Silver accused of ‘tapping-up’ Chitedze from Wanderers – Malawi Super League

Super League of Malawi (Sulom) have issued a warning against Silver Strikers for unlawful use of former Mighty Be Forward Wanderers midfielder Timothy Chitedze.

Timothy Chitedze at the centre  of controversy..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Timothy Chitedze at the centre of controversy..Photo Jeromy Kadewere

In a later dated 8th March, 2015 addressed to Silver Strikers and copied to Football Association of Malawi (FAM) and Wanderers, Sulom revealed that it has received a complaint from Wanderers that their player Chitedze is training with Silver Strikers and that he was even featured in an international friendly match against Zimbabwean side Caps United which the Bankers lost 2-0.

“We have received complaints from Be Forward Wanderers that one Timothy Chitedze is training with your club (Silver Strikers) without the consent of his club Be Forward Wanderers,” reads the statement signed by Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba Banda and made available to Nyasa Times.

“It has been established that the player in question, Timothy Chitedze is indeed training with your club and he even played for Silver Strikers in the international friendly match with CAPS United on 1st March, 2015 at Silver Stadium of which we have evidence on the same from your officials interviews on radio and the official match Repor.

“Note that your actions is in breach of the player transfer rules and contravenes the Football Association of Malawi regulations Article 9.10 of the Status and Transfer of Players” adds the statement.

Meanwhile, Sulom has given Silver Strikers 48 hours from the date of which the letter was signed to respond to the charges.

Efforts to talk to Silver officials on whether they have received the letter from Sulom proved futile as we went online.

Chitedze was expelled from Nomads last season but the decision was reversed following pressure and protest from Nomads supporters who described Chitedze as one of the backbones of Wanderers.

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22 thoughts on “Silver accused of ‘tapping-up’ Chitedze from Wanderers – Malawi Super League”

  1. oikonda says:

    know this its only the player who is going to suffer.An advise ;Bankers leave the player he is going to play for sulom fc. Ithink sulom its abig club that will aford to pay him acordingly.

  2. Gift Nyirongo says:

    Ndiwa2 amene uja

  3. Nyangabira says:

    Siyeni apite for green pusture

  4. patrick gomiwa says:

    Neba bwanji zinazi kumacitamanyazi ndikuzilesa musanacite .mukufunano kuti munthuyo azingokhala? Mesa munathanaee ?anzanu atola mumusie naenso ali ndimavut

  5. MKUTA MADZI says:

    The player was expelled NOT suspended nde palinso nkhani pamenepa. izi ziri ngati kumupanga divorce mkazi then ena nkumukukwatira then nkuyamba kubwebwetuka

  6. chims says:

    nomads management fired/dumped the player and he moved on with life. nomads fans/ customers cried foul and demanded the player back. who is running the club?this is like a company fires a salesman it does not need and customers complain for they got used to him. whose reason will hold! wanderers go to hell,you are now scared of the coming season and want to cause problems.if sulom and fam/walter will entertain this nonsense, then my longtime fears that you favour wanderers and hate silver will be justified and by many.fotseki.

  7. ahoy says:

    He was fired at Wanderers
    Now training with silver. Now wanderers say he is our player. Let’s say u get fired from yo job Eg national Bank what’s wrong looking for a job at standard bank. Players are human beings let’s treat them as such

  8. George Zibophe says:

    Him(Chitedze) still remains MBW player as long as no team showed interest of buying the player by guidance of the laws. Alipire nkhuku yosowa nthenga mkhosi. That’s breaking or breaching the law deliberately.

  9. Titus German says:

    The player was unceremoniously dismissed from Nomads now what else do they want? Wake up Sulom $ consider players interest before being taken for a ride

  10. Silver umbuli amafuna kumaba ma player awa,,shupit,,Bullets 4 ever

  11. Concerned Raj says:

    First I must say I proudly put my weight behind silver strikes. But what pisses me off much is the way silver manages the club. I wonder if the club officials do consult thoroughly before making decisions. Of late I have noted with great concern club’s decisions that even earned silver heavy penalties and bans. But this seems not to be lesson giving. It is very absurd, stunning and worrying to learn that club perpetually makes silly and avoidable blunders like using other club’s players in full knowledge that it is against sulom’s standing orders. To me it tells that club officials seriously lack essential management skills leading to miopically running the club. However, this doesn’t imply there aren’t others who can do it better at the club. For the sake of club’s success and development of football in the country, just pave for others or stop making reckless decisions forthwith. Osayendetsa kalabu ngati gule wamkulu kapena kung’ombe kapena kuti mwaumbuli.

  12. enuf said says:

    Was there and Asian to blame for all this

    O else I m not intrested in the story!



    wats this nonsense about football and whats the biggy

    Js do what u guys r good at
    Drinking kachasu and stealing

    what are our achievements as a team whose national game is football?!!!

    Make our national sport
    drinking and making excuses

    trust me
    we will be world champions forever!

  13. one malawi one people says:

    alipire ngati akumufuna. ageje basi…..

  14. Bigman says:

    Bankers and more bankers

  15. Chitedze was fired from Wanderous and there’s no way you can claim him as Nomads player, he was a free agent kungoti umbuli ndi omwe wavuta apa; How can you claim a player whom you fired and starts talking nonsense that you rescinded the decision? Did the player told you/accepted your rescinded decision? No wonder this so called Nomads fired four coaches in one last season. You will never learn and small teams will continue hammering you.

  16. black-Arab says:

    Kufuna kutenga ulele! Ap ndiye zayag’ana ku dazibomu!

  17. James says:

    Chaka Cha Mawa Nafe Tilowe Nao Ligi Yomwe A Bullets Ali, Dzibwana Ayi!

  18. henry david says:

    Kodi a Sulom munakhala bwanji? Player a Noma anampanga dump ndikumuuza kuti apeze club yomwe akufuna,lero akutinso chani? Osakataira uko bwanji ka kalata kaoko?

  19. ANALYST says:

    The nonsense that is Malawi football!!! Mxiiiiii!!

  20. hoveliwa says:

    Malamulo akuti chiyani?

  21. J. Chimbalanga says:

    silver for life

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