Show you have the balls, fire Viola: CHRR urges Mutharika over power abuse scandal

Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) has held President Peter Mutharika by the balls, saying he should prove his governance credential by sacking presidential press secretary Gerald Viola who has been caught in controversy of power abuse after authoring a letter that asks government departments and agencies to advertise on Galaxy FM Radio which belongs to the late President Bing wa Mutharika, the brother to the current Malawi head of state Peter Mutharika.

Mtambo: Let the President act or else he will prove to be party to Viola's abuse of power

Mtambo: Let the President act or else he will prove to be party to Viola’s abuse of power

In a leaked memo which Nyasa Times first reported on Friday July 31, Viola was requesting government departments and agencies to make good relationship with Galaxy Radio by offering them adverts in order to bail the station from financial woes?

But Executive Director, Timothy Mtambo described the written memo as a clear demonstration abuse of power which he asked President Mutharika to fire Viola for conflict of interest.

“Gerald Viola probably had a backing of President Mutharika. If the President didn’t do that, Mutharika should demonstrate that he was not party to the letter in question and not condoning such malpractice by firing Viola,” Mtambo told Nyasa Times.

“Viola having once worked at Galaxy Radio again raises conflict of interest as the Presidential Press Secretary had acted as the Station’s Marketing Manager which isn’t health for the country’s leadership hence the demand for his sacking”, demanded Mtambo.

Viola until his appointment is a Presidential Press Secretary, once worked as a broadcaster at Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) before he joined Galaxy Radio is 2012 when the station was launched whose directors are Duwa and Madalitso, the late President Bingu wa Mutharika’s daughter and Son respectively, who is the brother to the current country’s President Peter Mutharika.

Mtambo said Viola’s leaked memo is “clearly an abuse of office which is not only unacceptable but it is retrogression of the highest order.”

The rights campaigner said misleading and overzealous officers like Viola will not take Malawi anywhere but to destruction.

“How do you expect such officers to advise the president effectively to take this country forward,” wondered Mtambo.

“Viola has abused his office and power because in his job description as press officer I do not think he has any mandate to be the sells or marketing officer for any company let alone the company that belongs to the president’s family, and a company which was putting bread and butter on his table before he joined the government.”

This comes after a year the same State House was embroiled in an abuse of power on financial scandal in which the First lady, Gertrude Mutharika’s Beatify Malawi (Beam), cultural grouping Mulhakho wa Alhomwe gotten MK5 million and MK9 million respectively from National Aids Commission (NAC), yet the two institutions are not directly involved on HIV/AIDS activities.

This led to NAC’s loss as Global Fund Principal Recipient (PR) status for the country after the commission last year was involved in a financial scandal when wrongly disbursed grants to undeserving beneficiaries.

The financial mess at NAC prompted Malawi’s CSOs petitioning the two organizations in January early this year to refund the money to the commission which until now nothing of that sort has been complied although some business men tried to rescue Beam by paying back the money through the treasury.

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46 thoughts on “Show you have the balls, fire Viola: CHRR urges Mutharika over power abuse scandal”

  1. Ras Mix says:

    iwe mtambo usakauza akufuna ndalama zanthu odwala in the name of compasation bwanji aaaaaah

  2. Ndakwiya Nasolo says:

    Chidzete cha munthu. Nanunso a Nyasa mulibetu manyazi inu. Msiyeni Viola abale. Mungopeka nkhani za ziiii. Agaluinu. Viola is there and we want him for 2019 campaign kkkkkk muliranaye muonanso hahahahahaha. Opposition forever to you guys. Viola and APM 2019 Bomaaaaaa.

  3. Honest says:

    Kkkkk balls,mipira, bola. Hahahaha

  4. uyuni says:

    Viola is the finest press secretary Malawi ever had . I cannot fire him till 2024 period!

  5. john banda says:

    balls – what a language. put it in chichewa and you find it shocking

  6. Chibanja tv says:

    CHRR should fire you mtambo now, you were just hand picked by Mwakasungura just like as chieftaincy is this not poor governance which need the attention of ACB?. Too vocal on petty issues, yes we know what some media oulets are doing when it comes to advertising as they offer a 10% commission to advertisers. Day one I will reveal the names of these media outlet here but for now you need to be fired we are tired of your outbursts you moron!

  7. BigMan says:

    Typical of Malawi’s so called human rights campaigners, barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for nothing!

  8. chikutumbwe nyanianthu says:

    Mpakana “balls” kutchula president? can’t use another language? Learn to respect

  9. Chipatrick says:

    a Viola kunena za anzawo. all the NAC gates 20 years imprisonmemt!!

  10. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    Useless and meaningless call by these so called Human Rights Activists. We have more pressing issues facing our ailing nation and its moral decay that need our urgent attention.

  11. mmm says:

    Unfortunetly he has no balls.
    As ntata puts it, he is a pup….kaya chani kaya kkkkkkk

  12. blackberry says:

    achewa kupusa chifukwa chake azimayi amakukwatilani

  13. Soko says:

    Iwe Mtambo mathanyula. You can not disrespect the president like that. So you are HUMAN RIGHTS. Iwe ma balls ako ndi ofota Ndichufukwa chake mumalimbana ndi konyelela. Galu. Respect yourself.

  14. Mpwihimpwehe says:

    Is this the language that can be used by a sane person who really wants to yield positive results from the President? You NGOs, remember, we Malawians are not daft. We are reading this and are able to gauge your shallow, and emotional reasoning. If the west is happy to fund NGOs that pronounce such “balls” statements , then I am afraid, they have lost my respect.

  15. Nyoni phiri says:

    Viola bwanji kodi iwe

  16. Dr Henry Mussa-Cypress University says:

    Viola fucken idiot umbuli uli THOOOOOO

  17. Geneva says:

    Who are you working for mr Mtambo? It is very visible that you have personal agenda against the President. Everyday calling for the President to fire people or asking him to resign. Instead of talking of real human rights issues you are busy with non issues. Full of crap

  18. Kangaude says:

    Amayesa kuti ndiochenjera pamene achina Mwansambo ankachoka manja ali m’khosi ku state house.

  19. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr Mtambo your words are falling on a rock disguised as a professor he won’t heed your call he is as dull as uneducated champ if he was wise he would have done something on Ben Phiri corruption scandals including the latest one where he obtained a bogus degree from a university that never existed presided over by a professor that has never walked on our planet. If I was this professor of doom I would have given such kind of people some other jobs away from the public eye so that my image was preserved clean but alas this educated fool is not sensing any danger out of his boys including a disgraceful minister of information Kondwani Nankhumwa who utters nonsense always.

  20. kanyimbi says:

    Viola kupusa. Never leave foot prints behind. You could have used verbal communication which is easy to deny. Kumachenjera zinthu zinasintha masiku ano. Tawonani muwachititsa nazo manyazi achikulire.

  21. mwana mulopwana says:

    I saw the letter/memo but as I said it is forged , the person who forged it lacked communication skills because it originated from Gerald Viola in actual sense , we don’t write the name but the position, secondly the letter only showed the logo, it is supposed to have all information like the ministry the letter was coming from with all the details , at the very same time, it was supposed to have reference which it has not ,

    Please Mr. Ntambo, you need to be oriented into the govt ministries, don’t waste time with anything that you see, I understand that Viola can not just waste time to write a memo, if he wants to communicate for the changes, he can do verbally so that no trace of information will be available, I understand that is the work of people who are jealous of Viola , so that they can put him in trouble but you have goofed, find something else , people are very wise nowadays

  22. Captain Romeo says:

    President can not fire people anyhow just because mtumbukas want it to be like that

  23. Loscosoko says:

    Ma NGO kumalawi akusowa ncthito. Kikikiki

  24. naneso says:

    Tiyenazoni amalawi,ngati tilibe zonena tatiyeni tidzingokangana zozizira.

  25. Chikondi says:

    Some activists do not think for the greatest good for the greatest number of people. They make noise for selfish reasons as long as they get funding, that does not even benefit the masses. elites at the expense of us peasants. God is watching!

  26. Bondera says:


  27. GANYAVU says:

    Viola sangachotsedwe ameneyu ndi mtima wa bwana pitala munthalika.

  28. Ngwira Macbilly says:

    No reason for dismissal but cautioning him for his outjump.

  29. Willie Chimseu says:

    ohoo kodi a Mtambo akamuchotsa ntchito Viola mwakonza kuti azikadya kwanu? What about to caution him?

  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr Mtambo do not be mad about Mr Viola’s letter becuase this is not the only abuse of office so far.

  31. alexanda says:

    mtambo u r talking NONSENCE. WE NEED ACTION. TIMID BOY. Your friends spoke and immediately action followed. and you? what r u made of? talking talking basi.

  32. Atumbuka Nsanje,, shupiti!

  33. Somebody should show that he has balls. Are the balls supposed to be shown to the public for people to prove he is the man hahahaha. Shaaa

  34. kwake nkuluma says:

    Article Needed Serious Editing And Proofreading. I May Be Of Assistance.

  35. boko says:

    Akuti kukhoza ntchito kkkkkkk

  36. thinktankmalawi says:

    Mtambo is useless….always like to grab headlines..there are real human rights issues in the villages….stop this nonsense. ….

  37. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Agologolo anayimba Mlaka aja alipo ambiri zedi. Koma dziko iri tipitanalo patali ngati?

  38. nganga says:

    Mpang’ono chabe pamenepa. Munkavota mukudziwa kale.

  39. First offender says:

    Palibe nkhani apa iwe cloud Timoteo kamba zina wamva. Sacking,sacking ndiye chani

  40. Wamandassi says:

    Most activistisdts are liars. They have no ideas of their own. They push agenda of western masters for a pay. No matter how good their cal seems to be, there will be a twist in remote future that will benefit the white man. Usually in medical business. Sometimes the aim is create situations that we must all be in debts

  41. peter mshali ku salima says:

    wmtambo stop bringing confusion in malawi,we can also demand ur firing,always fire thisor that ,one day u wil b at the same position,what conflict interest are u talking, is viola current at galaxy?u want govt to deal with radio stations and newsrooms and online publications that manipulates govt development efforts by writing evil?time wil tel panali undule pamenepo lero ali kuti

  42. Trevor Manyi says:

    577 BILLION yatha?

  43. Malawi is a fail state and full of rotten people.

  44. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Timpuza Mwamsambo, nkhaniyi waimva? Ndikukayika ngati angamuchotse ntchito when I look at the way he campined for Peter during the run up to may 20

  45. For heavens sake! Ati fire him if you have the balls.Can someone out there tell me the meaning in what context the word BALLS was used?

  46. asolo says:

    Mtsmbo. Please fo not seek a cheap homosexual thrill by asking to see the Presidents balls. Faggots. Gay rights orifices. Toilets.

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