Stop mudslinging, transform Malawi: PP official tells Mutharika

Peoples Party (PP) official has advised Malawi President  Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to focus on developmental issues and matters that will rescue the nation from the current economic crisis rather than wasting time with mudslinging.

Mhango: No mudslinging

Mhango: No mudslinging

PP officials speak tough

PP officials speak tough

Humphrey Mhango who is Chairman for PP and Managing Director of Limbikani Group of Companies in the rainbow nation of South Africa said this in reaction to  arrests of three Malawi Congress Party (MCP) officials on allegations of plotting a coup through a chat on WhatsApp.

The three have been vocal in asking the government to address challenges Malawians are facing including accute shortage of food and drugs in government hospitals.

But speaking in an interview from South Africa on Wednesday morning, Mhango said the current actions by the government symbolizes that the nation has completely lost direction and that it has no leader.

“People want to see his (Mutharika’s) vision that will change Malawi for better and as far as it stands now, nothing conducive is felt or seen other than his mudslinging with political opponents” Mhango told Nyasa Times.

Mhango further advised Mutharika to take austerity measures like what other countries do by cutting expenditures on VIP’s and other necessary means of cost serving.

He also advised the President to aim at uniting the nation as well as borrowing a leaf from his late brother Bingu wa Mutharika who he said performed impressively in his first term of office.

“Peter must focus on building the nation thus uniting the nation not political witch-huntin. “Or he must follow the footsteps of his elder brother the way he governed Malawi in the first term before he became emotional,” explained Mhango.

The PP South African chapter chair  has also advised Mutharika to seriously consider rebuilding the relationship with the donor community for them to fully resume providing support to Malawi ailing economy.

He said the same channel was used by former President Dr. Joyce Banda immediately after she took over the leadership in 2012 following the death of Bingu wa Mutharika who had then bashed the donors.

“When Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda took over office, she managed to overturn the hardships within a short period of time because among other things, she convinced donors to come back with their funding and she gave them all the confidence that their funding or support will be used for intended purposes,” he said.

PP spokesperson Ken Msonda  also said Mutharika and his DPP government should work tirelessly to meet the 30 days deadline to have the maize crisis resolved , saying failure to do so will result in calls for President to be pushed out of power with mass protests.

He said the Mutharika government was doing everything to prevent from being forced out of power by hungry Malawians.

“The DPP administration should put their efforts and energy to address the food and economic crisis currently affecting our nation,” said Msonda.

Meanwhile, Consumers Association of Malawi (Cama) Executive Director John Kapito has asked the the government to address economic issues urgently.

He has however trashed the government claims that the economic situation is globe saying most countries are able to tame interest rates for inflation thereby allowing their people to access basic needs which is not the case here in Malawi.

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7 thoughts on “Stop mudslinging, transform Malawi: PP official tells Mutharika”

  1. Mawaya Leonard R.B.K says:

    I wonder how on earth one can call the messages that were tapped from whatsapp as chatting by the MCP strongholds. Thus not true. Do you mean if DPP strongholds were to have gone on whatsapp communicating that why do they not work secretly to eliminate the opposition figures like Rt Hon. Chakwera, Hon. Uladi Mussa, Hon Jessie Kabwira, Hon Msonda, Hon Kamulepo Kalua and many others through secret deeds so that these people could vanish. Do you mean the police should consider this as a mere chat? Assuming the police acts as they have done with the three MCP members, using the laws, would you brand Chakwera and his group as not democratic. If you remember very well Muwalo was caught through phone conversations and was hanged, now whatsapp or face book, tweeter etc are just advanced means of communication, and people know very well that all messages or phones conversations are recorded by the responsible service providers and can be retrieved if needed , how did they think these sensitive messages could not have been found. About holding demos, mind you this time demos will be for both government and opposition camps , once opposition damages any government structures or DPP structures DPP demo group would do likewise in opposition structures and homes , for fairness to be executed. Why should DPP be suffering with Demos now and again merely on selfish issues . DPP will this time mobilize to do likewise. Mr Chambe is being said that his name suggests he is lomwe. What is wrong with being lomwe. Mind you one day the lomwes will be tired of this and would react and retaliate to any any official or politician who talks against lomwes. Having a president from Lomwe tribe does not mean the president is a relation to all lomwes or knows every Jim and Jack or Jean from lomwe tribe . That is rubbish and should stop forthwith. There is a radio station and TV in the country that puts this on their advert and a Martha Kwataine in particular talking that when one tribe only is benefiting from the country’s wealth, pointing at lomwes, is extremely nosence and must stop immediately. I very much wish to meet her for personal discussion to find out why she castigates us as the lomwes. Did she ever hear that lomwes had held a meeting to endorse their candidate? It is just coincidence as nobody asks tem to do so.I have never been asked by anybody to vote for DPP, nor UDF despite being from the south and I was for a long time for AFORD, then MCP AFOD Alliance and MCPs Mgwirizano coalition then moved to support DPP on their principals and ideologies and not because am lomwe or come from the south. Otherwise I should have been UDF, the DPP When people voted in Machinga for Bakili Muluzi and in the whole Eastern region and the south that included yaos, lomwes and nyanjas/senas etc in his time why were people from your region hating yaos. PP because of mkomwana Joyce Banda voted the party to be for the North which is a reason people from the south had through some wisdom noted that JB was going to sell the country to people of the north and left her alone. The North seemed to be heading for president’s status with the likes of Goodal Gondwe’s or Billie Kaunda’s life style of loving all people from all corners of Malawi equally but this was damaged by Hon. Mkandawire’s grouping that wassaying Bingu was nepotic and tribalistic, yet the north has been the champion of this issue till now. This was taken and is still taken as mockery to people from the south and central regions In all embassies ad diplomatic missions, NGOs,Government’s well funded ministries and departments, projects, banks, parastals, farms, and some media institutions, mention what, all these are monopolized by the North,which even made Livingstonia CCAP to invade Nkhoma and Blantyre Synods areas saying they are following their tenths from their children who are having better jobs and were paying good tenths to either Nkhoma or Blantyre CCAP to their dislike . A church fostering division in church, what a shame, and that crop of CCAP leaders in Livingstonia CCAP Synod should live to be blamed for life. As for cash gate immediately Galaxy Radio had announced the names and cheques, the President then should have used her statement that she was the one who had discovered this anomaly and then she should have asked for the money to be paid back and ask those involved to sell their structures and vehicles to pay back immediately , but opted for the courts hoping for cover up which is not helping since she had lost the elections partly because of this mess. Why didn’t the NGOs, opposition MCP and the people then not organize mass demonstration demanding the acting government of JB to resign, It sold and is alleged to have misused the money from the sale of the jet and they should have asked the people to return the money and apologize to both Malawians and the donor community, and ask the donor community to assist in amending the financial services but MCP which seems to have had some assistance from PP Government on cashgate were just quiet. Just sitting phwii without organizing demos. For MCP we know them that ndi anthu a nkhanza, and what they are doing is just a sign that had they been in government, they could have been secretly eliminating opposition figures as they used to do . The Gadama team was it not voicing their concerns only to be claimed that these people were running away from Malawi but died in a car accident orchestrated by government. What were they running away from? Pliz MCP be changed, for people to love you sikuti muzitukwana President and DPP , but tell us what alternatives your party is offering the Governemnt in office or just offer those alternatives and stop mtima wansenje . Just offer alternatives to what the government has chosen to do, even if they say no to your choice as the government is supposed to get advice from opposition parties be it those in parliament or outside parliament, NGOs, private companies, the public, Governmentadvisers but they can choose not to follow your alternatives as long as their choice or alternative would yield better fruits then its okay. What you are doing would then make MCP to remain in opposition or even become a small party after another party replaces them in 2019 elections and thereafter because of nkhanza,, or deliberations that are often full of kutukwana utsogoleri ndi wansanje. The crop of MCP MPS this time ambiri ngotukwana thus why samadzudzula anzawo and no wonder people in the village are saying they will not vote them in come 2019 for kutukwana and matama polankhula ngakhale kwao. Talking activists language in parliament takes away your being honourable and kutukwana it just shows that kumene unachokera kuli vuto. We all need to choose words to speak carefully to remain a gentle lady or gentle man and more orso with honourables, You remember the term “agalu inu” which lead to the downfall of our late Hon. Nga Ntafu. Manay people had changed their mind not to vote for him due to such behavior in parliament, where people of Likoma felt so bad to have contributed in parliament such a disgracefull man. Yet this statement had some materials attached to it in parliament which people in Malawi and in Likoma could not understand the reason behind it Now for Kabwira , Chakhwantha and Msungama,they need to take care of their choice of words carefukky, be changed avoid kutukwana president or utsogoleri, just point out issues that are not going on ok and offer solution if any, if they have no solutions to the problem then why point out when you also do not have a solution to offer. It is wrong to be in parliament just to point out problems and offer no alternative and instead the alternative is kept to say until when your party will be in power. What if your party will never come back to power, why should we keep you in Government, If the were only chatting why running away from chatting comments? why hide in embassy for chatting comments?. They were supposed to stand up and face authorities , thus police, courts and explain their case that they were only chatting than running away, This shows this was a known crime to them thus why they were running away and even the speaker of parliament knew it gave out rescue operation for his colleagues in MCP to run away from the crime. Why run away from a chatting session. The three if they were chatting nanga President akumutukwaniranji after their release on bail? Kodi ngati president sakulemekezedwa, pali chifukwa choti wina azilemekezedwa mdziko muno/? Kodi pali chifukwa cholemekeza a Nduna, PS ,ma director ndi mabwana ena , ngati woyang’anira onsewa akunyozedwa ndi phungu or chipani. Kodi pali chifukwa cholemekezera mtsogoleri wotsutsa boma ngati anthu ake akunyoza ndi kutukwana president, Bwanji a ndale sakuphunzira kulankhula mfundo popanda kunyoza mtsogoleri wa dziko ndi ena ali onse, Izi zofunika kukonza zisiyike, tiuzeni nfundo basi, zokhoza poyamba kenako zomwe sizikuyenda bwino basi

    In 1993 we chose multiparty type of government and not one party in government, The party in majority only leads the government. In parliament the parties in there are part of government and calling this government has failed it means all of you in parliament have failed, for DPP is supposed to lead and the rest of the parties in parliament look for mistakes or where the government is losing track and bring it back by offering alternatives to sort out the problem. What we hear is that this government has failed and should resign . the Government is given 5 years mandate, to govern, otherwise all of you in parliament should resign and be declared failures and non of you should stand in any future elections any more. In that way we can accept early elections and vote in other parties not in parliament though the issue on experience would also come in. so the issue is nobody should resign but work together and steer the country forward.

    Let me finish by asking PAC to institute a survey with full fairness to look into employees in all offices mentioned above and others not mentioned to get the picture on which region or district is monopolizing the wealth of the country, one of the factors would have to be calculation of how much each region is benefiting from the national cake , publish it and then ask Malawians in sober manner to sort out this problem amicably and avoid such happening in future Malawi so that all our children in Malawi should enjoy the fruits of the country without tribalistic and nepotic tendencies. Finally I am ready to be called for any discussion with any security agents or any arm of Government vested with finding out on the issues raised in my comment. I will not run away like the MCP officials, but would need to clarify my issues as raised. Good day and bye. Bob J.M.Chanza

  2. BA KASAILA says:

    Chambe man I think mwamwa chambe chambiri which is confusing you, I have followed all your comments and they all lack intellect, anyway kaya school munalekeza pati? But you being chambe means you are Lomwe and full of blue blood you can even support PUMBWA BWAMPINI even atanyera pamseu you would still see some positives. Wake up man, think using your brain and not your ass

  3. ine says:

    Amalawi,amalawi,amalawi..ndinani adakuuzan kut Phd imalamula?…Peter Walephera kulamula basi..Joice adakwanisa kubwezelesa chuma chimene Bingu adaononga,,mu chaka chimozi.Akuluwa akut ali ndi Phd koma akulephela mu zaka ziwiri ….MUGANIZA KUTI APITALA ANUO AKWANISA kUBWEZELESASO CHUMA?,,,,MUIWALE.

  4. anthony kachepa says:

    Mr. Mhango tell the DPP gulus to pull up their socks -otherwise come 2019-they will be a govt change-these pple have failed us big time –awuzeni zowona-atilephela -and sazathekanso .

  5. B. Manda says:

    Akulu akulu dikirani mpaka 2019 ndipamene inu muzanene kuti president acoke posamuponyera voti yanu koma pano ndinthawi yake yoti azilamulira.
    Inu siyani kumusokonezako mukamatero ndiye acite bwanji malo mwake azikumangani comco.
    Ine ndi mtumbuka mzanu koma pena anthufe tanyanya kulongolola.
    Dziko amatenga kuzera kumavoti osati izo mukukamba enanu anthu woti munaluza cisankho ai.

  6. Chambe says:

    JB restored donor confidence for the resumed budget aid. She later lost all the donor confidence which is not coming back anytime soon.
    Be real and don’t politicize the economic situation by blaming one person on this poor country with people who have” njala bwana; thandizeni bwana” mentality.
    Ngakgale atabwera President wina aliyense, palibe kuti angasinthe zinthu kwa chaka chimodzi. Iam so proud to see Malawi striving ahead without donor budget. APM deserves an honorary PhD in this fir he is the only one and can not be compared with his predecessors who failed with aid within their disposal.

  7. juju says:

    We need more prayers osati kukokanakokanaku as a nation

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