State House: There is more to it than meets the eye

There’s no smoke without fire, so goes the saying, and rumours do not spread unless there is some element of truth in them.Loose cannon

Of late there has been a lot of ‘blue’ smoke at State House, either someone is extinguishing fire within the Plot Number One or some Shisha is being smoked by the powers that be.

This month we heard news that State House computer systems were hacked and a man was arrested, suspected to have been the “hacker”, using President Peter Mutharika’s name to swindle unsuspecting individuals and companies.

Malawi Police Service (MPS) Deputy Inspector General (DIG) responsible for operations, Rodney Jose, who shielded the identity of the hacker, said the hacker could be a computer expert who is likely part of a sophisticated crime syndicate.

After that, the State House press office said the hacker did not actually hack State House computers after all. The thieves, he said, only used the Mutharika name, with an ‘h’ at the end to steal from some unfortunate souls.

He said the ‘hacker’ merely created email accounts in the name of the President, which he used to fleece some Kwachas from some unsuspecting ‘donors’.

Since then, Police has not disclosed the identity of the hacker. The hacker has not been formally charged and the investigation, if at all there is any, seems to go on at a snail’s pace. But Jose only said the suspect is being kept at an undisclosed station and will be taken to court soon.

Malawians deserve an update on this matter.

After the ‘hacking’ developments, what have followed at State House are massive redeployments. And a season of rumours attracting rebuttals.

I am interested in the presidential email ‘hacking’ saga because Baker Tilly – forensic auditors of Cashgate – highlighted this very same issue.

In their recommendations, they said all public Malawi government e-mail addresses should end in [email protected] to avoid this kind of confusion.

“We understand, however, that IFMIS has an internal mail capacity and we recommend that the use of personal emails for official purposes is barred at the earliest opportunity,” reads the Baker Tilly report.

And recommendation 29 of the policy to implement reads: “The ability of using IFMIS for email should be investigated. Use of general internet accounts should not be allowed.”

I have the official e-mail address of President Peter Mutharika and it does not have in it.

It is the failure to implement the Baker Tilly recommendations that is causing all this. And the hacker or tricksters – are taking advantage.

Is it not long ago when reports were awash in the media that some presidential aides have been going around extorting money from people in the name of President Mutharika?

It was said they are getting money from Malawians of Asian origin and other investors in return for appointments with the President.

This is not a new phenomenom. Late president Dr Bingu wa Mutharika in October 2009 disclosed that some of his cabinet ministers, government officials and DPP members were extorting money from foreign investors in his name

The tricksters are relaunching themselves.

The real hackers and impersonators live and work right at State House. Most of them eat with the State President on the same table .

Whatever the dangers of the action we take, the dangers of inaction are far, far greater.” –Tony Blair,former UK Prime Minister

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25 thoughts on “State House: There is more to it than meets the eye”

  1. Copyiandpaste says:

    We know Loose Canon in the Guardian. Stop this copycat nonsense.

  2. Lawrence Kutaumbe says:


  3. kd says:

    thats the price Malawians will pay for voting this mafia party back….. musovenge

  4. Mang'anja says:

    Issshhh!!!!!ndiyambila pati?mundiuze ndinu

  5. the hackers are those who are close to APM

  6. ujeni says:

    DPP is a safe haven for mbava

  7. Elanive Nginache says:

    Rumours can start popanda chilichonse makamaka ndi anthu a nsanje ndi kaduka wamva iwe. sunazioneko atakusemera chinyau anthu eti. udakali mwana uzaziona mpamene utazadziwe kuti munthu ndioipa zedi.

  8. Che mkwepele says:

    The problem is at the ‘White house.’ And the problem is within the compound itself. Ngati anabela zitsankho chingawavute nchiani. Mbava n mbava basi we a in dark age. Period.

  9. bentby smart says:

    Thumb up. You are absolutely correct. The roots of all these clandestine acts are due to ignoring of baker tilly comprehensive measures. I bet the HE APM and his band wagon are doing all this with an aim to chop the guts of malawians

  10. Malawians when are we going into action, I mean positive action. No the Lutepo and others way.

  11. Mwaminula says:

    Agreed to some extent but what exactly is the message? Nothing new really

  12. Indiana says:

    Yes Thom: even some Indian businessmen have joined the malicious gossip battles!! Watch out!! Just pay your tayxes and don’t steal our forex apo bii mulira!! This is our country. No bribes will work for you. Malawi yasintha!!!!

  13. Bonjesi says:

    I agree with you Thom, for once. Kuthana, ndance, kaduka, malice!!!! Fortunately we know who they are. God knows them too so we leave it to Him.

  14. Maxwell Namata says:

    Ralph Kasambara anandiluzitsa mulandu ine, kenaka ndikumanufusila Alice mkazi wanga chibwezi. Ndikumudijmkika ku Maula kuno

  15. Palikanthu says:

    I summon all the culprits to the supreme court of the Almighty GOD for a one on one answer with their creator in Jesus Christ matchless name; in the precious BLOOD of our Lord Jesus Christ I derive power to root out all corruption in the minds of sons and daughters of Malawi. It is for this purpose that the Son of God was manifested to destroy every work of the devil in Malawi in our hearts, spirit and soul in Jesus name.

  16. Masoambeta says:

    The article lacks a bit of depth and does not specifically touch on what the writer wants to achieve. It’s early morning but I can’t get the overall idea over this article.

  17. Antobwito says:

    This is crazy, BOMA ili ndi la UCHINDERE lotsogozedwanso na Chindere! Kodi are you yet not satisfied with all the whole huge moneys you have siphoned from Government through CASH gate? Or you have switched on from Cash gate to Tricksters Hacking!? Ubwino wake tikukuonani komanso diso loposa maso onse likukuonani! Ubwino wake dzanja lalemba pa Khoma!

  18. Kandipaseli says:

    Loose cannon ….am wary it might land on the innocent few.

  19. akatswiri says:

    Too bad for State House.

  20. Patriot says:

    Tangotini pheeeeeee….in 2 months times izi zizachitika.
    The rumor will become a reality just as the rumor on hiking of passport fees happened.
    You remember the passport fee? It was a rumor they said. Nakhumwa was refuting the allegation together with that lady spoke person of immigration.
    But what happened? The rumor became true ane passport fees are now at K48,100 from K15,000.
    Inu phee, the reshaffle will take place soon musalitcheru, as well as the opc shake-up.

  21. If they managed to still votes what do you expect from them

  22. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Deliberately not compiling, thus DPP

  23. katundumadzi says:

    You are absolutely right, the real hackers eat, dine and wine with the Kahuna!!

  24. thana nawe says:

    Good observation Malume. Only those who are near can enter the kingdom of his. APM beware.

  25. Flex says:

    There We go the loose Canon !!!!!!!! Been waiting for this, True, something is happening ku State house uku akusuta fodya wa grade one komaso izizi zoma user personal mails instead of govt mails zi nde fodya, byt the way I’m starting to believe kuti that hacking issue ndizonama,ankafuna angotiyesa nanga bwanaji sakunena mpaka pano kuti munthuyo ndi ndani and ali which Cell ????

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