Shoot to kill: Malawi Police shoot dead two habitual criminals

Malawi Police have shot dead two habitual criminals in Area 25 sector 7 in the capital city of Lilongwe who had stolen over K2 million from a Zomba-based accountant working for the Zomba-Neno Rehabilitation Development Programme.

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

Police ambushed and killed the criminals in a gunfire exchange on Thursday night.

National police spokesperson, Rhoda Manjolo said the law-officers killed the two in retaliation after one of them shot at the officers who had surrounded their house in Area 25 sector 7.

The incident happened hours after the Inspector General of police, Lexten Kachama told the 1,800 new recruits, the officers have legal backing to use any force in dealing with criminals.

Manjolo disclosed that the law-enforcers were hunting for the two who once attacked Mrs. Gertrude Rahema Mgaye and robbed her off money amounting to K2, 460,000.00.

”They left Lilongwe for Blantyre where they robbed Mrs. Mgaye using unidentified rifle. They were using Toyota Corolla registration BP 8922,” disclosed Manjolo.

She added: ”The victim lodged a complaint at Blantyre police who notified their counterparts in Lilongwe.”

Through intelligence collection CID personnel in Lilongwe, the law-enforcers ambushed the criminals in Area 25 sector 7 where a gunfire exchange ensued.

The officers have managed to recover after a search, a vehicle Honda Saloon registration NE 2584 which the two were using, AK47 with 20 live ammunitions and a pistol with 7 live rounds of ammunition.

”They also recovered three vehicles the Honda saloon, Toyota Haice Mini bus registration BN 7154 and Toyota Carina BR 1704. The number plate which they used when robbing Mrs Gertrude Mgaye (BP 8922) was found in the Honda Saloon,” added Manjolo.

Manjolo said Police were “thankful” to the public for giving cops “vital information” which led to the crackdown of the habitual criminals.

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66 thoughts on “Shoot to kill: Malawi Police shoot dead two habitual criminals”

  1. Akuba ndi mfuti kapena kuti ndi zida zoophsya aziphedwa basi

  2. Mabvuto Chiumia says:


  3. Chris james mazowe says:

    you may be happy for what has just happen but what if it was your brother or your son

  4. verygood well done zimene tikufuna ife

    ndiye zimenezo

  5. Patrick Sams says:

    Akaphedwa A Police Ndie Mumasangalala Koma Awa Akuba Oopsa Ndie Mukuti Police Ndiyoyipa. Zigawenga Zikadza Kunyumba Kwanu, Mumasekelera Inuyo?

  6. hango says:

    Mukufuna kumaweta zigawenga bwanji? A Malawi tiyeni tikonze Malawi wathu kukhala wa mtendere. Phani onse achifwamba mu 2019 tisadzalowe nawo ife a MCP.

  7. mcmillan nankhonya says:

    What about the names of the thief’s?

  8. James says:

    Killing is asin dont forget bible says , why dont you arrest them. God will punish you who shoot them.

  9. Chief Cadet says:

    Kuba ndi nfuti aphedwe basi!agalu amenewa

  10. Jihadi John says:


  11. Shangingi says:

    Nice one! Now they should also go&gun down all the cash-gaters(these are worse than armed robbers!)

  12. ALOMWE says:


  13. kwinani says:

    aphedwe basi oipawo

  14. BILLY TIONANA 2019 says:

    mwayamba kushuta wosangowagwira bwanji bwana president munthalika musamayiware ndiwomwewa amatithira tear Gas pa chichiri atakunyongani pa region pawo paja

  15. wapano says:

    Let me plead with the president, ayamikireni Ana omwe agwira ntchito yabwinoyi. Invite them to your royal house, chat with them and reward them accordingly. This is commendable tisaname. These guys were professional enough to manage this job.

  16. mtukwa Gwaza SC says:

    congrats our policemen.This is a commendable job.

  17. tingopenya says:

    Iwe tengupenya sintha dzinalo. Usabe langa.

  18. Kwalukutu says:

    Yense opezeka akukolola asadalime iphani !!
    Akusowetsa mtendere amenewo. Akapezeka alangeni zoli

  19. Kangankude says:

    But police shud b careful of mistaken identity,,lest they kill an innocent soul

  20. Tengupenya says:

    If informants are protected, more tips are available from the public. Advocate for more tips, guarantee safety and anonymity and confidentiality of informants . More are ready to come forward with information. Criminals in uniform threaten informants.

  21. cheketa maviyambeba says:

    Its an high time Malawi embrace serious measures in dealing with these nuisance factors . sometimes police you need to clean up our areas hand in hand with our soldiers, i am sure we shall retain calm in our cities. Things are not ok, if people can be attacked around past six. some thieves are using machetes in hacking people.

  22. Patrick yohane super says:

    As if am a policeman and such incident happen where i can afford 2 help, i could do as wat other 2 police’s had done. These robbers r putting our lives in danger.

  23. Nkhedu says:

    ok good job but….

  24. Prof Konrad says:

    Well done, At-least we are decreasing the number of these Paranoic Morons! Kill Them and Kill Them ALL!

  25. Dan says:

    Thats the way to go. Just pump as many ammunitions into their bodies as you like. We are tired of thugs,

  26. Chonde Chonde Chonde Chonde X1000000 a POLISI Mukapeza Mbava zikonkhontheni pozifaka zipolopolo ndipo ife a Malawi tikulonjeza kukuthandizani mu njira ziwiri izi:1.Kuwulura za malo omwe mbava zimakhala/kubisala,2.Kutenga nawo mbali popha mbava monga mwayambiramu. Poti a Polisinu ndiochepa simungakwanitse nokha kupha mava zonse zikuvutitsa mMalawi muno.NDIBWEREZE APOLISI IFE AMALAWI TIKUTHANDIZANI KUPHA NDIKUTHANA NDI MBAVA ZONSE!!KEEP IT UP IG KACHAMA WE WANT OLD GOOD DAYS OF BINGU BA MUTHARIKA (may his soul rest in everlasting peace.)

  27. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Good job, MPF officers involved in this event.
    But the media (Nyasa Times) should stop using the catch phrase “shoot to kill”, as if the police are just shooting at criminals, recklessly, without cause. I have not read about a case where the police shot at some criminal who was not armed, and did not threaten them with lethal force.
    The media (Nyasa Times) should stop promoting the wrong perception. And support MPF in this effort to combat armed crimes in our country. Is Nyasa Times with the criminals or with the public here? Time to decide.

    1. 1 John chap 4 verse 17, we actually hear that, In this is our love made perfect, so that we may have boldness in the day of judgement. Becouse, as He is, so also are we in this world.

  28. Mphepo zinai says:

    Good one Malawi Police. Kill these idiots pompo pompo. I was wondering whether thugs had a right to steal as our lawyers try to suggest. However, be careful and do not be abused by the DPP party. Zikutsalirani.

  29. Bodza says:

    Athotholeni, Okolola Thukuta La A Nzawo.

  30. Lloyd Mpofu says:

    BIG UP! I love shoot to kill.

  31. Chris luka says:

    Apa mwalakwa zedi kuwampha anthu amenewa bcoz amakwanilitsa ntchito yawo izi zikuchita kamba kosowa ntchito ndidziwa amenewa ndi amene achoka ku S A

  32. Ingwenyama. says:

    Kill as many as you can, akamati osagwira ntchito asadye ntchito yake ngati amanena yokuba. Be sgacific are they Malawians and what tribe are they?

  33. Wanex banda says:

    Bravo Police

  34. thumbs up our men in uniform

  35. one malawi one people says:

    yeah! shoot to kill…otherwise u will b shot and killed… Bingu sadaname…dealing with criminals is about death or life ndiye mpofunika osanyengerera…

  36. moto says:

    Mwachitako zanzerutu apa

  37. Nyampini says:

    Malawi Police please hunt down all notorious thugs and if they respond with fire return more fire once many of them get baptism of police fire they will think twice before terrorising the nation,Bravo Malawi Police koma osati tikayambana ku mowa ndiye muzizitengela penapake .

  38. mbuma says:

    Bomali silizatheka layamba kupha anthu, instead apite kukhoti akaweluzidwe koma akuweluza ndiwo a police piano, ntchito yakhoti yatha.

  39. ezekiwe utwag says:

    Ndalama zilikuti? MPS

  40. Concerned citizen says:

    Thank you. Keep up the excellent work.

    HE please reward the responsible officers immediately with promotions.

  41. dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Congrats Malawi police for eliminating these undesirables.Amasokosa kwabasi mmalo momwera mowamu kani zili ndalama zakuba.That would send a strong message to their cohorts.

  42. Bob says:

    Kumeneko ndiye kubwera it will save money for court proceedings as well as food in jail. Kill, Kill, Kill

  43. mulalo says:

    Well done guys hope the message have sended out there that if u do crime will die. Malawi will be safe again and cld slip doors open without fear and walk in ndilande without kulandidwa ndalama.

  44. George says:

    Those are the reason to die we do not need criminals that steal and endanger peoples lives to be left Scott free bravo our police officers if you didn’t respond wisely it would have been policeman dying we don’t want this in Malawi

  45. NKHOMA says:

    Iphani onse okuba atitopesa kwabasi

  46. kandapako banda says:

    Dissolve the courts then……

  47. Mlangali says:

    Job well done. W need peace and sanity here in Malawi. Promote these officers now I comand coz if u dont, w will assume that u r one of them.

  48. Patridge says:

    Apatseni nyota apolisi amenewo. Anthu osautsa safunika pa malawi. Kumeneko ndiye kubwera

  49. German wings co-pilot says:

    How sure are we that those killed were real robbers not police men????

  50. shot to kill yemweyo says:

    job well done
    let us get rid of all the thieves

  51. my right to speak! says:

    More Fire cops! I salute you.

  52. Yetson Nkhoma says:

    Well done job comrades!

  53. Mapwiya Muhlupare says:

    well done Police

  54. ujeni says:

    Well done now keep on hunting for other criminals and dont wait until they kill somebody then you start telling us the monotonous story of we are investigating. Get up, go out and hunt them. That is how the police should work.

  55. Bristol says:

    Let it be a lesson that people should not be indulged in activities that lead to insecurity of people’s life. We need to live in peace at all times because this is our beautiful country. Police should be commended for the effort they always have to ensure that these criminals are reduced.

  56. Mankhwala Khima says:

    Well done home boys

  57. Mankhwala Khima says:

    Osanyengelela ,well done akumudzi! !

  58. MCP WATCHDOG says:

    big up our MPS

  59. Mhesha says:

    Congratulations Lexten and your team. Alibe chisoni anthu amenewa. Look, they have even the pride of exchanging gun fire with the state security machinery like the Police!??

  60. Kodi za ndalama simukunenapo kanthu bwanji? Mwazipeza kapena yanu ija. Kungonva kuti mbuzi imadya pomwe ayimangilila koma siku Lina muzadya chingwe

  61. Yesaya Dziko says:

    God have mercy on us

  62. matako m'mwamba says:

    Well done our Police. But I want to know where these guns are from?

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