Staff down tools at Kamuzu Central Hospital

Staff at the a major referral hospital in Central Malawi, Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) abandoned work on Tuesday demanding government to revise their allowances and salaries as well as addressing the problems facing the health facility.nurses

Workers embarked on a work stoppage on Tuesday as they said they feel cheated that government has not revised their allowances and  salaries given the circumstances they work under.

Stella Warren, chairperson of the KCH social welfare committee, said: “Government knows that the circumstances we work in are very risky and that the money they give us is not enough.”

Sick people coming to seek medical treatment were stranded with no one to attend to them.

Those who wanted to collect dead bodies of their relatives who died at the hospital could not get them because there were no workers at the hospital morgue.

Senior administrators at the hospital have asked Malawi Police to provide security at the institution.

KCH Director Dr Jonathan Ngoma said they are having a meeting with Ministry of Health officials on the issue.

“Yes I can confirm that today we have a high level meeting where officials representing government side are expected to respond to the demands as set by the hospital officials,” Ngoma told Nyasa Times.

Ngoma downplayed  the start of the strike, saying: “We are having talks today so how can someone start striking and yet discussions are not yet concluded does that make any sense.”

President Peter Mutharika in his year-end State-of-the-Nation feed from Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe that was beamed on radio and television stations on Saturday night declared that the huge and haphazard salary demands by the strikers will not be granted.

Mutharika stressed that ill-meaning politicians in Malawi and outside the country were fuelling the on-going strikes but did not mention names despite warning that his government will deal with them.

In the past month, Malawi has been increasingly paralysed by a spate of strikes —whereby workers are demanding higher pay—in the civil service, the Judiciary and several other key public service delivery institutions, including the crime-busting Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The President said his government is bent on harmonising salaries between the civil service and other public institutions, which had enjoyed higher salaries.

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56 thoughts on “Staff down tools at Kamuzu Central Hospital”

  1. To say di trut, Peter u r no leader by di majority’s choice. God will judge u.

  2. Chongolipiyo Khope says:


  3. Rift Valley says:

    It never rains but pours for APM. With regard to Gatibo’s comment about KCH staff being lazy. Maybe, perhaps only 5% of them. I can assure you the majority are dedicated and hard working. Just give them resources (medicines, drugs, equipment, uninterrupted water& electricity etc). You will be surprised what they can do.

  4. Aliphee says:

    it never stop raining for Peter Muthalika but it pours . this is just the beginning we just want you to have cardiac arrest thats all

  5. Vwende says:

    Govt was probably waiting for KCH staff to go on strike then respond to grievances which were lodged on 9-12-2014. How come the meeting is taking place now when concerns were given to govt on 9th of this month. Did the govt take the issue seriously?

    I am afraid the strike may go country wide if govt does not resolve the matter with haste.

  6. syamboza says:

    mbuzi iyi mutharika mkhalambayi yobela mavoti profesa wamanyowayu achoke satha chilichhonse koma kuba ndalama za edzi,kugula amtolankhani,kukwatila kamafupa kakeko mwanseli amafuna adzikwezele ndalama wachita kugwidwa panti alimmanja Mr Money get ready cardiac arrest is fast approaching

  7. Mzumara says:

    Someone is gonna die kadyakalistically

  8. The Patriot says:

    When our overworked, compassionate health workers stage a sit-in then we know something must be wrong, very wrong! Government should do all it can do to prevent this from happening for the sake of the poor patients. We all know where our officials go when they get sick……..South Africa and Private hospitals. Is is the reason why they seem not to care about the plight of the poor patients and the grievances of local health workers?

  9. mwama says:

    Harmonization is 100% suppprted Mr president.

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      Mukufuna kuzunza a ntchito anu mukubitsalira ku bible? Madandaulo okupatsani pa 9 december inu kumangokhala kuti mudzalembe izi. Inu kudzipatsa ma 80%, 168 %, 367% koma kwa ena 10 %. Kodi harmonization yotani imeneyo? Mukanapanda kutchera kumwezi bwenzi mutagawana zonsezo. Atsogoleri a chinyengo inu. Ndichifukwa chake one arm of the gvt is almost dead. Inu a executive ndi legislature mult special? Gwirani ntchitotu tikuoneni. A Pulezident mukapanda kudzuka ndikudzichepetsa, akuchepetsani Mulungu. Ine ndanena amene akukuzungulirani akukunamizani. Threats will take this country no where.

  10. kambangamwala says:

    Mark 12:31/Matthew 22:39 read, “Love your neighbour as yourself”. “Again, do to others what you would want them do unto you”. My question to you medical personnel/nurses/social welfare providers in the hospital/etc., do you have love from the highest moral considerations, without self-interests? Our “neighbour” is every one with whom we are concerned. S/he is to be loved because s/he is God’s image and likeness, heir of the same hope as we ourselves, and presented to us as the object on and by which we are to show the reality of our love to God. And 1 John 4:21 says, “He who loves God loves his brother also”. This kind of love is not only for the neighbour’s good, but also to God’s glory. Punish your employer and not the innocent poor patients. For what good reason? Do not seek revenge by punishing them (patients).

  11. real observer says:

    more strikes coming, get ready

  12. padoko says:

    As citizens, we own this country and the president is just one of us. Please fellow Malawians let us not use our sick brothers, sister, fathers,mothers etc as baits. Who will compensate the dead.

  13. padoko says:

    As citizens, we own this country and the president is just one of us. Please fellow Malawians let us not use our sick brothers, sister, fathers,mothers etc as baits. Who will compensate the

  14. Che says:

    kodi a anthunu mukufuna chiani ? kuzolowela kusowetsa anthu mtendere mukadali nacho cha boko haramu tembenukani mtima mulandile yesu ngati ambuye ndi mpulumutsi

  15. Zowawa Ziri Mtsogolo says:

    Mizimu yatikwiyira aMalawi machimo akuba achuluka ndipo akumwamba akwiya mvula ndi iyinso ikulanika zowawa ziri mtsogolo

    1. Chief says:

      Zoona man

  16. Gatibo says:

    Ngati kuli alesi M’malawi muno ndiye ogwira ku KCH. I have a good number of cases of negligency, incompetency, laziness by these idiots. Mvitsiru

  17. Patriot says:

    Ndiye akuti atichotsa ntchito ngati sitibwelera kkkkkkkk.
    Koma ngalambayi hahahahaha

  18. mary says:

    Koma ya six months zonsezi? Zivutatu apa wina adya kalista ndithu

  19. kenne BEC says:

    zamanyazi hzi. Analonjeza kuti ogwira m’boma asadzalandire ndalama ngati machenji, nanga izi ndiye zitinso?

  20. Markel Adebayor says:

    When it comes to Hospitals, we authorize payments without vouchers! There is no need for sitting in meetings to discuss this. Please increase the allowances and discuss later. Just to remind you two things: It is staff from Kamuzu Central Hospital which made that Deputy minister who killed himself with his own gun to kneel down and apologise for the no sense he uttered at a political rally addressed by his Oyiya. It is also KCH staff which managed to flush out those people who were occupying hospital houses. To the President, politicians are not involved in organizing strikes. Boma mumalifuna lija ndikuwabera mavoti aja anawina aja ndi limeneri. Musovenge.

  21. kalapashi says:

    What makes an MP geting Mk800,000.00, and allowance of Mk40,000.00 a day, while a doctor geting Mk75000. and a health profession allowance of Mk1800. per month? Tell me plizzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

      With the striking staff is there still specialised care? I wonder. Quite sure many of the cases can be handled at some of these clinics. Its better to die where there is no specialised care than being abandoned in beds waiting for inhumane care that is not even specialised. We meet most of the specialists in some clinics like Deayang.

  22. mino says:

    Hei pepani health workers are also people with needs. They work hard and more hours also odd hours. Think about them if you pay judges so much who is more important one who is responsible for peoples life or one who sits there and pushes paper.What does an mp do or minister do that can save life . Think people za Florence Nightingale is old brainwashing stuff. No go on the whole country with strike.

  23. guest says:

    Its a pity we have strikes all over the place pamene nthawi ya JB no strikes at all. Maybe there is something wrong with this blue party.

  24. Mwale says:

    Zovuta izi mother malawi.

  25. Mnyero wiza says:

    Oyenda ndilupanga naye lidzaona naye zochita lupanga lomwero basi

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      Mkakhuta mwati muopsedze? Pitilizani muone.

  26. Icho ndiye chibwana cha mchombo lende mukamapanga strike muziona nthambi yopangayo akafa abale chifukwa chazopusa zanuzo mitembo yake tikaika mnyumba Mwanu timakudziwani muona tsoka

  27. Zangazanga Ncqube says:

    Transfer all the patients to deayang, likuni, mutengowanthanga etc. They are empty beds there. December funding should go to these institutions. We are becoming a lawless citizens. Staff at kch don’t deserve what they demand. Salary + swap + locum and yet you can’t appreciate. Transfer some members of staff or fire them.

    1. Chamwaka says:

      Such an idiot, Nkhoma and Mtengowanthenga only treat malaria patients you fool, they dont have capacity for patients with complications, so who will treat the patients their, your grandmother?

  28. chibade says:


  29. Vyachalo says:

    I am very sorry our president doesn’t think of his people. President one second or one minute in hospital many patients will die. Get 7 billion for cements and iron sheets to help civil servet salaris. Are you happy people to die in hospital,prison and in villagers. Please think quickly

  30. kachenjede says:

    nkhani yakula apa ndi loti boma limaseweretsa ma health workers…how can health professional allowance be K2,800 while health risk allowance be K1,800 a month. Give the health workers what is due to them.

  31. let truth be told says:

    the issue is,these complaints have been falling on deaf ears for so long,hence this industrial action,for those who say this is a calling,yes,but do you know the ammount of risks associated with working in a hospital in malawi? its almost a death trap,health workers are in contact with all the dangerous contagious diseases that you know,and the risk allowance is k1800(one thousand eight hundred kwacha),does this make sence to you? doctors or nurses can get HIV,hepatitis B,TB and many more vicious dieases by jut being in contact with patients,a splash of blood contaminated by HIV or hepatitis B into ones eye or mouth mucosa warrants contacting HIV or hepatitis B or C-very vicious infections,a bit of stts,20 % of malawians are hepatitis B positive(this is more dangerous viral infection than HIV,and its transmission mode is just like HIV,but is 100 fold more transmisible than HIV,like HIV,in malawi has no cure if one is HIV neg as the treatment is also ARVs),and 10-12% of our population is HIV positive,people are forced to take ARVs for a month after such accidents happen for many times,as a post eposure preventive measure,this is associated with alot of stress,side effects,think of their patners,health workers in malawi work twice the recomended hours as recomended by the international labour organization,under these dangerous conditions,now i dont know the calibre of people who represent the health sector at capital hill,how can you be comfortablewith the ammount of risk allowances being given to nurses and doctors to be this low? to me a medical doctor deserves an ammount that a minister gets,seriosly speaking.

    1. me says:

      yes ok.
      but if giving more money the risk is less?
      the risk still the same money dont kill risk activities.
      i agree with you its a profession of risk and they have short money but if they stay with contact as you say money is for what???????????

      1. chilungamo says:

        More money is a compensation,thus how its done world over,you may not understand this until you do medicine Mr me,have you ever touched blood contaminated with HIV knowing any mistake with it one can get the HIV? You are saying this cause cause either you are very dull or you are so sunk in supporting some politicians,this is serious business,Doctors deserve better,because they work more,and went to school more than almost every cadre on Malawi,this is the truth.

  32. PEFECO says:

    God remove the one who is causing all these probems.

  33. mbonaona says:

    A modest revision of their perks would go along way in resolving the strike. The workers’ concerns are genuine. Normal channels of communication have failed to yield any tangible
    positive response. The strike is a last resort in a bid to enforce increments. Some people out there have been awarded 367% increase. The striking workers are asking for less than that.Reverse the 367% may be we will see sense at the end of the tunnel. At the moment the so called normal channels of presenting grievance are simply not working, in fact they stopped working long time a go. Health workers are victims of SADISM take it or leave it!

    The situation is time sensitive because it involves peoples lives which are at risky because of the on-going industrial action. God wants the authorities to act fairly NOW! There should been no beating about the bush, the solution is there. Cut down on other peoples allowances, eg 1000 litres of fuel, my foot, all that fuel what for? This is indeed MALAWI where SADISM is at play shamelessly. The Bishops, akulu akulu a ma chalichi please come in, where are you?

  34. pondomali says:

    Malawi wa Lero

  35. Pichi says:

    Paja Mai Kwataine adali konko kudzaona “how KCH has become a death trap?” oh okay. so with this now its no longer a death trap but a death camp. If there is somebody who is laughing at these developments them his or her humanity is half empty ndithu. Koma how do we explain strikes before discussion? Heads should roll here. Anyamata a oversight ku human resources wina anyamamuka without gratuity. And people imadikira ilandire kaye za December? Oho!

  36. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Ku chipatalako chonde musatero. Tikudziwa kuti boma la bwampini li chinyengo chachuluka. Koma abale anufe kulira kwathu tikuliranso mmalo mwanu. Chonde bwerera ku ntchito.

  37. Wbc says:

    Health proffesion allowance at less than 2 thousand kwacha,what an insult!!!

  38. ZAMADALA says:



  39. joseph banda says:

    Inu a Boma mukugona kwambiri. When elections are being done in pivotal institutions, be present. How for example do you expect Ngoma, President of Nurses in Malawi to help you. In anthu a DPP lekani nsanje kuti anthu ena akuthandizeni koma blocking. Did you all belong to dpp? You are not helping the President. WHY ALL THESE DEMOS? Do a soul searching. Most of the people who were demonized during Bingu were just as innocent ase APM and his group on treason charges during JB. Why do you continue punishing them?

  40. Wachimwa says:

    Do people have to lose their lives and loved ones for you to get a pay rise or allowance? Please, use other means in this open and democratic society!!!!

  41. When we read in the Book of 1 Thessalonians Chap 3, verse 8, we hear that, so affectionately longing for you, we were well-pleased to impart to you, not only the gospel of God, but also Our Own Sauls, because you had become very dear to us. This means that, we should, actually, depend on The almighty God, for wisdom. This is so, becouse, Our God, has got, answers to all Our Problems. Peace to you all, stay well always. Amen.

  42. namanyozela says:

    shegu. arrogancy is a recipe to rage. please solve this mr president.

  43. tzude2 says:

    Ndikangofa muona zosaona

  44. Mbukavu says:

    Those working in essential services like health need to put saving lives above any other consideration Human life is too precious and sacred to be subjected to this kind of service denial Malawians where have we thrown our human compassion?

    1. chiperoni2 says:

      I am not in the health profession, but do our leaders not know that human life is precious? Why did they have to wait for this. Let us face facts, greed of our leaders is the cause of all this.

  45. Khwantha says:


  46. THAKOPANSI says:




  48. Nkasai says:

    We pray for the the reincarnation of Florence Nightingale

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