State House rubbishes Nation newspaper on APM ‘ignoring’ Chakwera

Malawi State House has dismissed media reports that President Peter Mutharika he ignored presence of leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera launch of HTD’s Abdul Majid Motor City, saying he did not him due to a barrier.

Chakweera sat on the presidential podium alongside former president Bakili Muluzi, Cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa and First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje, among others.

Chakweera sat on the presidential podium alongside former president Bakili Muluzi, Cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa and First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje, among others.

A statement signed by presidential press secretary Frederick Ndala, said Mutharika did not ignore Chakwera, but failed to give him a handshake because of a barrier.

The statement also rubbishes Malawi’s flagship daily newspaper, The Nation for indicating in their story that Mutharika ignored Chakwera twice.

“If The Nation Newspaper had done thorough investigations, it would have learnt that the president actually had problems in greating former president Dr Bakili Muluzi who was sitting adjacent to the president due to the barrier in the VVIP platform.

“He did not see Right Hon Chakwera because of the barrier. All the people present at the event  saw how the barrier made it difficult for the president to interact with Muluzi.”

The statement said the barrier is a physic one and does not exist in the so called barrier in the president’s psyche as insinuated by the newspaper.

Ndala also said it was just an oversight for the President not to recognise the leader of opposition in his salutations.

He said salutations document was handed over to the President as he was about to speak and as such he genuinely missed Chakwera’s name and a few others at the event.

“The State House is dismayed with lack of professionalism and the apparent ill-intent to bring unnecessary political innuendo in an otherwise straight forward matter as displayed in the paper report and its editorial,” Ndala, a former editor of Malawi News said in apparent attack to The Nation.

“We would like to urge The Nation to refrain from reporting on non-issues and positively report on substantial matters aimed at building the nation,” reads part of the statement.

As an example, the statement said in the past public functions Mutharika has dully recognised Chakwera.

Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and finished second to Mutharika in the controversial May 20 Tripartite Elections, was one of the high-profile guests that sat on the presidential podium alongside former president Bakili Muluzi, Cabinet ministers, Chief Secretary to the Government George Mkondiwa and First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Esther Mcheka Chilenje, among others.

Chakwera, whose party argues was robbed of victory during the May 20 Tripartite Elections that put Mutharika in power, was cheered by his party supporters who attended the launch.

HTD Limited is a private local limited liability company incorporated in Malawi in 1993 and started constructing the new premises in 2004.

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55 thoughts on “State House rubbishes Nation newspaper on APM ‘ignoring’ Chakwera”

  1. Mbwiye says:

    Ulemu sapempha ndipo moni sapempha. Bakili ndi Chakwera ndi anthu amaudindo osiyana, wina anali president ndipo wina sanakhalepo president komanso akhoza kusazakhala chifukwa ndi mulungu yekha amene akuziwa. Bakili belongs to the presidency and enjoys the benefits of being in the presidency along side with JB, Malewezi, Chilumpha, Uncle KK Mabedi APM and Achimwene che Saulos. Level ya Chakwera ndi JZU, Abel Kayembe and Mbuya Nana. These are/were mere leaders of opposition MPs and not even leader of all MPs in Parliament. So do not over value people. I can understand why Chakwera is not bothered. To begin with why should he be bothered. The man is intelligent enough to realize that moni sapempha. Does it require a rocket scientist to know that?

  2. zoshola says:

    anyani a DPP

  3. boston mlotha says:

    what a nosense what do you mean when saying a “barrier”din’t you see those barriers before on your logistics?

  4. Yes Malawi is watching. Which barriers are you talking about? Za dala izi Ndi APM

  5. Zachisoni Phiri says:

    Go ahead Chakwera osachita ngati za bakha uja kuthawa debate nchifukwa chake daluza uja.

  6. Jabesi says:

    Zazii, zamkhutu, ignored or not ignored what benefit does it take to the poor Malawian?

  7. Wiseone says:

    Hahaha,,who can trust the reason?,,kikiki,,lol,,zimangondisekesa

  8. pearson sadala says:

    Cheap talk. Fred ndala if i were you i wudnt have bothered to write this crap.
    You dunno what you are there for. What was the barrier? You mean these days akumaona za tudzi zo

  9. chatonda says:

    Dr Chakwera continue appearing on those meetings even if the president deliberately or not ignores you. Visibility is important at public events. They pay in future. You are for sure the next president of Malawi.

  10. clement says:

    When bringing your stupid comments,you have to read the story before commentingProf APM is a man of followers whatever we shall fight.So don’t make silly noisy just to insult the president and don’t dream MCP will rule Malawi again.It was only in dark ages unless they change the “congress” but if remains like that mmmmm forget about it.You will be crying atibela forever visiru.ln DPP, we trust Prof APM amalilitsa.

  11. If he has some spaces in his normal daily schedule why not attending public functions?

  12. Alungwana says:

    Malawi is watching

  13. Chidikuliku matongu says:

    Muluzi , please tell the nation about your sickness, what happened to your slipped disks? Because it seems you attend almost any function these days. I will be opening my toilet and chigayo next week, can you grace the occasion please? Don’t revert to your sickness when you cross path with pitala……crook iwe!

  14. Koma ndiye says:

    Where is the physical barrier the DPP are commenting on? I can’t see any

  15. DUWA KALIRANI says:

    A Ndala mapwala anu mwamva. Nyemba zaujenizo. Mutipeza after state funeral which is imminent

  16. Zansete says:

    JZU anasiya kupita kunali kuli konse komwe chitsilu cha njanji chinkapezeka zina mwa zifukwa zake ndi zimenezi. Ndi agalu awa.

  17. Kutengeka says:

    Chakwera needs to focus on building and strengthening MCP. He does not need to appear at every event that APM has. Kutengeka bwanji Abusa. What are you trying to prove???? We need a strong opposition that is the only thing that will keep checks and balances on this administration. You can have a cordial relationship with APM but please have a back bone and show us what you stand for …… That is if you do!!! You need to take APM to task about The fast deteriorating welfare of Malawians. We don’t need you at the VVIP stand , we need action please!!!!

  18. Chikadzakowani says:

    The Mutharikas were brought up like this: Full of arrogance and self centredness. Bingu was even worse. APM respects only one person in Malawi, and that person is Bakili Muluzi. He knows that Muluzi is the major reason we now have a Mutharika dynasty ruling Malawi.

    MCP needs to wake up and shake this guy out of his comfort zone. They need to highlight APM and DPP’s failure to govern with sober, well worked out arguments. MCP came out with a shadow cabinet – but for some reason it is not yet doing any ‘shadowing’. Things have to change. During the Scottish independence debates it was impressive to see both sides arguing with well researched facts. This is what MCP needs to start doing.

    Chiyembekeza as minister of agriculture has been making wild statements lately. The shadow minister of agriculture should come in and offer reasonable explanations or alternatives. Is it really true that the Reserve Bank of Malawi would want to sabotage FISP? What for? What are the necessary steps for FISP to be a success? This is just one example of how MCP can show up DPP. There are people like Menyani, Chiphiko, Belekanyama, Njobvulayema, and many others – why are you giving the impression that it is only Kabwila who can speak? Wake up and do your job – keep the party visible…

  19. HTD says:


  20. HTD says:


  21. EAGLE'S NEST says:


  22. kachikho says:

    We should be well conversant with the subject matter before commenting . The function that both Dr Chakwera and professor Mutharika attended was not a DPP function but they were just invited by the owners of HTD a privately owned company to attend the function. It is wrong to expect the opposition leader to be always negative about any activities which involve the attendance by the president or any government officials . The problem with Malawians is that they expect someone else to do something about their problem. They wanta sacrificial lamb to do it for them. If it works they will benefit but if it fails or back fires, the lamb takes the heat. Unfortunately ,the few lambs that we had turned into hynas . Its not about Chakwera, capitol or any other person it is about all Malawians residents/taxpayers to ensure that we are properly governed. Remember we put them there and we can also take them out. We made the law and we can change it. So let us stop accusing other people for our own foolishness. If tomorrow Capital called for a big walk to demonstrate against the rising cost of water/electricity how many of you would turn up for the demonstrations . Most of you would would lock yourselves up in your houses hopping and praying that those participating will succeed

  23. I dont even see wrong in Chakwela’s presence but scinario is there with the way they present speach,he was alongside Muluzi,the same eyes saw Muluzi,why do they jumph to the other,this is not amatter of handshaking,no!!!! thats totally selfish & icould wish dont invite #Chakwela again becours of his humbleness,your taking advantag to insult him,so lat him mind his business rather than this kind of insultitation.

  24. dadaboma says:

    MCP was really embarrassed at this HTD launch event. For the first time I have come to sympathize with MCP for being in such an awkward and sympathetic position. One thing must be clear to MCP: the southern region is not for MCP because the south is too tribalistic and nepotistic. The north is not for MCP because of the atrocities MCP had inflicted on the north when they were ruling this country. This leaves MCP for the people of the central region only. With this in mind, MCP will most unlikely emerge victorious in any presidential election. So what can MCP do? Join hands, strong hands, with the north in calling and advocating for federal system of govt. The central region, just like the north, must forget about the broader national development agenda whose benefits will go to the southerners. These two regions must strategize to become semi-autonomous in a federal alliance so that they can develop their regions. We want LL to develop at a pace befitting a capital city. But we also want to see LL develop as a regional capital city for the centre. We from the north are not happy to see major developments meant for LL moved to the south e.g. MUST, and we nearly lost the Stadium, and the Cancer Centre to the south. The further developments move to the south the more difficult it is for the northerners to benefit from them. The Centre and North have capacity to generate enough resources to finance their development and operational agendas even without the Central govt’s contribution if their resources remained for use in their respective regions. We must also know that the govt of Malawi has a very tarnished image and will not get any external support as long as it is ruled by DPP and other southern groupings; but these guys are in majority, and being tribalistic and nepotistic, they will always vote for themselves and win the general elections. So please odala oChakwera yiwalani za APM; don’t join him again in his exploits; spend your energy on rewarding things that will build the centre and MCP as its party, and when this is done you can later become federal president of federal Malawi. I see this as possible. I didn’t admire the spectacle of APM humiliating you like he did – I felt bad, very bad indeed.

  25. ambele says:

    Be schooled that Leader of opposition should attend these fanctions because when they get into govt they shall work with these companies in fact Chakwera was invite in his
    official capacity, Stop looking at everything politically , MCP need to attend

  26. Koma ndiye says:

    Agree with number 1. Chakwera, what are you doing with our party MCP? We haven’t heard from you, we don’t know what we should be focusing, we don’t know where you/we stand on important issues. Why are you sleeping on the job. APM did not want to greet you, that he is guilt of, APM only wants that which others have worked hard on e.g. This motor city. You, Chakwera should start your own projects that you can officially open. This myth that you can only do projects whilst is governement is just a myth indeed. This opening ceremony was an embarrassment to me to see all these VIPs attending and wanting a share of someone’s independent hard work. Do your own things and open them yourselves. But also just to be clear, the excuses given by DPP are rubbish. Peter is not a leader, he holds too much grudges. True leaders do let go.
    Chakwera this is what we want from you
    Mass civic education on federalism (give us the programe)
    Your views on
    1. The recent IMF visit where they could not even finish the review
    2. The agricultural subsidy programme
    3. The vendors/police dialogue (or lack of)
    4. The fires that DPP set up on LL off the road markets
    5. The Referral Hospitals lack of water and sanitation

    Start with these and stop attending these non productive events. These events Re for APM, people who just like other people’s things.

  27. Nkhankhira says:

    So tht means chakwera was not invited if on salutation list did not appear then why he forced himself there? Next time mr chakwera u wil not even secure VIP seat, so u have also gone so low to beg for favours eeee devaluation yasuzga pa malawi

  28. love says:

    Malawians Pliz Work Why Can’t U Urgue In Important Matters Than This. Munthu Wa Mulungu Osadanda God Recognize U Dea.

  29. phunda says:

    I thought he was invited at the function and as the leader of opposition it was necessary to show up and I think your comments are misplaced.

  30. Mccarty says:

    Really!! Really !! APM he knew very well what was happening, and he feel shame
    for what he done to Chakwera, he pretend like he didn’t know” APM is Foolish Magogo and full of nepotism, that’s why we need federal government, are you kidding” how come he didn’t recognise Chakwera who is Malawi Opposition leader. This is foolish president.

  31. Phiri phiri says:

    Iwenso walemba za Chakwelawe ndiwe mbuzi. Do you kno the meanin of initation? Anapita coz of bein invited osati kukonda kupezeka kumalo ayi. More over kupezeka kumeneko ndima allowance aboma. Dont say athin u dont know. Iye2 ndichakwela basi.

  32. Jelbin mk says:

    State house has been reduced to a falsehood institution,the president knows long before any function takes place who are the invited guests at any function he is going to attend if there was a barrier as this dull Ndala wants us to believe for a hand shake at least Chakwera would be included in the salutation but since this didn’t happen our view of the matter is clear”Muthatika is ignored Chakwera deliberately and has displayed his ignorance and stupidity in the open.

  33. EBBS says:

    Now we have the new NTABA @ state house,watch out!!!

  34. A Chakwera ndale za a Malawi sizikugwirizana ndi zaku church ngati mukuganiza motero simuphula kanthu ku chipani chanucho, ganizani mozana ndi mochenjera kwambiri mukhoza kuthetsa chipani .Anthu akuyamba kukumukira a Tembo leader of opposition yinali yamphamvu.

  35. SO THE SALUTATIONS HAD a barrier too. Even his eyes had a barrier because he could not hear the master of ceremony mentioning Chakwera. Ndala Must Be Foolish And Idiotic

  36. Kadzibwa says:

    Chakwera was dere on invitation. The president was suppose to recognise him despite kuti alindi mangawa ndi 2019 BOMA.Chakwera, dont worry we are behind u.

  37. WE are not kids to be fooled by state house. Everybody, including strong DPP supporters have spoken against the conduct displayed by a head of state who promised to end politics of vengeance and tribulations. It is too shameful on the part of the president. The world has known the truth about him and they have judged him either positively or negatively.



  39. [email protected] says:

    Badly written press release! Full of crappy excuses! They were better off keeping quite .

  40. Kalulu says:

    I salute DPP for such a wise response. We really need to move forward and showing love to your neighbour is virtue. I take that we will never hear about this and relationships will go beyond just recognition.

  41. Cicero says:

    Mr Chakwera is not at wrong attending government functions since politics of decency demands that a leader of opposition should be attending such functions. The problem here is Peter who is taking vengence on the rightful winner of May elections. The state house press officers are a bunch of DPP trained liars & thugs who will do their best to protect the image of the too old man. APM stands for Apa Pali Mavuto. Indeed mavuto alipodi.

  42. BigMan says:

    Nobody sits on the VVIP podium without the approval of state house protocol staff, the fact that Chakwera was invited and allowed to sit on the podium with the president means that he was recognized and acknowledged by the government. For a whole national newspaper to lead with such a nonsensical non story and full editorial just shows how pathetc our country is, we are a people obsessed with trivia, fantasy, and innuendo.

    Imagine a whole fully grown editor barking, barking, barking and barking some more….for nothing!

  43. zoona says:

    Achakwera dont disappoint us supporters for we are many of us across malawi who are behind you & you are 2019 president. Muziwonesesa musanapite ku any function to avoid such embracement. This is like e issue of Issac & Jacob in the bible. Do you think someone who stole your victory can be happy seeing you? Chikumbu mtima choti anakubera chikumweteka komaso kumuvutisa & except more of such things happening. Inusu aku state house do you think the president is always perfect? If you say a barrier, do you mean Muluzi was a barrier to CHAKWERA OR CHAKWERA WAS TO PETER? Its true that in most cases those who mislead the president are those who work close with him. Take care this is world where things come and go and you have come and you will go soon all later.

    1. Nganga! says:

      Who has been embarrassed here, APM or Dr Laz?

  44. Stewy says:

    Wow! He missed his name on salutations list? Then he couldn’t greet him coz of a physical barrier ? Now how about saluting the dpp youth moral before the city mayor and the traditional authority ? Cheap politics from the president and Ndala , just acknowledge the error .

  45. SOTHINI says:

    WO CHAKWERA how HONOURABLE you are. it would be important to shun these public events, Stay indoors while strategizing about the future. more respect will be accumulated, than being on the social media the nation giving comments, there was a barrier that’s why there was no hand shake etc

  46. Nkhombokombo says:

    A Ndala, tsopano mwaoneka ngati inu asaona. Kanema yanu yinaonetsa zinthunzi zonse mmene zidalili kumeko, tsono kufuna kutsintha maonekedwe a chithunzi choonaona kukhala umbuli. In the other hand Mr Ndala you’ve been there before and know what reporting is all about. So don’t paint others with red paint now when you could have done the same if you were in their boat. Don’t sound expensive and Mr know it all now, these things have their time and change. Give your comments where they are some real wrong reporting. Dig a pit for self!!

  47. galu pa mpando says:

    Chakwera asapite bwanji ataitanidwa? HTD yo nja Boma mesa nja munthu? Ma president onyasa ndi mitima yomwe kuzolowera kuba basi mxiiiiiiew!

  48. pdf says:

    His excellency Dr Laza Chakwera the president of central state, never give up we want federalism, to develop our central province with our agricultural products and recently discovered gold in Ntcheu. God bless our leader Rev Dr. L. Chakwera.

  49. Janjaweed says:

    hahaha State House in damage control now! Perhaps we should now question APM’s eyesight
    because if he managed to greet Muluzi he surely must have seen the person sitting next to him! Or censure the prrson who prepared the final salutation list for embarrassing the President. Lastly true nanu a Chakwela tamaonani kopita. Attend national events only osangoti chilichonse kapena mwina you were paid attendance allowance by HTD?

  50. chakufikapu says:

    what barier are they talking about? Our Leader have embarrassed and we are advising him not to attend their functions again in future.

  51. wafika says:

    Viva Lazaro!! You are a real leader. This was a private function and you did a great honour to HTD do not worry about the APM’s non recognition of your presence. It was an OVERSIGHT that is what the state says and that is what we are questioning. They forgot that it is HTD that invited him because they understand and value every persons status. Good work HTD and its director you are the winner not APM unless he apologizes to the nation because because the others saluted Lazoro before Pitala himself unless pitala has a dead conscious or something wrong with him. KAYA nagonenapo malingaliro anga.

  52. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    Nanunso Achakwera , zirizonse basi mulikomweko , kumaona kopita zinazi munthesa nazo Chipani cha MCP ngati simuchenjera nazo , muthesa nazo chipani chifukwa chofuna kuti banja la ana Atembo awasunge mumaudindo awo . Keep and maintain your party rather than to be attending each and every meeting just because you have forgiven the president , by the end of the day you will look more stupid and you are weakening our party.

    1. OBABA says:

      Izi zimatipweteka ife amene tinakuvoterani. Dziwani we are proud we voted for knowing your capabilities and that of the party so trade careful. Take advice from your advisors!

    2. masoapatali says:

      Chakwera was among the invited guests. I do not see anything wrong with him attending the function. You are misplaced or ignorant about Chakwera’s presence at the function. Get your facts right. If there was a physical barrier for the President to shake hands with Chakwera, at least he should have been recognised in the salutations. It is standard protocol. It is a mistake to ignore such a high profile figure in the capacity of leader of opposition. Chakwera commands a huge following in Malawian populous and such a snub is an insult to a good chunk of Malawians. I am not taking sides but just trying to be rational

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