Speaker’s ruling cannot be challenged, Msowoya tells Malawi Parliament

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya on Friday told the House that the Speaker’s ruling on a point of order cannot be challenged.

Speaker Richard Msowoya

Speaker Richard Msowoya

Msowoya made the remarks when the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Lilongwe North East Maxwel Thyolera rose on a point of order to stop Member of Parliament for Mangochi Masongola Rashid Pemba from commenting for the second time on the report by Parliament Committee on Budget following its consideration of the 2014/2015 Budget review presented by the committee Chairperson Rhino Chiphiko.

The Speaker sustained Thyolera’s point of order and ruled that Pemba should not continue commenting on the report in view of the fact that there were many Members who wanted to comment on the report.

Msowoyas’ ruling did not go well with Government Chief Whip Henry Mussa, who is also the Minister of Labour and Manpower Development,  who also rose on a point of order seeking more clarification on why the Speaker had made that ruling.

“Point of Order Mr. Speaker Sir, the last time the Member of Parliament for Mangochi Masongola spoke on the mid-year budget review, he was speaking on behalf of the party, are you saying he cannot talk on behalf of his constituency this time around?” queried Mussa.

The Speaker again asked the governments’ chief whip to take his seat which again prompted another Parliamentarian to rise on another point of order.

“Are you challenging the chairpersons’ ruling? Please take your seat. I have already ruled on this and I said in view of the fact that there are so many members who would like to speak, I should  therefore give a chance to another member to speak,” said Msowoya.

“Before I adjourn the House for tea break, let me refer the members to Standing Orders 88 which says that the chairpersons’ ruling should be respected,” referred Msowoya.

The report of the budget and finance committee was in response to the midyear budget statement that was presented by the Minister of Finance on 6th February 2015.

Parliament has since adjourned to Monday afternoon.– Reporting by Maston Kaiya and Mirriam Banda, Mana

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21 thoughts on “Speaker’s ruling cannot be challenged, Msowoya tells Malawi Parliament”

  1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Contrary to what @17 (Budafrika) believes, MCP does not control parliament!
    DPP has a majority, and the party is leaving MCP hang themselves: by continuing to show their true dictatorial tendency (HKB legacy). That’s in their DNA. Next time, DPP and UDF, elect one of your own to the speaker position. That’s it!

  2. True patriot says:

    I hope you’ll be this tough when invoking sec 65 shall a need arise.

  3. gaba says:

    mr kes munthali .parliament aly deliberations are guided by the standing orders which are supposed to be folowed and respected. and the gadama marder hss nothing to do with respecting the standing
    orders.remember the opposition is there for checks and balances

  4. To all you DPP cadets! MCP controls parliament so deal wth it.

  5. Tiyanjane says:

    Mr. Speaker Sir, we give you the mandate to discpline any good for nothing MP. We do not want to see any Julius Malema behaviour in our august house.

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Standing orders 88. Ok! OK!

  7. Bongololo says:

    Msowoya is dead wrong and he needs to be challenged in court! What a buffoon!

  8. Kes munthali says:

    Dictatorship tendancy ndiyimene yavuta apa Baba Msowoya, fisi ndi fisi basi. You, chakwera and your folk in MCP need to be taught democracy and democratic principles. The right for an MP to speak without fear or favour is right at the heart of a democratic government, that nonsense of saying you can not speak and once I command that DPP members should not speak my word is final is what is called dictatorship. Bambo Gadama stood on in parliament and spoke passinately against the suffering of poor Malawians and sadistic dictatorship of MCP that same afternoon he was murdered in very cold blood, that’s parliamentary democracry MCP style. Never again

  9. MCP GVT says:

    Zikutheka. Ife timaona nangati mudzichita mantha. Koma ngati mukukwanitsa kukwera mtengo wa minga! Aaaa… Zikuyenda.

  10. Chonde bwana sipikala zikafika penapo muzingowathizimula mambama ma MP amakaniwa since you can use speakiological power to open up your hand and discipline such MP ndimakofi. Nobody will take you to court on that one. mboni tizakgala ife ma back benchers.

  11. sukutumpwelembwe says:

    @ clement
    so out of 193 members of parliament we have it is only Henry Mussa who you trust that speaks sense ? By the way , what do you know about parliament apart from that it is in lilongwe ? Anyway it only shows that you are a hero worshiper of the said guy and nothing else
    I would not be surprised to learn that maybe you are a lhomwe or che mussawo may be bonking your mum . Full stop Taona tsopano wandilankulitsa pambali chifukwa cha umbuli wako

    1. clement says:

      The thing is Msowonya want to show his superiority in wrong way because Hon H Mussa is one of few MPs who alwayz do serious business not stupid point of orders 88 by bullshit speaker.Am not a bootleeker like you scabangal Sukutumpwelembwe ok.Tell your bwenubwenu to stop intimidating MPs.How come MPs not to challenge your very barbaric ideas? Stop and again you top doing that Msowoya.Mussa is a loved guy since 2004 not you fucken Msowoya.

  12. mlimba says:

    Dont u know wat happen in south africa? Eff members made alot of useless point of orders and they were thrown out of parliament. Mr msowoya should contact Baleka Mbete on how to deal with the stupid honourables who doesnt know the rules of the house.

  13. Kalanga says:

    We only have one speaker who controls deliberations and knows standing orders! Some MPs behave like kids. I believe they smoke Kanundu! Keep our speaker safe plz!

  14. Send Hajira says:

    Bravo!! Speaker Kumeneko Ndiko Kubwera.

  15. nyasi mmaso says:

    It seems we have a government who don’t know the laws of the country. How can the whole chief whip don’t understand the standing orders of parliament. Shame on him.

  16. Chemtukanika says:

    The said MP,should have said,”in addition to my party’s stand on this,people in my constituency have not benefited a lot more especially on fisp,-,-,-.” and thank Mr Speaker,Sir.To all MPs,avoid wasting time with some words such as a.a,when making any contributions.Just go straight to the point.

  17. Weakliks says:

    Why cant he be challenged. our member was gaged for speaking on our behalf. if speaking as a party means speaking also as an individual then there is no reason of any speeches when party spokesmen or party leaders have spoken. understand your laws Nsowoya

  18. clement says:

    You Sowoya Msowoya whatever the name it is you must top blocking members to comment.Such things will lead to disruption of the meeting and as far as i know Hon H Mussa{Mtengo waminga]if he stood against it means you were completely wrong.Let it be the first and last to do that mr Msowoya

  19. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Tell them ujaila

  20. mtichimwitsa says:

    Speaker ndi bwana

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