South African newspaper offers apology  to Joyce Banda and retraction

The South African Times newspaper which published an article about Malawi’s former president, Joyce Banda facing arrest in connection to Cashgate scandal has published an apology, a full retraction, and an acknowledgement that the story was baseless.

JB: South African Times sorrow at its mistake

JB: South African Times sorrow at its mistake

Banda had demanded an apology and retraction from the newspaper for publishing a story on December 9, 2014 that there was a warrant of arrest over her head due to her connection to ‘cashgate’.

The newspaper article which was authored by a Malawian freelancer Ulemu Teputepu titled, “Joyce Banda Fingered in ‘Cashgate’ scandal”, reported that a warrant had been issued for the arrest of Banda and that the Malawi government had released closed-circuit television footage of private meetings between Banda and cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo to the police and Anti- Corruption Bureau.

The story had come after Malawi24 speculated  which the newspaper acknowledges the report was insupportable and improper.

The  South African newspaper, a reputable publication,  has said it “acknowledges that the article, which did not reflect Banda’s point of view, was incorrect, and apologises unconditionally.”

Reads the apology published in the newspaper of Wednesday January 7, 2015: “At the time of going to print yesterday, no warrant for the arrest of Banda had been affected, and the Anti corruption Bureau refused to say whether one existed.”

It also stated that Banda has dismissed the allegations out of hand, saying that, when she was President, no CCTV cameras had been installed at Malawi’s State House.

The paper said the unverified story should never have been published.

Banda’s lawyer Caroline Phatswane wrote the newspaper  to alert it of the  ‘false and irresponsible’ reporting.

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@mapyolo umafuna kuti mayi wa nzako(Busybrain) akhale ngati mayi J B? Umafuna kuti akhale chigewenga ngati JB wakoyo? That means Busy Brain’s mother is respectable lady. That’s why nkhani yawo sikumapezeka mma newspaper yokhuzana ndi cashgate( yonyansayo)

Majidu Malenga

Mmmm kwaliiii!!!!!!


Am currently in SA and this article was in the Times newspaper 2days ago and I disagree.It seems Joyce herself force this apology.l don’t have time to waste with Hure but this one must be arrested once don Malawi no matter what.


Nanga bwanji ukuthawa? Ifika nthawi, unjatidwa! What goes around, comes around. So they say




Kodi how intelligent. Important. Strategic. Critical is this Kondwani Nankhumwa. He is in Fake video of JB/Lutepo, Bribing Journos. Now handing over R300 000. Kunyenga azimai. muthatu udyo. Dont think you are clever and all Malawians are daft sleepy.One day all this will be gone and you have to think of that day.


If Joyce Banda who is worth nothing can take action against the irresponsible journalists. Do you think that Muslims will just sit and watch these journalists making a mockery of a great leader like Muhammad peace be upon him without being punished? No! No! No! learn from Charlie hebdo of france.

Busy Brains

Since the foolish judicial strike is over, let the game starts! Govt should now be serious hoping that Joyce Banda hasn’t bought some of these foolish dogs who were on strike. By the way, has the govt bowed down to their foolish demands?? Ndisave kuti mwawaonjezeratu malipiro ndiye sitigwirizana!! Inu a BOMA Tikuvanaaaa ????????????


@ Busy brains !!! i think unabadwa mopendeka and you are just proving that mulibe nzeru mwaiwe.
pamenepa ,wati ukanganapo ndi ndani aku judicially akawonjedzela makobili ? what a waste of space !!! By the way kodi kuntundu kwanu konse kuli munthu angafanane ndi joyce banda ukumunenayo ? what u should have realised is that J.B has made history in this country unlike probably your mother amene anapanga mbiri yobereka iwe ali ndi zaka 10 kumudzi kwanu.Taona tsopano wandilankulitsa pambali iwe

Wakulu Wapakati

What kind of history mbuzi iwe you call yourself Mapyoyo .Kuba ndalama za anthu nkomakatakatira kunja ndi mwamuna wake ,you call that history to be proud of, mbuzi

Busy Brains

In Malawi history, Joyce Banda is the first losing president to be out his/her country for that quite a long time soon after the elections. Eeeeeehhh!! Mpakana miyezi yonseyi ali kunja? Kweni kweni apanga chiyani kunjako chopindulira Malawi? Nanga amuna awo ali kuti? Ngati ali okha kumeneko, amunawo akuti chiyani? My worry is that she might be engaged with somebody there. Paja sachedwa!!! Koma a Malawi osadanda, amati dzuwa linyenga, mdima usaka!!

Chinyama Phiri

Apology accepted

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