Speaker Msowoya rubbishes Kaliwo on Mia and for calling Chakwera ‘coward or victim of hostage’: MCP civil war

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya in his capacity as vice president of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has rubbished a letter written by the party’s Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo questioning the relationship between President Lazarous Chakwera and former minister Muhammed Sidik Mia as well as calling Chakwera a coward or victim of a hostage situation.

Msowoya:  Kaliwo is being childish, am dissapointed

Msowoya: Kaliwo is being childish, am dissapointed

Kaliwo in his letter to Chakwera, questioned the relationship between Mia and MCP, saying it is a “worst kept secret” that is causing friction in the party over presidential running mate issue.

He informs Chakwera that there are party officials that are working with Mia – a political heavyweight in the Lower Shire.

“There is talk of parallel structures being established in readiness for his coming to the party. I have no problem whatsoever welcoming Hon Sidik Mia and working with him in the party. He just needs to join openly and work with us openly,” Kaliwo said in the letter to Chakwera.

But Msowoya who was Chakwera’s running mate in 2014 presidential race trashed the assertions, saying there was no way there could be running mate factions in MCP between him and Mia who is rank outsider.

Msowoya said when Mia decided to join MCP; there will be leadership contests in a democratic and transparent way at a national convention.

“Even then, it will be the president who will choose his running mate,” said Msowoya.

When interviewed by Nyasa Times on Thursday, Mia said from his Chikwawa Nkombezi farm that he remains out of frontline politics.

“I walked away from frontline politics and the status quo has not changed,” said Mia who resigned as People’s Party’s vice president and also as Transport Minister in Joyce Banda cabinet.

Pressed if he is doing “underground politics”, Mia dismissed the assertions and maintained: “It’s neither here nor there. I want to recharge my batteries by staying away from politics.”

Censure on coward or hostage remarks

Meanwhile, Msowoya has also faulted the party’s Secretary General over his tone in the letter and decision to address issue through correspondence to MCP president.

He said Kaliwo’s conduct of writing a letter is “childish” as he had an opportunity to address all concerns raised through the party politburo meeting.

In his letter, Kaliwo said Chakwera was either a coward or a victim of a hostage situation on the day he failed to meet him before the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting.

He complained about the action of Chakwera’s personal handler Ishmael Phakamisa who denied access to meet the MCP leader in “rude” and “demeaning” conduct.

But Msowoya said Kaliwo is being “childish” in raising his concerns, saying “I am very disappointed.”

Msowoya further explained that decisions in MCP are not made by one person and that Chakwera does not dictate things.

“In MCP it is the NEC that makes decisions,” he said.

Msowoya rubbished assertions by Kaliwo that it was Chakwera making all the decisions, saying that is false.

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I think it is unthinkable for party leadership to be communicating to each other through the press. How do they let members of the press access their mails? I don not understand why SG decided to write his president on matters which they would have been resolved through face to face dialogue. Maybe it was due to the hostile environment that is existing. Besides i do not recommend Msowoya’s response which was made available to media. Why not find medium that would maintain privacy and secrecy? By holding the only democratic convention in this multiparty era, MCP demonstrated that it… Read more »

Don’t be stupid you Chambe of DPP that is why you are haunted by spirits of Njauju, Chasowa, Alubinos and 20 July people you butchered. Fack you chipani cha kupha.

Alex kaliba



Vuto la oChewa mufuna mchewa mzanu… Bringing Sidik Mia will pull the crowd ya ku lower shire and without that simuzawinanso any election in Malawi


Nanunso bodzatu ili. Msowoya akulankhula apayu ndi Mchewa? MCP idalolera kumuyika Msowoya kukhala Speaker wa Nyumba ya Malamulo. Osangokhala bwanji ngati mukusowa chonena?

Disappointed MCP Supporter
Disappointed MCP Supporter

Msowoya is just polarising the Party further. What he has said is ridiculously impractical and non expected of him. It is undoubtedly that the objective of the anti Chakwera camp (Chizanja, Kabwira, Njobvu, Kaliwo, Chairmen, etc) is to build a strong MCP to out seat DPP, however I fell to understand if Chakwera, Msowoya, Mkaka and team would really like winning 2019.

I wish we make John Tembo interim leader of MCP


Bullshit. How can you expect pple using MBC to be working towards ousted DPP from the government? Open your eyes boy

Cash Gate
i think anthu angofuna kutchuka, bieng a secretary general, osakumana naye chakwerayo bwanji, kodi udindo amakhala aliyense mchipani? ngati simukugwirizana ndi momwe mcp ikuyendera ingochokani mchipanimo ngati momwe wachitira ken msonda osati kumangoyambitsa phokoso lopanda nzeru ngati limeneri, mr speaker, indeed this is childish, dziko likukuonani, pamene anthu amakutengani ngati anzeru koma apapa ndiye mwaonjeza, mukwajoina anthu opanda nzeru ngati a chatinkha, ganizani mozama
Gate cash

Bwana cash gate.kaliwo clearly said he was denied access to meet chakwara in very rude manner.sondo you him to carry guns to so that he can meet chakwera?


Gustav Kaliwo is not MCP and has never been in mcp he was brought in by JK ……… he is got 1800 votes during 2014 elections pa MP seat alibe anthu uyu…………

Gate cash

Hahahahahaha how many voted chakwera in this constituency? Im sure he is more popular than chakwera there

Things fall apart! Am shocked to realize tht the Mcp leadership z this immature. Hey u mean after Kaliwo issued the letter u cudnt even find a way to sit down internally and discuss as a party? If th SG was wrong to write th letter, which sadly leaked out, u mean all u cud do as party leadership is to respond thru the press? My mcp, where are u heading to? U think wt ua doin can build the party, let alone win you the trust of members from other parties? U mean u can be entrusted with more… Read more »
Achimphamba Oyera

Where did the diplomacy of our learned lawyers go? Of all the people, Gustave should have known the procedures. Where is all this frustration coming from folks? You trash all your experiences, respect , education and maturity and sink so low to call the MCP President “Coward or hostage”. I think comments by Richard are mature and honorable. I think I only learnt one lesson: “We cannot always be the smartest people. There are some things that remain unknown to us. That at some point there is “ignorance” in every person. Or perhaps not?




I foresee these issues carrying on till 2019.Chakwera practices leadership of fear on his followers. Iam not surprised for Kaliwo calling him a coward because that’s exactly how such Leaders operate.
As for me an ordinary Malawian who was there when Gadama, Chiwanga, Muhango, Atati Mphakati etc were butchered by the agents of this party; I can only conclude that the bloods of these people is boiling and God is now punishing this notorious party.
Good luck Jona!


A Gustav chisiyeni chisiyeni chipani ichi ndi cha ochewa ndi atumbuka!

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