Stop glorifying poverty, Nankhumwa tells Malawi journalists

Minister of Information, Tourism and Culture Kondwani Nankhumwa has advised journalists to put an end to the “glorification” of poverty in the media.

Nankhumwa: Don't glorify poverty in Malawi media

Nankhumwa: Don’t glorify poverty in Malawi media

Nankhumwa made the appeal when he officially opened a day-long workshop for Association of Business Journalists (ABJ) members on emerging issues in Bvumbwe, Thyolo.

Recently, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera told parliament that while Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world the continued impoverishment is no longer of circumstances but by choice.

He said it is “inexcusable” that Malawi is still ranked amongst the poorest in the world.

“Ours is no longer poverty of circumstances but poverty by choice, perpetuated by leaders too cowardly to make the top choices that can move us forward,” stated Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president.

But Nankhumwa said government has put in place a number of economic policies and strategies aimed at changing the country’s economic fortunes, saying the media should desist from painting a “gloomy” picture on the country’s well-being.

“We are what we write. If our stories are that of desolation, failure, glorification of poverty and pessimism, then we are going to become a country that is synonymous with under-achievement and brokenness,” said Nankhumwa.

The government spokesman persuaded business journalists to use the power of the pen to “build Malawi and conquer the world”.

He said:”Let us use the power that we have to be bridges between our society and government, donor community, private and public sector and investors at large.

“We should use this power to help our nation bang heads together and come up with the best ways of lifting Malawi. Let us not take pride in glorifying empty rankings on poverty. We are more than a statistic.”

The workshop, funded by the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authorities (Macra), brought together business reporters from all three regions and were taken through several topics including “Understanding the bond Market” by Malawi Stock Exchange Acting Chief Executive John Kamanga; Chief Economic Adviser to the President Dr Collins Magalasi’s “Where is the economy going? Any hope for Malawi”; “Challenges and opportunities of doing business in Malawi by Indigenous Businesspersons Association President Mike Mlombwa while Macra Henry Silika made a presentation on Cirms and Television Whitespaces:.What are they and why are they important.”

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37 thoughts on “Stop glorifying poverty, Nankhumwa tells Malawi journalists”

  1. Chenkumbi says:

    Malawi is not the poorest country, but the people like you ntchona with poor mind who do not look very far. I have been in Zimbabwe rural , people are very poor there but they never glorify their poverty as Malawians do singing a song of being the poorest people in the world. Go in Mozambique in villages , you will feel so pathetic people are literally naked there, which is the opposite in Malawi, but saima pachulu mkumavina kuti ndfe amphawi adzaoneni.Even if you sing that song nobody will come and give you cash for you to be rich.Zinazi mukungizibvula nokha pagulu. palibe dziko lomwe lilibe amphawi. I was in Joburg, I found mzungu begging in the street, so is the UK, but they never dance singing a song of being poor always, do something for yourself. Your mind mind is poor , nanunso a Chakwera, tamalankhulani zoona mwakhala maiko akunja, you know the truth.W have all the resources here in Malawi, but people with dull mind do not know how to use them.

  2. Concerned citizen says:

    I feel our poverty is down to mismanagement of the economy and plunder of resources by the so called democratic leaders. An example is how Mich did MG benefit from the plunder of Chikamgawa and Dzalanyama forest? The disaster that started 4 months ago is the forest on Dedza mountain. Where is the Government in all of this?

  3. Obster says:

    Reality is that Our country Malawi is poor thus why we stack here in RSA working cheap job as if we are not logged into Education

  4. Jk says:

    Dont blame journalist always the trueth pains poverty in malawi is for real and we cant pretend to conceal it we are afailiar nation because of fools politicians like you Nankhumwa bastard

  5. Ntchona says:

    How can you not talk of poverty when it is staring right in your face. You should sir go back to your meetings and tell your bosses the masses on the ground are fed up with lip service and cowards in the name of leaders who when they wake in the morning all they think eat and dream is to loot. How on earth do Malawi politicians get rich as soon as they appointed. That is what you should be debating in your inner circle. We have too many crooks in government and comedians posing as policy makers. Poverty is a reality in Malawi except for select few occupying government positions. Wake up and smell the coffee

  6. ADA VUWA says:

    dnt foolish u self ukufuna anthu akutenge ngati ndani ukakhala ndika jeep basi ukuona ngati walemela shut up

  7. ONZO says:

    lets wait and see

  8. phwado says:

    Hahahaha!Truth really pains.Nankhumwa ukakhuta ana a nkhuku usamatisokosele.A cartoon minister.Journalists: more fire atsegule mmimba ameneyi!

  9. Alungwana says:

    Max comic thom gerry Nankhumwa. Mwatchukatu man ndi mfundo zopusa. Ofcoz we are what we write so there is no need to send lies in the media.

  10. munthu Wamkulu kwambiri ngati church la katolika says:

    Chinderi ichi

  11. Bwitoto says:

    First it was Bingu who told us to dream in colour and changed our flag claiming that Malawi has developed beyond recognition. Now it is this fool.Kodi inu a DPP mumatitenga aMalawife ngati ndani? What are you smoking at DPP?.Mukaba ndalama zathuzo ndimukhuta mumaona ngati tonse takhuta eti?Mxiew!!!

  12. yosefe gambatula says:

    Nankhumwa is busy feasting on tax payers money with his old friend Pitala.Dpp has stupid policies that do not support Malawians and yet he is big headed to call Malawians that they glorify poverty.This country has visionless leaders.It was only Kamuzu who had vision for this country despite being a dictator.The rest are all useless.

  13. Mhesha says:

    Stupid Malawians. ..crying for Marymeals daily!? Go and work in your fields. think government can just be giving you money? Ask your Western donors if they are bent on receiving hand outs. The problem is that u all sit down do nothing except waiting for your government to feed u ND your many kids. Namkhumwa asks you to stop dreaming for good things without doing anything. He wants you lift your spirits by working hard.

  14. orama ruverito amowe likwitimba miyo

  15. Namiasi says:

    Foolish Nankhumwa

  16. Kenkkk says:

    This man is really a joke of a minister. He is our the comical Ali, remember saddam’s spokesman during the USA invasion? Very shameful.

    Did you the similarities between his jb project letter and Ben’s letter? Both wrong on dates.

    You are the last person Malawians will
    Listen to. So better keep quiet like your boss.

  17. Kennedy says:

    May God remove this rubbish, weacked man. He doesn’t make sense all the time damn Peter for giving him high profile. Dpp is indeed misleading us, can’t someone stand up for us?

  18. mbuyuni says:

    Ine ndingoyambitsa mpingo wanga, anthu a mulungu akuoneka kuti zikuwayendeta, Andale awa maso awo sakuona.ndithawira kwa a mbuye.

  19. Patriot says:

    Nankhumwa ndiye uti?

  20. shaft yaikulu says:

    the reality on the ground shows that we are the only country in the region that’s getting poorer and poorer, even after “mining” uranium and rare earths! how the hell kamuzu did it on tobacco alone i’ll never know.

    a select few individuals eat up all the money while the rest wallow in filth and poverty, but as sure as night follows day, god always punishes the wicked in the end..

  21. angoni says:

    My grandfather was treasurer of Zomba municipality. My father was a professor even before this one had his bachelors. I served as a civil servant for more than ten years. What do we have to show for it except for abuse and ridicule. Worked in america about ten years now. Got a good pension plan. It is not about media. Listen to Jacob Zuma. Take care of your citizens. Osati kumangoba my bomamu

  22. Jelbin mk says:

    Will this dull minister talk sense one day? I doubt he is too rigged to accept the reality. He seems to have not bothered by the situation Malawians are in because if he had he could not live in perpetual denial rather he would have told the nation that really our nation is in a very bad position so lets work together to bring about prosperity. He thinks because he himself drives those MG cruisers then everyone does the same, what a stupid minister.

  23. Abdus-salaam says:

    Mr Nankhumwa! Shame on you seriously. The fact that you are happy, eating nice food everyday, sleeping in good houses, driving in good cars then you think evrybody is like that? Do you visit rural areas and see how people are suffering and when the media write about the truth you got guts to call that glorifying poverty? You are a big shame and honestly you are one of the ministers I don’t think you deserve to be. MALAWI IS A VERY POOR COUNTRY NOT DOUBT ABOUT THAT!!! CHANGE THE MENTALITY MR NANKHUMWA BE A LEADER PEOPLE WHO CHOSE YOU WANTED YOU TO BE NOT JUST THINKING ABOUT YOUR STOMACH. MALAWI IS POOR PERIOD!!!!

  24. Dr Mbewe says:

    Nakhumwa akunama. Corruption mboma alitho, development ibwela bwanji. A Beni Phiri has amassed unexplainable, is corrupt mbomamo inu mulimomwemo, how can you develop? . Nkhambakamwa a Nakhumwa, just shut upon

  25. Vizara says:

    Freedom of information Act prevents Government from censorship of information disseminated by any media house to the public. Kondwani you need to tread very carefully with this. It is up to the public to decide what they want to do with that information but government censorship is a sign of poor governance …………..just in case you did not know Mr Information minister. ( Government spokesman)

  26. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi is poor, finish and kraal. We Malawians can’t deny that we are poorest people in the world

  27. ujeni says:

    Journos getting a lecture from a form two drop out is a disgrace.

  28. JESPAS says:

    So they should write that we are not poor while in real sense we are poor? No Mr Nankhumwa. Let them write the truth. We have heard these lies before. In fact the whole country once lived a big lie to think we were very rich that we didn’t deserve the “old” flag so we changed to a new flag. In reality, we were just as poor as we have always been. So this time, No sir!!

  29. magaula says:

    azilemba zoti che nankhumwa akudya buledi?pamene anthu kumudzi akuvutika.mbuzi

  30. bob mzunga says:

    The solution is straight forward and simple: tell your president to Stop creating poverty! Go to mgona in Lilongwe and see poverty first hand incase you have flew so high beyond the realities on the ground in this country!

  31. Dwambazi says:

    That is the problem Mr Nankhumwa, ……… DENIAL…… We cannot move on if we are stuck in denial. Give us something to glorify then we will use the power of pen. But for now we can not run away from the fact that we are poor.

  32. Chifila says:

    It is what it is Mr Nankhuma, to be honest there is nothing to glorify!

  33. ujeni says:

    No its not about gloriying poverty but you people in government sitting phwii. Is pointing out that Lilongwe is dirty glorifying poverty? I dont think so.

  34. vitselekwete says:

    Why deny our poverty state?

  35. Namatchaitsa says:

    Oh yes che Nankhumwa, we are all very pipo in Malawi.

    Everybody is a Salanje pa Flames!

  36. Rich nduna says:

    Ndipo ife kunja kuno zimatibowa akamakweza umphawi!! Agwire ntchito apeze ndalama..akuyembekeza chilichonse kuchitiridwa…nankhumwa awuze amenewa aziwe..or iwe kut ufike pamenepo wachoka kutali..andifunse ine pa office yako pachisitu padali zotani!!!!

    1. phwado says:

      Rich nduna nsete zako!kuti upezeke kunjako nchifukwa chothawa umphawi.Ba seta nkhalambazo kumeneko.Shit!

Comments are closed.

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