Stand up against Mutharika, says Malawi rights body CEDEP

Malawi  citizens require courage to take  “action”  against the economic turmoil  in the country and must urge President Peter Mutharika to clearly explain to Malawians what he and his government are doing to take the country out of its numerous problems, a local human rights body in Malawi has said.

Trapence: Malawi has a apresident who at best is missing in action and at worst he is a leader at the very root of this crisis

Trapence: Malawi has a President who at best is missing in action and at worst Mutharika is a leader at the very root of this crisis

The Centre for Development of People (Cedep) urge  Malaiwans not to  keep their heads down, protecting narrow self-interest but stand up for their rights as things fall apart in Malawi, saying the country belongs to each and every Malawian.

“Nothing will really change with just discussions on the worsening state of affairs only on social media. There is a need for action,” urges Cedep executive director Gift Trapence in a statement made available to Nyasa Times.

Trapence said President Mutharika and the government take Malawians “for granted” due to a culture of silence.

“ It is high time we stood up for our rights. Today is the tomorrow we would like to see,” reads the statement in part.

President Mutharika on Monday night went on taxfunded Malawi Broadcasting Corporation television and radio to outline a list of public investment programmes aimed at bailing the country out of socio-economic woes.

But  CEDEP branded Mutharika’s national address as a missed opportunity to inspire hope in Malawians.

The organisation observed that Mutharika failed and instead he focused on “petty and negligible” issues.

It also noted that in 35-minute national address, Mutharika fell short of outlining a road map on how such ambitious programmes would be financed.

While acknowledging the challenges facing the country, the President said accepting the presence of problems was the first step in solving them.

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12 thoughts on “Stand up against Mutharika, says Malawi rights body CEDEP”

  1. Otonde says:

    Bravo Trapence we’re ready & eager,to follow you as a leader in whatever you can plan.Nanga mukutani?poti ifetu kwathu m’kudikira inu oyambitsa.

  2. corrupt minds says:

    Oh thanks to Peter Mutharika. Things are well in Malawi. We are safe. Good security. Everything is super. Bravo our president.
    Do you want Malawians singing such a song? Say the truth Malawians. Things are not good. Whatever the issue with Trapence is the fact remains in his words. Malawi is rotting before our eyes. Current Leadership isn’t inspiring at all. No hopeful words.
    Attack the argument and not the person

  3. True Malawian says:

    Kwacha Malawi why bring Undule in this issue, so its you guys who wanted to kill Undule eti? devil you are a big lier, Viva undule. .. you failed to kill as no weapon fashioned against Undule shall prosper. Don’t fight people fight issues affecting this country.

  4. Santana,Behumane and Kwacha Malawi, you are devils agents, blood suckers, cashgate has ruined your brains. How Malawians are suffering at the expence of this your dull professor? We have plenty of water in lake Malawi and Shire river is its only outlet at the same time Escom electricity turbines are in down shire, tell me why we have electricity and water crisis? DPP has dull leaders who only know how to steal government money, DPP is a walking devil that kills critics, dpp has a dead leadership that fails basics of life. Universities closed, people are swollen due to hunger, every developme t is attached to corruption, you have seven + 1 ministers completely rotten with the one being your dull professor, in actual sense the whole dpp needs total destruction, it is a bad omen. And if you think you are untouchable just wait, you coronated your Bingu with so numerous self exaltation names, mose walero , mpulumutsi, etc, what followed? Anafa infa yowawa osalapa, God redeemed us from that evil dictator. Today you are doing the same, exalying this your dull maniac and regarding dpp as a forever entity, God is not Bingu or Ngolongoliwa, anything might happen at any time and anywhere. I believe your heads are clouded with spidermite because mmene a Malawi tikuvutikiramu some fools ngayi inu kumabackla dpp on everything. Malawians with our true Father God will very soon be out of this dpp bondage and you will wish to hide in clay cracks with your subjective mind. GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL

  5. santana says:

    Mr Trapence, how many times were Malawians asked to rise against Mutharika, and if they did what was the achievement? Rising against the DPP started long back before Bingu’s death. Some political leaders said the death of Bingu was the answer from God that Malawians should be saved from the torture of the DPP boma. Came 2014 Malawians showed all the CSOs and those fake politicians including Amayi that they cannot be cheated by their rhetoric. They brought the DPP back to power. Many people have talked things against this govt so that people revolt. Do you think an elected govt can step down just because people went to the streets? Is there not a way to boot out any govt when it is not performing? Why short cuts? I think the opposition and all the pro-opposition CSOs have come to a conclusion that whatever they can do to discredit this govt there is no hope for a win in 2019. I just ask you to keep on talking till 2019 when you will face another defeat.

  6. tratick says:

    Trapence is a fooliest person ever in the world record of fools. The country is facing natural disasters. Lucy enough this year God is blessing us with rains. So you want to stop farming for your useless ideas. Go to hell and meet Amadiora there.

  7. Maunits says:

    Moya ndi Kwacha Malawi I think sizikukuyenderani. Akunama Gift Trapence nanga boma timachita kukavota simungafunse kti mwapanga development yanji. Muli mabungwe angati MMalawimuno. Khalani chete a dpp inu. Nthawi ya Bingu Diesel Patrol panalibe dpp pano pangali mesi ndi magetsi bwanji anthuni zikavuta tikhanzeru timatura pansi osango tsutsa pamene inu ndiye olira zenizeni bola ineyo. Zaziiii

  8. Nohito says:

    I choose to differ Mr. Tick (Trapence).. The Malawi you want begins with you. in fact this country is failing to develop because of people like you Trapence. Take off your tie and go to your garden. Buy fertilizer to your parents and relations so that they harvest more next harvesting season. people like you trapence are the evils of society. what you know is talk talk…………. we need to work hard as a country.. The moment every Malawian will say NO to hunger and NO to poverty, that will be the beginning of prosperity for Malawi.

  9. MOYA says:


  10. Kwacha Malawi says:

    Trapence ndiwe munthu opanda nzeru ndipo you are absolutely foolishness. You never appreciate government at any point of time “no” you always criticize government together with your colleague Mtambo, surely mimba zanu. Tindalama mwakhala mukutolerato mwamanga-manga dzimashoni mwinanso mwathera ku Bwandilo, panopa mukuti chiyani? Manu uja pano akuti I am coming to serve people of Malawi ndipo mumuuze kuti ngakhala ife a Malawi atithira doom mkamwa kuno ai nyasi zimene zija. Ndipo dziwani kuti M’malawi panopa simunthu oti muzimunamiza ai ndipo mukhawula kumene mumakatenga thandizo lanulo pano akuti ai Donald Trump. Trapence ask Mwakasungula and their colleagues what had happened to them. God is not a son of man who liar but He wants someone to be liberated. Iwe fotseke zako, you says stand up against Mutharika, stupid zako, kagwere uko, opusa iwe.

  11. non says:

    Ntchito zinazi. Kupanda kutonza President ndiye kuti ticket siinayende. Sitingamvepo kuti mwachita donate china chake ku sukulu, mwayendera wodwala ku chipatala koma nkhani yomangowopseza boma basi. Muzikhalapo ndi manyazi. By the way, can you list down any one achievement you have done over these years?

    1. dowa boy says:

      Bwana, Give credit where it’s due, Mutharika has failed the nation, mukumuikira kumbuyo bwanji? Ngati Mutharika akungodya misonkho yathu you expect CEDEP to donate drugs in hospitals?………no, we will stand up for our rights some day….

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