State withdraws forfeiture application on Sithole property

The State has asked the court in Lilongwe to withdraw application of forfeiture for part of property on former government accounts assistant Victor Sithole, convicted and jailed of being found in possession of stolen money and illegal possession of forex.

Sithole: Tainted property may be seized

Sithole: Tainted property may be seized

Sithole is serving jail after the Lilongwe Magistrate’s Court found him guilty on the three counts involving money found in his possession amounting to K112 million, $31 850 and 122 000 rands in September last year, which the prosecution had wanted forfeited to government.

State prosecutor on Cashgate cases, private practice lawyer Kamudoni Nyasulu, appealed to Lilongwe senior resident magistrate Patrick Chirwa that Sithole’s Whispers Bar and Area 25 house should not be forfeited because they are not part of the cashgate tainted property.

The application does not include the three months advance rental totalling K750 000 for a house in Area 47 and a Toyota Vitz.

Nyasulu said it was pre-mature to make an application to have the properties confiscated before the court made a ruling on Sithole’s appeal.

“The penalty to confiscate the property was halted until there is a ruling on the appeal,” he said in an interview.

Sithole is being represented by lawyer Ralph Kasambara – himself answering charges of money laundering.

Money laundering has a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment and a fine of K2 million, being found in possession of money suspected to have been stolen attracts a fine while illegal possession of foreign exchange attracts a fine of K10 000 and maximum imprisonment of two years.

Meanwhile, the case has been adjourned to April 2 when the court is expected to deliver a ruling on the appeal.

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19 thoughts on “State withdraws forfeiture application on Sithole property”

  1. Judge Joash says:

    Why did you do it young man?Why?

  2. mgoni says:

    I agree with comment 11. These pple just want to please the donors adziti zikuyenda. Mukungolimbana ndi ana wanji and not the big fishes??? Leave sithole momwe mukuwasiyila achina kasambala.

  3. Hello! says:

    Someone answering a charge being represented by another one who is accused too? Are we serious?

  4. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    Mukusiya nkhalamba yakuyeletsani ndi 4 billion ikungonyamula ma gold plated Louis vutton designer briefcase,Gold plated wheelbarrows flaunting affluence in a highly impoverished country.Wina ndi mzimayi uyu we hear whatever is lecturing in states and the six pounds thief Muluzi.Nkhani mukalimbana ndi whispers ya Sithole leaving all the chejumos scot free.It seems priorities are upside down.Remove that stupid immunity law and bang all these crooks posing as our leaders in this stinking impoverished country while they are swimming in billions.When will malawians wake up while they are being ripped off in broad day light?This country stinks with its obsolete legal system.Kulimbana ndi usipa ngati Sithole will not change anything in Malawi even though he still needs to face the music.

  5. T' A says:

    Kodi mukufuna mumumalidze ?

  6. Yankees says:

    A Sintholewa ndiye mungowanzuzatu, anyway pakuti kupalamula ndi kupalamula, wispers Bar muja mudayambila kuitchula muja mutakhala ma Speaker abwino simunthuyo wathawitsamo? Tapangani yakabisila ntchito mugwila komanso osalimbana ndiomangidwa kale achina ……… Alikunja kuno kumamwa ayi, tawamanganiko enawo akalawe Mau Mau:::.

  7. Jihad John says:

    Ralph is. a thug that is defending fellow thugs. A brilliant lawyer who is very greedy.

  8. chims says:

    Comment: ndiamodzi mwana asaluze zonse.

  9. Dingase says:

    Will these cashgate trials be concluded or its just to show the donors that something is being done?

  10. Mlolo says:

    Its time to siphon the tax payers now with this kind of leniency. I’m not so surprised why the accounts assistants and clercal officers do connived a still alot of momey. Check the Education Division in the north, you will see how the lady accounts and clerical officers swim in taxpayers money.

  11. chejali says:

    Kaya ife timkagodabwa anthu mukunjoya apa ndi izi

  12. mervin says:

    kodi enawo ali kuti

  13. YOLANDA says:

    akuoneka wa chichepere koma sizina ntole.kubera a malawi osauka.anyamata awachiona ndani pa tauni,chako changa.taona tsopano chipako chakutsalira.

  14. Pacharo says:

    So pathetic.

  15. Wodzichepetsa says:

    ikanakhala movie ndikanapanga next, milandu yanji yosatha

    mxweeee!!!! ndasonya

  16. bonya says:

    Mukalande katundu kambbva kameneka. Koma akabwerako ku ndendeko? Poti wayamba kale kutupa.

    Kodi mayi Senzani ali bwanji? We want azitilembera ‘letters from jail’ kuti tizimva za moyo wao kundende. Kapenatu amakagona kunyumba.

  17. Comment I agree with the idea to seize the property because these people have caused so much suffering among malawian lives. This MUST apply to all Cashgate convicts.

  18. akatswiri says:

    Ithought so coz the suspected is with Reserve Bank and there is no loss for the part of the Government.

  19. lol says:

    Courts of Malawi are just useless. Which mind of the people are you trying to play with? Close all the cases! you have failed us. Mwalephera basi, a good example is a Muluzi case.

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