So far Malawi parliament is farcical waste of time

This Parliament sitting is a pure waste of our time. The first week was spent on comparing and contrasting two speeches. The first one took 25 minutes to deliver and it was by President Peter Mutharika which asked all of us to further tighten our belts.Loose cannon

The speech — themed as Building Resilience for Sustainable Development — saw Mutharika warn that hard times should teach Malawians hard lessons for lasting solutions.

Mutharika called for citizens to get tough as the country embarks on the road to “self-dependence”, saying that the “age of donor aid seems to be gone.”

The other one was by Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera who assessed various afflictions that Malawians are experiencing and proposed a way forward.

In a  nutshell the speech painted the present DPP government a total failure.

Chakwera tackled the issue of security lapses in the country accusing Mutharika of downplaying the real security breakdown and disputed statistics by the President that indicate that the crime rate is going down, saying those statistics are “total lies and far from reality on the ground.”

Chakwera also questioned the DPP led administration why it is taking too long to investigate and act on the murder of Anti Corruption Bureau senior official late Issa Njaunju.

He questioned why the government has taken a “casual approach” to the issue just like the death of Polytechnic student activist Robert Chasowa,

In the round, Chakwera branded Mutharika’s speech as “zero plan”.

Sadly we spent a whole week, the first week of this Parliament sitting, comparing and contrasting the two speeches. At the end, it is over and we have forgotten about them. Nothing has been picked by either side and life goes on

Then business in the House is about bills that are from Planet Mars. Their relevance to us is hardly there. Yet we see the House playing games with bills that matter in our lives

The communications bill and Access to information bill are going nowhere. They are either adulterated in which the President is refusing to cede authority of appointing boards of MBC and Macra although that is the key issue if we are to move forward on the two institutions.

In end, there is no value for a Malawian in this sitting of Parliament. It is a waste of our time. It is just money making venture for our Honourable MPs. By the time they rise after four weeks the country will be where it was before they started.

This country needs revolution and nothing else to move forward.

“If we are selfish, we will go alone. If we do not love this country, we shall continue talking here, as I am told this is a talking House. But if the talk does not result into development of the nation, that talk is nothing. We are wasting resources and our time.”- Wakuda Kamanga, MP.

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27 thoughts on “So far Malawi parliament is farcical waste of time”

  1. tan'gatan'ga says:

    The Electoral reform must include raising the minimum educational qualification for MPs. This would certainly improve the output of Parliament. Education is very important in being able to articulate issues.

  2. Liana says:

    Kkkkkkk who’s Lazarus chakwera?mind ur business shit!

  3. Liana says:

    Kkkkkkk who’s Lazarus chakwera?or is chakwera akazi iyaaa,mind ur business shit!

  4. WAKUDA says:

    Think about rural people who are sleeping on empty stomach even in hospitals because of ur behaviour in parliament. Instead of coming up with solutions to the problems, ur busy castigating each other. ENANU MWADYA VOMWEVI OSADZATIFUNANSO IFE KUNO KU MUDZI 2019 ino.

  5. learnedmi says:


  6. Mwandi says:

    Chikwawa to Nkhata Bay we r all Malawians we will all sink or rise its all about how we think of Malawi in 20 yrs to come otherwise it’s cries all over

  7. Gibo says:


  8. Jimbo says:

    The Malawi Parliament is nothing but a talking shop. The MPs love to hear their own voices but they have nothing to say that anyone else wants to hear. They are simply blind leaders of the blind. They are busy fiddling while the country sinks like the Titanic. The DPP, the MCP, the PP, etc. are all as bad as each other, headless donkeys with not a brain between them. There must be practical minded people out there who have some idea of how to solve the country’s problems. Remember when Parliament met during Kamuzu’s dictatorship; that too was a talking shop, or rather a listening shop because only Kamuzu’s ideas were acted upon. Nothing has changed. Malawi stopped moving forward when it ceased to be Nyasaland under the British.

  9. munthu wamba says:

    Malawi Parliament is indeed a collection of fully grown idiots. The other day I decided to listen to live broadcast of deliberations and, boy, I was really embarrassed – there were jeering and shouting like at a beer hall! Every speaker was interjected by pointless point of order! And our parliament speakers are a miserable lot as well – they could not control proceedings, let alone provide leadership! This is our tragedy!

  10. bwapmini says:

    I agree with the writer of this article. we have useless mps. I don’t know why they were voted . These are bunch of nusty and useless idiots.
    The main idiot is THIS dOG CALLED chakwera. he has been wasting his time talking nosense than coming up with tangible facts. CHAKWERA IS A USELESS FIGURE AND WE ARE TIRED OF THIS CROOK. yOU CANT WASTE YOUR TIME ND TAX PAYERS MONEY TALKING ABOUT SPEECH.

  11. obanda odala says:

    Wakuda kamanga akanakukuntha anthu akumalomo

  12. mayayauve says:

    A total of 193 learned men and women shall take 30 good days making noise in parliament only to pass 4 already printed bills. Really? Do we need a full month for this? No wonder northern MPs take advantage of the situation to open their wide mouths on anything that happens kukaya including the arrest of some mad breaved sons of someone.

  13. chakwera says:

    chimene anthu mumalakwa ndikulowetsa ku mitundu nkhani zandale . lomwes tumbukas chewas etc are all malawians. now under the rule of peter. whether you like it or not. ur time will come.

  14. Very sad indeed these politicians don’t care about this country at all,tionana next election aphwanga kazinyang’wani

  15. Blunt Truth says:

    I would like to disagree with you. Parliament is playing its role of oversight in a multiparty Malawi. What is needed is to strengthen parliament. Peter Mutharika was forced to assure the Nation that his govt is investigating Njaunju murder because of pressure from parliament.

  16. Marduk says:

    I’ve never understood how incompetent a bunch of grown men could be. I’d prefer them trying to at least implement ideas and failing, rather than haggling and arguing over speeches that are inherently empty of any innovation or point.

    Like Ed said all leaders should be looking for a way forrwad for the country.

  17. botomani says:

    How do you expect JCE holders to be active in Parliament? They don’t even understand let alone speak the Queens language . Minimum qualification for MP should be a first degree, then this country will develop.

  18. Mashamase says:

    Njaunju tikufuna report , anthu angosowa

  19. haward says:

    Remove the current leaders, the ruling party so called Dpp, they are all visionless who doesnt know that Agriculture is the only hope for Malawi. What they enjoy is castigating those who are saying the truth, they are busy enrinching themselves and their kinsmen shame

  20. mbanga says:

    I have always maintained that Southern Region should be annexed by Mozambique, central region by Zambia and North by Tanzania. that’s the way forward. or the whole country must be taken by MOZAMBIQUE

  21. Chakhulukwenda says:

    This country needs to go Federal

  22. cashgate1 says:

    Why can’t these guys be put on fully funded and refunded fuel only. They already get a good salary. My conclusion is that they are there now to make Xmas packages. Remind me what are they doing now?

  23. The Analyst says:

    Any sane Malawian can’t agree more. Malawi Parliament is as useless as it is irrelevant as it it a waste of time and other resources.

    Sadly this has been the trend since the country’s recent history.
    . . . Who has already forgotten such popular phrases as, “Section 65 no.1, budget no.2” or “Agalu inu,” or “You must be very stupid.”?
    . . . Whose mind cant recall the ugly scene of Anita Kalinde savagely grabbing the balls of the then Defence Minister, Aaron Sangala and almost tearing them apart? While the rest of the members jeered!

    . . . I never believed that the collective noun for a group of monkeys is “parliament of monkeys” until I saw Malawi Parliament.
    . . . I never accepted there could be such a thing as an educated savage until I peeped into Malawi Parliant and saw Jessie Kabwira.
    . . . I never though that mad men could also become MPs until I paid a visit to Malawi Parliament and met Kamlepo Kalua.
    . . .I never envisaged that confused n useless people could also become MPs and appointed Ministers until I heard the name Jappi Mhango.
    . . . I never imagined that irrelevant people could still find their way in; till I wondered to hear the name Wakuda Kamanga.

    To say the least, Malawi Parliament is a disassembled collection of idiotic, savagery, dishonest, mad, chaotic, inane, useless and good-for-nothing dunderheads. Who represent nobody but themselves and party interests. Malawi Parliament is total rubbish!!! A shame! Total nonsense!

  24. Balamanthu says:

    First, the people in Parliament are not honourable.If they were, they would value the suffering Malawians are experiencing and prioritize the same and speak some sense.APM speech is full of hot air and I wonder where he gets data which he would wish to hoodwink Malawians with.

  25. mdk says:

    Wakuda you do have sense as well

  26. Patriot says:

    Message to Jesse Kabwira,

    When is the Impeachment of this clueless leader going to take place?
    Or it has vanished like the ATI bill as well?

  27. Ed says:

    Let us propose the real way forward for MALAWI, whether we are IN Govt or Opposition.

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