Stop the baloney or quit: Malawi situation

If the misguided Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strategist advising the Mutharika administration to perform ridiculous stunts of “increment today, increment dis-owned, and increment indefinitely deferred” thinks Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika is scoring points, he must report to the nearest psychiatrist for a medical examination.editorial op

If the praise team humming softly around Dr Lazarus Chakwera, for fear of ruining his deep slumber thinks the adage “silence is golden” applies in a Malawi in distress, they might as well start rehearsing the “Tizikumbukira… ”requiem for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in readiness for the burial of the grand old party (GOP)of Malawi.

Fact is: between August and now, there have been shocking reports ofridiculous salary increment proposals, rejection of such preposterous proposals, re-introduction of the irresponsible proposals be it with amendments, and deferrals – presidential and ministerial; of the senseless increments even after the thoughtless increments had been vehemently defended by the Minister of Finance and the main opposition spokesperson.

Tellingly, our Members of Parliament, formerly honourable and now no longer honourable, are yet to announce if at all they will join the deferral drama and renounce their 376% increment‘until the sick economy heals’ too.

As to the likelihood of this happening, the weatherman says cloudy to stormy times ahead – no chance! Only in your dreams will this happen.

We at the Nyasa Times, we do not see parliamentarians, not even a lonepatriotic one, going against the herd on this one.


Because regardless of their coming from a variety of sponsoring parties and backgrounds, all our parliamentarians have found one common denominator:the “G” word.

Since others have powerfully and authoritatively already opined on the rampant gluttony (the G-word), we will not try to outdo their denunciation of the undeserved and ill-timed increments.

Rather, we want to address another related matter which might have escaped the naked eye.

It has been argued on this very forum by one of our learned thought leaders that the Leader of Opposition, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera – labelled game changer when he joined politics; were he awake, this hocus-pocus of “massive-increments-today-deferred-tomorrow-stunt” would not have happened.

It has been submittedby learned counsels that the DPP machinery, comforted by Dr Chakwera’s loud silence and conspicuous invisibility; decided to pull a fast one, even when our economy is at its lowest ebb since independence.

It has now turned out that this “increment-today-and-none-tomorrow”drama, whether it was popularity gimmick or not, is suicidal.

It is suicidal because the message that the government’sunfortunate strategy has sent to the IMF and donors is completely wrong.

President Mutharika, a man who rarely speaks, has been seen and heard all over town begging for aid.


Because, he knows that a zero aid budget is not a healthy recipe for Malawi and that a zero aid budget, a couple of years ago, proved to be fatal even to a sitting president. Zero aid budgets have no respect for State Houses.

Professor Mutharika was there in April 2012. Since then, he has been to hell and back because of a zero aid budget that was peddled as a zero deficit budget.

We will not say more.

Now, when you have a president not ashamed to profusely beg, you do not want to send even the tiniest signal that IF this aid does come, the priority spending area will be prodigious increments for people who are already doing well and in fact, are doing much better than the poor tax payer in London, New York, Berlin, Paris and Brussels whose sweat is the aid we receive to abuse.

Sadly, and at the Nyasa Times we sincerely regret this: the impression that Mutharika’s cheap gimmick has created is exactly this.

The cheap diversionary gimmick has sent wrong vibes all over.

They are laughing at us in London. They think we are idiots in New York. In Berlin, Paris and Brussels they are saying: you buggers beg so that you can live like princes and princesses on our sweat!

Game over, they are saying, reign in your leaders or starve!

And the opposition, under the leadership of Dr Lazarus Chakwera, was and continues to slumber, happily.

We will not talk about the agenda-less United Democratic Front (UDF) because we all know that it is un-African to speak when you are eating not to say when your papa’s case is being slowly buried.

We will not talk about the People Party (PP). The PP is absolutely ‘leader-less’ in and outside the August house. Show me the leader on the  ground not the roaming one.

This DPP stunt has come with a huge cost. The work of all pro-Malawi lobbyists has just been made extremely difficult, regardless of the idiotic ‘harmonization drive’ which the Minister of Finance has been constantly referring to as the cause of this policy inconsistency, madness and“increment-today-no-increment-deferred-income” about faces.

As far as we are concerned here at the Nyasa Times: it is our studied position that Professor Mutharika – if he is half as wise as his age – might want to grab the bull by the horn, rethink and reshuffle his team of advisors.

If this hullaballoo was a ploy to catch the opposition pants down, it has worked. But the cost to the DPP led government is that cluelessness is no longer the word. Incompetent is the right one.

The one thing that the government has demonstrated to donors, and done so beyond reasonable doubt, is that it is grossly incompetent and uncaring and that if given aid, it will spend the aid more or less like the biblical prodigal son.

What can we do now? What can you do about this? What can Mutharika do to redeem himself?

If President Mutharika and his army of advisors have run out ideas, we hereby volunteer advice: it is never too early nor too late to throw in the towel. Quit and pass the baton. Go and rest at Ndata.

Call for early elections and Malawians will see to it that a new breed of parliamentarians invade the August house, as opposed to the greedy lot that has outlived their welcome.

Malawians will see to it that the new president walks the talk in words and deed.

And while they are at it, Malawians will see to it that the Leader of Opposition to come, is someone who will not sleep on the job and just happy to call for pressers after the fact.

Professor Mutharika: if you do not want to quit for fear of re-awakening of the treason case, then stop the baloney!

And hey there: Dr Lazarus Chakwera, please do jack up! And if you cannot be proactive, then whenever you wake up to react – after the fact -tell Malawians, in plain language, whether you are ready or not to pocket the blood money. Go slow on the philosophical crap.

May God bless Malawi.

Signed and sealed – The Nyasa Times Crew

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Peter must go

Medrian Kaunda

There is only one way, only one, and you all know it. It is called 20th and 21st July. Nothing else will do.


For your advice if they have to be fresh elections coz President has resigned or impeached that will only be for Presidential n not Mp’s as u think, pls know your Constitution atleast



Kirininti Yowehiwana

Wow Nyasa Times! Which section of the constitution would the President use to justify dissolving parliament to allow your new breed of parliamentarians,as you put it, to be ushered in?


Our president is the least paid citizen in the world and even the speakers and chief justice get much more and yet he is the head of state. Remuneration should be equal with responsibility. Joyce Banda had a salary cut hence supplemented with cash gate.


He is the least paid because he knows he is the beneficially of 92 Billion. His brother did not go with the money. His brother did not go with Mulli Brothers. He doesnt even need any Salary. The man is loaded with our tax. Even if he choses not to use his inheritance, he is the man incharge in Malawi. He s got access to Capital Hill or NGO as evidenced by NACGATE.


Peter ndi kape,I salute you NYASATIMES

Mr. B

This article is very interesting indeed. What if election comes next year and Peter Mutharika wins with landslide. Guys remember we are dealing with politics here not ufumu whereby only few family members decide the one to inherit. Please be serious when dealing with national matters. I am very concerned about the economy of our country but yet the blame is not the current leadership.


if you look at the crop of advisers surrounding our president,you will note that most of them are inmature and of his adviser is a form 2 graduate who can only write his name and what can a form 2 graduate do that can influence the president positively? these brainless advisers and aides are the ones putting garbage in the president’s brain.

The Chosen
I like the article and it has an emotional touch. However, analytically one notices that the article lacks the substance expected from our beloved Nyasatimes crew . The article is a another true reflection of the most common skills-deficiency in Malawi’s journalism, serious journalism is not just about writing fancy English words to impress the readers it’s about being informative, being the people’s watchdog.Some argue that without journalism democracy fails, if that is true in mature democracies what more in Malawi. It’s high time that our journalists learnt to do a bit of research and believe in themselves.For example, one… Read more »

Thanks man, this article should come from a common citizen commenting on an issue not a media house. Too shallow to influence change of mind set in a nation engulfed in self pity and fear of the unknown.

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