State House, MPs draw battle lines over Clerk of Parliament Kalemba

State House is urging women lobby groups to rise up and protest against four legislators who are blocking the swearing in of Fiona Kalemba as Clerk of Parliament, saying this male chauvinism must by condemned.

Fiona Kalemba: New Clerk of Parliament came distant third in the interviews

Fiona Kalemba: New Clerk of Parliament came distant third in the interviews

However, one of the members who sought a court injunction to block the swearing in of Kalemba, Kamlepo Kalua said this issue is about human rights, wondering why President Peter Mutharika picked a third candidate in the interviews conducted by the Parliamentary Service Commission.

“This is a human rights issue. We will report the government to the UN, African Union, Comesa, European Union and other human rights bodies if government does not rescind its decision,” he said.

Kalua said it was surprising that the president left out Charles Mkandawire who came first during the interviews, worse left out Grace Malera who came out second in the interviews.

However, presidential advisor on civil society groups and NGOs, Mabvuto Bamusi insisted the president looked at professional merit and experience.

More so, he said, the President wants to promote women into decision making positions of the society.

“Women groups, where are you, Gender Coordinating Network, condemn the action by the four MPs, protest. These four MPs don’t want women to rise up the ladders,” said Bamusi.

President Mutharika appointed Kalemba as clerk of parliament, saying she is professional and has vast experience in bill drafting, one of the prerequisite qualifications.

However in parliament, People’s Party leader Uladi Mussa alleged the president made the appointment out of nepotism and tribalism, an allegation trashed by Mutharika who said he does not even know where Kalemba comes from.

Other MPs who took the injunction are Enoch Chihana, Harry Mkandawire and Peter Chakwantha.

Chihana said the legislators are not against Kalemba as an individual but the system and wants justice on the matter.

The Republican Constitution provides that the Parliamentary Service Commission, headed by Speaker of the National Assembly, should provide three names of possible candidates to the head of state upon which the president shall appoint one person.

Chancellor College Political scientist Blessings Chinsinga has since asked for a Constitutional change, saying it is bizarre for the head of the executive arm of government to appoint a chief executive of a separate arm of government, the National Assembly.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said the state would vacate the court injunction, saying among other things, the four MPs have no powers to take the injunction because they do not have interest in the matter since none of them is a member of the Parliamentary Service Commission, a parliamentary body mandated to hire and fire National Assembly staff.

Some members of staff accused Speaker Richard Msowoya of nepotism and triabalism too, alleging he connived with a senior member from the Human Resources Department to arrange an interview through the Parliamentary Service Commission that suited Mkandawire.

Kalemba has not commented on the matter but she was introduced to the political leadership of the House on Thursday.

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45 thoughts on “State House, MPs draw battle lines over Clerk of Parliament Kalemba”

  1. Proffessor Weniweni says:

    .Pitala 40%
    .Chilima 60%
    .Ben 80%
    What do you think to be the best selected according to the story or to parliamentary constitions
    Koma nanga ndichifukwa chiyani mumafuna mayina atatu?
    mukuyenela kuzikoza zimene m’malamulo yanu
    ku parliamentko

  2. kate says:


  3. kaka says:

    zili kupariament nepotism,racism free advance to you peter chakhwatha do nt be rush as kamulepos,harry be calm like njovuyalema.behave as learned lawyer. .mukapiliza phuma imeneyi come 2019 kaya?

  4. Stevie says:

    I have heard that the law states clearly that three names are presented to His Excellency to pick one of them, so why are you all crying here like babies? Is Muthalika the one who made the law? Does the law state that number one takes the job? I think/guess you who are saying all sorts of things dont think straight. maybe muli ndi ma agenda ena oti enafe sitikuwadziwa. Otherwise Muthalika is following the law (has acted within the law itself). No qualms, no bad-mouthing each other mpaka nepotism, tribalism…etc. Change the law first and accuse Muthalika then and then after only. eeissh!!

  5. willybetha says:

    She deserves this appointment though analakwa interview experience inalephera kuwathandiza.ntchito iwalaka away.

  6. Jackson White says:

    Atumbuka mudzikhutitsidwa…The outgoing COP….Roosevelt Gondwe wa Mtumbuka…Pano Speaker ndi Mtumbuka…Ndiye COP wina Mtumbukanso?

  7. Kamunoli says:

    People must fight for their economic freedom of which the leader has failed them

  8. mbi says:

    Why should this be a gender issue? if it were why not lobby then for the second placed who is also a woman. Third? NO.

  9. Fiona says:

    Fiona is mahope a Peter Mathanyula. He says Getrude is just too tiny for him kkkkkkk!! A Getu akulandani banja Fiona lili phweee!! Why recommend for interviews in the first place when you had someone in mind already? Malawians lets condemn this in the strongest terms from the imbecile president. Zimachitikanso in companies inviting applications just to cover up when they already have one in mind amene waaonetsa mwendo. Malawi will never develop. If you want a woman, then Grace is the right one here!

  10. Jappie mhango's niece says:

    Nepotism aside, but you will always be beaten by northerners. If you want to advance women, the Grace should be the CoP, period. Why take a failure in this matter? Even a std 6 can decide but definitely not Fiona!! Bamusi you are just as mad a dog like your master!

  11. Cashgate1 says:

    Bamusi should know very well that Gender is not about women, but all of us inclusive. Let people be given position because of merit not where they come from. I like it that interviews were done and the best candidate made it. To him isn’t is a gender issue? If its a question of women taking positions should we do so at the expense of eligible individuals? The fact that women also participated in the interview it shows that chances were created for them all. Bwana apa ndiwe mwagufa big time. Bolani mukadampatsa wachiwiliyo poti naye ndi mkazi. You talk of experience, does it matter at all when nepotism is high in Malawi?

  12. James kotoki says:

    The third or the worst is the best to the worst president.To him he saw gold.

  13. Mathanyula says:

    I’m a woman and although I agree that more of us need to be in decision making positions we should do so only if we are deserving of and qualified for such positions. We need to raise the bar and not just have the numbers. I don’t know this lady and I have no ill will against her but if she faired poorly at the interview then maybe she does not deserve the position

  14. mtumbuka1 says:

    Only in the poorest country named Nyasaland the third best is regarded the very best and smarter than the first best and this can never happen in any other country in the world but if people try to raise the issue are branded tumbukas, how stupid are you people?(if I may ask) And we have people barking up the wrong tree( in kamulepo kalua) how bizarre! you know pretty well that the “I don’t know president” of yours is nepotistic about everything but as a country you choose to defend the way he appointed this woman to the position of clerk of the parliament. If the idiot knew he had the preferred candidate in his useless mind why the hell was he ordering them to go through interviews in the first place? You people are just used to mediocrity. As usual your president claims not not to know the district where this woman comes from….who are you trying to fool around with peter? Are we kids? Are you Malawians not fed up with mutharika’s blunders,lies,nepotism theft, trickery, and all sorts of crap a few months since he made himself your president? If not and you think life has to go on then the whole country needs an I. Q check up. It takes one patriotic son of a country to spark a revolution and it will spread like wild fire someone must kick mutharika’s butt. What happened to democracy that people fought hard for while peter, bingu, ben phiri, and chilima (your through the back door heroes) where not even born? Don’t blame anybody that your country is rated the poorest in the world blame it on your visionless an patriotic leaders who gets to power through rigged votes and are allowed them to get away with it. You folks got a long way to go if you don’t change the way you think….this is not rocket science, the woman came third best in an interview and that means she had only 30% chance of being appointed to the position. Politics aside, this is bullshit.

  15. Chidzukulu says:

    But the Law is clear, three names are sent to the president for him to choose one. This is exactly what he has done. There is nothing wrong with the president if anything deal with the Law first. Otherwise you have goaffed.

  16. nyayo says:

    Legally I don’t think Kamlepo crew hv a good case. The president has the right to choose from the three.

  17. Mukhuna says:

    I thought Emma Kaliya Claims to be a champion of 50 – 50 Campaign. Where is she now?? Kuli ziiiiiiii chifukwa ndi walwithu amene mukufuna kuti atenge udindo hahahahahaha.

  18. The Analyst says:

    Komatu nawenso Bamusi mutu wako sugwira. Are you sure you can lure the Gender Coordinating Network to support a distant fourth Kalemba at the expense of the second-placed Grace Malera? Cant you see that you are not making sense when you speak of women empowerment yet the president failed to see a woman in Grace. Another reason would make sense but not women empowerment!

    Iwe kamlepo nde mutu wako unasiya kalekale kuyenda. Ofcourse everybody would want to be seen to be working, but does it always have to be controversy?
    . . . You mean you cant see that the problem is the constitution which gives the president his way of choosing whoever he/she wishes, for whatever reason, hence susceptible to errors? Why not push for a review of such errors in the constitution? coz thats what you MPs are there for! Why do you always choose to be an enemy of progress by rushing to court for an injunction?

    . . . People need to be reminded that the position that one attains at an interview is not always necessarily a true reflection of the total sum of knowledge of the interviewee; rather a mere opinion of the interviewers which is prone to bias induced by incompetence on the part of the interviewee in asking relevant questions, among others.
    . . . Anybody at full command of their brain power cant fail to see the possibility of Msowoya and his colleagues failing to ask relevant questions or making a comprehensive assessment of the interviewees vis-a’-vis APM (Professor of Law).

  19. zambezi says:

    How is this a human rights issue? Tribalism vs sexism. Musova. Mutha copulators

  20. Munthu says:

    I f I were kalemba, kungozitaya. Muchita kudziwa kuti anthu sakukufuna and also that you came 3rd…..ha ha ha……I wouldn’t take pride in that at all

  21. munyapa says:

    in fact the international community is laughing at us. the reason you submit three names is for the president to choose his preferance. that is the practice even in advanced societies. who told you that number gets the job? shame

  22. master says:

    This is very embarasing here, this lady failed interviews, the president only appoints where there is no interviews so in this case the bigman Mr IBU has goofed big time , Justice Mkandawire deserved the job with his 13 yrs experience as a registrar of SADC tribunal based in Namibia, he has been robbed of victory here, but then if its promotion of women then GRACE Malera should have been picked here because she came second based on merit, Kalemba here zikuwonesa kuti anamudyesapo peter mr IBU mwendo, if i were kalemba i would have not picked this job, its very disgusting and embarrasing to pick a up a job which i failed to pass an interviews!!!! MR IBU(peter)the purpose of conducting interviews is to choose best candidates based on merit, while appointment is based on tribes and regions, but here interviews were done hahahaha mwawonekelatu apa MR IBU

  23. Wakhwitu says:

    Northener Kamlepe Kaluwa, why not question the tribalism of Msowoya who favoured his fellow northern during the interview. Do you really we are fools. You should do your shitty tribalims in Nyika parliament not ours. Road to jenda has no raod blocks you can go any time. Enough of this shit!!!

  24. nachisale says:

    Kamlepo and the other MPs are stupid chauvinists and they are full of nepotism. How can they try to stop Fiona Kalemba from being CoP. Instead, they want wakwithu. Women need to protest against these bigots of male MPs. Kamlepo is a loud-mouth confusionist who does not understand democracy. The presider had a prerogative to choose one of the candidates submitted. Women need to rise because selfish men like Kamlepo are taking us bak to the dictatorship.

  25. Dusty says:

    Izo ndizanu bola ine lero ndadyera mnkhwani otendera,ndilibe problem.

  26. levelheaded says:

    Koma Fiona ndiye uli ndi milomo yayikulu bwino yoyenela blowjob bwanji.

  27. losco says:

    Nothing wrong by the President!! If any argument, why does the law allow the submission of three names to the Head of state?Umbuli wanthu wakwithu.

  28. pwiya wa pwiya says:

    I would agree and agree and agree with the last contributor. However, the president has done nothing wrong here, three names of possible candidates for him to choose and he did so. What is it? The honorables continue to show their ignorance here as regards procedures.

  29. Rasta boy says:

    Its unfortunate that politics and bizzare national constitution
    is putting an innocent person at spot. Whatever Mutharika and Msowoya have in this silly executive vs Parliament battle, is rubbish and not beneficial to the country. However, from Peter’s side, for once this is not nepotism. Fiona Kalemba (nee Sakanda) comes from Neno but with strong ties to mchinji where her mother comes from. I even don’t know why Grace was not picked. However, fact of the matter is that Fiona must have superior knowledge and experience of Parliament business due to the nature of her 10+ years work

  30. Mirella K says:

    Mazi kuthwanima uyu ayayaya!

  31. Kenkkk says:

    BigMan, so the president choosing mediocrity is good for the country? No wonder we are sinking.

    The president claims he doesn’t know Fiona as I suppose because of uchona but I can see people like Ben, oh no but chaponda, mwanamveka, mukhondiwa and other advisors telling the president to go for mediocrity Fiona because they know her somehow. The reason given is good at drafting, my foot. So stupid.

    Personally I would have gone for Grace, she was better than Fiona at interview, better mediocrity than that of Fiona and of course I don’t want to tumbukalise the whole top parliamentary administration office. So sometimes we can ignore the best and take the next best thing to balance and promote unity of purpose for the country. But the president digressed too Much from the best by choosing the least. By the way as you know me through nyasatimes, am a tumbuka as well.

    If it wAs an academic situation, then I would always choose the best academically. Say if it was students going to university in Malawi or abroad. Always the best academically should be chosen. No quota for me.

  32. advisory committee says:

    This is a tricky matter. It is merit against affirnative action and women advancement and also affirnative action and discrimination against a person from the north. Koma truly speaking the president has erred in law and he has taken irrelevant consderations in the appointment of Fiona as COP. Merit was the factor not otherwise

  33. Njolinjo says:

    Tonde you are an idiot mother fucker. This has nothing to do with the tribe. Ndimuwuza Mulli akutukwane

  34. BigMan says:

    Surely the reason the president is given the names of the top candidates is to choose the candidate that he wants. Otherwise why not just send him the name of the successful candidate for him to rubber stamp?

    If you have an issue with the constitution, then change the law.

  35. Tonde says:

    Amene mukudziwa from which district does Fiona kalemba come from? Nanga grace malera? That mkandawire idiot should not have been employed no debate about that. When Lucas khondowe stole the position of director of acb from the competent reyneck matemba nobody made noise. If it was the other way round mad.kamlepo kalua would have gotten an injunction. Selfish dogs atumbuka!!!!!

  36. kenkkk says:

    Oh so now csos are good Mr bamusi, only when they suit you. But what are you saying about Grace, the better woman who came second? Shame mr bamusi and peter for this tribalistic racist behaviour.

    I think the women groups will question you why didn’t you choose Grace. Shooting yourselves in the foot you stupid fools.

    Who knows a better qualified person,the president or the people who interviewed the person?

    The constitutional is also seriously flawed, the president shouldn’t have got involved here. Look at the embarrassment caused.

  37. Mashamase says:

    Favourtisnm , next time no wakwathu


    How can the whole dunderhead president not know the person who is being appointed as a COP where he comes from and if at all he is a Malawian citizen or not ? This dunderhead became a president of Malawi through a back door that’s why everything is moving one step forward and nintynine steps backwards. We are all blaming MEC for the bad choice.

  39. Witcan says:

    The Mps are on the right path. The duty of the president is to appoint. To my understanding is that the president did his part by appointing four people to be interviewed by parliament. Its now the duty of parliament to choose the right candidate and write recommendation to the appointing officer. The president has no right or authority to dictate to parliment whose candidate to pick. From the letters, they state, ” it has pleased His Excellency to appoint u to such such position” thus the interview letter. Its up to the interviewers to pick the right candidate period ! Lets not create war where there is no war! A president, dont create more enemies please!

  40. Chifwede says:

    Mr. Bamusi, calling on Women groups to rise up is as childish an idea as the person (you) advocating for it. We want women to attain decision making positions but they should qualify and earn such positions not through nepotism and presidential favours.

    You talk of women empowerment, why did the president not appoint Grace Malera who came second? Is Grace Malera a man????? You behalf like a total Idiot

    1. Baba wa boy says:

      Yowoya Jere!!

  41. Hehehede says:

    You want women to protest now munali kuti nthawi yonse why didn’t you tell women to protest when cabinet was announced with only 3 female minsters out of 17 male minsters. Tiyeni nazo lero palowa njoka ndi azimai angati achotsedwa ma udindo ndikui ka a Bambo. Uyambe iweyo protesting tione. There so many women mwaamwaapondeleza.

  42. Peter27 says:

    Change the bloody constitution!
    Strip too much powers from the bloody president! The executive arm can’t be bossing over the legislative arm of gvt, thats just impractical!
    And lastly, Bamusi, we all know you don’t articularly care about women in general so stop your pathetic attempts at making this personal by gaining support from women groups. Malawians are not as stupid as you DPP guys think!

  43. Bright Mkosi says:

    Musiyeni ndi mmalawi mzimayiyu agwile ntchitoyo

  44. mabungwe a chizimayi where were u pamene mamamuchotsa JB pa mpikisano sizingatheke no 3 kukhala no 1 go to hell

Comments are closed.

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