Spate of killings hit Dzaleka refugee camp: Hutu and Tutsi rivalry worsens

Malawi Police in Dowa district, which is a host to the largest refugee camp in the country, have started making arrests in connection to a spate of serial attacks and murders that have hit Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Refugees at the overcrowded Dzaleka camp

The arrests comes against the.background that refugees and asylum seekers are living in fear following an upsurge in gruesome murders and serial attacks at the camp which are being attributed to the age old rivalrly between Tutsi and Hutus ethnic groups.

At least two people-a woman and a boy were confirmed to have been killed within a space of two months, according to sources at the camp and police.

Another gruesome attack took place last Sunday involving a 47 year old Rwandan national Bavumiragira Deogratias.

Deogratias survived death after attackers broke into his hut where they strangled him.and tied him to his bed.

He is currently recuperating at Fransisco Palau Community Hospital which is popularly known as Mtengowamthenga Mission Hospital.

A younger brother and guardian to Deogratias, Ndayambashi Muhammad, said in an interview accused the police of dragging their feet on the suspected criminals let alone investigating the crimes despite receiving reports and complaints from victims and their relatives.

“No one should cheat you that the attackers are coming from outside (camp). They are our fellow refugees and asylum seekers who are doing this. But what baffles us is why the police are taking ages to conclude their investigations,” Muhammad wondered.

“Do they want to see all of us being killed to start making arrests? Or are they waiting until.we take the law into our hands for them to enforce the law,” he said.

However, Dowa Police spokesperson Kondwani Kandiado said that the police have all along been investigating the attacks at the camp.

“The case file was opened on the two murders and so far one suspect has been arrested in connection to these killings. He is now remanded at Maula prison. On the recent attacks two people- Mizigiyimani, 18 and Bigirimani-37 , both Burundians have been arrested.

“They refused to provide their surnames. The third suspect is at large,” he explained.

Kandiado also disclosed that the.police have since intensified security at the camp by among things running day and night patrols.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp has six locations (areas) namely Blantyre,Kawale, Katupya, Likuni, Lisungwi and Zomba.

The refugees and asylum.seekers say it is Blantyre, which is mainly occupied by.Rwandese and Burundians, that is notorius with criminal activities.

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go home Burundians and Rwandans..this is not your home…Can you imagine that some CHAM hospitals such as likuni mission, are employing these people, while malawian doctors and nurses are jobless

Nyau Thing

Wapona Kita loves these murderers so much! Send him to talk to them that they should leave in peace so he can make money defending their extradition!


send them back to Nyarugusu

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda
The spate of killings at Dzaleka Refugee Camp arising from the Hutu – Tutsi rivalry is just a symptom of a larger problem that has been simmering between them for the past three decades. It emanates from a culture of hatred that one of them cultivated against the other soon after the departure of Belgium colonialists from their countries. It is deeply ingrained such that Kagame’s government has made fruitful headway to erase it among its nationals. In Burundi the situation is not normal. Malawi authorities should either send the Hutus back to Burundi and Rwanda or the Tutsi, which… Read more »
Naisi Shati
Can someone, especially from the local legal fraternity please educate me on the issue of applying new laws to old cases in the country? A few weeks ago one of the country’s legal experts commented that Malawi cannot extradite Mr Vincent Murekezi based on the newly signed extradition treaty between Malawi and Rwanda. Now a few days ago I heard on the radio that people who were on death row in our jails are bringing their cases back to court for re-sentencing since the country has suspended death penalty. Is this not applying a new law to old cases which… Read more »

So you want to transfers these thugs to Karonga? You must be very STUPID!!!! Agalu inu ndithana nanu.

Why can’t you just transfer them to Thyolo?


Pa Easy

Just send them kwawo onse…..ayesa kwawo kuno kuti aziphana? Mesa anathawa kuphana kwawo? anthu osayamika omwe akukhala ku dera la blantyre


Send them home so they kill each other there b4 they teach our children

Hlabezulu Ngonoonda, Qumayo Mzekezeke and Hurstone Makungwa
Hlabezulu Ngonoonda, Qumayo Mzekezeke and Hurstone Makungwa
Children are born innocent. As such they are so innocent. They do not have hate in their precious little hearts. It is the responsibility of parents to tell children want is correct and what is wrong. But if the parents disseminate wrong information to them, that information has a strong bearing as they grow up such that whatever wrong information was passed to them is taken as being true. Such information is difficult to erase from their mind if children were taught prejudice at home. Records after the 1994 genocide reveal that Hutu people were the ones who planted the… Read more »

THese are not refugees
They are mafias
From their cointries


This the more reason these people must be extradited back home. they cant be bringing their hatred to this peaceful country. Worse still the govt is making their ill conceived idea of moving the camp to the border district of Karonga. This is a threat to national security

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