Savala sentencing stalls as Senzani makes startling revelations of Malawi cashgate affair

The sentencing of cashgate convict Caroline Savala, who was found guilty of siphoning K84 million, has delayed as Judge Fiona Mwale is not giving her determination despite a sentencing hearing and mitigation in September.

Cashgate convict Caroline Savala awaits sentence

Cashgate convict Caroline Savala awaits sentence

State Prosecutor Kamudoni Nyasulu submitted to court that Savala was aware that she was stealing public money by lending her company certificate to another cashgate convict Leonard Kalonga, former deputy director of tourism.

Savala requested court to be lenient to her guilty plea on grounds that she was not aware that Kalonga would use it to steal government money.

In her testimony, Savala denied to have taken part in the cashgate but admitted that she found herself in the affair because Kalonga had used her.

She claimed that she was hoodwinked into the scandal by a childhood friend cashgate suspect Florence Chatuwa and Kalonga.

But Nyasulu brought objective material evidence in form of documents to prove that it could not have been just Kalonga using her since her own certificate was used yet she had responsibility under that certificate.

The High Court in Lilongwe convicted Savala on July 18 2015 for theft and money laundering of K84.9 million as she accused of getting payment from the Ministry of Tourism through her company Carmu Civil Engineering although the company did not provide any services to the government.

‘God –loving’ cashgater

Savala’s court appearances have never been short of drama; she wept so uncontrollably during one court session that Judge Mwale had to call off proceedings.

She described herself as God-loving, good-mannered young lady who could not have willingly “looted” and “plundered” national wealth had she known the treachery and scale of the plot she was participating in.

Savala told the court that Kalonga collected 90 percent of the funds once cashed from her Carm Civil Engineering Limited accounts, while she shared the 10 percent with Chatuwa who was the go-between of the two.

Judge Mwale did not indicate when the sentencing would take place.

Senzani implicates

Meanwhile, imprisoned cashgate convict and former principal secretary for Tourism, Treza Senzani, has alleged that the highest level of the previous administration was involved in Cashgate, according to court documents.

According to witness statements tendered in court as part of the prosecution of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo— Senzani implicates former minister of information Brown Mpinganjira and former PP official Hophmally Makande to have been key players in the plot to siphon money out of the State coffers for the political campaign.

She alleges that suspect and gun-shot survivor Mphwiyo was at the centre of the scheme which Senzani participated in alongside Kalonga.

Senzani alleges that Kalonga, who already implicated the former president in the scandal, claimed that Mphwiyo would call Makande and Mpinganjira and put their phone calls on loudspeaker to assure those involved that the move was sanctioned at “a higher level.”

The former PS who is serving a three-year custodial sentence at Maula Prison following her conviction also implicate former minister of touring Racheal Mazombwe Zulu and that she personally delivered K20 million cash looted to her.

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director general Reyneck Matemba, who also heads the graft-busting body’s prosecution and legal teams, confirmed about the statement as part of the disclosures in the Mphwiyo case.

Matemba has however expressed disappointment over the leakage of the witness statement before court proceedings, but acknowledged that its security was beyond the ACB after the prosecution released it to over 19 co-accused persons, including Mpwhiyo, in a case where they are accused of a role in laundering K2.4 billion (about $3.6 million).

Roll call of cashgaters

Mike Msungama: The Lilongwe-based businessman became the first person to be convicted and sentenced on Cashgate-related charges by Lilongwe Magistrate’s Court in March 2014. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after being found guilty of possession of a motor vehicle, Toyota Fortuner, suspected to have been stolen. The vehicle was recovered from the residence of Cashgate convict Victor Sithole. Msungama was released on bail in May 2014 pending an appeal of conviction and sentence. He was also expected to undergo a medical check-up in South Africa.

Tressa Senzani: The former principal secretary in the Ministry of Tourism was the first public servant to be jailed when she was sentenced on October 7 2014 to three years in prison for money laundering and nine months for theft. Senzani had pleaded guilty to misappropriating K63 million.

Victor Sithole: The former accounts assistant became the second public officer to be jailed in connection with Cashgate. He was sentenced on November 4 2014 by the Lilongwe Magistrate’s Court to seven years imprisonment for money laundering, one year for possession of stolen money and one year for illegal possession of forex. The sentences will run consecutively. He was found guilty on three counts involving money found in his possession amounting to K112 million, $31 850 and 122 000 rands in September 2013.

Oswald Lutepo: The kingpin of Cashgate was imprisoned for a total of 11 years—eight years for money laundering and three for conspiracy to defraud government—by the High Court in Zomba on September 4. In total, Lutepo confessed to laundering about K4.7 billion.

Wyson Dzinyemba Soko: On January 28 2015, the Lilongwe Magistrate’s Court sentenced the former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy director of youth to seven years imprisonment with hard labour for the theft and money laundering K40 million from government.

Maxwell Namata: The former civil servant was charged and convicted alongside businessperson Luke Kasamba for encashing two government cheques worth about K24.1 million through Cross Marketing Limited owned by Kasamba. On February 16 2015 He was sentenced by the Lilongwe High Court to consecutive custodial sentences of three years and five years for theft and money laundering respectively.

Luke Kasamba: Jailed for four and a half years for money laundering on February 16 2015. Namata restituted K14 million in cash while Kasamba paid K4 million cash and a truck valued by defence at K9 million.

Caroline Savala: On 18 July, Judge Fiona Mwale convicted her for theft and money laundering about K85 million in the Cashgate.

Leonard Kalonga: The former chief tourism officer was, by his own confession, the mastermind of Cashgate in the Ministry of Tourism. On August 26 2015, Justice Fiona Mwale of Lilongwe High Court convicted him on his own plea of guilt to three counts of money laundering of K3.7 billion.

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39 thoughts on “Savala sentencing stalls as Senzani makes startling revelations of Malawi cashgate affair”

  1. The Patriot says:

    Why is it taking too long? Give her a setence, she is a convict. Shame on this woman and all the Cashgate convicts, these greedy and un patriotic people. They stole taxpayers money to buy limos and to build mansions! Savala amavuta pa town ndi ma Benz uyu! Anthu nkumati young and successful! Ossdziwa kuti ka mfiti kopemphera!!!
    My only question is to the Malawi police; do we have handcuffs in Malawi? Or the handcuffs are only for the poor?
    Next time I want these people in handcuffs. Sithole ndi Pika Manondo akumatchena, koma ena onse sakutchena mukumaona nkhope kapena?
    If Chakufwa Chihana, Kamuzu Banda anabvala unyolo, Mphwiyo kapena Kasambara ndi ndani??
    Every suspect or convict should be treated the same way! How I wish we were in China, akanangonyonga ma Cashgaters onse!!!

  2. jason chimwala says:

    Am beggining to think. It’s true that. Kasambara was just wrongly implicated. Senzani, kalonga and lutepo. Don’t mention him…….mmwinatu munthu uja tinangomunamizila

  3. chatonda says:

    People were wondering that what was the problem with Ministry of Tourism? So the former Minister Rachel Mazombwe Zulu was the mastermind. But she told the media last year that she was not controlling government funding as minister but she Only controlled k 20,million cash from Senzani. What is ACB and Fiscal Police waiting for to arrest Zulu for the theft??? Let her be arrested immediately to set the example of punishing her and other ministers to come. Let ministers lead by good examples not like Zulu here. And we are told the marriage has broken also because she was very rude with the cash from the cashgate….

  4. selfish decision says:

    Why can’t the govt give these cases to our ordinary coz these are straight forward cases for chiefs in villages to finish these cases . They are come out with a fast and better judgement than the so called judges.
    If a person pleads guilty what else will one need. ? Its judgement so why taking ages.
    Push them in the docks and if more transpers when convicted then add more years to new cases

  5. The Most Concerned says:

    Kumidima kodi muliko?

  6. He says:

    Malawian judges are really lazy. Imagine somebody convicted months ago but no sentence to date. Kufuna cholowa kaye first.

  7. Malipeya says:


  8. dru mountain says:

    shame on this judge

  9. lackison says:

    Khumbo kachali also stole money but because DPP is using him and Christopher mzomera ngwira to destabilize the party, no one is mentioning them

  10. quav says:

    Fiona mwale is a chicken ndi mzake wa savala ndipo sanayenera kugamula mlandu umenewu.Mukuti opemphera caroline??/Wagona gona ndi ndi azimuna mtaunimu ambirimbiri a cashgate.By the way ACB bwanji simukumugwira hule linzake Florence Chatuwa atsikana amenewa samagwilika akuchindidwa ndi Kalonga.Fiona umpatse 10 years galu ameneyu

  11. kholowa mkabudula says:

    Akaziwo akaidwe ndende ya akaidi omuna basi! Nde mtembo wa malemu Bingu umangidwa kodi?

  12. Lord of darkness says:

    Azimayidi ndi inu anthu opanda ntchito pa dziko lapansi,ofunikadi kumaku pondelezani kwambili,inu siwofunika muzigwira ntchito zikulu zikulu za amuna,ndinu olephera basi.

    Tawonani apa,judge wamkazi kukanika kupeleka jail sentence,all because of her incompetence,she has no clue of what to do.
    And again we see here that Men are using and manipulating women who are in high “positions” simply because they know that a woman is a weaker human being.

    Azimayi muzingophika ku kitchen,ndi kumatibelekera anawo muzipindamu.

    Paziko lapansi palibe chanu

  13. hens master says:

    Mazombe and Makileni stole millions from local government.check the available records if they have not been destroyed.

    Money for grading of roads was also stolen from local government

  14. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    The enemies of Malawi. Surprisingly, some sentenced to a handful years in prison

  15. choka phiri says:

    Girls want tog be Rich Quick. But a young girlanger alone can not do it. Men are always behind.

  16. johnM says:

    will see

  17. Mzee says:

    I believe Senzani is trying to cover other thefts. She stole millions from Ministry of Defence you can ask Gen Chiziko to testify. You may also wish to probe Senzani in connection with theft that took place at Ministry of Lands. Simply stated Senzani is a thief who is now being used by the state. How on earth can you assume that either Mphwiyo or Rachel Mazombwe Zulu were telling the truth? How do you give out MK20 million without documentation? And why not issue a cheque? ACB must also investigate Mrs Ivy Luhanga at Lands. She bought a house in Mzuzu through home ownership scheme and gave herself another house in Lilongwe where she is staying contrary to regulations.

  18. Green Grass says:

    It is alleged that when Late Gadama crossed paths with Kamuzu all he said was I don’t want to see them. The overzealous people interpreted this to mean that Kamuzu wanted them dead. I find it laughable that since Mazombwe Zulu stated that the President had asked Ministers that they should find money for campaign then it meant the money should come from a Ministry. This was poor reasoning but not surprising from a PS who really deserve to be on that position but thanks to bottom power. Simply put she had already started the stealing and only found this as a perfect opportunity to sort of legitimize what ever she was doing. I hope she has documents to back her claims. With all this does it explain why she received a lenient sentence?

  19. redeemed says:

    Oh no!!!

  20. Achakulungwa says:

    How come is she being given space to be interviewed and yet she is in a cooler? Something fishy is happening here. Why is government treating her with kid gloves? Is it bcoz she is related to some of the ruling DPP gurus? There is more than what meets the eye and i can smell a rat from a distant. Senzani is being used just to implicate JB and other PP officials…….no doubt about it. Peter and his boys are having sleepless nights this lady JB, but whyyyyyyyy? Shame on you!!!!!!!!

  21. Kent says:

    Well captured story

  22. Mtundu Wanga says:

    Can you publish pictures of these convicted cash gathers so that tax payers and the poor masses who can’t get drugs in hospitals should see the evil faces?

  23. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Senzani Namathanga is being used by government, period!!!!!! Her Sister Anna Kachikho is trying all her best to have her (Senzani) out from prison and can attest to it if you think am lying, zautsiru basi.

  24. Truck says:


  25. BMW says:


  26. Khamani!! says:

    Why did it stall ? What kind of judges are these ? And these are some of the best legal minds ? Mmxxii ! Malawi isn’t going any where.

  27. At least there is progress on cashgate and corruption. These so called donors are not coming back simply because they have no money.

  28. Mwabi says:

    Young and beautiful Savala, waonongatu tsogolo lako.

  29. Alex Likoswe says:

    So lazy judges or unmotivated judges or insider judges or complicit judges

  30. masa masina says:

    We are still waiting for the arrest and trial of some big fish. Justice will be done only when the big fish is tried and convicted. Otherwise, what the net of justice has so far caught are small fish.

  31. i want a tractor says:

    tyson fury ananena mawu okuti “the best place for a woman is in the kitchen or on their backs”

    ndatitu ndi tyson fury ananena izi osati ine. ndiye nzimayi wina aziti mfwee-mfwee apa. ndiwo zikuphyelela ku khitchiniko. get off the internet and fix my lunch! lol, just playing

    1. Wokhudzidwla says:

      This is totally nonsense and backward.

  32. Redeemed says:

    The modern women, shamelessly engaging in stuff that used to be normally executed by men, by the way they are trying so hard to prove a point that “what a man can do, a woman can do better” I am ashamed you know, or perhaps its not their entirely fault, but the men they chose to be their spouses put them into this predicament. That is why as a woman you have to avoid any an atheist at all cost. No matter how handsome or wealthy he may be, for as long he fears not God don’t entertain otherwise he will turn you against your God and make you worship his master “the devil”.

  33. Cashgate1 says:

    Where is Kasambala in this scandal?

  34. Munthu says:

    Ife timadabwa a Rechel Mazombwe

  35. The Analyst says:

    . . . These women judges are not helping us. Given a chance to sentence a thief, they dither for no reason! Being forced by circumstances to sentence a thief, they give comedy of sentences e.g. 3 year-sentence for Treza Senzani.
    . . . Having read the story, cant seem to come across any good reason as to why Savala is just as free as a any bird in the sky despite all proceedings. This is bad for justice! Instead of sentencing this thief and move on to another case, the lazy judge is just making inane dilly-dallies! Remember also the one handling Mphwiyo’s case? A very lazy judge!
    . . . Whoever does a review of judges peroformances need to take these issues into account by checking the judges’ record-conduct on previous cases. Otherwise, a judge who overstays in the system is less motivated hence lazy and more useless. They are simply enemies of progress.
    . . . I wish such people as Nyakwawa Usiwausiwa could handle these cases, he is a more vibrant and motivated judge than some of these useless ladies.

  36. Benjones says:


  37. Faustace Chirwa says:

    All what the Nation wants is more arrests of “Big Fish” mentioned after they are properly tried in a Court of Law and sentenced appropriately when found guilty;

    The Nation also wants all hidden cash and property of the accused confiscated and returned to Government Coffers.

    All those involved are heartless beings and God should punish them accordingly. If it weren’t for the suffering of majority of Malawians socially and economically, these thieves would have been forgiven by us all.

    The “He/She that has not sinned cast the first stone” Biblical saying does not apply here! This was First Degree Murder of Innocent Malawians by those involved in Cash Gate!

  38. Victor Jumbo says:

    We need names of Big Fish involved in cashgate scandal please. The arm of the law should take course without fear or favour.
    Victor Jumbo

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