Savala to call ‘character witnesses’ -Kasambara: Malawi cashgate convict

Private practice lawyer Ralph Kasambara has told Lilongwe High Court that a number of character witnesses are expected to be called and testify to help in mitigation to cashgate convict Caroline Savala before she faces sentencing.

Convicted Savala: In mitigation bid

Convicted Savala: In mitigation bid

Kasambara said the four witnesses of character will attest to the good character of Savala in a bid to sway the court from slapping her with a stiff sentence.

“ One will be a pastor from her church, the second person will be a medical doctor; the third person will be one Leonard Kalonga, a civil servant working for the Ministry of Tourism and finally Florence Chatuwa, a friend of Kalonga and also a friend of Caroline Savala,” Kasambara told the court.

Character witness is a person, who testifies in a trial on behalf of a criminal defendant as to that person’s good ethical qualities and morality both by the personal knowledge of the witness and the person’s reputation in the community,

However, Kalonga is answering Cashgate-linked charges in connection with the procurement of six buses worth K520 million ($1 million); a K542 million ($1.1 million) case involving himself, Laura Savala and others as well as a K90 million ($180 000) case alongside Angela Katengeza.

Kalonga and Katengeza were found with a case to answer and are expected to enter defence.

High Court judge Fiona Mwale on Friday convicted Savala but despite facing up to a 10-year jail term for money laundering and another five years for theft, she remains on bail.

Kasambara and hired prosecutor Enock Chibwana agreed to bring the issue of her not being in prison on July 31 when sentencing hearing will take place.

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74 thoughts on “Savala to call ‘character witnesses’ -Kasambara: Malawi cashgate convict”

  1. mbwiyache says:

    She is too beautiful to be jailed

  2. chiya says:

    Savala ndi kape zedi. Anaukanatu mlanduwu chonsecho over MK80m yaulere inalowa ku akaunti yake n’kuidya boboo. Khoti lapeza lokha kuti ndi mbava ndiye wina aziti ena ali ndi umboni woti savala ndiwabwino? Pokhapa ajaji, just do the needful, she wasted court’s time and she now wants leniency? Give her a long sentence, adzatuluke dziko litatha.

  3. M'busa says:

    Even good people are going to hell . Only through Jesus Christ we stand right b4 God. So defending somebody kuti he or she is/was good has no bargain for mitigation. Wait a minutes, Jesus Christ- the righteous judge -is soon coming. Repent ur s

  4. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    chimkazi chabwino!!!

  5. akukonde akukonde nkhoma says:

    Is stealing government money a good character?? to hero with this shit called Justice. it only favours rich people regardless of how the got the wealth. time will come when reality will catch up with you thievery lawyers. Just stand akimbo and wait.

  6. Charlie Hebdo says:

    Look at the calibre of character witnesses. Kalonga, a certified thief; a pastor, probably a recipient of stolen money; and Florence, a friend to the two thieves. Added to that, the one representing her is the biggest thief of them all. Are you then surprised that the legal profession is synonymous with thieving? Yes one is innocent until proven guilty. But in other professions which hold ethics in high esteem if a member is suspected to have been engaged in acts that are likely to bring the profession in disrepute such a member is suspended from practicing until he/she is cleared. But our MLS is good at backing each other because the secretariat itself is a beneficiary of such acts.

  7. Ambulsnce NO FUEL !!!








  8. Chikondi Namoyo says:

    If we may not be careful , we shall hear all those crazy stuff like I suffer from this and that, all those trash, in the name of running away from justice. You people have messed Malawi bigtime with your greed and corruption. No mercy for you. How were you feeling when driving poshy vehicles and others suffering? You were heartless and today you want mercy. But I mean for what? Now Ralf, you call yourself S.C., by simply being a mercenary lawyer. Your a very sad person and Malawi does not need people like you. Behind and deep down your heart you know how your friend and concubine messed this country. NO WONDER BINGU CALLED YOU MERCENARY LAWYER AND CROOKED JOYCE GAVE S.C TITLE

  9. nkhomawa amlauzi says:

    iiiiiiiiiiii, koma ma merchant a pp zomakonza character itawonongeka kale mukuwoneka kuti mukuzikhulupilira kwabasi. Ena ndi aja anakatenga kampani ya kunja kuti izowakonzere mbiri pamene tikuwadziwa ndife kkkkkk. Ngati muli anthu abwino muzingochitiratu zabwinozo osati kumadikira kuchita chokonza. Kkkkkkkkk ma merchant, ndale ndi zosololasolola zikukuchedzanitu kwambiri, zitayeni zochita ndi zambiri pa Malawi pano. Pepani kuti malangizowa abwera ili kale mmutu nkhwangwa.

  10. opportunist says:

    What a beauty lol

  11. yekhethe says:

    26yrs imprisonment wt hard labour, no parole

  12. Jennifer Msiyeni says:

    Azinzake ama character witness azikamupasira chakudya Ku Maula prison. zisatikhudze Ife zimenezi.She should pay back the stolen millions.Hospitals don’t hv drugs,no proper schools in Malawi,poor roads yet munthu mmodzi amalolera kuzichekenera milomo ngati mbalame ma perfume odula Ife tikuvutika ndi thukuta.Pa Malawi pompa?Let this greedy woman rot in jail.Kamudoni please give these cashgaters 50 yrs.Anthu oipa kwabasi.

  13. struggling civil servant says:

    Malawians you are making fun of yourselves being the poorest nation on earth planet.Why should you be letting these thieves be roaming around freely because of some crooky legal jargons?Freeze their accounts,sell all their properties to recover tax payers money.Im an honest civil servant who worked for 10 yrs but u cannot even find k500 thousand saved in my account.So why should you pity these thieves?What picture are you showing to be would be cashgaters in Malawi?

  14. Decent Citizen says:

    Who are these witness of good character?The thief Kalonga of area 18 and the Ralph Kasambaras who are of questionable character despite being a lawyer?All the people who are languishing in prisons had good friends,doctors,pastors etc but that did not prevent them to go prison.That money she earned in a dodgy way should go back to the government and build some schools in Malawi instead of waiting for a tennis whiteman Rodger Federer to do for us.Why do Malawians like to glorify thieves?Why should people care for her just because she is connected.Give her 50 yrs and all her cashgate properties should be confiscated.84 million kwacha is alot of money to be toyed around by some women thieves.

  15. Sapitwa says:

    Eve if she gets jailed for 8 years instead 10 years, this woman has a dented record and will never be th same. She will be better after repenting and cling to Jeasus thus perhaps the only way.

  16. Pik Manondo says:

    It’s better to be a prostitute than cash gater. Ndihure wotheratu uyu. Though she looks hot with nice bums

  17. nobel says:

    But why the coffin? Isn’t this the trash Malawi president referred to last Sunday in Ndirande about media unprofessionalism

  18. sikusinja says:

    Koma Ralph. You gonna call a thief in Kalonga to tell us another thief is a good person.

  19. zanga phee - kubura masyanga says:

    Nanga okubawa awachita bwanji? Tingoti phee tione

  20. Alungwana says:

    If the law say so who are you to oppose? The first justice I would demand is the cash gate of 92 billion

  21. half trillion says:

    character witness???!?!? nyamako wamva. give me back my tax money galu iwe

  22. Alufeyo says:

    Foolish people who told you that if the money had not been stolen it could have been used to buy madicine? Why are bothered with money stolen in Malawi Kwacha and not the dollars being externalised mostly to UK and Dubai by Asians. Why are people not demanding action on the culprits in Police who are still working when they stole billions. Why is Nevin helping us recover assets from black Malawians and not recover our money from Asians who have stashed our money in London?. Zauchitsiru basi.

  23. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION woyeeee

  24. Jelbin mk says:

    Is a medical doctor going to testify regarding patient’s healthy or just as someone who has a know how of Carol? Otherwise Mr kasambara has really run out of ideas because character has nothing to do with medical practice unless the convict was psychologically affected at the time of committing a crime.

  25. kawonga says:

    a pastor pezani china chochita than kukhala mboni. Asiyeni ma cashgaters ziwathere okha

  26. Stop killing the nation through corruption. Please throw them in Jail. In actual fact, your punishment was supposed to be death. You are not patriotic. Why do you do this? Repay all you spent and your days will be longer on earth

  27. let her face reality.

  28. zandiukira says:

    What a beautiful thief…….

  29. First offender says:

    And when courts found a person with a case to answer they immediately invokes his /her bail to remain in jail,reason? To avoid her from running away.

  30. First offender says:

    Character witness ndiye chani? Mabere obwelera munchombowo . Anthu omwe umadyanawo amenewo, koma nanunso aboma bwanji mukulora mbava kukhala lawyer wa mbava? This can happen only in Malawi not other countries

  31. Chris says:

    Throw them in prison because those please they a the one who cares for themselves. U don’t hve to think twice

  32. Yonas says:

    Iam not a lawyer, but what this is leading us to, is all bullshit. What character has she got to merit clemency ??? If she was of good standing in society she would have lived by example by earning her honest leaving through hard work and not CASHGATING. A pastor wo anawagulira galimoto and chopeleka chaphwela and wants to save the devil. Ayiiii this is a raw deal. Abweze mbongoyo and alangidwe for being a good character

  33. MKWAPU says:


  34. ngongoliwa says:

    Wow a privlage of the economic elie~ charector witnesses
    Everybody is crying for peace but none is crying for justice.
    Until the comlection of the skin and the type of friends one has is no more significant than the lenght. Of the hair, everywhere war and protests.

  35. Anangondo says:

    l think kulibwino anthuwa abweze ndalamazo ku boma. chifukwa mukawapititsa ku prison ndi tax payers money kuwasunga zaka zambiri mbiri. Think twice !already boma is in deep shit.

  36. alice says:

    Kodi mukawapitisa ku jail anthuwo noma mupindula chani? Kodi ndimayesa mukufuna ndarama?.ingowalipitsani anthuwo with interests basi. Wandale amene sanabe ndani? Bangs bakili bwanji wakhululukidwa?

  37. Imagine if anyone of us could have done what she could have loved to be done to her. All we need is love. These people never loved the nation. Its only love that can see us through but without love Malawi shall always be in big trouble. Its time to understand this, Together we can build a better Malawi. The bible say that every one is gonna reap what he/she saw. Nthawi yakwana anthu inu yoti mukolore zomwe munafetsa. Any trick you do, will never succeed. I doubt ngati Caroline Savala amapemphera. Musamuyike munthu wa Mulungu pamayesero ayi. Which character witness do you want now? Mene mumayikiridwa ndalama ku account yanu mumachita zoti Yehova akukuonani ngati? Ndiye pano mukumufuna mulungu

  38. Kavuluvulu says:

    The pastor to testify that he blessed the cashgate monies. Leonard Kalonga a fellow thief. Why did you did that to all these people who stole chickens? Is because she is foot.

  39. Moses says:

    Savala and her nice ‘NDATA’ paulendo ku Maula prison.

  40. Kicks of a dying horse! Its a welcome thing to have a Medical Doctor to witness, however not every Medical Doctor can do this job competently. Ada Ralf as a learned man, should know that the state and the court can also bring their own witnesses. In Malawi, a competent person to testify on the character of this evil woman, should be a reputable and registered Clinical Psychologist, in this case Associate Prof. Chiwoza Bandawe, Ph.D. or a Clinical Psychiatrist, in this case, Dr. Felix C. Kauye. Otherwise the merit of this case hangs in balance. Osati kamwana kangopanga graduate ndi ka MBBS ndiye mwakapasa ndalama mwati kakachitire umboni. Otherwise a Medical Council agwirapo ntchito apa, chifukwa mukumuyika ka dokotala kameneko pa moto. Future yake ikhoza kuwonongeka okudya ndalama zokuba muli inu. Akulu adati nkhuyu zodya wana zidapota akulu. Muona mene mutachitire ndithu. Zanu izo, mwapha ntundu wa a Malawi, ndi dyera lanulo anthu inu.

  41. Koma mkaz ma milion amenewa anali chibwezi chandan m’bomamu chifukwa akuwonekanso kut nd hule otheratu aaa koma mbomo mwabwino umadya zabwino zonse….

  42. yooo says:

    Atumiki amulungu chifukwa andale akumakuonani kupusa mukumazipepusa nokha muzikatani inu kukhoti? Mukuziwa kanthu

  43. nana says:

    Mahule instead of sweating you steal for the poor stupid girl

  44. Mlomwe says:

    Kodi ka masteni a kweni kaja mwakachosa. Inu munthu ongokhalira kutukwana anzake why spare her. Let her feel what it takes to be on the receiving of end of insults and castigations.

  45. Analyst says:

    Kalonga’s as character witness! oh my God. The character in him is the most questionable and crooked one. You guys have really ran short of ideas and options. Mbava zokhazokha kuyikirana kumbuyo. Kodi mulandu wa Kalongayu ukuchedwa bwanji? Mukufuna amalize ndalama zonse anaba zija? Mkulu amasewera ndi ndalama uyu osati masewera eish

  46. apundi says:


  47. Naphili says:

    Opita ku church ndi amene amabawo among other things.

  48. kambwali says:

    This girl is beautiful I will marry her even at maula

  49. Kareem Longwe says:

    First time I here of good character attestation

  50. John kamwela says:

    The truth is kalonga has already given a statement ku acb saying anaqapusitsa a savala..nde he is ku court kukanena zimenezo kuti anamuyuza mtsikanayu

  51. Anthuwa musamawanyengerere inu muzingowamanga basi kuti en azitengelapo lesson.They drive very smart and poshy vehicles along nusty raods in the poorly Malawi.Mkumawalira ife pomwe ndizongopakula basi mma office mu.Tiye naoni basi.Such a beautiful and figured Malawian Lady with highly educated personality

  52. All crooked and wicked people are in this case. First is Ralph Kasambara himself who has a case to answer and second is Leonard “Walala” Kalonga who too has a case to answer. We cannot be paying taxes to be stolen. We want justice to be done. I suspect the pastor was a beneficiary of the millions.

  53. Dikisan says:

    Iwe savala, Ine ndikfuna utandibelekera mwana kuti adzabenso amamalawi ogonanawa. Kodi ndiwe mtundu wanji mwina ndi ngabetse?

  54. Kavuluvulu says:

    Angulu,mwazipezelera ndarama za a Malawi amasiye.Lemerani nazoni.

  55. Caroline Savala. Ukundimvetsa chisoni baby. I was lookin forward to the day you would be convicted koma lero ndakumvera chisoni. I hope other women will learn a lesson. Ngati uli uhoolay tiyeni tizingodya ma 10pin omwewa. Mukathamangira ma million mathero ake ndi amenewa.

  56. zanga phee says:

    No need for Character witness here, kubanso kuli ndi Character witness, kungofuna kuchedwetsa mlandu basi, bwanji Senzani sanabweretse character witness,
    za zii you judge sentence her if she is guilty period.

  57. anadimba says:

    asavala ine mungondigailako two hundred thousands kwacha yokha ndapsa .chonde izi ndizoona.

  58. agronomy says:

    Good character yomwe nonsenu mutapeleke ndi yoti samaumilatu, nanga ngati ndi za ndalama zathu a malawi ngati? Medical doctor uti?

  59. Mapwevupwevu Pitala says:


  60. chisa says:

    Mpaka pastor from church, chifukwa amapeleka zambiri? Who is this pastor? Kalonga and Kasambara si mbava zokhazokhanso? why are they allowed to attest and which good character are they talking about>? Malawians lets wake up tazunzika kokwanila. Akalowe basi

  61. Samantha Lewis says:

    Girl is beautiful

  62. Gulugufe says:

    Inde Masharubu!( Comment number 2) Kasambara ndi bakha! Apart from bringing Lenard Kalonga the cashgater himself, he sent disgraced lawyer with no practicing certificate Matthews Chidzonde to represent him when he knew that a conviction for his client was imminent!

    Rough Kasambara zako zada galu iwe!

  63. Mzake wa Lafu says:

    These people just want to seek sympathy as if they did not know that what they were doing was wrong. What type character will they describe, depict or portray to the court or nation about her. That she was a good thief, cashgater, whore or concubine? Judge, that will just be a waste of time. We already condemned Senzani’s judgement. We dont expect a reduced period from that of Senzani. Amalawi tinafa bulu. Ndiye zamasewera ayi!!!

  64. Myao says:

    KODI ALI PA BANJA? coz ktnd nde wajiwatu kkkk

  65. MALOPA Jnr says:

    Nayeso a Kasa thieve amangidwa liti

  66. Malawiano says:

    Mpaka abusa akapange witness kuti chani? Kuti eya nnalandira chakhumi?

  67. mulopwana says:

    At 1st we told by Jusitice Mtambo that all cashgate issues will be thru come may 2015,but look at Malawi now…mbava zokhazokha kuyambira a ndale,ma judge etc…koma…

  68. Majaivane says:

    Good character witness. Yea right. We being treated as morons

  69. Mwendanato says:


  70. Chendele says:

    kasambara kape watsala madzi 40 lakwana lakwana basi. ushasha wose balala.umvambebe uwona

  71. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    No justice in justice

  72. Masharubu says:

    Some of these cashgate suspects who are being represented by Kasambara must be careful . Awapweteketsa. The guy has got his own neck to save, and he is now being very careless in the way he is rendering legal assistance to his fellow cashgaters. How can a sane person invite a dubious character like Leonard Kalonga to come and defend another person’ good character?

  73. phodo says:

    A total dramma in Malawi.Tiyenazoni.

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