Soccer analyst asks Bullets to open up on CAF funding

Malawi’s renowned soccer analyst Charles Nyirenda has advised Malawi’s Confederation of African Football (CAF) representatives Bullets F.C to come into open and declare its financial status to enable other well wishers come forward and save the country from disgrace once the financial crippled side fail to participate in the tournament.

Nyirenda: Open up

Nyirenda: Open up

Nyirenda made the plea during Zodiak radio’s TNM Super League Show monitored by Nyasa Times.

The veteran analyst blamed Bullets for all long claiming they are financially ready to participate in the continental showpiece only to come out at an eleventh hour seeking help.

According to Nyirenda, Bullets officials have been banking their hopes of raising the much needed funds on people they did not officially approach.

Recently, Bullets officials through their Chairperson Kondi Msungama expressed worries with the delay by Telecom Networks Malawi Limited (TNM) and other well wishers for not coming forward with financial help despite promising to be with Bullets on their CAF journey during the prize presentation ceremony of the 2014/15 TNM Super League season at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre.

The Bullets Chair later gave the team force hopes by confirming that an undisclosed company has promised to provide the club with K150 Million to enable the club participate in CAF.

According Msungama, Bullets need K30 Million to fully complete their trip to Comoros Island to face Fomboni F.C in the first leg of the 2015 CAF preliminary rounds between 13th to 15th February, 2015.

Meanwhile, government through the Minister of Sports Grace Obama Chiumia has appealed to the nation to consider contributing a little something to enable Bullets raise enough funding.

The Minister said she is confident that Bullets will fulfil its fixturte if Malawians join hands.

Despite Bullets being the team with a large following, Chiumia through Zodiak said it is the responsibility of every Malawian to help Bullets as the club will be carrying the flag of the whole nation.

Bullets risk being fined by CAF if they pull out of the competition.

There financial status raised eyebrows among the soccer fraternity when they turned down Football Association of Malawi’s (FAM) plea to deposit money amounting to $20,000 into FAM’s account as a guarantee that they are ready to participate in the competition and that FAM be able to pay fine to CAF once Bullets pulls out.

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32 thoughts on “Soccer analyst asks Bullets to open up on CAF funding”

  1. stan mdala says:

    what a shame to run football teams in Malawi.It just shows how poor organisation from grassroot level,club level and national level.This is the reason why after 50 years of so called independent statehood most football clubs and in general sports is poorly organised,no proper club houses,no proper infrastructure to improve sports.How can football teams be run by individuals,most of them with criminal records.without impecable attributes in society.This is very embarassing for the club,individuals involved and the country as such.
    Where is common sense in this issue?Wake up people!Sort out this non-progressive attitude
    There is a lot to be done to bring sports in general to up to standard,this is a joke indeed.

  2. Hardson says:

    No dear brothers and sisters let sin sinned by one be sinned by all of us. Give necessary ade if we all wish Bullets the best. These guys Kondi and the crue did not commit any by declaring interest of participating in CAF competition. Only that they banked their hope on rock. This time things are not ok, for the sake of our nation, let us help the team.

  3. bbsupporter says:

    Just declare the teams financial position,then people will hell us.

  4. alukosyo says:


  5. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Why supporting Bullets? the companies are reluctant to support Bullets coz of “KUBA” and they will gain nothing out of that aaaa inu osangogula ma offals bwanji, awatu afuna atole chikwama basi kweni kweni KONDI ndi thakwe.

  6. Jentle says:

    Hahahaha matama neba ugwa nawo.

  7. Yankees says:

    Now U want others to come with their assistance yet when u started it U were insisting that its a Dream Come True scenario? Mesa aChair ankati akuthandizani lero alikuti? A Nyirenda asiyeni kusanva anthu awa iwafotele mmanja, mwana osanvela makolo afe ndinthu, inuyo, infeyo tieni tizingoyang’ana, angamati wina afune wina asafune ife timenya CAF kupempha amatelo?? Ndalamazo palibwino kukamwela mowa mkukachindila ma Hule, mavendawa asiyeni plz!!. Tidzilimbilana 10 mita yomweyi basi. Kkkkkkkkk aha! AISOVENGE!!!:

  8. Murray says:

    Lets support BB. They will indeed represent Malawi as a Nation

  9. It is bcz the club is surrounded by ppl who are business minded like failing to raise problems they club is facing.I say from experience that Burundian citizens are business minded ppl bcz they come to Malawi to open businesses not to work.So this couch from Burundi is not even concerned bcz he is being paid millions of Kwachas and can not address such problems facing the entire club.

  10. Bullets officials will be responsible to pay CAF is the club will not participate.Bcz they are reluctant to declare the financial status of the club.It doesnt make any sense if you got problems in your house and you hiding pretending to be doing better,only to be discovered by your ppl that this one is in hot soup.You think who is going to attend to your problems if you dont speak out????

  11. john says:

    Munachosa coach wabwino Kananji yemwe anangopempha k200000 pa mwezi ndikumutenga Ramadan coach osaziwa ngati ameneyu kuti muzimulipira k1000000. Yet you know that the team is financially struggling. Kondi sukuganiza ungochoka. Wachulusa zochitika. I doubt if the team will do well this season.

  12. nyau says:

    we talk of about 6 million supporters of Bullets in malawi….The problem we are having here is that our executive commettee led by mr Nsungama and fote is taking the issue of caf personaly and also the trustees are no where to be seen, since the team decided to join caf we havent held any comment from the trustees up to date. So let me ask the executive to be open to the plublic, tell THE nation how much does the team have as a starter pack so to say…so that if there are some gaps…well wishers should come in.
    if proper measures can be put in place I feel like it is easy to raise the funds..just imagine out of the 6 million supporters that we claim to be, if only 1 million supporters contribute K100 each we are talking of K100 MILLION…OR to make it worse just say 1million people contributing k50 each we will be talking of K50 million. Koma akondi ndi Fote they are busy boasting themselves as if this will come on a silver platter. pliz zichepetseni we want our team to participate in this so called CAF.

  13. phodogoma says:

    Kondi Msungama watiyambira nkhondo zedi. Nanga a Malawi ngakhale kusoka kamodzi kamodzi mpaka liti. Koma neba usova. 30 million Malawi kwacha sizocheza.

  14. KiKikiki says:

    neba matama. Zonsezi amachitira kupsya mtima kuti beforward yatengeranji noma

  15. John Chindere says:

    We want to conentrate to the flood victims inu mudzikangoluza buziiii

  16. Mack Banda says:

    Silly football administrators wanting to embarass the country! Shame

  17. aphiri says:

    Ine ndi wa manoma koma i can support them if they can introduce airtel money number but they must be managed by auditing film osati achina kondi ma vandor aja. They should also open bank account and advertise it

  18. Suicide Bonza says:

    Awa ndalama alinazo kale anati tsimikizira ndithu. We need forensic auditing on mismanagement of funds, akufuna kulemerera pa mutu pa ena

  19. Non of your business.
    You ‘ve being saying that BB singakwanitse bcz ilibe sponsor.

  20. hastings says:

    A Nsungama sánena zowona matama basi .
    Makampani sangawathandize chifukwa amanena ngati zonse zilibwino .SIMUPITA MUKHAULA.

  21. Pata phiri says:

    Good luck

  22. Uchindami says:

    Mediocrity at its best!

  23. lost decade says:

    It is a pity for Bullets to.participate in this competition considering the problems clubs in Malawi spends?imagine wasting minimum 30million per game???does it makes sense??the best is for them to pull out than participating bcoz of over ambition of Kondi Msungama and company

  24. Uyu Nyirenda akunena zoona.Bullets ili ndi zingati? Nkhawa yawo yagona pati? Sitingalephere ife kuthandiza timuyi, aulure basi!

  25. Pitala matayula tihandize ife ukanakhala mulako wa alomwe bwezi ndalama zitawoneka kale

  26. achiumya mukuti its the responsibility of evry malawian to do w@?? zinazi kumangokhala chete ngati simukudziwa choti mungalankhule plz,hehehehehehehehehehehehe mbwelelatu mbwelela.vuto siinu mai koma nsungama,PHUMA OVER EXITED KUTI ATENGAKO SUPALIGi,zankutu MUPANGA CALCULATE,mukamaliza mutiuza answer,ZANKUTU,MXIIIIIII

  27. Rodriguas Latata says:

    (1) False hopes not force. (2) their financial status not there. Pilizi chonde. What happened to proof reading? Where is the editor?

  28. Bwande says:

    Malawians do help these teams by going and paying to watch their local matches. The problem is gategate (cash get from get collections). This team should have had enough by now to fulfull this cheap fixture. Unfortunately they just sit back and watch supporters and officials alike steal form gate collections. Time to wake up and act. Sitingamangoti zilizonse appealing to well wishers. JB anawonongadi zinthu ndi mentality yomwe

  29. dobadoba says:

    Anthu ali busy kusonkha za ma flood victims

  30. ujeni says:

    Team yaku bala iyi, running a football club in a car park thats what you get. The running of sports generally in Malawi is simply put a JOKE! There is no infrastructure then you have thugs being elected as chairmen and executive committee members. End result is total confusion and total mess, never seen such kind of mediocrity of a country

  31. matama basi muisova

  32. Wabema chomene foja wa msungama awo. Nizinundu wawayeya uyo.

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