School uphold new fees against Parliamentary motion

Public Schools in Malawi have dribbled past the Malawi Parliament by implementing the new school fees rates despite the latter’s stand that the fees should not be adjusted, we can report, although the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has kept mum on the matter.

Jumbe: Moved a motion against school fees hike

Jumbe: Moved a motion against school fees hike

Schools have opened for Second term of 2015- 2016 Academic calendar on Monday January 4 2016, a date that the new fees was earmarked for implementation.

Those Nyasa Times have spoken to say that they are working within their mandate as they are using the memorandum that they received from the government, saying there is no other memorandum suggesting otherwise.

But we can also report that after Member of Parliament for Salima Central Felix Jumbe moved a motion stopping government from implementing the hiked fees in public Secondary Schools and Tertiary Institutions the matter was well supported and it was sustained.

Jumbe observed that the government can hold until the economic situation improves.

But during the debate in Parliament Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu said parliamentarians went beyond their mandate in passing the motion and it is not known whether the stand by the schools bend on that statement.

Students who communicated to this publication said that they have been told that there is no change as there is no letter from the Ministry.

“We are told that just last week the Minister of Education, Science and Technology Dr Emmanuel Fabiano told a daily publication that Ministry officials were on holiday and a statement on the issue would be released after the holiday as such no person can revert what was communicated to the schools officially,” said a student in Nkhotakota.

Jumbe has said that it would be unrealistic for the government to demand more from the citizenry that is equally struggling economically.

He said: “If you ask the government to fund a certain project today, they will tell you that they have no money. So, it is the same thing with people. I don’t think it is fair to excessively demand from people what they cannot afford. The people of Malawi are getting impoverished at a very high rate and raising school fees in the current situation cannot be justified,” Jumbe said.

“Of course there are some people who do not accept reality. But the reality is, even if they raise the fees, some people will not be able to report for their studies. Maybe, it will be easy for the sons and daughters of ‘cashgaters’. But original Malawians, who work and get money out of integrity, will be unable to raise money for the hiked fees,” he said.

But Civil Society Education Coalition Executive Director Benedicto Kondowe was quoted saying that the government was justified to raise the fees given the current economic status, but needed to be careful on the magnitude of the increase.

The Ministry justified the hike saying it was aimed at improving the provision of various resources and services needed in the schools (improving the quality of education and service delivery).

In the statement the Ministry observed that the new fees will greatly assist schools to improve standards by providing adequate teaching and Learning materials to achieve the recommended pupil to textbook ratio of 1:1.

Here is the list of school fees:
Secondary Schools;

Nation: K85000
District: K35000
Domasi: K220000

UNIMA: K270000
MZUNI: K275000
LUANAR: K280000

There is no statement yet from the government  but people have warned that should the government remain quiet the whole week, schools will be abandoned and the country would come to a stand still.

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42 thoughts on “School uphold new fees against Parliamentary motion”

  1. [email protected] says:

    BBK says:

    Executive dominance in decision making has been, is and if not properly checked, will continue suppressing the potentially development related ideas from members of the other equally important political institutions.

    Malawi is not a Kingdom where all decisions are to be made by the executive and that nobody can dispute it.

    Shame on the Policy makers who accepted to implement a Fees Hike policy without adequate consultation with the other institutions within the political divide. These are policy makers who are not visionary or may be are short sighted. they never thought of the aftermath of the Fees hike policy.

    Policy makers be vigilant and never accept to pass a policy that serves the interest of a small section of the society.

  2. Pastor Owen Kamkondo Phiri says:

    Government is not fair with people, it stoped to fund schools in some projects. And ndife makolo tikupanga zonse even kulipira COOKS & GUARDS apart from development infrastructures. As am talking there some schools where parents are doing all government businesses like DOWA SS where my son is, we are paying cooks, guards and contributing to the constraction of brick fence. Government has totally fail.

  3. pual mirambo says:

    The government does not take both the parliament and the opposition seriously

  4. nango says:

    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

  5. no mercy for poor pipo. so help me GOD.

  6. Muchipo Kanthu says:

    Why is it that what ever you are doing is to punish the poor, rural community people? Have you ever thought what will be the out comes of the things you are have started? If there will be high rate of prostitution, theft,Vandalism, drug and substance abuse and other implications ahead due to failure to proceed with education, especially the teens. As a Malawian citizen I expected that Education in all secondary schools could have been subsidized not to increase the fees, There are many young Malawians you could have contributed to the development of the country but they are at home doing nothing because they were failing to pay the previous amount now you come again to increase, are setting the bar for the poor people? We voted for you to think and help the Needy communities to survive in all aspect of life Please, Come back with a positive solution to the needy Malawians who are so helpless as at now in time of No rains, Tinalakwanji anthu akumudzife choonde mabwana Maphunziro Musekweze chonchi mukufuna abale anu okha okha mmasukulumu? Pemene mukuganiza za izi mulingalilepo kwa anthu omwe akusungidwa ndi okalamba, amasiye, amphawi eni eni oti amadalira kuotcha Makala.

  7. mbani says:

    this shows Parliament is useless another example is the sell MS Bank

  8. Beast Msonda says:

    Hahahaha koma ma journalist enawa inu aaa akuti “…the people have warned that should the government remain quiet the whole week, schools (will) be abandoned and the country would come to a stand still.” Which people have warned? You or the people? You could have said “I and my pay masters/mistresses are warning the government…” Do not say people as if it’s all Malawians who are saying that. It’s you and whoever has paid you to write this article.

  9. jk says:

    A ndale msalowerere apa. Will you supply materials in schools. If government cannot raise fees now, how rhings going to be sustained in school e.g. food supplying. Mr.Jumbe, Do you have a school? How can you fèed students in boarding with less amount of fees. DDP here not to blame but they should restructure the payment as follows Tuition 2000, SDF 5000, GPF 1000 and TRF 2000. Most schools have improved there infrastructure because of SDF.

  10. Mark Saoneka says:

    Mukunama kuti mukufuna kukweza standard ya maphunziro pokweza school fees koma palibe chimene chisinthe koposa kungowapweteka anthu osauka. Unima nthawi ya Kamuzu anthu ankaphunzira ulele. Enanu ka English mukunyadila leroka mudaphunzira school yomweyo ndiye mwayamba kutumbwa kuchemelera kukweza fees kuti osauka asaphunzire. Boma mwalisaukitsa nokha ili, kodi pakati pa 1970 ndi 2016 boma likanakhala lolemera liti? Pano lasauka ngati munthu.

  11. kenkkk says:

    Beast msonda,schools fees are part of education,so Parliament can debate on them and the govt was right to refer such a sensitive matter to Parliament. If what you say is true,then you do now understand when we say this govt is clueless.

    By the way how do you get a subsidy from the govt on the fees for your kids? I pay the full fees for my kids as quoted above by nyasatimes without a single subsidy from this govt. It is people like you who are getting subsidies by corruption that don’t think about the hardships of the majority of Malawians in rural areas working very hard to send their kids to school.

    You are a dpp supporter, so what good can we expect from you? What percentage is the middle class in Malawi that can even afford such fees without struggling?

    I can afford the fees without even butting an eyelid but I have a conscience for the majority of parents who live in rural areas,many in towns or cities as well and struggling to pay these fees.

    Is hiking fees the solution? Will there be a fee level where you or the govt will be satisfied? Tell us.

  12. AKA NYAKWAWA says:

    aZachamba etj boma lakanika kukweza malipiro anga ndiye ilolo likweze fees….zosamveka. the same way it is struggling is the same way parents and guardians who pay school fees for their children are suffering…..salary kukwera with 7% water n electrucity 40%…. school feez labdlord naenso….ma groceries ….ndalamayo ikwana……quality education can not do eith poor governance…. its not a matter of raising fees…..each school has bern told to deposit k3000 per student into account number one incliding open schools……this is too much I am sure ndalama izi ndizodzapangira campaign. ….tidzakuonani mikupanga campaign yanuyo kumanda kuti mizukwa izanu ikuvoyereni…..If you pay us well we wont complain of school fees hike…you mean salary yanga yonse ndilipirire mwana kuschool pocket money adzayitenga kuti? Rent ndidzslipira ndichani? madzi magetsi …… chakudya pakhomo
    ……the govnt is not there to help Malawians……there is nothing for free in Malawi….Close your proboscis. …

  13. kumangoni says:

    It’s about poorer but self encouragement plus self determination plus tremendous prayer,indeed physically motionaly and spiritually everything is possible. But politically yes it is impossible

  14. mphuzitsi says:

    I wonder what we really want. Quality education at low cost, is that feasible? Enough food at boarding school at K25,000 for 14 weeks? Wow, donors really did us sit phwii. Live our lives at no cost. How times have changed!

  15. Seigon says:

    So how do you think the schools will operate if they don’t raise fees?
    This irrational politicking will not take us anywhere Gentlemen and Ladies.
    For once lets reason as if we went to school.

  16. cnkhuto says:

    The country would not one to a stand still. I don’t understand someone expecting quality education with 35000MK. Are there going to be meals there and of what quality. Ate there going to be books in the library with 35000MK? Will the teachers get enough salaries with 35000MK. And someone is angry moving a motion stoping the implementation of fee hike as if he is not living in Malawi. We need quality in education not politics and name making. Demeti.

  17. Khalakpo says:

    bwanji kodi

  18. anadimba says:

    can k250 per year buy abook?teachers struggle to teach stdents in cdss coz of lack of resources and you expect them to do better during national exams. And you compare this error with kamuzus.forgeting that there were enough resources. If we are talking of fees in cdss, i think no parent wil fail to raise 11 000 .talk of tertiary education . But we understand there is bursary scheme.

  19. Beast Msonda says:

    Let me begin with a correction. The figures above may be the actual school fee in those respective schools. But the government is still heavily subsidizing them with tax payer’s money. I have three children: one at UNIMA and we are paying completely nothing (100% subsidy) yet we can afford to pay, the other two are in public secondary schools. For example, out of K85,000, as a parent I am paying only K35,000 and the tax payer is contributing K50,000 to my child’s education. This means I am only taking less than 42% of my responsibility to pay for my kid’s education. And because of this stupid education subsidy system which encourages parents to be irresponsible, the tax payer is contributing over 58% of my kid’s school fees. Is this fair? I agree with the hike. But I don’t agree with the huge subsidy. Please government you can leave the school fee at that amount but reduce the tax payer’s contribution. The subsidy is still too much. That’s my opinion and indeed my husband’s opinion as parents who planned for their kids’ education right way before they even went to bed to “sleep”.

    1. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

      Pretty well, even in most rich countries, public education is heavily subsidized. Because society, as a whole, benefits in the long run. No question. So, the rich or not rich, or the poor, contribute “similar” amounts in form of tuition etc.

      It is also reasonable to expect some families, right here in Malawi, to send their children overseas; and many do. They pay more, way more, because the education is generally better.

      Furthermore, the subsidies in Malawi are NOT out of line really. You cannot expect a complete dismantling of that system. And we must also preserve, or even expand, the system that is in place to help the able but needy, regardless of family size. Where is the compassion, when we expect children to pay the penalty for their parents’ nyere (sexual exuberance)? Aaaaaa.

  20. Dkn says:

    Man’s wisdom can’t solve Malawi’s problems. It requires Devine intervention. Our coments on fees hike and Malawi’s general economic situation are good, but if we don’t pray for our nation those coments will yield nothing. So lets add prayer to our coments so that God intervenes.

  21. Matandani says:

    The same Peter Muthalika told civil servants not to cry for salary increase but they are increasing school fees for already low salaries civil servants get. Where do they expect the parents to get the extra moneys for school fees. Is there any logic in that????? Uku ndiye timati kukama mkaka ng`ombe yoonda kale. Thats very selfish and inhuman. Most companies in Malawi are foreign owned and they are very selective when making decisions to do with salary adjustments. They are able to to increase prices for their products and services citing MWK instability but they dont apply the same when it comes to salaries for their employees. Poor Malawi sob sob sob sob sob sob!!!

  22. man says:

    please DPP stop continuing to slaughterMALAWIANS. we have already been knifed by the same selfish government officials in the name of cashgate ( k577 & k24 billion) and now you have raised fees in these difficult times. koma anthu inu amene mukuti mukutsogoleranu
    mumapita kumudzi and asses the poverty to come up with good decisions of running the govornment? ukutu ndikuaputa amalawi and takupililani mokwana.

  23. Kanyimbi says:

    I am deeply shocked with this development. I am not happy with the standard of education in our country but we are paying high tax which is supposed to be used in the education sector.Just abandon FISP and pump that money into the education sector which will benefit everyone.

  24. Bonyongo says:

    These cashgaters are bringing more problems to the the government should not do such a thing,why penalising the innocent people.i suggest the government should not interfere with the pivotal department of development in such a not worsening situations by unnecesary hiking costs of basic needs

  25. musova says:

    Try & error government musova

  26. ngongoliwa says:

    This shud b a problem for Lomwes, Atumbuka wr already used to paying high fees in private xools.
    Koma awa a Kota System Awa mulira.

  27. Naliyela says:

    My mother Malawi!

  28. Stampycious says:

    I agree with u Amanda u sound very pasionate abt dwindling education in Malawi. And u so called High Time u must plz understand the situation of other citizens, we are not in the same level fortunes, some families are so poor dat they cant even get the quarter fee for the CDSS while others are rich so dat they can simply manage to send their children abroad to further their education, so lets level the fee for everyone to afford

  29. che Mbela says:

    How do children in secondary school afford cellphones, fancy hairdos…weaves etc. Tisanamizane a Malawi, bvuto silingathe ndi kusonyeza fees. Fees should reflect the need to raise revenue that can meet expenditure levels. No cheap politcs please.

  30. Kenkkk says:

    Undermining what Parliament has agreed and approved will be tantamount to dictatorship and purely arrogance on the part of the government. Thus dpp govt always trying to pick up unnecessary fights to fend off losing face and its selfish prides. You are toying with the lives of hardworking Malawians, not cashgaters like yourselves who can afford anything.

    When the economy improves people will understand a fees increase but not now. But these dpp thugs all they think is who can overrule Peter or us? Rubbish, swallow your prides like civilized well educated politicians and try to emulate how politicians or leaders from other countries take defeat in their parliaments,that is democracy. These are not personal matters.

    You MPs need to revolt if these thugs get their way against parliament decisions.

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      It wasn’t the role of the parliament to discuss the fee increment. The government erred by bringing that issue to the parliament. I guess the government has now realized that mistake and they are rectifying it. Since time immemorial, have you ever heard that parliament was involved in school fee hiking? Legally speaking, Malawi parliament does not have any power on school fee hiking.

  31. pamtumbo says:

    Agalu inu pansana pa anganga anu ndalama anthu azitenga ku thako agalu inu you must very stuppid

  32. zandile says:

    If government does not reduce fees, students must strike. Remember the students in South Africa. They led a national wide Fees Must Fall Campaign and government listened. That campaign should be launched here. How do you justify an increase from K150 000 to K270 000. Does it make any sense? Government must make education affordable and accessible to all. Full stop!

  33. zandile says:

    @High Time, you are out reality. I think you are one of thge few rich Malawians. Many Malawians cannot manage the huge hike in school fees. We want fees to be affordable.

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      Kuzolowera za ulere. Kebeleka ana mpaka 20 muli akaphunzirira pa tax ya Mr. or Mrs. X. No way, you should learn to be responsible parents.

  34. High Time says:

    Amanda #1 you have spoken as a child. But the truth is that it’s difficult to sustain education if we can’t contribute towards it. Why do private kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions charge higher fees? Ever heard of these schools not being patronised? The truth is most of them lack space to accommodate students. Check semester fees for Catholic University, UNILIA and DMI ( in Mangochi). What about private secondary schools like Mary Mount? You mean those who go there come from abroad? In hiking fees, I hoe government put in place mechanisms for bursaries. How can one pay 1,500 kwacha at Domasi for a year? That’s too absurd. I am a parent, an educationist and have children both in public and private universities but I feel it’s high time the citizenry had a spirit of co-sharing on such expenses other than heaping everything on government. I know the opposition will oppose to score cheap political mileage. Just ask Felix Jumbe where he sent his children for school. He won’t tell you that it was cheap! Or else if he has forgotten, with his permission, people out there will remind him.

  35. The Analyst says:

    What season of the game of thrones is this? 6th, perhaps?
    . . . Parliament thought that it was playing its game well by boycotting discussion and later on rejecting the fee-hike issue; instead of engaging the Executive on the reasonableness of the amount. So naive!
    . . . The Executive, on the other hand, knew that the fee-hike would be implemented, anyway. So arrogant!

    However, undermining the voice or power of other arms of government is bad for democracy.
    Most importantly, you need to know that it is always the poor and the innocent who suffer when you, the Executive or Legislature or the Judiciary; play the game of thrones.

  36. snelia says:

    That’s the government I know they always do the opposite.Last time they told not to sell MSB they sold it,today the parliament did their recommended job by stopping the increase of fees they are not listening.where are we going to get the money.

  37. Omase says:

    Am just puzzled where malawi is heading to now. No electricity, no medicine, no security, economic crisis and now you hike school fees.

  38. amanda says:

    the fee hike is unwelcome,am speaking as a student,after the economic blow this country went through our parents pockets are being squezzed dry in taxes and other fees and increases.just imagine most students fail to even get 6000 for fees how will they afford these new fees.speaking as a girl child i decry the increase the public has no money should i prostitute to earn the fees or should i agree to marry an old man i dont love hoping he will pay my fees.if no one watches this then girl child protection is a myth just a show for donors,a cover up also are you trying to create illitarate youths .there is a increase in crime and we are being killed with pangas by frustrated youths like i what more if our basic right to education is hindered.

    1. Beast Msonda says:

      Your basic right to education should and ought to be provided to you by your own parents who brought you forth to this world. They had a plan on how to provide that right to you, way before they even went to bed. I guess you know what I mean. By pushing that responsibility to government, you are not pushing it to the executive arm of the government, but to other children’s parents who will shoulder that useless responsibility through paying their taxes. Your parents’ responsibility is not my responsibility. I have my own children and my own responsibility which is enough for me. You got it?

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