Speaker wonders why Malawi leaders are treated with too much respect, fear

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Friday took the government by storm when he said Malawians treat their Presidents and other leaders with too much respect and fear that impedes on transparency and accountability.

Speaker Msowoya: Leaders should be scrutinised

Msowoya said this in parliament when he made a ruling on a contentious issue when government chief whip Henry Mussa demanded a withdrawal of a statement from Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera had said the sacking of George Chaponda as Agriculture minister was too little, too late, asking why it had taken so long to act, saying this reflected badly on the moral standing of President Peter Mutharika.

Chakwera described the delays to fire Chaponda as executive arrogance.

However, did this not go down well with Mussa and other government ministers who argued the standing orders, rules governing the House, do not allow members to reflect on the Head of State.

Msowoya, in his ruling, said it was high time leaders allowed themselves to be scrutinised.

“In this country, leadership—starting from the Presidency, ministers, those of us in this House, councillors, civic and traditional leaders —are treated with far too much respect and are, sometimes, feared such that it becomes a convenient barrier to accountability, ” said Msowoya.

He said 53 years after independence, things should not be allowed to continue like this, holding our Heads of State as semi-gods.

“53 years after independence, and 24 years in the multiparty dispensation, this cannot be allowed to continue and we, in this House, are the people who have to lead in changing that,” Msowoya declared in Parliament.

Msowoya wondered how debate in the House would go without mentioning the President.

He said in other countries in Commonwealth, Heads of State are summoned in their respective parliament’s to answer questions but said this was not the case in Malawi.

Chakwera and the opposition Malawi Congress Party and Peoples Party back benchers welcomed the statement but there was silence from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and their political bed fellows, the United Democratic Front.

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Richard, How l wish l had a chance of thanking you in person for the wise, intelligent and nation building statement you made. Malawi cannot move forward with hero worshiping. You remind me of the brave, courageous and intelligent patriots who stood for justice and peoples rights during the cabinet crisis. All of the were much young in age. What you have said will go down in the history of Malawi. Let me say this; Kamuzu was called ‘Mkango’ lion and Ngwazi. On landing at Chileka Airport he was an ordinary person. Overzealous support decided to give him these titles… Read more »
winston msowoya
The recent atrocious mayhem and brutal slaughters of the African people in South Africa,is a shocking occurrence of our time by a black State.However,this is not the first time such a horrible massacre has happened against African brothers.These victims are improvised in their own countries and are in South Africa to takeup jobs that are ignored by South Africans themselves,these jobs are lowly paid and underling by nature.During South Africa’s liberation struggle against apartheid,thousands upon thousands of South Africans sought refuge in independent States apart from Malawi which was part of South Africa’s BANTUSTAN,SHAME!!! South African refugees were received well… Read more »
concerned Citizen

Thank you Mr. Speaker sir. You are very right. We Malawians, we worship our leaders for nothing. We don’t need to worship them because they are our servants. This is democracy but what happens leaves a lot to be desired. The ruling party thinks they own the country and everything in it. We need to change if we are going to hold our so called leaders accountable. Well spoken Mr. Speaker, I hope wakumva wamva.


I wish you lecture more on this. I think it takes a brave man like u to stand on the ice road without fear of negative zero degrees. look at the eyes of many when they ar wth president. u will see fear coz they are nt brave.


where are you the analyst….can’t you say a word?

winston msowoya
Mr.Msowoya,well written.You are right on the point.The respects bestowed on the so called President and his cohorts,are beyond imagination.This is the sort of political trend in Malawi that has become its characteristics among Ministers and high ranking government officials and Party luminaries to attract favours from their bosses and hence,are used as gate or door bouncers.In Malawi,this started in the early years of the MCP formation when Orton Chirwa formed the MCP,became its first President and finally vacated the Chair for the spoiler Hastings Mphonongo Banda.The fact of the matter is that,my personal friend and leader Mr.Knyama Chiume mislead Banda… Read more »

Azikhomanso msonkho from the president, ministers down to the MPs & the citizens muona Malawi atukuka. As of now Malawi is not developed because these leaders get hefty salaries & claim hefty allowances from the little that people pay as tax from their migre earnings yet they are so selfish & steal too much from the little contributions that Malawians make. They are never satisfied these fools!

Bingu Patriot
Fellow Malawians let us all now rally behind people that are trying so hard to rid our country of corruption and tribalism. What has happened in south Africa this week – killing and burning migrants should encourage us to rebuild our own country and make it a liveable place for everyone as was before. What’s nasty and should be cause of alarm for everyone of us is that south Africans are particularly singling out Malawians as the ones who are getting their jobs. Please let’s all join our hands together and stop this barbarism of public plunder of government money… Read more »

I honestly did not think there is a person in Malawi who could display such an intelligent and honest opinion about the state of our country.Malawi is a frustrating country to live in.People worship leaders like they are Gods. The leaders themselves should stop this behaviour and start behaving like servants of the people which they are.CONGRATULATIONS Mr speaker.You are one in a million!

Ndi Ine Ndithu

Malawi wabwino tsamuononge

Tikudandaula Ife

Malawi wa lero, Malawi osinthika.
All arms of Government! The Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Know that we Malawians now we have known.
Time for silly issues and things gone. Malawi Police, Malawi Defence Forces and all Malawians we should be responsible and accountable!

Mr President, Ministers, Members of Parliament, some Politicians, some Chiefs and some Malawians know that Malawians and events can drive or shape things accordingly like what you have seen or known.

Avoid Stroke or Death that other people ends lying its Cardiac Arrest

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