Scuffle over mutilated baby in Mzuzu: Malawi Police rule out foul play

A brawl has ensued between Mzuzu Police and a family in Lusangazi, Nkhata Bay – on the outskirts of Mzuzu City – following mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a baby who was born alive but was thirty minutes later found dead with a mutilated body.

Baby mutilated

Baby mutilated

Family members of Brenda Banda – mother to the deceased baby – have expressed their concern over the manner in which police and medical staff conducted themselves on the matter, suspecting foul play.

But Mzuzu Police spokesperson Maurice Chapola parried away the fears, citing natural death.

“A postmortem done at Mzuzu Central Hospital has shown that there was nothing fishy as regards the baby’s death. It was a natural death,” said Chapola.

However, speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times Thursday, one of the family members Rose Mbeye insisted there is eminent cover up.

“Brenda gave birth on Monday at Mzuzu Health Centre. She was shown her live child but thirty minutes she was told that the child was dead,” said Moyo.

She further explained that when they went to collect the body on Tuesday, they found that it was well wrapped up and were “not instructed to unwrap it but rather to bury it was it was.”

Suspicious, Moyo told Nyasa Times, the family unwrapped the body and found out that the face was mutilated.

Another impeccable source within the family alleged that the body was cut in such a way that the nose, eyes and lips were missing. Police are said to have been alerted of the matter, and the body was taken back to the mortuary at Mzuzu Central Hospital where a postmortem was done.

Chapola ruled out allegations on some body parts missing on the body.

“It was just some flesh missing around the stomach, and that could have been done by some insects or rats as Mzuzu Health Centre has no mortuary,” said Chapola.

But the family, who claim to have not yet seen the postmortem report, said the information police and medical staff are providing is not convincing.

“We are just from the hospital now [Thursday],” Moyo told Nyasa Times. “Nurses have been interviewed but there are many instances where their stories seem not to be making sense. They keep on saying that the face was mutilated by rats a thing we do not buy.”

She added: “As mothers we are not happy about this. We will not let this issue die away just like that. We will make sure a proper investigation is carried out on the matter.”

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33 thoughts on “Scuffle over mutilated baby in Mzuzu: Malawi Police rule out foul play”

  1. apundi says says:

    sambi, akusewetsani mtendere mwana ameneyo, makolo musasiye choncho chilungamo chioneke

  2. wow says:

    Baby swapping is possible here. Zikanakhala zotheka DNA test imafunika kuti wina wamkhalidwe oyipawu agwidwe. Human rights pple gwirani ntchito apa

  3. Mbanangwa says:

    Claiming that there is no mortuary in Mzuzu is wrong. Say that some cold rooms are not functional and that bodies are piled one on top of the other !



  5. Namihavani says:

    Nyasatimes please learn to be patriotic in your reporting otherwise you are twisting the whole story here and misleading your readers here. What you reporting here are all reported speeches . Now instead of the health authorities working with you as partners there will be a benefit of doubt coz you tend to agitate things where there are no issues. Postmorterm has vividly been given and you still want to seek answers where there are no answers. This was an NND from the complications of labour the way any NND happens and it was supposed to be taken right away for burial but the parents would have taken the baby right away for burial.

    1. Layman says:

      You Namihavani you are complicating the issue further by writing your medical jargon; instead of using simple layperson language. NND? Who are you addressing?

  6. mboba says:

    Newly born is not kept in a morgue

  7. osaweta jj says:

    aaaaaaa insects and rats ?nononono!very strange indeed.I can smell foul play…… human rights activist,do ur work.

  8. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    Very bad things happen in our hospitals!!! some but not all are devils hiding behind mid-five’ uniforms. I’ve heard so many bad things about maternity clinics that are busy and clouded.

  9. Chibanja tv says:

    It’s very surprising that how come that a senye like that one be left in the mortuary for the whole night? Isn’t it the one that is buried by women only? Zachilendo izi mpakana senye kugona mu mortuary sindinaone ine!

  10. moyenda maulidi says:

    god knows

  11. Zochitika mziko langa lokongola chotere!

  12. Mzimba Solola says:

    So sad, God is the only righteous judge. Pray hard God will show you the truth about the matter.

  13. C Banda says:

    “It was just some flesh missing around the stomach, and that could have been done by some insects or rats as Mzuzu Health Centre has no mortuary,” said Chapola.

    It is NOT true that flesh was missing around the stomach. To be clear, the stomach was intact. There are numerous witnesses at the village and the mortuary to that fact and that it was the face which was mutilated, as described in the article. Chapola has just picked that in the air.

    As an aside: Chapola is saying that Mzuzu Health Centre is infested with rats. That is a terrible indictment of those running the facility, and those who are supposed to monitor its hygiene.

    At the hospital on Tuesday, the family were told privately that rats did not do the damage to the face. A knife or similar instrument was used.

    It is claimed that a post mortem was done. Really? The family and other witnesses saw no sign of incisions having been made on the body for checking internally why the child died.

  14. nyapankhwesa says:

    Kodi tinene kuti ndi umphawi okhaokha ukupangitsa zinthu zotere kapena uthakati?zoona makoswe,Mulungu azakulangani

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    This cannot add up to natural death.
    Natural how, was it caused by malaria, headache, infection or what?

    Within thirty minutes and without telling the mother that her baby has a problem.
    And within thirty minutes rats all over the baby.

    Mwapanga swap inu.

  16. stan says:

    Those health workers know something about all this and definately they played something on that.Keep on pressing,they will reveal the exact thing around the multilations on the innocent child’s body.Why did they tell you not to unwrap the body?Something foul there and the police is biased,because you are poor,they (police and hospital personnel) are overlooking your stance.

  17. Agalu Pa Mpando[APM] says:

    Ufiti basi.mupaseni mwana wake.

  18. kaya says:

    Mzipatalamutu mukupangamo nyasi. There is no way these people can implicate each other. Koma mukamachita zanuzo zindikirani….

  19. Uchindami says:

    Happening boy. Akuti rats osati mice. Tidzimvetsetsa zinthuzi!

  20. Kadakwiza says:

    Such things happened only in poor country like Malawi. Malawi is doomed.

  21. Chikondi says:

    These claims bring fear to Malawi women to deliver at health facilities, creating unconducive environment, indirect promoting TBA tendencies.

  22. ian says:

    Masiku ano satanism ili mzipatala ndipo ma eveil spirits when manifesting akumachita kunena kuti ali ndi ma agents awo mu zipatala, mortuary etc. Ndenso ndifunseko mayi bwanji mumasiya mwana yekha? Inu masiku ano momwe anthu akusakila ziwalomu osaopa iyayi? Awapane a ku mzuzu health centre ko awulula osawasiya choncho komanso likhale phunziro kwa tonse makamaka azimayi oyembekezela. Samalani masiku ano kwayipa.

  23. Find out if theres bogus doctors around to answer this!thise feign doctors are makoswe.

  24. matiki says:

    Atumbuka kukhwima kambiri

  25. C Banda says:

    Grace Chiumia is the MP for the family members, who are just simple villagers and not aware of their rights. They can be too easily pushed around by the police and medical staff. Let her get involved by advising them what steps can be taken to get to the truth, and what NGOs there are in Mzuzu who can assist them to do that.

  26. Lufita boy says:

    judgement day will reveal everything,namalenga yekhayo ndi amene zonse

  27. Leveleve Nampwache says:

    Atumbuka ! Yanu ija, yaufiti ndi kuphana.

  28. Galu Wa Galu says:

    This is a hero confusing story.

  29. happening boy says:

    Hospital officials from mzuzu health centre, how Can mice eat lips, nose and eyes, a dead body well wrapped, Is a mouse able enough to unwrapp then go straight to eyes, nose and lips. This Is worrisome, someone should explain. A mother carrying the baby for 9months and one comes in and take off the life, no, Hon Kaliati, look into This, something fishy and dirty here.

  30. Kaya, tsiku lachiweruzo zidzavumbuluka.

  31. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    If malawians are patriotic then they will leave all this in the hands of almighty God,the best judge because on earth medical report is the last we could believe.

  32. Dick says:


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