Soul Winners church ask Malawi govt not to legalise ‘abomination’ of homosexuality

Soul Winners Church has advised Malawi government against accepting laws allowing homosexuality, saying  the practise is a sign of evil.

Pastor Katemma

Pastor Katemma

At a media briefing in Lilongwe on Thursday, founder of Soul Winners Church pastor Maurice Katema said as a God fearing country, Malawi should not bow down to external forces and that the decision to legalize same-sex relations is provoking Gods’ anger.

Said Katema, “We [Malawians] have to take care about these things because it is abomination towards God… it is an act of raping our own culture, its evil and God punished Sodom and Gomola because of the same issue.”

Quoting the scripture from Leviticus 18 verse 22 which says “you shall not lie with mankind as with woman kind for it is abomination”, Katema said  homosexuality will attract God’s warth and society will face many problems.

Pastor Katema therefore encouraged people in the country to follow what the bible says by not allowing same sex marriages.

The man of God further appealed to all Malawians to pray for the country saying the devil is working tiresly to destroy  Malawi  by bringing more sinful lifestyles.

“Let me tell all politicians, church leaders and all stakeholders to be God fearing because if homosexuality can be legalized it means we don’t fear God. Homosexuality is a tool that the Devil is using to destroy people and countries,” he said.

Under the current law, those found guilty of homosexuality in Malawi, can be sentenced to up to 14 years in prison, with hard labour.

However, Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu recently indicated that the laws against homosexuality would be reviewed.

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20 thoughts on “Soul Winners church ask Malawi govt not to legalise ‘abomination’ of homosexuality”

  1. Will says:

    Money or no money, life or death …….. I have and shall ever and ever believe in my GOD. Those opposing go to where this deadly culture of homos came from, people are repenting and you with your poor mind remain in that but JESUS WILL REMAIN GLORIFIED

  2. wembie agatha chilufya says:

    May God grant pastor Maurice his request in Jesus name!

  3. Tt says:

    Believing there is a god, is immature, irrational and down right stupid!!! No wonder the clergy refer to believers as ” their sheep” it makes perfect sense.

  4. Tt says:

    FaRiiz, if nothing comes from nothing, where did you god come from???

  5. Wise man from the East. says:

    Mr. January just wait your days are numbered. Before it is too long you shall know that God exist. You will be the number one person to tell us about this conviction. You have few days to leave.

    This God you despise is the one who created you and gives you life.

  6. Wise man from the East. says:

    Mr. January just wait your days are numbered. Before it is too long you shall know that God exist. You will be the number one person to tell us about this conviction. You have few days to leave.

  7. Charlie Hebdo says:

    God fearing country that murders the elderly on suspicion of witchcraft, my foot! A nation that is so superstitious believing in witchcraft as much as religion, a nation claiming to be God fearing at the same time full of hate, envy, adultery, cashgating just to mention a few vices the Devil will confer an award to perpetrators. Go to Mwanza Mr Servant of God. Preach love, turn the lost superstitious souls to God. Let them have the same degree of faith in God as they have in witchcraft. See, these people are willing to kill for their faith in witchcraft a thing they cannot prove its existence unless they are witches as well. Their superstition has taken the place of God. By doing that Mr Preacher, you would have done a commendable job than repeating what the majority already know is against the laws of nature.

  8. Aningo says:

    Slowly the debate is maturing. One can now see more reason than profanity and Msonda-like extrimist declarations in the arguments. Let us begin to use our brains and interrogate anything that influences our culture, including religion. We must remember that we have abandoned religions that we have deemed useless before. Christianity and islam are alien religions brought to us by westerners and easterners. Let us become a “reason-driven” rather than “god-fearing” nation. All nations that have developed have done so by using their heads rather than their hearts.


    Who are you to judge HOMOSEXUALS?


    Many church leaders are rapists, polygamists, extortionists and lovers of money. Who are they to judge homosexuals? Leave God to judge because NO ONE on this planet is perfect. In SA a certain pastor is under probe for compelling the congregants to eat rats, snakes and grass. Is that not evil. Many pastors are in the news for raping and committing adultery.

  11. M MCHIKUL;IRE says:

    The Man of God is saying the truth, and we need to stand pachoonadi a Malawi, otherwise mavuto sachoka. Wrath of God ikhala pa ife ndiiithu

  12. Boma la mathanyula ili litibweretsera za uve kwambiri mdziko muno. Mulungu analenga mwamuna ndi mkazi kuti akwaniritse chilengedwe. Akuluakulu enanso a boma ndi a mathanyula. Nchifukwa chake akungokhala duu osanena kathu pa nkhaniyi. yerekezani kuloleza mathanyula mMalawi muno. Mapeto a boma lanu akhala omwewo.

  13. FaRiiZ says:

    Mr January how can nothing create nothing?Look at the whole world we humans,animals,plants,waterbody’s,the air we breath.How many species of fish live under water?how many species of animals,plants&pests exists?The DNA in humans and all living things?how could all this come from nothing?Who knows the distance of the Universe?The Almighty God created all this and the unseen hereafter and people who deny HIS existence like u,but still loves u by giving u free air to breath.But thank u for strongly OPPOSSING MATHANYULA.TAKANITSITSA ZA MATHANYULA AND THE DEVILS WAYS.ITS BETA WE DIE OF UMPHAWI.

    1. John says:

      All your assertions lend support to is the existence of the real world.
      Nothing more, nothing less.
      There is nothing there to support the claimed existence of supernatural non-entities.
      All that stems from superstitious nonsense which is based on unreal claims.
      Stop peddling irrational nonsense about non-existent gods, prophets, angels, and devils.
      Try getting real and base your life on the fat that we only have this one life to live.
      There is no other life before or after this one.
      Make it the best you can for yourself and for others.

  14. Skafuse says:

    U America U Timothy Mtambo Go To Hel Here In Malawi There No Room For The Gays

  15. moyo moyo says:


  16. Pastor Mwale says:

    This pastor is a great man of God at the moment. Go there and see the glory of God

  17. Tt says:

    The idea that there is a creator of the universe, with billions of planet, who is offended by what 2 consenting humans can do in private is mind boggling. objectively this is the worst form of ego disguised as humility. this to me clearly shows that gods, no doubt, are and will always be a human creation! This we know to be true with all the previous gods and is true for yahwe! We humans, alone can change and improve our lives, we know what is wrong or right and cannot be based on some ancient books that clearly was written by a bunch of ignorant desert Jews ( an not any supernatural god)! Africans wake up, the god you trust was brought to you by Europeans (never forget that!), there is no evidence of his existence just like there is no evidence for any other gods! The people who brought this bible to your naked fore fathers clearly dumped him a long time ago, they use rational thought and evidence to know truth and reality it’s time you wake up! Homosexuality is real, religions are fake, they can be changed with a drop of a hat…

  18. John says:

    What an evil individual Katema is.
    He says Malawi should not bow down to external forces yet his very own beliefs and business model are based on exactly those self-same external forces.
    His beliefs and business are all drawn from former exploitative imperialist and colonialists.
    There is no god and there never was any prophet moses, jesus or mohamed.
    Once these absolute facts are realised, then his business model is revealed for what it is.
    A confidence tricksters set of nonsense.
    Just because he has been duped into ignorant folly, that does not mean all Malawians should be.
    Live and let live. Show toleration towards those with different beliefs.

  19. Mangani says:

    Pastor Maurice,
    We are a donor fearing nation not a God fearing nation. We dance to the tunes of USA and LONDON. These are the people that matter to Malawi . Let us govt officials and politicians do the homosexuals as demanded by the donors and ask you to repent on our behalf .
    Amen abwezi!!

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