Servant leadership not easy, says Malawi Finance Minister GG

Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Goodall GondweMinister of Finance and Economic Planning Goodall Gondwe has said  servant leadership—the concept that effective political leaders need to serve their people—not be served by them, is not easy task.

Goodall Gondwe:

Goodall Gondwe: Difficult to implement some of these ideas

“Serving people is no easy task. There are a lot of things in between that you need to address. In most cases, you will find that what your are planning of doing for the people is actually different from what the people themselves are thinking,” said Gondwe.

He was speaking during the Blantyre leg of the Ministry of Finance’s Pre-Budget Consultations in response to contributions by renowned economist Henry Kachaje.

Kachaje, who is president of Economics Association of Malawi (Ecama), said there is need for evidence-based policy making, planning and budgeting.

However, Gondwe said  in his responses that captains of the industry as well as opinion Movers and Shakers should  appreciate that practically some of the issues cannot be achieved.

“It may be interesting to know that in as much as these ideas may seem practical on paper, it is very difficult to implement them on the ground,” said Gondwe.

He told Kachaje that is he joins front-line politics, he will realise that it is really difficult to execute the plans one had when entering into politics.

But Kachaje – a motivational speaker of high repute – believes servant leadership requires love, compassion, acceptance of responsibility, and, above all, wisdom and selflessness.

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13 thoughts on “Servant leadership not easy, says Malawi Finance Minister GG”

  1. Gerald mapanga Phiri says:

    It looks like they run out of options and now they are in motion. Where the train is going they just let it go and see the outcome

  2. kholowa mkabudula says:

    That is why we need flesh blood Sir!

  3. J. Chahoma says:

    Sometimes we should differentiate ideal situation or theory to practical things. The problem is most of us including Kachaje assume that things just happen smoothly in government. However, the truth remains that there are a lot of unforeseen factors that come into play when implementing policies. Granted, some of our leaders are into self-enrichment but that doesn’t warrant making sweeping statements. Servant leadership may be difficult sometimes but we should strive to achieve it. Telling people that servant leadership is impossible does not help matters either.

  4. Central says:

    Chindere chakufikapo nadi!

  5. 2016 welcome says:

    If you think servant leadership is impossible then you are painfully irrelevant. Don’t give a false impression that when you have failed then everyone else would fail. Just pave way for others. Nobody forced you to join politics. Servant leadership doesn’t require any sophisticated theory or formula. The basic ingredient of servant leadership is love. If you love your fellow citizens(country) you can’t steal government resources for personal gains. Period!

  6. son says:

    One thing that I like about Goodall is his honesty. When you are out of the system, you thing it is easy to implement some of the suggestions that a lot of people advocate. There are a lot of factors that come into play that can not be realized when you are not in main stream government leadership.

  7. Mapwiya says:

    Mr Goodall Gondwe! Don’t tell us servant leadership is impossible! It is impossible for greedy politicians of Malawi including you. Tell me, how is Tanzania managing? Is Magufuli using any kind of magic?Nkhani ndi yoti you have no will, politicians in Malawi you are too selfish! Please, we are tired of this. Enough is enough! Be patriotic people!

  8. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    oh so you have known today. i thought you and APM forced yourself to leadership position coz you thought it was easy. God is now punish you for what you did during 2014 elections!!!!

  9. Gudo says:

    Just resign nobody forces u

  10. RalphShammah says:

    Drunken Leading.

  11. Jahan says:

    Gondwe talking about servant leadership? Like seriously? Does he even know what it means? APM says ndilibe pulobulemu when people complain about issues affecting them. Chilima on the other hand calls them stupid and tells them to shut up whenever people are complaining. Mhango calls such complaints as baseless lies. Fabiano and You Gondwe would rather cut educational budget to fund the mapwevupwevu hall for APM, and you would rather buy galimoto yachimbuzi nkati for DPP than worry about shortage of maize in the country, and you are sitting there phwiiiiii talking about servant leadership?

  12. Blessed Banda says:

    You are just too old to change, Ubendezi na ulryalya wakukomani dada Gondwe na munyinu uyo. Just retire if you can’t embrace new concepts. You only believe in what IMF tells you and not utilising locally available concepts. You call us to provide alternatives and not only criticising. When we do provide alternatives you respond before thinking through the proposals because of ubendezi na ulyalya.

  13. roy hauya says:

    servant leadership is perfectly possible. listen to the principles laid out by kechanje. its a;l about attitude

    roy hauya

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