Shock and bewilderment as Nga Mtafu buried

Malawi’s neurosurgeon and retired politician George nga Mtafu was buried Friday at Ntonda Village on the outskirts of Blantyre City, following his death on Tuesday after sustaining injuries in a road accident.

UDF women mourn Nga Mtafu

UDF women mourn Nga Mtafu

Bakili Muluzi and Khumbo Kachali at the funeral

Bakili Muluzi and Khumbo Kachali at the funeral

Inkosi Gomani V and UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo (right) at the funeral

Inkosi Gomani V and UDF secretary general Kandi Padambo (right) at the funeral

Uladi Mussa pays last respects to Mtafu

Uladi Mussa pays last respects to Mtafu

Muluzi talking to Patrick Mbewe as former chief justice Lovemore Munlo look on

Muluzi talking to Patrick Mbewe as former chief justice Lovemore Munlo look on

Several hundred mourners, —including government officials, politicians, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) members and traditional leaders—attended the funeral.

The former MP for Likoma was buried at Mtonda – Khumbo Farm – at a cemetery he had choosen before he died.

“It is an hour of heartache, a time of tears,” said former president Bakili Muluzi.

Mtafu’s widow Elvy, Commissioner at the Malawi Electoral Commission, said his death had shattered her life and described him as “my pillar of strength, husband, father, mentor, protector and very best friend”.

Some of the notable people who witnessed the burial were former vice-president Khumbo Kachali, First-Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka-Chilenje, former Speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda, former Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo, PPM president Mark Katsonga, People’s Party’s Central Region vice-president Uladi Mussa and Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbwelwa V .

Government was represented by Minister of Health Peter Kumpalume.

He was once arrested and imprisoned without trial for making a statement disagreeing with President Hastings Banda’s pronouncements. Upon his release in 1991, he became active in reform politics, and is one of the founding members of United Democratic Front (UDF).

Mtafu was once UDF treasurer general and the party’s leader in Parliament.

He served in various ministerial portfolios during the UDF regime under Bakili Muluzi presidency, and in 2012 Mtafu was appointed as Chief Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Health.

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42 thoughts on “Shock and bewilderment as Nga Mtafu buried”

  1. amina says:

    This was a political funeral. Sad indeed. Why not highlight the church where he belonged the family and the like. He was an Adventist sure. Shame on the writer of this article you seem to be too much in politics than telling us the other side of the late’s life. I liked him coz he stood by his word, not wanting to cheat God by swearing using the bible. shows he was a true christian unlike all of you who sweared thro the bible but sinning heavily dayin day out. MHSRIP.

  2. tz says:

    taluza munthu ofunika

  3. marvey marvei says:

    Rest in peace esteemed Doctor. Za tsiku la kufa kwathu amadziwa ndi mwini wake Chauta. Amapatsa komanso amalanda.

    For those wishing others to die, know that death comes to ALL whether you are a king, pauper,a youth or or old person .

  4. I understand he was not a believer of God how come SDA was there Money talks

  5. Jescano says:

    Very sad mhsrip

  6. mtima wa nyani says:


  7. @josophat returns, I think the premise of your argument that his refusal to swear by the bible was indicative of his unbelief in G of is untrue. In fact, he argued that to swear by the bible would be a mockery to GOd since he knew that it was untrue to act as per the promise in the swearing in ceremony. Further, he also knew that swearing by God’s name is tantamount to sinning. I, therefore, urge to do research before you post those fallacious arguments.

  8. mphatso says:

    may his soul rest in peace.we will leave to remember him

  9. Likoma Economist says:

    Sadly there goes another Islander hero just like others who went before him. I remember another islander my hero – Late Dr James Chipasula the first Malawian political scientist. Then the late Dr Bello the first Malawian eye speacialist. May their souls rest in peace.

  10. Alungwana says:

    We learnt alot from his life. He has displayed a patriotic life. May God comfort his family.

  11. CMB says:


  12. Munthuwamba says:

    A Musisipala, munthuyutu ngati mwawerenga bwino bwino anali Neurosurgeon. M’chichewa chomveka bwino ndi kadaulo wa zokhudzana ndi m’mutu kapena titi ubongo. Woyenera kuthandiza a sipikala nthawi imene ija anali Dr Ntaba.

  13. BigMan says:

    “Agalu inu, Agalu inu, ndiphezana nanu…… must be very stupid….” A rare moment in the history of the Malawi August house. RIP Nga Mtafu.

  14. Can you please tell us the statement he made against Kamuzu? Most of those detained that time has never come in the open to explaim crimes they committed. Does it mean the crimes were genuine? Agalu inu.

  15. chirwa sim says:

    Mzimu wake uwuse mtendele

  16. Kamuna says:

    Really we wil mis his jokes like’ ure very stupid!’.

  17. losco says:

    How I wished the writer would have shown the President of the party to which Nga belonged speaking who is Atupele Muluzi and not showing us Bakili charting with Patrick Mbewe.MHSRIP.

  18. Optic Computer says:

    Malawi has lost a genious. His specialty is one that not many would dare. MHSRIP

  19. ndaona kakhongwe Longwen says:

    Mah he rest in peace.

  20. lot chiweta says:


  21. Tq of Zomba says:

    So sad
    a lot of people will remember this man

  22. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    May His Soul Rest in Peace. The country lost his services all those years he was doing politics. His was a rare field

  23. WIN.B says:

    Too bad to loose notable figures in our society but God is always ryt

  24. Akulisinga says:

    Ndadandaula kwambiri. Yenda bwino palibe wambeu nafe tikupeza RIP

  25. Meja says:

    Now this makes sense, Government was represented by Peter Kumpalume. The Kaliati’s and kachikho’s, the Henry Mussa’s had nothing to do with this funeral. He was their enemy number one during the 2004 – 2009 Parliament.

  26. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    Ndinawadziwa 1986 ali Neurosurgeon pa gulupu koma
    anali munthu wodzichepetsa
    mngakhale Neurosurgeon
    mmodzi yekha pa Malawi pano.
    Mzimu wawo uwuse mu mtendele

  27. May his soul rest in peace

  28. chimanyisko says:

    RIP Nga
    Bola akanafa Bwampini

  29. The Analyst says:

    And now Padambo is laughing, Gomani is chatting (probably with his ten wives or girlfriends) on the phone, Muluzi and Khumbo are leisurely chatting and Munlo seems amused by the chat and ready to join anytime?

    What is wrong with us Malawians? We go to a funeral but lose ourselves in laughter, jokes, gossip, chat and stuff. This is bad!

    Or you think we attend funerals just to tell the nation that we are still around (for we feel forgotten and lonely) because our faces were once friends with the front page of the newspapers; knowing there is a chance the pics would be published in the media, for the deceased had a name? Nooooo! We go there to express our grief and symphathise with the bereaved. Not to say aise ulipo? Eeeee nde wasowatu and stuff then nkumaseka on top of our voices.

    Many a Malawian do the same at funerals in our localities. but its high time we started behaving normal at funerals – be sad or try to be sad or just pretend to be sad.

  30. musisipala says:

    He will be remembered for his bravery in parliament “agaru in” “you should be stupid” He didn’t assist munyenyembe when he collapsed in parliament (as a Dr)

  31. Msadane says:

    MHSRIEP …. rest you well kaka … what a loss. …. so very untimely

  32. gwepenya says:

    muuse ndi mtendere odala

  33. anga ntafu rest in peace

  34. Jak says:

    Andale Mmapita Ku Maliro Kukacheza Basi!!!!

  35. mulungu akhale nawo thawi zonse atafu malemu

  36. chris gavin says:

    rip nga

  37. Josophat Returns says:

    Ntafu was one of those people who during ministerial swearing never held the Bible. He never believed in God existed. He was an atheist. The brain he used to work on is a supernatural price of art. The ability of the brain to think what wrong or right is uncreatable by the humans. Yet some claim there is no Deity.

    So what shall I say? May his soul rest in peace? Where has his soul gone. To borrow from his unbelief, his demise ends here on earth. To dust. Just dust. Because that’s what he believed in.

  38. vendort says:

    DPP osapita ku maliro? Zochititsa manyazi

  39. May his soul rest in peace.See u there whn we reach in de lst mile n whn the third step is fellen down

  40. Chikondig says:

    May his soul rest in peace.

  41. anadimba says:

    tidzaonana komweko!achibale tilimbe.tilimbe mitima,tidzaonana komweko

  42. Jack says:

    RIP Dr Mtafu,aparty has lost a die hard member

Comments are closed.

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