State to drop Bakili Muluzi graft case – Malawi News

Malawi government plans to drop former president Bakili Muluzi corruption case where he (Muluzi) is accused of misappropriating K1.7 billion—about $11m (£7m) of funds from international donors.

Ex-president Bakili Muluzi maintained his innocence from the start

Ex-president Bakili Muluzi maintained his innocence from the start

According to Malawi News of March 7, 2015, citing “reliable sources within the top echelons of government,” there have been moves to drop the case for some months – apparently due to lack of evidence.

The case protracted since 2011 due to among other reasons, the former president’s health concerns is still ongoing at the High Court.

The former president was charged with corruption and abuse of office for allegedly diverting donor funds into his personal accounts.

Muluzi, Malawi’s first democratic president was initially charged with 86 counts of corruption and abuse of office. They were trimmed to three.

He denies any wrong doing.

Government already had given Muluzi back over 60 vehicles which the country’s Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) seized from him in 2009.

According to ACB deputy director Reyneck Matemba, the vehicles were really “deteriorating” hence an out-of-court agreement between anti-graft body and Muluzi lawyers led to the release of the vehicles earlier this year.

The agreement was subsequently validated by court consent, Matemba disclosed.

According to Matemba, the decision to release the vehicle was made long before the bureau and the country changed leadership.

Matemba however insisted ACB it is proceeding with the case on April 9 “for a marathon two weeks.”

He said the case “can only be discontinued for valid legal reasons in line with criminal procedure and Evidence code and we are supposed to account for that through the Director of Public Prosecutions to Parliament through the Legal Affairs Committee.”

Muluzi’s lawyer Jai Banda said the defence team is are not aware of the case being dropped and that they still preparing for the case .

But Muluzi’s bank accounts remain frozen since 2009 and he has no access to the money since then.

Muluzi, who ruled the southern African nation for 10 years, stepped down in 2004 after unsuccessfully trying to change the constitution to allow him to stand again.

He hand-picked Bingu wa Mutharika to run for president on the UDF ticket. But eight months after his victory, the late Mutharika resigned from the UDF over what he says was hostility to his anti-corruption campaign and formed DPP which the incumbent, Peter Mutharika, his younger brother is heading.

UDF  which is led by Muluzi’s son Atupele, currently serving as cabinet minister in Peter Mutharika adminstration and DPP are now in a governing alliance.

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127 thoughts on “State to drop Bakili Muluzi graft case – Malawi News”

  1. This case is waste of time & resources it’s better to drop it as they have done.

  2. Analyzer SAYS says:

    No 112 know that UDF does not own and fund ACB and Judiciary. Also take note that UDF is a party with Malawians as its membership therefore Malawians of UDF membership are entitled know what happened to their money. Bakili was posing as if he was running UDF party with his own money while the money was from the very party he claimed to be funded by him. Why did donors not channel the same in his many personal accounts.
    Ask Nyasa times what they wrote when Karonga Stambuli was murdered in cold blood because he had spilled the beans.
    A Moni understand this: When a criminal case goes to court like the one in question the aggrieved party is always a STATE Vs the defendant (bakili). Why State and not UDF?

    As the case stands it is tax payers money running that the Courts and ACB that we are concerned with. You might have benefited from the loot Bakili made.

  3. Mwama Du says:

    Takulandirani kuno ku Malawi.

  4. TALK STATION says:

    loading. ……

  5. Proff. Ngangabulawayo says:

    ACB is corrupted, therefore should be abolished forthwith. This is similar to cashgate case, others are suffering while others cases are being dropped down, why? Malawians have been eagerly waiting over the past years for the results of this case. Is this the msge you want to put across into the ears of Malawians. Should public money go like that? then we are not serious. What do you want then. All cashgate cases should be dropped and we start afresh. Govt of stupid leaders, failed nations, bullshit APM.

  6. [email protected] says:

    Government should drop all cases relating to cash gate if former head of state cases are dropped.

  7. Moni says:

    Going through about what people wrote, one wonders if they knew/know the original charges of the case, or they just comment emotionally.

    The original case of 42 charges against Muluzi in 2006 was of him, “diverting UDF campaign donor money into his account.” But the way people talk, it’s like he is accused of diverting/stealing government money into that account. Sometimes one feels sorry for those who hate a person emotionally and conclude things which they have no knowledge of. What has donations to UDF party got to do with tax payers money.

    First go and read the original “CHARGE SHEET” then come and comment with the truth in mind. Osamangolankhula zinthu za m’maluwa kapena zopeka ayi. Inu ndi a UDF kuti kupye mtima kuti Bakili anatenga ndalama zachipani chanu? Bwanji osayisiya UDF idzidandaula za nkhaniyi kusiyana ndi inu a MCP, PP, DPP ndi zipani zina? Chikukukhudzani ndi chiyani pa kuzembetsa kwa ndalama zothandizira campaign ya UDF? ZOKAMBA THO KOMA POMWE GWERO LA NKHANI SIMUKULIDZIWA. So shameful people.

    Popeza pano sipaloledwa kupanga paste, mkankuyikirani original charges ndi link yomwe kuti mumve mvemvemve.

  8. tchucthcu says:

    THIS IS WHY PRESIDENT SHOULD DECLARE THEIR WOPRTH, SO THAT WHEN THEY BUY 200 CARS IN 2 YEARS WE SHOULD ALL UNDERSTAND. ngati anaba ndalama za boma , alandidwe chumacho ndikumangidwa, ngati sanabe then you shouldnt have even taken anything he owns. now when the charge has been dropped, cant he then sue the state, and get millions in compensation .

    Is this some political pardon, is his son involved, or was he just a victim of dirty politics, where the ex president or vp gets victimised.

    1. Cases must not be dropped Until they pay our money.

  9. tchucthcu says:

    ngati anaba ndalama za boma , alandidwe chumacho ndikumangidwa, ngati sanabe then you shouldnt have even taken anything he owns. now when the charge has been dropped, cant he then sue the state, and get millions in compensation .

    Is this some political pardon, is his son involved, or was he just a victim of dirty politics, where the ex president or vp gets victimised.

  10. Thomas says:

    These UDF and DDP are big theives pls God help Malawian to MCP back to government for change take away these theives

  11. By the way, where is president Chakwera, CSOs, the donors and company limited? Do you think this and the too many cashgates, now decaying, will ever be brought to justice? Just look at the tactical delays and the damages government will have to pay these big croocks for ironically “wrongful arrests” which later at a point they will share in self gratification.
    And yet you(the checkers of government business) are there, vegetating and becoming greener each day while the poor Malawian electorates are being robbed and die in day light by their selfish leaders?
    My poor mother Malawi!I will report this to my Jehovah then for action.Wait and see.He alone is provident,compassionate, merciful and just.

  12. musisipala says:

    Drop charges againist Bakili. Forgive him for not running from the people. Look at PP leader. Where is she? The guilt are always afraid. JB believes in Azungu andituma kaya azamuvotela omewo ndinzake okaneka K.musonda

  13. Time to divide up this country. The Southern nonsense should be confined there.

  14. uncle Bob says:

    Uprising, if that is the case Sithole, Namathanga, Soko, Namata and his friend and all prisoners ali mu ndende ndi mlandu wokuba atulutsidwe. Tikawatulutsa ndi ife. Let’s wake up Malawians, the time is now. Uprising!

  15. Northerner mmmhhhhh huh i dont think they are capable of rulling Malawi bcoz u alwayz follow Southerners then let us rule till jesus return

  16. Alex says:

    DPP and UDF busy fucking up Malawi

  17. Kamchitete says:

    Look at his double tongue in a mouth without teeth flickering at a skeleton

  18. khamani!! says:

    APM could be the weakest president Malawi has ever had . Zinthu kumachitika around him ngati si president. Wake up man !!!

  19. MEKE says:


  20. pastor Ernest wahiya the man of God says:

    Ali nyatwa ayi tingikhalira za a chair bas

  21. Nankungwi says:

    This is soon wrong! what precedent are you setting? do you think we are happy to watch our money go down the draikn like this? I am concerned that this may in fact compromise the present governments position in these thefts! APM said he would prosecute anybody who ever they are if they have been misapprporpiating governement funds. Why is Bakili an exception? This is abig disappointment.

  22. None says:

    This is a mockery of our Judicial system. Donors hold on to your, this administration is not serious.! So where is the reform. The more things change the more they stay the same. This adminstration fucked up ……. Excuse my language!

  23. watchfuleyes says:

    One corrupt hand washes the other corrupt hand. This is all part of the UDF and DPP political agreement. What a Fcuked up country this is.

  24. nkunthamasese says:

    iweyo losco ndi bingu munaba limodzi 92 bn bingu a strong leader? mbava ija mukagwere uko limodzi.wasala iweyo losco uzimusata mbwiyakoyo ku mpumulo wa bata. mbavaa inu.

  25. Anthony K says:

    Eeeeeeh inenso ndiba angandikwizinge kutulutsa manyi a mgayiwa pompo

  26. Aidgate says:

    Forget about Donors resuming Budgetary Aid. These is a joke!!!! This is an insult to all Malawians and a mockery of our judicial system. I hate this country

  27. Nyamkaka says:

    WE need a military coup in Malawi. The world will understand that the civilian corrupt governments have failed to rule.

  28. Nyamkaka says:

    If this behavior continues, Malawi will be another Rwanda. As a northerner, I will make sure all those form the South go back to their region.

    We are tired to be rules by thieves!

  29. Professional Journalist says:

    Peter Mutharika is a very weak person. How can he allow this to happen?

  30. Professional Journalist says:


  31. Professional Journalist says:

    All those who are saying there is no evidence are silly and Muluzi supporters and relatives. Gustavo Kaliwo has all the evidence. He is the one who started the case.


  32. Binya says:

    If the Judicially is corrupt, who isn’t. Un fortunately Malawians have no Grey matter. We
    are a spineless lot…… caput
    But when it comes to greed, it is instinctive.

  33. Binya says:

    If the Judicially is corrupt I wonder who isn’t. Un fortunately Malawians are dead in the head…Caput….spineless

  34. John M says:

    Oh! I see now what Peter is trying to hide! Peter if you drop off Bakilis case, you should also drop off all Cashgate charges!!!!!!!!! “Vindere vakufikapo” Stupit!

  35. Yunus says:

    do not worry Malawians donor countries from America, U K, and Europea are going to refund the money. Do not worry Malawians.

  36. zoshola says:

    mbava zokhozokha sizimangana

  37. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    Kodi ti ma Lawyer ta ku Malawi tinayamba tassovapo case? This country is a joke, one big joke.

  38. matako says:

    Malawi is doomed. Corrupt syndicate of DPP has finally shown us its true colors. No need to sit fwee fwee fwee crying to the donors looking for loot to embazle. Malawians need to take to the streets and show this inept clueless govt that we will not take in any more. Enough is enough these corrupt people can not go around stealing while our people are suffering. lets start war at any cost necessary. lets take these corrupt mbava out now now now.

  39. Think Tank says:

    Pwando la akakowa

  40. wba says:

    Choncho ma donors angabwere mbuzi

  41. Jelbin mk says:

    I told you people that you have thrown this country to the dogs.

  42. ibrahim says:

    bola alikudyera kokuno kumudzi

  43. Dziko limakomera anthu otchuka ndi achuma basi.Koma opezeka akungoyendayenda ndiye ati kumugwira vakabu kuti atuluke apeleke k4,000.Osaukafe ndiye tikuziwonera 7pm apolisi avakabu afika kale kumangowora anthu ma bar chonsecho olemera oyenda pagalimoto akuyenda mpaka m’mbanda kucha popanda kugwidwa.Kodi abale anthu omwe amamenyera ufulu wa anthu alikuti? Kodi sakuwona zomwe apolisiwa akuchita.tayamba kukhara mwa mantha ngati sikwathu.M`Blantyre tikuvutika ndi vakabu.Azathu azawufulu chonde tithandizeni ngati ndilamulo liwonedwenso bwino. Chifukwa apeza pobela anthu osawuka pomawakakamiza kuti ngati akufuna kuti atuluke apeleke k4,000.

  44. johnM says:

    This is why as a chewa, i want independence for the Central Region. We should do away with corrupt southern region politics and thieving southern politicians once and for all

  45. Black Market says:

    God to judge and persecute the master crook soonest. Ingoti phee uone. Matafale to be vindicated this year.

  46. Zopusa,sete zenizeni

  47. mdala says:

    Amalawi ndife mbulidi eti, mlandu zaka 10 plus basi kumaganizabe kuti oyimbidwayo ndi olakwadi zoona.chitani manyazi ndipo acheya muwasumire ngati budget yonse sitikupepesani nayo.

  48. Kuthako Kwako Pitala says:

    Ndipo iwe Pitala yesela kummasula Muluzi wakoyo, uone tiotcha ma Petroda onse. Kodi amalawi mukutiona ngati tikanali atulo eti?! Yeselani muone!

  49. nyamusideni says:

    bodyguard wavala necklace coz she’s a woman. Tcheya ma bodyguard ndi akazi.
    Gadaffi style.

  50. Skyler says:

    No evidence?? REALLY? Can he prove how he acquired those 60 vehicles that were forfeited and now just given back to him? Remember this guy also built Keza, and lots of houses in Blantyre — what sort of evidence of corruption do you want? Makape inu!

  51. Afumu Phiri says:

    kuli bwino onse oba khuku atuluke basi

  52. MBC says:

    It is because of our politics of patriotism, these people hide behind our usual attitude of thinking that former leaders are only victims of political witch-hunt. In fact the figure was 1.7billion then not today.

  53. nachisale says:

    komati boma mwatienjeza.i think anthu tisiye kukhoma msonkho tione kuti aziba ndalama zache ziti.nanga iwowa amakhoma msonkho ngati

  54. cash gate says:

    Birds With The Same Feathers Floke Together, Here In Malawi We Say, Nobody Is Above The Law But Nowdays, I See Someone Is Above The Law, Onsewa Ndi Akuba, Akudziwana Anthuwa Ngati Mlomweyi Akufuna Kuti Adzamusiyire Atupele Mpando, Apatu Pali Chibwanawe Cheni Cheni. Akufuna Kuti Nawonso Akaba Atupele Adzawakhululukire. Anthu Oipa

  55. sinoya says:

    Amalawi kufuna mtendere posayenera mtendere ,dzikoli tikudziwa kuti Analiononga ndi awo ndi awo ndipo ma donor anadula Chithandizo chifukwa cha awo ndi awo, koma tidakagonabe tikuonangati ndani abwere kudzatidzusa kuti zafikapa chitani protest. let’s wake up our country has reach to nobody knows extent bcoz of our politicians, now it is hard to build a house,to buy car even eating 3 times day its very difficulty.mukaba iba cash zikathako kubima mukumaonjezera misonkho. Amalawi tidzuke sopano.

  56. alexander says:

    Freedom of every thing. Comes to us by Muluzi. NO case to answer achalume., Tet him go free ZJ anatenga zambili koma sakumangidwa why Muluzi

  57. mache says:

    Apatseni atcheya Ndalama Zhao unfreeze his accounts.did Bingu not steal?where is bingu today.atcheya is gwaaaa.zinazi kumangoona amalanga mulungu.abwezeleni atcheya ma account awo akula tsopano.peter ndi wabwino akusiyana ndi bingu

  58. mache says:

    Kuchitekete atcheya atiguliratu nsapato tonse tsopano

  59. Concerned Parent says:

    mukufuna kutaya oyambitsa cashgate?kkkkkkkkk

  60. chigawenga says:

    Time has come when we need to take law into our own hands. Time is now to stop this corrupt government from corrupt ways. We can not live like this in our own country . Malawi has great potential only if we can have dedicated leaders with our country’s interest at heart. If government drops this case it is up to us to carry on vigilante justice. Yes time has come for us to practice tit for tat. These corrupt leaders have been taking malawians for fools. We will do what is necessary to uproot the cancerous individuals in our society by any means available to us. Lets do what ever is possible to demonstrate to this corrupt APM that this is not acceptable! The donors should also be made aware that APM has not changed his ways. Let him recover the stolen loot by Muluzi and the DPP syndicate.

    1. mbani says:

      A country full of idiots

    2. Ise Chala Nase says:

      Timothy Mtambo, ungazomelanga chala mwana wakwithu. Ase ibo wakukuthunyila mata nakukupa mazina fwaa ghambila kuzunulika pala ukunozyekela ma demo. Kuno kukwithu ku Mzuzu, mamweso mukhale kutali na ivi. Mwapulika Moses Mkandawire na Kazgowoleka(?) Gondwe.

  61. Chatty Man says:

    Then drop all cashgate cases! Mwatienjeza DPP!

  62. Why Malawi's Poor says:

    Exactly, one good reason why we are poor.After chasing for a case in 10years ‘he’s now legally free’. What will stop others (like APM and Saulos) from emulating Muluzi’s and Bungu’s day light robbery. Prisons for the poor!

  63. Gomezg says:

    Out of all 86 cases now reduced to 0 case. What kind of a country is this? This is nonses, how much money has gorvn spent to process, the case? Kodi mdziko muno president ndindani, is, he alive or dead?

  64. losco says:

    Then leave Osward Lutepo free also and that all cases involving cash gate should be dropped.What’s wrong with our government? I shall still remember Bingu a strong leader!

  65. Paja malemu Gadama anafukulidwatu.

  66. Alufeyo says:

    I have worked for ACB for sometime. It was obvious from the start that the state could not win the case due to difficulties in getting evidence. It was just a waste of money.

  67. mbuyun says:

    That is politics at work. Udf =app. Malawi remains poor =poor malawians – politicians

  68. Kenkkk says:

    Dropping 1.7 bn in exchange for dropping 92bn. Then JB’s 25bn should also be dropped. Close all cashgate cases currently in progress because we are just wasting govt time and money if 1.7bn case is dropped!!! If this is true, then Shame DPP govt. The. What message will be sending to donors about good governance? Yet we cry when they cut their money supply to us.

    But being the DPP we know probably they are just testing the people’s feelings and reactions to a scenario of dropping 1.7bn case. Giving DPP another good excuse for actually pursuing the matter!!! And kick out whatever they agreed with UDF as a condition for their alliance. Ha ha just thinking outside the box!!

    1. kanchenga. says:

      And probably right

  69. H. Waya Phiri says:

    Government is sending wrong signals. Only efulefus will be tried in this country. Shame on you.


  71. nyamusideni says:

    a Chalume, welewo. kuchimtekete…lyolyolyo…..

  72. ujeni says:

    Is the bodyguard f Muluzi in military attire wearing a necklace?

  73. Lip service says:

    Atcheya once said “Amai ndi Abambo kodi Chubu chopopa ndekha chingandikanika kuphwrtsa ine?* Eish I didn’t know that that threat still lingers in the mind of the TUBE (DPP) But come to think about this. Muluzi gets away with 1.7 billion kwacha public money as a retired President he is living on taxpayers money and now his son to be given the 2nd Vice presidency. Come 2019 he can choose to retire from politics and join his father to enjoy life financed by taxpayers money courtesy of the Presidents Salaries and Benefits Act. Stinking isn’t it?

  74. brutsha says:

    Malawi is a joke of a country. Ndiye wina aziti mphuno bii! amvekere umphawi wa mu Africa it’s because of white people . We are the architect of our own miseries. We are so mediocre. What message will this send on the fight to corruption?

  75. Yona wa ku Galileya says:

    Mission accomplished! Some of us have always argued that the UDF currently exists only to serve the interests of the Muluzi family and has no national agenda to advance. This case has been weighing very heavily on the Muluzi family and they knew that they can get over it through political manipulation using the Party. Hoping that all of you who have assisted the family to achieve its objectives shall be rewarded nanga 1.7 billion yo adye okha? Then I am also asking the common question in this discussion whether Government now has any moral authority to continue prosecution of cashgate cases because the Muluzi case is the genesis of cashgate take it or leave it!

  76. Maunde says:

    Ndagha. So how much have we spent on the case to be dropped?

  77. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    If DPP and UDF join in order to save Eleson Bakili Muluzi , we will all revote.
    Muluzi is luring behind the back door. Malawi is in mess. Donors , please do not make any donation to this cartoon president.

  78. TIPPER SAYS says:

    This is Muluzi the Political and Fraud Engineer I know. It is quite logical for the Govt to drop the case to avoid expending our taxes on a case we know can achieve nothing.
    Where on earth can a son drag his own biological father to court? Can a Govt where Atupele Muluzi (son) is a Cabinet Minister really prosecute Muluzi? If we have money to waste lets waste it on floods victims, drugs in hospitals or pay teachers leave grants rather than of un patriotic lawyers both prosecutors and defenders.
    Any wise person has seen how Muluzi behaves. He is able and fit when swearing in president and attending funerals. When court case he is not fit and spends months in South Africa painfully on our taxes. He cleverly advised his son to bulldoze UDF into DPP Govt. for his own safety and shield. APM whether knowingly or unknowingly motive behind allowed Atupele to the extent of giving him a cabinet portofolio. If you just imagine how DPP usurped power from UDF how can the same People whose power were usurped accept to join plunders. May be they want to use the same tactic Late Bingu had used to get back what belongs to them

  79. Tengupenya says:

    Ngati palibe mdandu ku khoti kukuwopedweranji? Nalo Boma, ndi kushota kwa boma, osachita civil case bwanji through citizens ngati palidi nkhani? Mwina boma nkulandila maphene amenewa.



  81. Kaduka athe. says:

    Yes its true Dona money, olo munthu atakhala ndi mphamvu bwanji sangakaike ku account yake osatheka. Ask Jumbe coz that time he was finance minister, Muluzi he did not stolen the money. Bwanji kaduka malova inu?

  82. akatswiri says:

    please give us five reasons why you want to drop the case at this juncture.

  83. I knew all along that Kuchitekete is innocent
    Poti ili ndi Boma lathu lomwe sitilipanga sue for wrongful arrest
    Zikumuwawa asamuke pa Malawi pano
    Atcheya Woyeeeeee! Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi !!

  84. tell me says:

    good move. I think former leaders should be given immunity since in Malawi, politics is about rivalry; politicians would take the initiative to ”punish” or even abuse former pioliticians legally based on political rivalry and . In other countries, they have immunity for former leaders too. Good move.

  85. Chemtukanika says:

    Can the government tell us how much has been spent on this case since 2009?

  86. me says:

    sorry people
    Malawi its not a republic its a dictator country because the president do whatever he wants,without care about the people.everything its business but only for big people the poor stay all the time in shit.
    all process of cashgate go toillet and this man have is son there too.
    just imagine if atupele win election?
    everybody in government are thieves malawian people and it will be worse you will see

  87. Smadav says:

    Foolish donors! Why giv money to a country that lagalises corruption? We sing cash gate now coz of donor punches, soon it will be gone. Those without a name will go behind bars. Foolish donors!!!

  88. tuvitwana says:


  89. APM dropping muluzi case why?? Koma munthu pakufa mumayamba ndi mkutu kugontha.Less Than A Yr Alot Of Blunders.KOMA TIFIKA 2019?

  90. mbani says:

    Basi this is a no to donor aid my foot

  91. tuvitwana says:


  92. Bob says:

    Selective Justice and whoever is making such stupid decisions is cursed. Let the courts conclude the case. Don’t take Malawians for a ride.

  93. Blessings Phiri says:

    This is now where the Mtambo and Sembereka should organise the demos. Thats the stupidity of DPP and its president. Just because they want to buy Atupele and his UDF then Malawians shud pay for this. I am asking parliament to opose this stupidity or drop all cash gate cases because they all bordered on corruption.

  94. ADE says:

    After almost 10 years,the state has decided to drop the case. Zifukwa zake mukuti ndichani??? If this is true, then all those who were involved in cash-gate should be forgiven. We live in a country where crime pays. Jails are for poor people.

  95. Mr ska says:

    Ok,tikuona zonse ziwani mulandu suulo,pangatalike mlandu mudzayakha

  96. Tambala says:

    Hahahahaha that is the price of UDF it is 1.7 billion….political engineer ameneyo

  97. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    It would be a pathetic legacy for APM if this case is withdrawn on that basis.
    The case has bogged down in court on the basis of Muluzi’s health, and not lack of evidence. To be sure, the case should not be taken out of the court’s jurisdiction! APM should be the last person even to attempt interfering in criminal cases like this one. Where is his reputable legal mind?
    Heretofore, we thought we had an enlightened president who was going to change direction, and take us into modern era politics? I am still of that opinion – always an optimist and hopeful.
    Let the courts decide if there is not enough evidence. If politicians interfere in this way, it will be a throwback to Kamuzu’s era: when he always ordered the courts, not just the Traditional Courts, what to do!

    1. Malindima says:

      Where is APM interfering here?

  98. whislte blower says:

    If you drop this case,, then also drop the cases of Lutepo and the rest. That will be a fair move. Should cases be decided on the basis of the relationship with the ruling elite? Mutharika wapepetulidwa ndithu. Osamasewere phada ndi Atcheya. Your mistake was to befriend him.

    Malawians, let us wake up and protest. If Bakili is let off the hook, then Malawi will never recover. The plunder will continue wiith impunity as precedences will have been set.

    Donors, please cut your aid completely kuti aziba za misonkho yokha, AMalawi tikakwiya thidzawachotsa tokha. Muluzi ngofuna kumuotcha basi tithane naye.

    1. Malindima says:

      Lutepo will have to wait for 10 years until all avenues have been explored confirming of no evidence.

  99. Hoitty says:

    Tsopano ma MP UDF omwe mwangosunthira mbali ya boma osadziwa kuti ma deal ake ndiotani muti bwanji? Kuthandidza a mfumu kuledzera. Anzanu zikuwapindulira inu mupindulapo chiyani? Chair ndi krook koma ndayimika manja.

  100. …akakhala pankhate sapheka khoswe….

  101. Antchona says:

    Malawi public reforms agenda says ” days of doing business as usual are long gone”. I thought this would also include the way we do our investigations in prosecuting people who have clearly stolen from the nation. This is the problem with African politics get connected nothing will ever happen to you. You become untouchable. In Malawi you become a president and over night you are a billionaire and no one asks questions and it is business as usual. Stop paying lip service and do the right things and we will all prosper

  102. fact says:

    That’s Malawi, No Ethics, No Morals, Nayeso Lutepo akangolowa DPP mlandu wantha, achila pompopompo…!

  103. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    Ndiye onse okhudzidwa ndi corruption muwamasule. Zisamakomere andale okha ayi. Pano state has dropped the case but he will be answerable before the supreme Judge Jesus Christ for the lives that have suffered because of this misappropriation. Anaoneka Muluzi tsunditsundi ndi DPP msana wachila. Koma dziwani kuti mlandu suuola. DPP will not be in government forever. Guilty conscious ikuphani ndithu mufa ndi maganizo. My God lives!

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      Fortunately,the so called Supreme Judge Jesus will not handle such a case as he belongs to a very different community.

      1. Shamiso says:

        Ndithu pali Mulungu, bondo lililonse lipinde, lilime livomeleze kuti Yesu ndi Ambuye. Yesu alibe community. Iwenso ufune usafune b4 2019 ngati sulapa uzamuvomeleza Yesu ukulira ku Hell. Repent my friend. Don’t insult Jesus Christ. He is the Supreme Judge.

  104. Kalulu says:

    Malawi is a war torn country believe me or not. There is a group of political parties, civil servants, some eloped in mafias who have vowed to destroy this country. This is what they do. They have found ways to steal in all services such as public confers, road traffic, malawi housing, immigration, district councils, subsidy programs, ESCOM, Central medical hospitals, districts hospitals and so forth. They have created evil empires where they find ways to steal in ways untraceable. As a result services cripples and poor people die. For me this is the same as ISLAMIC STATE or SOMALIA. If a child becomes sick and goes to hospital and find no medicine that someone has stolen to satisfy his/her evil desires its the same as taking a gun and start killing people. Can we win? Yes if we decide to root out these people where ever they are and replace them with real Malawian people. Now is the time

  105. Sindi damiano says:

    Oweruza wamkuru ndi mwini wake namalenga apansi pano ndi masatana okhaokha

  106. CorruptMe says:

    Malawi cannot be taken seriously on corruption issues. How can you have someone like this not prosecuted? Sorry to hear this.

  107. Kaliati Galu says:

    Ife tinadziwa kuti mugwirizano wa DPP and UDF ukupita kumeneko. Ndipo Muluzi is a real politician, has sold UDF on the expense of his corruption charges. Malawi siizatheka ayi. Leaders are so evil, corrupt and have no interest of the peoples at heart.

    I regret being a Malawian. Southern region leaders will always make our nation meek, thin and later collapse.

  108. Chikadzakuwani says:

    We all klnow that the case is over, do you see Muluzi going to meet his Doctors again in CAPE? HaHaHaHa paMalawi samangana ai pali ufulu wa anthu andale.

  109. Modziyekha says:

    It sound better kusiyana ndi kuti muwaputile msana atcheyah!

  110. ELHAPO says:

    I cry over the resources that have been wasted on prosecuting this case. In the first place, who make the decision whether or not to prosecute the case? Is it the professionals or the politicians? If it is the former, then what has changed? Are those who suggest that there is political interference in these matters wrong?

  111. Popo says:

    A game with our money..

  112. Then if that is the case then stop all the cash gate cases….no wonder Malawi doesnt go far in its economy because mosr leaders want to fill there pockets first..and He is the one who brought the mindset..shame on our country

    Atleast abwenze ndalamazo then he can go.

  113. Emmatuwa says:

    Anthunu mulandu wakalekale mwachita bwino kuuthetsa mulandu umenewu chifukwa tinatopa ndikuzuzidwa kwa Former president Muluzi. a Muluzi akula awa mwazuziranji

    1. Dowa Boy says:

      Munthu akamangidwa atalakwira malamulo a dziko, simunganene kuti akumuzuza. Muluzi ndi wakuba, iwe Emmatuwa ukumuyikira kumbuyo bwanji? Bwanji ena amilandu ngati yomweyi akumangidwa? Let the court conclude Muluzi’s case not dropping the charges, NO!! You must be stupid and dull. Mulandu suwola!! The government is also rotten and corrupt.

  114. Foolish ana Sithole akuvutika milando yake yomweyo yakuba muluzi mukuti mumumasule alibe mlandu how and why? Zikoli tigawana basi! Nyasizo muzipangila konko kumwera.

  115. ğyu says:

    Tingoti omwa tea azamwanso. Koma the frozen 1,7 billion is equal to 3 tambala today

  116. Enukweni says:

    UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Malawi, Malawi, why doing that. How can we develop then. So the police custody is only for junior officers, that’s why the new US Ambassor said she I still watching the strides the Malawi government is doing. We need big fish now. These are our monies from the huge tax they are robbing from us, its unfortunate.

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