Save Beam, ma’am, save NAC: Muckraking Extra

I know mea culpas are hard to make but it will not help the First Family’s image to prolong the debate surrounding the K5 million First Lady Gertrude Mutharika’s Beautify Malawi collected from the National Aids Commission for its launch.

First Lady

First Lady

Statements coming from her defenders are just making the issue worse. Take, for example, this ridiculous argument that NAC funds any function that has the potential of bringing huge crowds together. C’mon, good people, if during this Christmas I organise a football match in my village I should deploy a ‘standard’ letter, as the Mother of the Nation taught us, to NAC? Surely a football match attracts huge crowds.

Angoni Getu might have gotten the cash in good faith and for good intentions but the fall out emanating from it is not helping her image and, more importantly, that of her husband.

Already the Global Fund that bankrolls NAC has already started asking questions. If push comes to shove it may be easy for NAC to refund the K5 million to the Fund but this will have far-reaching implications for every budget line from NAC will be subjected to strenuous scrutiny.

So do the right thing, ma’am, your husband’s government is already reeling under daily strikes for people looking for a boost in their pockets. Government can hardly afford the Martha Kwataines of this world toyi-toying in the streets.

You may, of course, lose a little face but the majority of well-meaning people respect individuals who realise and accept they let their guard down on certain decisions.

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56 thoughts on “Save Beam, ma’am, save NAC: Muckraking Extra”

  1. Medrian Kaunda says:

    Do not be surprised if you soon find a Global Fund Mzungu “advisor” in a position to countersign each and every NAC expenditure in the future. That would likely be a reasonable condition for any further release of funds, and a bit of an embarrassment to the Malawi “self-governing” system. But that is not the worst. Such an expatriate, with salary, housing, international school fees for children, vehicle etc. etc., will cost edquivalent of MWK 5 million a month. A month, ladies and gents. And that money will be deducted from the total of the annual grant to Malawi for the poor AIDS souls. So thank you very much, NAC management and the Malawi political dicipline of the government. How can ANYONE try to justify this deed? Where are the collective brains of the current government deposited?

  2. Puludzu says:

    Muthu akaba olo abweze katundu amamumanga,nde a Malawi mudziwa chochita

  3. vindere says:

    This first lady woman looks like Marge wife of Homer in the Simpsons cartoons.Check it out and you’ll agree with me.

  4. Jimbo says:

    People, especially ‘important’ people, cover their eyes behind dark glasses because they have something to hide. Is the First Lady mimicking Kamuzu Banda, who always wore dark glasses, and he had much to hide. The eyes are reputed to be the windows of the soul. Perhaps the First Lady does not want people to look into her soul.

  5. Mutabaruka says:

    Magalasi ovala azimayi a cheap .

  6. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    From the “goggles” she is wearing, one can tell that this woman has a cheap background .

  7. phiri says:

    but truth be told- bwezani makobile amayi!! the money is chicken feed but the PR damageis incalculble!! but since u r from Balaka- u are just clueless and blind as your as those stupid sunglasses!! Balaka is already known for stupidity and child molestation and rural fashions- you are just confirming the stereotype. Please Amayi- lose those googles and start thinking like a First Lady and not a Balaka night girl.

  8. mtima wa nyani says:


  9. ZAMADALA says:


  10. Mbanga says:

    Guys, both Nac and Beam shoulder a certain percentage of blame. I won’t dwell on the problems, I will dwell on solution. The solution is for Beam to refund the money and write an open letter to say that despite the standard fund raising letter that went to many companies, Nac and other sensitive organizations shouldn’t have been targeted. Nac donated simply because the leaders wanted favors. Most companies did not donate because they don’t feel pressurized in any way. So Beam refund and apologise. It will end there.

  11. Muthu wotsutsa Tethani says:

    Tethani no argument is ridiculous unless proven otherwise every person in my malawi is entitled to an opinion beside its a democracy that we are living in. the context of that statement should not be misunderstood, an example was given if it was a parable to your brain you could have asked for clarification instead of presenting your stupid facts. furthermore, NAC does not just give money like that without proper authorisation. they are audited each year, their system is flawless to embezzlement. so a Tethani do a background check before coming up with such stories.

  12. mtima wa nyani says:

    maglasi nde VIMPER TU

  13. makwasa says:

    Did the first lady have cataract surgery??? what’s up with those grasshopper sun-glasses???

  14. chatonda says:

    Kodi Gertrude Mutharika akukumbukiranso za malemu amuna ake omwe anamwalirira aja apa ndo sun glasses like these ? Abale dziko.

  15. Alufeyo says:

    Iyayi bambo/mayi teketeke actually the letter was written after the first lady had verbally instructed Bisika to assist with launch of Beam. It is not only Getrude who received NAC funds in DPP. Nankhumwa, Kaliati and others also got funds. The likes of Ndala, Chipungu etc. Of course Bisika could have said no. He couldnt refuse because DPP knew that Bisika had funded JB and PP. Bisika’s case is very intetesting because his brother Francis is nor DDG at MACRA as a rewatd for assisting DPP rig the elections.

  16. Humphrey says:

    Zitsiru zawanthu ngati ayamba kuba ndalama za matenda zinazi zilimba?

  17. mike kamanga says:

    ku NAC kumeneku ine ndikatapekonso basi

  18. DIE HARD says:

    Nothing sensible this dude writes. he got money from Peter instead of using it to buy likuni Phala. he thought limbani is more sick but he has marasmus and needs food supplements. at least if he had used the money to buy some clothes for himself

  19. Mailosi Tangukumwa says:

    I choose to differ and suggest that Mama Mutharika should just for the sake of her image and that of her new organisation make a refund of the funds not that she is wrong but she is a mother who can hear some of her children suggesting differently from what was supposed to be understood• She has four more years ahead and mud like the one that has smeared on her newly found initiative should be left unwashed and the best washing is giving the money she will enter into the books of history as a woman of intergrity

  20. Kandakhute chinyetenyete says:

    Malawians tiyeni nayo wa GREEN CARD azipita kwao, IF u dont know he will spoil our country to shit.

  21. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    Teketeke, your comment has displayed critical lack of knowledge and mature reasoning. When I was at university four/five years ago, your statement could be a good example of FALLACY. I wonder how people you choose to display your stupidity at a public because your comment shows you have been hurt by the truth.
    How come in the first place did mrs bwampini think of writting to nac yet she knows pretty well that she carries a big command and threat due to her status of state house? Who could want to lose jobs in reiteliation of denying her the requested money? Do you know bwampini president man?
    Start thinking outside the box man, widen your horizon.

  22. GRM says:

    How much is MK5Miiliion worth to the first lady who has sooo many thief friends in the name of well wishers. I wonder if these people have advisers? This MK 5 Million can tarnish the image of the brand new first lady. And for sun glasses? Wow. DPP and its infectious sunglasses? DPP is indeed hiding from its people. I am to be corrected but there was a time i was thinking people wearing big sun glasses as achamba akubisa maso ofiira. Someone told me ena amakhala a satanic.

  23. mabilinganya says:

    Alomwe amenewa kuba ndi kunyenga ndi khalidwe lawo!!!!!

  24. Kamdondo says:

    Stupid argument that an applicant cant influence donation. In the first place, the recepient had no moral ground for making the application. So she used her postion of influence to get the money. NAC is blamed for not observing the laid dwn proceedures. The dishonourable madam should feel ashamed and refund the money.

  25. tzude2 says:

    Abweze mbongo makape

  26. Alex Nkatha says:

    Face like a leper that’s our First Lady

  27. Nkhombokombo says:

    Koma Trust wa amadabwisa, ngati tisana kwatile kapena kukwawa kwa President tima Trust iti sitimveka ayi koma tikafikapo basi ine Trust chakati chakati. Koma apa amai konzani mbiri yanu chifukwa anthu ataya chinkhulupiliro mwa zomwe muti mzipanga ngakhale ziri zabwino.

  28. And people cant be taken for a ride just becoz one has commented against something.We are hearing of Mlhakho,Maseko Ngoni Umthetho 2013 and 2014,so you the so called accountabilists,were you unborn then?

  29. Prophet says:

    BEAM will die naturally after May 20, 2019.

  30. BigMan says:

    A fully grown journalist just barking, barking, barking, and barking some more…..for nothing! shame

  31. Amene mukulemba nkhani mwaba zingati pa moyo wanu?? MARTHA KWATAINE, unali kuti nthawi ya JB? Iwenso mbava enieni, usatiyase kamufunse Mwakasungula..

  32. Bongololo says:

    Dressing is an art, and those sunglasses on Getrude’s face ladies and gentlemen are off the charts; they make our first lady look like an aspiring female-rapper!

  33. mbuya says:

    Amai………..bvulani magogoes…. mukuopsesa ana.

  34. Dr. Mango says:

    ‘Truth shall free you’ do not be too personal on issues. Let us address issues under discussion, not personal issues. I wonder if you are writing with sober mind.

  35. Mwinganera says:

    Anyone can request funding from NAC provided they justify so I really think the accusation to First Lady is misplaced. However lets dig deep into how Nac select snd award funding.

    Furthermore I am not sure if it is good journalism to call First Lady by the short name Getu and call the President, your husband. It appears demeaning to me. I am a fan of the muckracker but something is not adding up here

  36. pojo says:

    gv mi a break!

  37. Teketeke says:

    When you meet Raphael Tenthani, you won’t believe your eyes, man. You start asking if you’re really seeing the dude that writes with perfect command in his articles. Why does he fail then to look after himself?
    Here’s a spoilt guy, shaking for lack of hard drink with bloodshot eyes and seemingly about to collapse anytime!
    I stopped grasping sense of his perpetual arguments over issues that he loves discussing. I don’t listen to mad men.
    Ralph strives to convince readers that his opinions are perfect. But he pushes blame on wrong parties, how else does a beneficiary of any donation influence authorisation of payment?
    Attacking the First Lady and the President is missing the point, as it were. Accuse the source of the problem and it emanated from NAC itself.
    NAC received an application, processed it and in its wisdom authorised payment. How could that be the problem of the receipient?
    Ralph, you can hung, buddy!

    1. Metallic says:

      Where in th hell did u learn hw to argue, ‘smart guy/lady’?? Wat does ralph’s appearance/lifestyle have to do with wat he writes? Check yoself breddlin, aliyense amalembayu/kulalikira ali nzofooka, iweyo ndiamene suunazione. Bt then, who cares.. Its n@ about the messenger, but the message.

    2. Mr.Bambo says:

      Tekateka or whatever you call yourself,you are a big foolish fool.Why did ugly Getrude in the first place write that “standard letter” to NAC?Leave Ralph alone you and your Getrude are both baboons.

    3. MMALAWI says:

      I am saddened by your comment because it shows your ignorance of how Malawi politics works in influencing operations of institutions that are supposed to be independent and professional

    4. Masharubu says:

      Teketeke, you are just a sad apologist of the fumbling Mutharika’s . Why are you attacking Tenthani’s God-given looks? Tenthani writes sensible stuff and that’s all we care about . If his writings are not complimentary of the Mutharika’s, it’s because there is very little to write about them that is positive . No matter how hard you try to defend the Mutharika’s, the fact remains that they are a big disgrace to the image of this country .

    5. Muropwana says:

      Iwe Teketeke, nkhope ngati Gertrude Maseko . Tenthani wakulakwira chiyani?

    6. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

      Firstly, your reference to Ralphs appearance or lifestyle as a basis for undermining the bite of his arguments is illogical. Secondly, your argument that blame should be shifted to NAC smacks of blindness to realities. Had this trust belonged to any jack and Jim, NAC wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But looking at how NAC has been heavily politicized with people losing their jobs for failing to side with government of the day, it’s only logical that any “plea” for assistance from the first lady be treated as a direct order from above. Don’t be silly.

    7. chakwanuleka says:

      Sukulu ndi yofunika kwambiri. You should have known there is what is called undue influence

    8. Funzo says:

      Those seeking funds, especially those in certain positions, do have a moral responsibility to act ethically!

    9. chidothe says:

      he is indeed a strange character- a classic ” idiot savant” so to speak!

    10. The Patriot says:

      Criticize the facts and not the man! Are we missing something here? Tell us if what Ralph is saying is true or not? Otherwise, dont waste our time!!

    11. Akulisinga says:

      a beneficiary hu? so pp was only a beneficiary isn’t it lutepo kkkkkk. tenthanis looks is not an issue but brains baba keep it on tenthani so many people likes your arguments.

    12. Takataka says:

      Teketeke, your thinking is fraud. They say a request from a king is a command. A letter from the First Lady and another from a nobody like me does not weigh the same in the eyes of the recipient. Your way of thinking is similar to saying girls who are hooked by cash from sugar daddies are to blame and not the irresponsible men. Ralph is right on this one!

    13. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

      Teketeke is missing the point by attacking the author’s personality. Just argue using facts. What if Tenthani wrote Malawi’s most ugly First Lady or rather homosexual partner??

  38. chims says:

    I have said it before that FAM is letting the nation attracts a lot of people to stadiums and they should have taken advantage of that to request for funding from NAC.Please FAM wake up,you have been operating since time immemorial koma timabungwe tabadwa dzulo tikukuposani.shame.

  39. Truth shall free you says:

    Also repay the money you used Co called First Lady for buying those stupid sunglasses you wear. Why are you hiding your eyes? Are you afraid of facing the people of Malaw? You are a wife of an incompetent thief let us see your stupid eyes!

  40. Vuto lake anthuwa akangokhala pa udindo amaona ngati sangalakwitse zinthu,ndipo olo alakwitse kuti apepese amaona ngati dziko litha.Ndie m’mene Ali pa mavuto otelewa tinva zambiri zonamizila a Chakwela ndi Joyce Banda chifukwa anthu amenewa Ali chiophsyezo mwa Muthalika.Koma ubwino wake ndiwakuti masiku ano anthu sikuti akumangokhulupilila chili chonse kuti poti wayankhula ndi president kapena nduna Ai. A Malawi akumatha kudziwa kuti nkuluyu akunama ndipo nkuluyu walephela.

    1. Jelbin mk says:

      Vivid truth

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