Sex slavery: Malawi police rescue girls in Ndirande

Underage girls have been “rescued” from at a bottle store in Blantyre’s Ndirande Township as police investigate claims they were forced into prostitution.

Police said the bottle store was also being used as a brothel and the rescued girls were in Standard Four and Six respectively.

The two young girls rescued from from sex slavery

The two young girls rescued from from sex slavery

According to police,  the suspect in the sex slavery a 38-year-old Veronica Bulla from Mpondasi Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mponda in Mangochi who was operating a bottle store around Ndirande Makata area, picked the girls under the pretence that they would be working in a shop.  But instead they were forced into prostitution .

Blantyre Police Station spokesperson Elizabeth Divala said Bulla had allegedly been using her Zomba-based accomplice to recruit young girls to work as bartenders as well as prostitutes at her bottle store.

The sex slavery was exposed after last Sunday after one of the girls, aged 12, escaped from the bottle store and reported the matter to her parents in Zomba.

On the day they went missing, according to the Daily Times, unidentified Zomba-based recruiter accosted and convinced them that she would offer them well paying household jobs in Blantyre and gave them K500 each and promised to give them more when they get to Blantyre.

The recruiter then handed them over to Bulla, who runs a bar called “Asante Sana” in Ndirande where they were assigned to be providing beer to clients, apart from sleeping with the patrons.

The girls also told the law enforces that they occasionally being taken to some popular drinking joints in the commercial capital courtesy of the woman and her clients.

For providing sexual services to some patrons, the girls could get up to K2, 000 a day. And the money was being given to suspect, who according to the girls, could allow the victims meet strangers without her consent.

However, the younger girl managed take away ‘K6000 with which she used to travel to her home village in Zomba after escaping from Ndirande.

She alerted her parents, who together with the other girl’s parents, reported to Blantyre Police and with the direction of the girl, the police raided the drinking joint in area called Zambia where they arrested the suspect and freed the other girl.

At the bottle store, there still some girls who are entertaining imbibers.

Meanwhile, a medical test conducted at One Stop Centre at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital found that one of the girls is HIV positive.

Meanwhile, Police has charged Bull with three counts of abduction, child trafficking and child labour contrary to sections 78 (1) (2) a, b, c and 79 (1) (2) of Childcare, Protection and Justice Act Number 22 of 2010 and Section 21 (1) of Employment Act number 6 of 2000 respectively.

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54 thoughts on “Sex slavery: Malawi police rescue girls in Ndirande”

  1. Bashir omar wa bullets says:

    Palibe chimene mwapindulapo coz ikalawa mchere basi simafuna kusia ataaa

  2. wadala says:

    Iwotchedwe asante sana yo. Women in forefront? Zoopsya kwabasi bwanji osatenga ana obereka nokha koma aanzanu?

  3. 2mbwe says:

    Not on,it is sad to hear such stories from town where most inahbitants are at least civilised and are able to analyse issues soberly.This entales that this maipractice is rampart in outskirts so the government has to do something to curb the situation.many young girls are victimised in villages but they don’t reveal to relevant staff because of cultural and religious beliefs,please our dear govt,come to our rescue,deploy strategies to even manhandle those who perpetuate this.

  4. omar khaliffa says:

    Ku Mangochi nako

  5. mwanawamkulu says:

    Koma tinali bho tianati! Makamaka kakang’onoko! Eee kanali sharp!

  6. Zopusa osatenga azichemwaliakobwanji?

  7. Favour says:

    Koma uhulewu ndiye wafika pena pake.kwathu kuno ndiye zosanena.Ana a zaka 12,13 ali mbwembwe mu ma bottlestore.Akuti azibambo amalipira K300.00 kuti agone nawo ,just imagine.Apolice ayesayesa kuwagwira koma alephera.Zoopsa kwambiri.

  8. cynk says:

    ubale ako ana azikwatidwa osati ana akumudzi azikupangira ndalama, mwana watenga matenda tsogolo lake liri pati? uli ndi mlandu kwa MULUNGU. GALU x 1000000

  9. ken says:

    your coment is awaiting a moderation mmatathawuzanji? ndidzitukwana?

  10. FKS says:

    Iwe pa thako pa ana wayesa popangira gain pakopo patani? Panawonongeka ndiye ukufuna uwonongenso anawo eti? Its not too late usiye



  12. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Umphawi wavuta, komabe Bulla ndi nzakeyo tiyenawoni. Komanso makolowo akufunika kangachepe chifukwa sanasamale ana awo atasowa.

  13. anijo says:

    I am surprised why police don’t mount sting operations for such. In many drinking joints there are girls. You can easily talk to a girl and find out kuti wapezeka bwanji kumeneko. Some you can clearly tell kuti ndi ana.

  14. Manteigah says:

    Umphawi it’s so critcal in d villages,let govt suport girls lyk thoz.

  15. Mjojo says:

    Ah thats bad

  16. Kenyatta Usiwausiwa says:

    Arsenal 1 – 2 Southampton

  17. Yobe boo says:

    Khalidwe la a Chawa ndi a Lomwe limelo, silachilendo, kwawoko mwanatu sachepa bola anavinidwa basi.

  18. Yobe boo says:

    Khalidwe la a Chawa ndi a Lomwe limelo, silachilendo, kwako mwanatu sachepa bola anavinidwa basi.

    1. neighbour says:

      @ yobe boo
      Kodi pamene alemba kuti anawa ndi alhomwe olo achawa ndi poti ? It is true kuti anawa ndiachichepele koma look at how ur mother behaves , amapanga chigololo tsiku lilonse..
      I have known u for almost 10yrs. Umakula mobvutikila kwambili moti mayi ako amapanga sale maliseche awo kuti iwe upite kusukulu ndiponso anatenga mimba yaiwe asanakwatiwe. Please next time , mind the way u comment on some issues. Wandikwiyitsa kwambili

  19. Agibo says:

    The story needs to be looked onto very seriously.I hear like the parents allowed them for household chores,they(parents)knew something there.Is there any 1 who dont knw the child traficking?they knew what they were doing,asatinamize zitavuta apa.PLIZ even parents need to face the Law bcoz they’ve failed to protect their children as their responsbility.ok !where were they all these days?were they waiting 4 others to do for them? Shame on them,Forsake!!

  20. phyilleap says:

    Wapapi awo mitu yikwenda makora yayi
    Tiwavyire kusambizga bana awo (Inkhuzizi matholeni)

  21. Try Mwale says:

    Ai ndithu, ine kusowa chonena. Where is this world going?

  22. Annie says:

    iwenso Galu wamchira eti

  23. Yankho says:

    Ukavu nawo ughu kwali,

  24. Manyeka says:

    Alipo Ambiri, Koma Kusagwidwa Kodi Ku Mangochiku Bwanji Kuzolowera Kubereka Amuna Achaini Ake Ndiye Mukuzibweretsa Ku Bt. Lamulo Ligwire Ntchito Yake Anawo Aphwanyiridwa Ufulu Kokwanira Mpaka Kachirombo ?Mai Ameneyo Azengedwe Mulandu Wakupha Kuti Ena Atengerepo Phunziro .

  25. Wananga says:

    Mphamvu za Satana izi kumgwira Bulla. Akamati ndalama ndi Satana ndi zimenezi. Umphawi nawoso kunyanya. Makolo pulizi samalani ana anu. Osaganiza zodyerera akadali ang’ono. Aphunzitseni sukulu, mdzadya zambiri. Wonani mwana wapatsidwa matenda ndi zidyamakanda, tsogolo lake laduka. Bad. Nanu zidakwa, lemekezani ana. Mwana wanu mungamutero?

  26. Mahatma Satyagra Sapanga says:

    The laws shuld take its full muscles on Bulla. What a shame u brougth 2 ur tribe bulla( wanyozesa mtundu wako).

  27. Gie chisemp says:

    Very sad

  28. kadamanja says:

    Ninkhalo zawo wanyithu awa, tidabwechi?

  29. Sorry says:

    But where did the parents think that their 12 year old girl was all this time? How could they release a 12 year old girl to go to Blantyre alone?, And these parents NEVER never reported her missing to the police? really? It means they new something about her whereabouts of the girl otherwise the girl could have been on the police missing list and rescued early enough!!


  30. Batchala says:

    Thats inhuman!! Koma mayiyu ali ndi ana obereka yekha?

  31. Jabulosi says:


  32. Concerned says:

    I agree that the root cause of this problem is poverty but you cannot also rule out poor parental care. Unless we as a country starts implementing people centred development programmes which directly benefit marginalised people these problems will be with us for a long time. Let us stop equating development to construction of stadiums conference centres and other structures which will not have a direct benefit to the poor much as they are important. Economic empowerment to the majority of citizens is the surest way to leap frog our development process.

  33. SAIKUPHA says:

    plz aboma chitaponi kathu koyenera kwa anthu ngat awa

  34. Two tees says:

    dzitatelo apolice mwapangapo chani monga achitetezo?.

  35. THYOLO THAVA says:

    Mwana wa zaka 12 umva chani

  36. Timvane Tembo says:

    Izi ndi zoopsa ndipo boma lisamulekerere mai ameneyu. A minister a gender mukuti chiyani pamenepa? China chimene chikuchititsa zinthu ngati izi ndi chakuti anthu ena akumamanga malo omwera mowa (Bottle store) ngakhaleso ogonamo (rest houses) kumalo kosayenera (Mmalo okhala anthu). izi zikuchitsa ana kumakopeka ndi mkhalidwe wonyasa wa uhule. Ndikupempha boma kuti liyendere mmadera osiyanasiyana monga ku Chinsapo ndi malo ena mdziko muno akadzionere zomwe zimachitika. Ana akulephera kupita ku sukulu. Chonde chonde boma chitaponi kanthu.

  37. kambawaule says:

    ana amenewa sakufuna sukulu mukanawasiya tiziwanyenga… shatapu

  38. jefferson sibeko says:

    koma achawa amwene, kantundu aka sikazatheka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Denguzman says:

    Malawi akulowera kuti? Politians, what ru doing in parliament? Watch out mawa adzakhala ali mwana wanu.

  40. Denguzman says:

    Malawi akulowera kuti? Politians, what ru doing in parliament? Lamulo ligwire ntchito pamenepa.

  41. Chimango Mnyenyembe says:

    Indeed people I saw them yesterday @ BT Police. I can even metion their names, I chated with their parent who failed to hold tears from their eyes. Its very pathetic indeed. Its by their choice; its long pathetic story guys

  42. Chimango Mnyenyembe says:

    Indeed people I saw them yesterday @ BT Police. I can even metion their names, I chated with their parent who failed to hold tears from their eyes. Its very pathetic indeed.

  43. yuona says:

    Mayi ameneyu ndioipitsitsa kwambiri. A polisi mufufuze ndithu chifukwa mmadela ambiri omwe eni malo omwela mowa ambili omwe amaendetsedwa ndi Achawa izizi ndiye sizosowa. Mupitenso mmadela ngati Phwetekere, Mbayani, Chibavi, Bangwe, Ngwenya ndi ena ambiri koma chachikulu mukagwiredi ntchitoyo osati mukayambenso kusanduka ma kasitomala.

  44. kaliati says:


    1. l says:

      funny that we are still selling women in this day and age under the pretext that its a token of appreciation.When money changes hands and a person or item is involved its a sale thank you.

  45. nikisi says:

    were the girls not defiled? pliz take them to one stop center at hospital for examination.

    1. Rasta says:

      Until we address poverty issues in Africa this will remain the status quo.

  46. Unity says:

    Poverty is the driver here. The perpetrator must be handed a very harsh penalty. U see poverty does look at tribes. The victims were abused by men who old enough to be their parents. Shame on u. Remember ur children shall be abused also by those stupid homo zinjathropuses when u die. God punish u with Ebola. Apply Shariah there then no those vices

  47. SALOME says:

    zofuna zimenezo!!!! why they dislike school at young age and like to work in shops (girls education is a key to success)

  48. stv says:

    Arrest her please

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