State House targeting critics of Malawi President Mutharika -Report

Malawi flagship newspaper, The Daily Times  report on Tuesday has lend credence  to what Nyasa Times reported on Friday August 26, 2016 that State House has embarked on a smear campaign to silence all Malawians  it views as critical of the President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government.

Times Group Editor-In-Chief: Kasakula among those targetted

Times Group Editor-In-Chief: Kasakula among those targetted

Others being targeted include, writer Stanely Onjezani Kenani,  lawyer can commentator Allan Ntata,  Times Group  Editor in Chief  George Kasakula, columnist Madalitso Musa,  Nyasa Timers editor and ‘Loose Cannon’ columnist Thom Chiumia,  Times TV host Brian Banda, journalist Idriss Ali Nassah and economist Henry Kachaje.

Daily Times report also  what Nyasa Times published that  such attacks, including the creation of fake Whatsapp conversations and other dirty tactics, will intensify as Malawi moves towards elections.

State House will is using its  tax-funded blogs, and

It will use the blogs to manufacture false stories “that aim at destroying the repurtation of its targets”, the daily reported.

Daily Times reports that three weeks ago ruling DPP regional  governor for the south, Charles Mchacha asked President Mutharika to allow the party to use its youth militia known as the ‘Cadets’ to silence the President’s critics.

DPP has a history of abductions and killings.

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18 thoughts on “State House targeting critics of Malawi President Mutharika -Report”

  1. Harawara says:

    Be Human may be leaving and writing from outside Malawi, DPP is a regionalistic and tribalistic party. Look at how it fills positions in public service. Yes the DPP Caliphate might win next elections but not the hearts of most Malawians. Winning an election in Malawi does not mean credibility. It might also mean rigging. The Caliphate will at any cost want to remain in power not to serve Malawians but escape justice on cashgate saga. But history teaches us that how strong evil empires can be one day they will crumble.

    1. HKackackac says:

      Akamufunse Muammar al-Gadaffi, he thought he will be there forever. Ndiye apa palinji ndi wammwambamwambayo

  2. concerned citizen says:

    First term of President Bingu waMuthariza should serve as an example of what responce the nation gives to a government when things are going well. Second term things went sour and the nation complained . The current DPP Government should have drawn a lesson from this . Trying to silence those who are speaking /or trying to point out things that are going wrong will not solve any thing. Rectify the things that are going wrong .Take constructive criticism and use it to solve the problems people are complaining about . Mind you, God sees what you are doing and no matter how long it may take, a day shall come when you will have to answer to your actions.

  3. Winston Msowoya says:

    If DPP can not entertain criticisms,then it is neither democratic nor humane,is indeed inhumane.It is utterly wrong be humane,to say that is a smear campaign against rat eaters dominated DPP,this is perfectly what it is.Worse still,DPP is run by foreign inspired thugs including Mathanyula and his former uncouth brother Bingu.Malawians must now learn a bitter lesson after Banda who himself was a mountebank.These two Muthalikas fit the word because what they have done or doing to our country contradicts their nationality in that,first and foremost,they are unpatriotic leaning to divide our people to their solely advantage,already make no mistake,Malawi is dangerously politically polarized volcano ready to explode,this is the time to stop Muthalika and his traitorous gang.Look at our economy,it has no rival in Southern Africa leading our young men and women into filling South Africa’s notorious concentration camps ready to be deported back to Malawi.Shame,this after 52 years of nationhood and yet,Peter seems not to move an inch to help our blood.Look at where tribalistic venom has reached in our country and as a President,Muthalika knows about it and yet,turns a blind eye and a pluged ear,what a President? For instance,he refferred at Kamlepo as I quote: a NORTHERNER,is that a decorum befitting of a national President? Not only Northerners are brutally suffering economically,but also the Lomwes and others,nepotism has reached detrimental situation driving our government into unprecedented lowest performance capability within civil services and yet some ignorant and uneducated Malawians from the South mainly especially Lomwes,blame northerners for everything and yet,the government is ran exclusively by inept tribal elements.Try to dig the genesis of Peter and Bingu and you will find that they are not Malawians,they are as good as Banda and this is what motivated Bingu to construct a mausoleum for fellow impostor.Muluzi refused to waste public funds to build a mausoleum for the fake rogue.Can Magufuli of Tanzania,tell his fellow countrymen in time of food shortage to eat MICE and GRASSHOPPERS? No ways,Magufuli is a real Tanzanian and committed African.MALAWIANS,UNITE AND STOP THE LOMWE ORIENTED CLIQUE TO FORM ANOTHER VENOMOUS REGIME IN 2019.Bear in mind,another DPP government,Malawiians will have no other alternative,but to embark on violent means to liberate themselves from the Muthalikas’ corrupt and tyrannical dynasty.Enough is enough,ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

  4. Chimunthu says:

    DPP – The Democratic People’s Party?????? Rather ‘The UNdemocratic People’s Party’. Criticism of government is part and parcel of democracy.

  5. Phillip Bizinesi says:

    Ine ndatopa ndi mapologaram a ndale. MBC has abused me for quite long time. Mukawina masankho mumadya nikha ndalama. A sumbuleta pologram ya chindunji muzipanga nokha ine ndatopa. A Malawi mundikhululukire pa zonse ndakulakwilani

  6. Kangaude Nasimba says:

    KKK those who know the man in the picture during one party rule(1991-1994) when he was a student at CHANCO with attest that he is 1000% pro Kamuzu and for him anything that will bring back MCP is heaven sent and shall use that to settle his agenda. His combination with Chikadya is a combination of a duo that have a score to settle and they will use that media house to advance their agenda! Is he the best opinion leader?? I doubt that the whole state machinery would be waisting its time on these cluesless guys who, because the write or appear on certain TVs think they know it all!

  7. BlackImage says:

    No fear guyz keep on writing

  8. international observer says:

    Dzikoli lili mmanja mwa agalu……….

  9. Mavuto ku DPP akuchulukira, mupha angati? Ngati mufuna kuti anthu akhale chete asakuneneni make things work for Malawians. Kupha anthu or kunama mabodza is not a solution because whether you like it or not mavutowo siatha akhalapobe and people will keep on speaking. This is Malawi for Malawians not Malawi for dpp. Mwatikwana.

  10. Lol says:

    be humane you are mad

    1. GADDAFI says:


  11. be humane says:

    Your Smear campaign against DPP will never prevent DPP from ruling again in from 2019. Love it or hate it ndanena ndanena basi. MCP addicts come one bring your unwise comments on this as usual. Koma ndipemphe osatkwana chifukwa a MCP mumakonda kunyoza ndi kutukwana, you like regionalistic comments saying alomwe inu because your party is a tribal party so you think every one is tribal. Lets have very objective comments

  12. Observer says:

    Kodi Mutharikayu ndi mwana wa yani anga anali kuti nthawi yonseyi?

  13. Ngalamayi says:

    True democracy MUST have a free and strong press. If the party in power can’t take criticism, it isn’t democratic: it should be studying that criticism to learn and mend its ways, ignoring any that may be motivated by jealousy, petty political squabbling and all those other traits in which so many Malawians specialise. Stay strong, journalists: you are fighting for the truth, freedom and a say in how our lives are lived.

  14. HKackackac says:

    Dziko liri mmanja mwa alendo. You think you are there forever. Our Lord will fight our battles

  15. Nkuluzado says:

    DPP- a party of death and darkness. Mudzafa imfa yowawa. Kungogwa basi omwewo

    1. El shabab at Meibab says:

      This DPP govt yatikwana. Ndikunyamuka pompano coming to slaughter this beast starting from its horns.

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