Sipe too late, I got Miss Right  already – Macky2

During their stay in the Big Brother house,  Sipe approached Macky2 a couple of weeks into the game and struck up a friendship with the Zambian rapper. Charmed by his tall, dark and intense posture she could often be seen snuggled under a blanket next to him or nestled in his embrace as they slept.

Macky2: Sipe is late,  have a woman in my life

Macky2: Sipe is late, have a woman in my life

For all intents and purposes, the Malawian ‘Hotshot’ was Macky2’s significant ally inside the house. Though they didn’t make too much of a public show of it, it was clear that she was the girl who certainly had her dibs on him and he was the actual keeper of her heart.

However, responding to questions on Radio Phoenix and ZNBC/TV2, Big Brother Hotshots  Macky2 said Sipe is a lovely lady he wouldn’t mind dating but it was unfortunate that he already has a woman he loves in his life.

Read  an excerpt on interview focusing on Sipe ;

Hey Macky2 why don’t you just date Sipe? You make a good couple.

Hmm Sipe is late I have a woman already who has been there and will always be there so yeah.

Hey Big man so now since you known are you going to work with your housemates and when are we going to expect an album?

Definitely going to work with my housemates who are willing but its a must I have to work with  Trezagah, Sheillah and the list goes on. And for the last 4 years have been realizing albums every year so in 2 weeks time expect a song from me.

Relationship with Sipe – what is a G:

I have been in a serious relationship for 2 years. I have found that one person i need in life. Am the one girl type of guy. Sipe is someone I understood and she understood me. She will be visiting Zambia soon

When Your girlfriend came in the house, she mentioned I love you I love you many times and said many people are getting married and having babies. What did it mean to you?

I’m sure she meant it’s about time we settled down.

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15 thoughts on “Sipe too late, I got Miss Right  already – Macky2”

  1. SAIN IT LIKE IT IS says:


  2. Sakhwi ndi pitala says:

    Palibepo nkhani apa

  3. nzika # 1 says:

    ndiye kuti kwathu kuno kulibe amuna eti.anzanu anakathawa konko ku zembo

  4. Mtogoleri says:

    BBA is a disguised of Sodom and Gomorrah (remember there is nothing new under the sun). BBA is a desperation of the sign devil, trying to divert man’s attention from the Bible to the wild acts in the BBA house because the devils knows that Jesus Christ is about to come for His Saints. So, warn you youths, guard and guide them well for each minute spent watching BBA is equivalent to a minute spent in Sodom and Gomorrah. No wonder premarital and casual sex is no issue today! Take it or leave.

  5. Gaga says:

    Unfotunate this so called BB its nothing other than time wasting for Malawians

  6. chimangafisi dollar says:

    BB is a dirty game I hate watching

  7. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Seriously you guys you want to promote hoolay la ku Kawaleli?

  8. citizen says:

    nkhani za zibwenzi apa? be serious.

  9. Ada Mandah says:

    I just dont understand the aim behind BBA. Can someone educate me.

    1. wobeba wanga says:

      The All Seeing Eye of Lucifer, thats what the eye sigh means. so you can see that its sort of satanic

  10. Yuri Phumisa says:

    Hmmm! one girl type of guy eeh?

  11. Lizwelithini says:

    Amalawi pangavute bwanji sitingawine ku Big Brother Africa, pazifukwa izi,
    (1) Atsikana ame
    ne amawaten ga ku BBA nd
    I mahule okh
    (2)Anyamata ku
    Zikonda 2 mu
    ch komaso m
    owa ndi cham

    1. Boyd Kilembey says:

      Except Hazel Warren..She was a true Malawian girl. That was the first and last BBA I watched

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