – it works whether for a disease from medical point or from satanism.

  32. chic says:

    ufiti eti?

  33. chic says:

    satanism is it true

  34. chic says:

    stupid girls

  35. BigMan says:

    So what makes it Satanic? Just go to the hospital and get treatment basi. Umbuli thoooo ndi ku sukulu komwe?

  36. o says:

    mphere izo. muzisamba atsikani. kunamizira satanic bwanji?

  37. changa says:

    This sounds like gluten intorelance why can’t our learned Doctors team up to investigate and advise

  38. elson mark says:

    Ignorance is death of us as a nation, “everything beyond your knowledge is magic” such understandings plague Malawians evn African, reason is we too lazy to dig a matter to its core, wat we can’t understand we blame it what we don’t understand. Ulesi ndi matenda. This is just some skin diesease probably from sanitation factors. Its embarassing for ignorance to desplay @an institute that combats it.

  39. vin kalilangwe says:

    Its total complete rubbish “satanism”? Then ask yourself what would they benefit from such an attack? Pray for them and get medical AsAp…we shouldn’t be ingorant Malawians lets do things ourselves for once, send samples to the lab, quranteen the infected till mode of transmission is determined, other than sticking on stupid suspicions..

  40. Gibo says:

    Plz Help These Poor Students

  41. Drake says:

    Chirwa was is a very hot place and this year being very hot skin diseases are very obvious and its unfortunate that the Head of the School did not take this serous otherwise it’s treatable with strong anti fungal lotions

  42. Bwande says:

    It is worrying that even the learned catholic priests believe this is satanism instead of seeking medical help. Sad that Malawian society is sick to the core full of superstitions that even education has failed to teach modern ways of living.

  43. Nedi K. says:

    In my opinion, the challenge in satanic beliefs is not in the girl students only. It is in the families/ the parents where some of the girls come from. It is also in some of the teachers at this school and perhaps the schools where these girls came from. Socialization is the key word here. It is a multi-faceted dilemma and challenge. All key agents of socialization are involved: the peers, the media, parents, teachers, parents, religious leaders etc. At the end of the day, the whole Malawian society is to blame. Satanism has become the catchword for us people who fail to get immediate answers for life’s complexities. Some of us are lazy to think. This has been spearheaded by our esteemed ” prophets” and “men of God”. So, there is a more than health issue here, it is also psychological. Get to experts!

  44. Jehove says:

    Do not blame the girls as if we dont know that satanic ilipodi . Strange things are happening in our land. We have lots of blood suckers shaaaa

  45. Chingolopiyo says:

    Try to fumigate the hostels and all walls at the school. Hot wether plus congestions are prone to insects that can cause body soles. Sanjama pvt schools kuli mphere, nsikidzi / aku Ministry make sure you inspect these pvt schs aswel

  46. mar says:

    This disease started in USA. I think its spreading now. It is a viral one and more Deadly than Hiv/aids.
    palibeso zoti satana apa, involve the medical doctors to assist as soon as possible

  47. Kkk says:

    People should first of all think before opposing things. If this is a normal disease, why not spreading to others. If I read the article well this disease is only at that school. Why? Am just wondering.

  48. Tozer Tsono says:

    It is unfortunate whenever an explanation for ailment is elusive; Malawians claim to know the disease and its cause.
    Has anyone checked if this is Molluscum contagiosum? It is a common contagious affliction but for the most part could go away without treatment over a period of time. The ministry of health ought to respond quickly to provide students with an explanation. It could be chicken pox or scabies, etc.

  49. you mean the whole country with learned people believing anything that goes beyond their capability to heal or cure is satanic? Malawi still living in 1920s. Nankununkha sadzimwa you have xplained it all hahahahahaha

  50. carolyne says:

    Abale call doctors to check the students out osamangoti zilizonse satanism.satanayo alipodi cos akufuna asokoneze xul ya ana bt u nid a doctor ontop of tjose prayers it cud be an outbreak

  51. robert says:

    Here there’s no Satanism, just go to hospital and seek medical treatment.

  52. Kavuluvulu says:

    This is to do with hygiene.

  53. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Malawi still exuding high level superstitions. Invite epidemiologists to study the disease and determine the causality. There is nothing like satanism here. Sounds like this country is still in paleolithic period. You can’t expect development from such society’s mind set. Country of baboons. No wonder still practicing open defecation.

  54. john says:

    wodziwa za chipatala athandizeni changu anthuwa matendawa sanafalikire,chonde,chonde.

  55. wazaumoyo says:

    Am told that DHO Chikwawa resigned from his position. …that’s why clinicians are relaxing like this….can Chikwawa nurses take over to assist the nation please

  56. mayayauve says:

    And they thought the solution was prayer alone? Jeeeeesus!

  57. Benson Chirwa says:

    Are these arms those of a girl? Doubtful.

  58. Benson Chirwa says:

    Rather medical conditions than satanic m . Please seek medical attention msanga.

  59. bad man says:

    do you see how nigerian movies have made grown people stupid? chilichonse satanic.

    that school and the students should have been quarantined and experts sent in to take samples and monitor the situation. even a 1st year medicine student can deduce that it’s probably chicken pox, mumps or some other contagious skin disease.

    tikamanena kuti women should stay in the kitchen, mumati timakulakwilani but now look, you’ve put other people outside the campus at risk.

  60. Dalitso says:

    There is nothing like satanism there just that the disease is contagious.

  61. mwitiwa says:

    Are we still backward to this extent? Students get sick instead of proper diagnosis and management we blame it on Satanism. Can’t you see from image that it can be HPV, or chicken pox. Tsekani sukuluyo. All students be treated and disinfect the school. You will open next year.

  62. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    These are secondary school girls? And it’s possible that some of them could become leaders in our society? And yuet they believe in “za sataniki”, rather than (science based) modern medicine? Not that modern medicine solves all ills, but it goes a long way, much farther than unfounded beliefs.
    One would hope these girls would be demanding specialists to treat what appears to be dermatological problems. Psychological worries seem follow as the conditions persist, as they appear to be. Perhaps psychological counselling is in order too.
    If these students harbor such beliefs, what of the kids who are still in primary school? Or the people who never went beyond primary school?
    Boy, we have a long ways to go, in this country.

  63. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Shaaaaaaaa sad story koma dziko ili likumka wani abale

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