State House insists Mutharika still in US on official duties

Director of Communications at State House Bright Mollande insisted on Wednesday President Peter Mutharika is still in the United States on official duties.

Mutharika: Accused of nepositm

Mutharika: Accused of nepositm

He said he could not say when he is coming back, saying State House will put up an announcement on his coming back as they did with his going to the US.

However, this comment has attracted mixed views on social media.

Some people are arguing that the President  is always surrounded with a couple of journalists from MBC and Mana who detail each and every official engagement he has outside the country but MBC has had no news of the Head of State for two weeks now which is surprising.

Mutharika is said to have secretly proceeded on leave after the UN general assembly, his last destination unknown but left behind a collapsing economy and a struggling nation back in Malawi.

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12 thoughts on “State House insists Mutharika still in US on official duties”

  1. Amogelang says:

    Kodi obaba o the analyst mulipo mwasowatu….busy ndi thesis kapena…nati ndifunse

  2. chomee says:

    Koma amenewu uyu pitala basi busy kumeneko ifeyo m’dima daily zakwanano

  3. [email protected] says:

    it is clear Mutharika is on leave. He does this year, The only problem is that he does not say he will be on leave. The other problem is that he is on leave, but the security personnel are paid by taxpayers.
    Dr Molanda will soon lose credibility if he continues lying. How can he say Mutharika is still on official duties? What type of duty? This is a pure lie. Mutharika ndiwadyera. He used to do that even when he was Minisiter of Education. He would go to USA on duty and stay there for a month.
    This country will NEVER develop as long as we have leaders like Mutharika. He is NOT cautious of expenses. He has been shunning important forums taking place in Africa because he wanted to go to USA for the UN and proceed on holiday. He is the WORST president Malawi has ever had. Muntu wadyela.

  4. Comrade D Again says:

    Is the VP in control of the instruments of power or are these in the control of a Lomwe – George Chaponda?
    VP must brief army officers because what happened when Bingu died – Peter Mutharika trying to stop Joyce could repeat with Chalima. Watch Bright Masaka too!
    Malawians you have been warned!

  5. Comrade D says:

    Please find out where Brian Bowler whereabouts are because the rumour is that Bowler who has been handling and hiding the monies Bingu stole, is travelling with Peter Mutharika secretly to hand over the monies to Peter Mutharika. So PLEASE find out where Bowler is. Wherever Bowler is so is Peter Mutharika.

  6. gringo says:

    Director of Communications at State House Bright Mollande insisted on Wednesday President Peter Mutharika is still in the United States on official duties. -mr Molande , how do you insist on something you dont know. am puzzled

  7. hhhhhh says:

    udzabeleso mavote 2019 wava……. nsana wamabalawo

  8. hhhhhh says:

    wopusa ameneyu

  9. Douglas Ndindi says:

    Yes, this is Malawi. Here, everything to do with the first citizen is a secret. I mean EVERYTHING…wealth, family connections, health….. even when they die, or travel outside after losing an election. It happens with every occupant of State House. Why should one “secretly proceed on leave”? Of course unless there are issues surrounding that leave! State House officials have just managed to create grounds for speculation among the people of Malawi. So don’t blame anybody if people come up with “wrong” ideas about what is happening. Ndikudziwa mwamva.

  10. Milward says:

    “Mutharika is said to have secretly proceeded on leave….” – come on you journos!! During his period of presidency, how many times has he told you that he is proceeding on leave? Didn’t he leave anybody behind to take charge in his absence? What is your problem? The most sensible question that you could have asked the press Secretary was to confirm whether anything has been detrimentally affected due to his absence not these other questions. Are you aware that the HE is entitled to a leave of absence? Come on! We elected a human being not an extra terrestrial.

  11. Fisi Mtambo says:

    Basi azisiya awo. Aweruka amenewo. The announcement the state house will be making is about …zakumpumulo wopanda bata!

  12. Gwalade says:

    This is really strange , if the old man is unwell let those that are ok take over. Chilima alikuti?

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