School going adolescent girls top abortion cases in Malawi

Some maternal health experts are pressing on government to legalise abortion after figures indicate that out of the 70000 abortion cases last year, 33000 involved adolescent girls.

Ministry of Health spokesman: Chikumbe says girls lead in abortion rates

Ministry of Health spokesman: Chikumbe says girls lead in abortion rates

Maternal health experts warn this is a staggering figure as it translates into 17per cent of all maternal deaths in Malawi.

Adrian Chikumbe, spokesperson for the ministry of Health said the government is doing all it can to put the situation under control.

He said the new law on abortion would also reverse the situation.

Currently it is illegal in Malawi for women to have an abortion, if discovered, they are arrested and charged and can serve jail terms.

However, abortions are performed in backyard homes and private clinics where women and girls pay hefty sums of money for the risky unregulated abortions.

The new law on abortion, which is yet to pass in parliament, however prescribes conditions for abortions that include rape victims.

Conservatisms and religious people oppose the new law they think some women would just abuse it in order get rid of a pregnancy they got out of wedlock.

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14 thoughts on “School going adolescent girls top abortion cases in Malawi”

  1. chimbofwa says:

    Civic education is the best tool.Teachers shd be equiped with skills on how best to educate our youth on how they can avoid unwanted preg .Most of the times they are using force measures like no fons in xool but they hide them,no bounce bt they do to meet lovers. These adolescents ignorance cost their future they think they are waging war with teachers yet its for their own good. Let our youth knw dangers of unprotected sex and if they had by mistake eg in cases like condom bursting advise them to go to health facilities to seek emergency contraceptives and PEP.These services are there bt are not accessed coz our youth doesn’t knw .The future of youth is in teachers hands coz they stay with them for along time and they learn many things there.

  2. Nabanda says:

    Arbotion yachani? Kodi alipo amene akamadya sadziwa kuti mapeto ake ndikhuta msima ndikudyayi? Chimodzimodzi chigololo, ndani sadziwa kuti mapeto ake nditenga mimba or matenda? Even the bible says: Do not murder. Kungoti vuto lathu aMalawife timaopa chaching’ono koma timaderera chachikulu. Mwachitsanzo

    Timaopa Munthu osaopa Mulungu
    Timaopa Mvula osaopa Galimoto
    Timaopa Mimba osaopa Matenda

    Ndanena izi chifukwa mukuti anthu azitaya mimba nanga matenda adziwatayanso?

  3. we dont vote for a principle,GOD says no,i mean the heavenly one.

  4. Ochemwari Onachisale says:


  5. komko says:

    When does life of human being begin? .we cannot control population by killing innocent human beings. Koma mudzakayankha zimezi pa mask pa Namalenga.

  6. Chilungamo says:


  7. The Analyst says:

    “Thou shall not commit murder.” – Exodus 2013

    Abortion stands at variance with the above verse. It is therefore a sin!

    “Don’t be deceived or misled. God cannot be mocked or you cannot mock the justice of God. You will harvest what you plant.” – Galatians 6:7

    If somebody dies while procuring an abortion, no sane or just or godly mortal can feel sorry! In fact that’s what they deserve coz God cannot be mocked. If a girl dies while wanting to kill another, should we get worried? I don’t think so! Abortion is diabolical! Evil! Pure evil! And therefore an act of servitude to the devil!

    Serve God and live . . . Serve Satan and die!

    “But if you refuse to serve the Lord, then choose . . . whom you will serve . . . .But for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.” – Job 24:15

    And “no” to abortion and legalisation thereof, we shall say!!!!

  8. Bufalo Soldier says:

    No!! No!! You can’t legalize such an abomination, God forbids from doing such a thing. We have always said that we are a God fearing nation and now you want to allow this nonsense, exclude me from this type of killing. Who is impregnating these young girls? Obviously its not their fellow youths, its these madalas leaving their old women at homes trying to taste fresh girls just because they have cash to spend on them, stupid! rubbish! Nonsense! Say no to this insanity.

  9. John says:

    If some women will use abortion to get rid of pregnancy they don’t want, so what? the people who oppose abortion, do they really understand how bad the situation is with respect to Malawi’s population growth? This country will never develop.

    Kodi azibusa mumaziona ngati ndani??? Inu ndi angelo!!!!!!!!!!!Chigololo chili thoo kumene muliko! Kupusa!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ChaweZi Gomes says:

    Religious zealots – may be you can pray to your gods that men carry pregnancies too – let’s then see if you still oppose condoms, contraception and in rare occasions abortions!!!

  11. Stevie january says:

    Zopanda zelu mwapangazo. muganize kut mutakhala inu wotayidwa mungave bwanji athu opanda cisoni osaopa mulungu

  12. Fenali A L says:



    With these startling statistics, we expect HIV/AIDS to decrease. One wonders whether these girls condoms. Condoms would prevent STIS and unwanted pregancies. Arbortion will not prevent the transmission of STIs. Civic education is the best tool to combat this evil.

  14. Stevie january says:

    Palibe chamzelu chimene mukupanga azisogoleri a boma mukuchita legalise kuchotsa mimba? Kodi zimenezi zikanavomeredwa zaka 100 mbuyomu inuyo mukanapezekapo ? Ambuye akukhululukireni .ubwino wake mateyu 24vs 15 anatiuza kale,komanso yesaya 18 vs 1 ndi 24 vs 16 mpaka 20 ulosi unaperekedwa.tsoka kwa iye okwaniritsa ulosi umenewu.

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