Shoot albino abductors, Malawi Police chief orders: UN warns situation is ‘acute’

Malawi has ordered police to shoot “dangerous criminals” who attack albinos in order to sell their body parts for witchcraft.

Kachala: Orders police to shoot albino attackers

Kachala: Orders police to shoot albino attackers

“Shoot every criminal who is violent when caught red-handed abducting people with albinism,” the country’s police chief Lexen Kachama told officers at the weekend, according to local media.

Six albinos have been killed in the poor southern African nation since December, according to the Association of Persons with Albinism in Malawi.

Kachama told officers in Machinga district in the south of the country, where most of the attacks have happened, that we cannot just watch while our friends with albinism are being killed like animals every day.”

He said he does not want to “hear of a police officer chasing dangerous criminals especially those abducting albinos carrying teargas or any other soft weapon.

“That is why I am ordering the police to use weapons in proportion to the gravity of the offence. We need to be secure from criminals,” he added.

Kachama, appointed last month by President Peter Mutharika, ordered his ill-equipped force of 12,000 not to be afraid to use “live ammunition” after criminals shot a police officer in the commercial capital Blantyre last week.

“We will not put down or hold back our weapons until Malawians are living and doing their business freely,” he said.

He said police were empowered by law “to use any weapon when discharging our duties.”

Albinos have been the victim of a surge of attacks across Africa in recent months, with the UN warning the situation was particularly acute in Tanzania, Burundi and Malawi.

It said the spike in violence against them in Tanzania may be linked to general and presidential elections in October 2015, as political campaigners attempt to win over influential sorcerers.

The UN Human Rights Council last month decided to appoint an expert to investigate abuses suffered by albinos across east Africa.-AFP

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87 thoughts on “Shoot albino abductors, Malawi Police chief orders: UN warns situation is ‘acute’”

  1. yolly says:

    Malawi….aah.i stil cant understand y pipo feel the need to do al tht witchcraft help us.

  2. NVM says:

    Hard criminals are in our prisons terrorizing fellow prisoners. They are at home there and feel they can not be called to account for what they do inside the prison walls. Some warders aid them in their heinous actions. Many weak newcomers are sexually abused with the full knowledge of warders yet prison is to reform character. Please investigate this and the authorities take appropriate action against such people. Otherwise shoot the hardened criminals there other than eating our taxes committing crimes everyday In prisons. Drag them to court or give them special treatment the kamuzu style.

  3. jaka says:

    tiphe zimenezi.akusowetsa mtendere abale athu

  4. Mubarak says:

    shot them pliz eish!!!!!

  5. Bessings Phiri says:

    Many people have been arrested as abductor but the whole police failing to task the abductors to tell them who asked them to get the albinos and where were they supposed to sale. You arrest, you rush to court when you know the courts do not investigate. In the past during Kamuzu era we used to believe that once one has been arrested by the police then the whole network has been exposed. Many have been arrested red handed with body parts but our police just rush to courts without trying to task arrested to lead them to the market. Then you say you are fighting crime. Shame on you

  6. dobs says:

    Dont put the constution in the hands of police men there also dangeras criminals you must think twice befor odering them.

  7. Let the police do what they want. Here at Kande one of the albino was rescued by someone who was on a bicycle.

  8. Tatyata says:

    Big-up Kachama!!!!!!

  9. Evans says:

    Police are 2 corrupt also.

  10. kasonya phiri says:

    please, be serious on death issues. these dangerous criminals need to dealt accordingly. If you do not know them , one they will attack you at your house will agree that the only way deal with them is shoot to kill.

  11. Tengupenya says:

    Police discretion in use of lethal weapons against murderers is not for public debate. You do not face dangerous criminals while you are armed only with rubber bullets or tear gas. It is a war zone at the front against murderers and armed robbers, whatever kind of arms they have. Force must be met with proportional force. And the police know best what proportional force to apply against murderers and armed robbers.

  12. Innocent Goigoi Kazako says:

    Mr. Kachama’s remarks should be understood in the context of the recent brutal killing of a policeman by armed robbers he was pursuing.

    However, our police officers should exercise extreme caution and judgment before they resort to using deadly force.

  13. tikhala says:

    Kodi akuba akuzitenga kuti mfuti zonga za police? Mbava zili ku police – all departments. Atraffic nde musanene. Pali bambo L……mai C…. Bambo Z……. ndizaulula tsiku lina ndiyanbe kaye ndapita ku ACB

  14. Mahomwa Mhango says:

    The government must regester all people with Albinism for easy identification plus all albino must have international school from primary up to University

  15. Drew says:

    why is it that when a cop gets shot or killed nothing is said or no noise made but when these people who torment our lives are dealt with there is always noise. Thinking out loud smh…..

  16. Dziko says:

    I agree with Kachala, we needed this long before this. They must be shot indeed.
    Also add thieves and robberers, they too must be shot, no mercy because they donot have mercy either

  17. nyori says:

    CommentBravo our Polgen

  18. nana says:

    Yes shoot the abductors

  19. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Well use of firearms by police should be according situation. Some trigger-happy cops can abuse this order.

  20. kaya says:

    Enanu simunachitiridwepo chiwembu nchifukwa chake mukuyankhula mopusa apa. Think about it. What if it were your relative chopped in pieces like a chicken? Mwinanso ndinu nomwe mukumagula apa iya mxiii.

  21. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Mlenga wa traffic anapha driver wa Immigration ku Lumbadzi chifukwa cha nkazi,,nde mukuwauzanso kuti Apange shoot 2 kill nde apha angati?

  22. Wagona nkhule waliwa says:

    Comment: zonsezi kunalibe nthawi ya kamuzu. tiyeni tiyambisenso Myp, to beef up security. daily kumangomva zot apha albino, iya.

  23. PK says:

    Edda,do u mean to say Kachama’s directive is wrong?Do u want th notorious criminals to still enjoy killing th albinoes and police oficers?This gives me an impression that comments like urs come from thugs themselves;I believe ur one of them!!

  24. Nkhun'ya Mavi says:

    Oh! Shoot to kill has resurrected! Some of our illiterate Police Officers will shoot anybody even with little crime like ‘Rogue and vagbond’

  25. me says:

    its kachama nt kachala he is a big man respct him

  26. Faza says:

    Osat only those criminalz but onse ovutitsa in all angles ov security deal with dem

  27. Mr Nice says:

    Kachama is right, Albinos are human beings like ourselves, so if you edda mwalwen you’re one of those abductors then you’ll be shot if caught red handed. Takwela yomweyo ya Kachama, akanganya amenewa in the names like abductors, thugs mbava zoba ndi mfuti, akutisowesa mtendere pa Malawi pano. Let them all be smoked out. Bravo Kachama.

  28. Edda mwalweni, u are stupid, are u happy with the current stuation? Or maybe u are one of the killers & armed robbers? Stupid ignorant & selfish Lhomwes.

  29. Decent citizen says:

    Not only Albino abductors but other criminals as well should be pumped with lead metals busting out their cheap brains.Shoot to kill Bambo.Wina ayithawa Malawi.

  30. brutsha says:

    Those that are against Kachama directive are either the perpetrators of the heinous acts or accomplices or they have faulty assumption that we have efficient judicial system in Malawi. The courts in Malawi are so inept that their verdicts always leave a lot to be desired.

  31. zachibwana says:

    I think it doesnt matter leaving the laws in the hands of our policemen because those who are killed are human beings so let the policemen shoot and kill them too.why are u feeling pity for those murderers they should be murdered too rather than sentencing them 5yrs in jail.

  32. edda mwalweni says:

    Does it mean that we are leaving the laws in the hands of our policemen?

  33. pamsundu says:

    Throw such criminals into Shire River food for crocodiles

  34. Nyankhulawa says:

    Shame on u backward people, why cant u just work hard to become rich?

  35. kangaude says:

    If caught red handed just throw them in shire river with an engine block hanged on their necks whilst in hand cuffs

  36. Patridge says:

    Apolisi musasekerere munthu wamkulu walankhula.

  37. Patridge says:

    Use the orders. Uku ndiye kubwera ma court utsi tolo. Shoot all include thieves. Anthu cheu-cheu dziko lawo lomwe.

  38. NVM says:

    Welcome dev indeed sir I G.. It may happen that our albino brothers have provoked another person to anger as it happens all over every day and the other person retaliates resulting in a fight, may be it is a couple or a brother what if people mistake that for an attempt to abduct the aggressor should the police shoot to kill? The law enforcer face a dilemma here. Desperate situations call for desperate measures but we need to exercise restraint as innocent lives can be lost. How can we tell an abduction from a domestic scuffle.

  39. sothini says:

    Better, these devils atleast now will fear.
    Nice decission Mr. Kachama

  40. imbombo says:

    the to be blamed on his order. thats dangerous to our security. police are not there to kill but provide security while courts are there to judge gravity of any crime

    1. chejali says:

      Maganizo opusa amwene iweyo ndiye kuti uli mwammodzi opha azibale anthu iwenso uphedwe basi ndipo ndiwe galu wava.

  41. mbewe says:

    i admire the lhomwes they are peace loving people they have for long been ridicured,scorned,said lots of unpalatable adjectives but have never retalliated. this is signe of maturity and civility. the lhomwes are well and deservedly educated not relying of the mayeso kubera corners. thats why they have good reasoning capacity and play cards well and win election. poorly and undesrvedly educated provoke situation because are used to such life. bravo lhomwes viva southerners keep on being civilisem

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      You have not said anything here apart from tribalism, and that is how Lhomwes are. Lest you forget, Kachama belongs to a civilised Chewa tribe. Wamva??? Izi sizambwelera zanuzo ayi!! To hell with tribalists like you Lhomwes!!!

  42. Mwama Du says:

    Shoot to kill the favourite scheme.

  43. kavala says:

    Kachama is this what Peter told you? Dont be stupid with security issues

  44. sattoe felix says:

    Ahaaaa! Yehova wayankha pemphero lathu chifukwa ife timapemphera kuti yehova alowererepo,ndipo zachitikadi Ambuye Yehova zikomo.Bola pamenepo conguratulation sir Kachama.Next should be anthu akuba ndi mifuti,zikwanje ndi zinazotero, nawoso musawaleke ndalama yavuta pa Malawi kuchita kuikhesera chithukuta kuti uipeze,nde wina mkungobwera kuzakubera.Yehova anthu ngati amenewa chonde ayaluseni ife anthu anu tikusowa mtendere kugona ndimantha nthawi zonse dziko lathu lomwe.chonde Yehova tivereni tilibe mtendere ndi anthu amenewa.AMEN!!.

  45. Afa Peter Mukaika APM says:

    Shoot to kill is not the answer to everything mapeto muphedwe kwambiri ndi inu a police

  46. MACHINIST says:


  47. manunkha says:

    i fully support kachama. Yes its time to shot on site. Thats why sometimes i admire shariah law. Such things cant happen in the muslim world. Bravo kachama

  48. Wozinyanyala says:

    Lets hope he explained this in Chichewa for everyone to understand why the shoot to kill. Paja apolisi ambiri ndi a standard 5 who were employed bkoz their uncle or aunt are from the lomwe belt and these Muntharika monkey like creatures are empowering anthu akwawo despite being mbuli zeni zeni. Imagine ngati the one called Proffesor cant even speak nicely what do you expect from agalu akwawo. Chonde wanena kale Chimbolo, osapha anthu osalakwa nkumati amakangana ndi albino. We are watching you ….

  49. Kenn says:

    Bravo Kachama

  50. Chidule T says:

    Alangidwedi, no mercy.

  51. Mwakawonde says:


  52. God's Favour Ministries. says:

    Mr chimbolo it looks like you are one of this robers, why are you opposing the shoot to kill campaign, are you happy that our beloved albinos are killed like animals? Iam very suspicius with your coment.Don’t be selfish about life the abilnos deselve to live as they are the special creatures of God almighty.
    Police please kill them all.

  53. Gonamkulawe says:

    Kachama Welldone But It Shud Be Not Only Albino Abductors Include Armed Robbers Tatopa Nawo Anthu Amenewa Tikawapeza Komweko Akaphedwa

  54. dobs says:

    Comment.munakawapatsa kwama alubino not saying all the criminals zina azipangila zidani.for example:a police omweo nde okuba number one kuchitipa apolice anafuna kupha muthu chifukwa cha k400,000.00.koma pano aziombela mwazidani okuba ndi omweo.

  55. Imran jawad says:

    Iwe kapolosakwiya,ndiwe chisiru kwambiri,alomwe anakudyera chani galu iwe,kodi unkayesa masewera eti,sunati unya ndi uchewa wakowo.wait 2019 uzamvanso ndipo uzalira pyoooooo.galu wosavinidwa iwe.ndimayesa timavota,where were u?

  56. che kalanka says:

    Shoot to kill yomweyo basi.

  57. VINKA says:


  58. right says:

    In the weekend Nation on Bizzare is a picture of a naked woman who was found in a securely locked house. She has confessed to being part of others on a mission to bewitch somebody. Back home here Albinos are being killed for rituals to enrich people. Is this not clear that witchcraft exists? Can Mr George Thindwa go south to meet the woman and tell her there is no witchcraft and challenge her and her friends to bewitch him.

  59. Gifted Brain says:

    Thats much good.We, civilians,will also have them killed with a very brutal punishment once caught.

  60. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Kill them, kill them!! They deserve death,,,,,!!!!

  61. Comment: Ambiri anthu amene amene mumachita zoipa ndi amene mumatsutsana ndi zimene wanena monga chitsanzo wa mkulu wa polisi wawuza apolisi kuti azipha omwe azipha anthu a chiabino akawagwira maso ndi maso asamawathamangitse ayi. Wina wake ukukhotetsa nkhani a Malawi tidakhala bwanji tidatani

  62. Khongoni Boy says:

    Ahhhh Ndikukaika Coz Apm Baby And Wachikulire Ali Momotu Ndiye Apa Zosayenda

  63. chilungamo says:

    much that im also against the killing of pple leaving with albinism. i had this to say,No one is above the law. no one is mandated to kill another man. we are a God fearing nation. tikafulumira kupha chilungamo chizasowa akazaphedwa wina kopanda umboni weni weni. No one is guilty until proven by the court. God help us to know true love. Everybody has the right to life

  64. Takalala Chisale says:

    Pliz clean the country of all the criminals small and large through this directive

  65. Commandant says:

    Long over due!!!! And if some idiot like Chimbolo complains about this instruction, kill him too. We need peace in the Land

  66. Dr Titoh says:

    Just kill them

  67. kavala says:

    Lilongwe CID officers are also abusing their positions. They will use this to kill former boyfriends who left them

  68. kaphaizi says:

    Lilongwe police traffic office mlenga with very bad tempers will use this instruction to kill his enemies. Akuzuza kwambiri pa msewu

  69. kachama to be apolice man doesnt mean you are acountry incharge,we have courts.if that is your take then moble justice will be an order of the day.While your constables will be smiling at that order they should embress for adificult environment and aworse enemity.Malawi will be bloody and battle field as the communities will seek for revenge.Education is aproblem here mr kachama,what kind of education do police receive? if you are arrested mr kachama,you are asuspect untill the courts prove you guilty.What kind of malawi do you want?aviolent malawi.. not all people being suspected of abducting albinos are really abductors and you are here to tell your juniors to shoot these suspects…these trible promotions will put this country in problems,for sure that is not true somebody who is charged with aresponsibility of enforcing the countries laws is there now to tell his mates to follow the perpetrators and do the eye to eye game.if you kill then what will be the difference,how special are you police men before the law?.yes abducting and killing albinos is acrime but that doesnt give mandate to the police to eliminate the abductors using their force.the curriculum for police training should be reviewed so that it incoporates human rights and how to enforce laws for the benefit of both country people,which laws give you powers to use live ammunitions against unarmed people?.Find another way of protecting albinos not such an inhuman action which may just make malawi amore than just aviolent society where the police and the civilians will be seeking revenges.

  70. cbk says:

    shoot them,why should we live in fear in our own land?were tired seeing police officers moving around with guns for also with police officers who connive with robbers.


  72. Aphedwe anthu oyipa thanks police

  73. CHICHI says:

    Tsopano ndipamene mwadziwa kuti kuli ufiti? Why kutsutsana ndimalamulo amulungu? Tiyeni tivomeleze ufiti uliko ndithu, if our Bible and Qulan mention it, then it is there. Awa akuti ma humanists wa ndiongufuna kusokoneza anthu chilungamo akuchidziwa lakula dyela landalama.

  74. Akamwire says:

    Akaba aphedwe ino sinthawi yomasenderana mano ai zipulumuse wekha bas,walakwa chan amzanthu naonso ndi wanthu ungamve bwanji atapha mwana wanu,dziko lisatilake lokhala lathu shoot them so that others must learn hw to respect other pple

  75. pontesi says:

    zoona shoot bax

  76. Majaliwa says:

    Zikhala bwino

  77. Chiponjola jr says:

    Shoot to kill ija inali booo?bwana kachama.

  78. Prenco says:

    Zili bho. Kuphana kuphana basi. Nanga wakuba akuombera iwe ukutulutsa ndodo ndi tear gas. Yosagwira imeneyo

  79. Gule says:

    And tell our courts too to give stipper sentences to the convicted not two years with soft labour,

  80. Atumbuleni agalu amenewa…ulesi basi.Kufuna kulemera osagwila ntchito.Maka kumwelaku..alomwe

  81. chimboro says:

    Good instruction given to wrong people.Let us assume that that particular officer is in bad relation with a civilian and take advantage of this instruction to shoot so that his defence is your instruction? Kachama do not speed too high.Others could be targeted out of jealousy.This need to well and detailed explained.We might be going back in days when people were killed for being falsely accused of being witches.

    1. A chimboro ngati mumapanga dala zidani ndi a police machende anu. We peace loving citizens would like to see some shoot to kill

    2. black and Red church says:

      Iwe chimboro read again the artical

    3. Dr Callista wa Moo Thaa Leeker says:

      Sunaberedwe or you have met these hard core criminals, that’s why you are talking like that. Mboli yako

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