Standard Bank rewards 92 tobacco farmers in 1st draw

Standard Bank has conducted the first draw of its “Mlimi Alirenji” promotion in which 92 growers have won assorted prizes in support of their next season’s green leaf production.

Lesego: Well placed

Lesego: Well placed

Tractor Grand Prize

Tractor Grand Prize

Speaking during the draw, the bank’s Head of Global Lesego Osman said the prizes are Standard Bank’s contribution to sustainability of the tobacco industry, which anchors Malawi’s economy.

“These prizes aim to support production and processing of tobacco in the next season. Our goal is to contribute to promote sustainability of Malawi’s tobacco industry. This is in view of its strategic importance to the economy,” he said.

The Head of Global Markets said the Mlimi Alirenji Promotion has been designed to offer tobacco growers more kwachas for every dollar processed through Standard Bank.

“As Africa’s Best Forex Currency Provider, we have offered a higher margin on tobacco dollar proceeds through this promotion,” said Osman.

During the draw 20 growers won Hesian sacks, two won Bailing jacks, 10 won solar power banks for charging phones and 60 won Standard Bank branded consolation prizes.

To stand a chance of winning, tobacco growers need to receive their proceeds from the auction floors using Standard Bank accounts. Lucky draws will be conducted every fortnight at which assorted prizes will be won. The grand prize is a brand new tractor worth K16 million.

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11 thoughts on “Standard Bank rewards 92 tobacco farmers in 1st draw”

  1. sis zee says:

    The guy is handsome i thought he is Malawian and he is not, most Malawian men are ugly and dont care of themselves

  2. Makanja says:

    60% of shares in Standard Bank MW is owned by a foreign bank, so its only natural that some of its senior workers will be foreigners.
    Komano alimi, ganizani bwino; musataye ndalama zanu pa zinthu za chabechabe. Mwazunzika kuti mupeze ndalama, choncho palibe nzeru kumwera mowa kapena mahule.
    yambani mabizinesi, lipilirani ana sukulu, kaguleni mapuloti mtawuni, ….

  3. Zilani says:

    Banks in Malawi make obscene profits at the expense of poor masses.

    It doesn’t make sense to reap us billions of kwacha snd only give back to society K20million (tractor’s cost inflated plus others prizes).

    The billions you make in profits end up paying bonuses for your few blood sucking vsmpires on our economy.

    The sad part is that such kind of blood money is sucked from struggling masses.

    Bank charge of K1,500 ledger fees/month on an account is just too much for low earners like teachers.

    We ask all commercial banks to earn clean money please.

    How do you feel, when retrench staff and end up reaping billions in profit? Do you have any moral responsibility of loving your neighbor ad you love yourself?

  4. charles says:

    Problem with standard bank is they employ anthu yakunja, why is this guy the head of Global markets when we have Malawians who are qualified to do the same job.

  5. william says:

    Why are malawi banks making so much profits every year, reserve bank should regulate commercial banks in malawi the difference between lending rate and fixed deposit rate is so high, also on foreign exchange the difference in rate between selling and buying is almost 22Mk, this is the highest in the world. Reserve bank in depressed times businesses are laying off peopel but banks are making millions, please make strict regulations

  6. ben says:

    Standard banks hands up, reward the farmers is good, but dont depreciate the currency as we also need to buy farm inputs

  7. sam says:

    This guy is not a Malawian why is this bank employing foreigners while malawians can do teh same job

  8. trevor says:

    Standard Bank have given prizes to 92 farmers, but they have hurt 18million poor Malawins they have depreciated the currency by 3% or Mk20 within a single day. This bank is dangerous, it is bank which is pro MCP, and wants to defame the ruling party DPP.

  9. trevor says:

    Ma leserve bank bwanji a banki ku malawi amapanga 3% profit ma buying rate yatcha 679 kugulitsa ndi 695, kunja mabanki buying ndi selling rate difference amakhal pangono

  10. patrick says:

    standard bank rewards farmers with these petty things then hurts 16million malawians by devauling the currency by MK20. which means fuel, groceries will go up. This bank should be known as Satanic bank and not standard bank.

  11. thom says:

    Abanki uyo wayamba devaluation tinafuna kulipira mafees za examinations zulo amagulitsa mapound 1000 wrelo yafika 1031 mbava banki uyo, reserve bank afuna alanda licence yawo, 1 days anga kwera 30MK what rubbish is this

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