Stop the baloney or quit: Malawi situation

If the misguided Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strategist advising the Mutharika administration to perform ridiculous stunts of “increment today, increment dis-owned, and increment indefinitely deferred” thinks Prof Arthur Peter Mutharika is scoring points, he must report to the nearest psychiatrist for a medical examination.editorial op

If the praise team humming softly around Dr Lazarus Chakwera, for fear of ruining his deep slumber thinks the adage “silence is golden” applies in a Malawi in distress, they might as well start rehearsing the “Tizikumbukira… ”requiem for Malawi Congress Party (MCP) in readiness for the burial of the grand old party (GOP)of Malawi.

Fact is: between August and now, there have been shocking reports ofridiculous salary increment proposals, rejection of such preposterous proposals, re-introduction of the irresponsible proposals be it with amendments, and deferrals – presidential and ministerial; of the senseless increments even after the thoughtless increments had been vehemently defended by the Minister of Finance and the main opposition spokesperson.

Tellingly, our Members of Parliament, formerly honourable and now no longer honourable, are yet to announce if at all they will join the deferral drama and renounce their 376% increment‘until the sick economy heals’ too.

As to the likelihood of this happening, the weatherman says cloudy to stormy times ahead – no chance! Only in your dreams will this happen.

We at the Nyasa Times, we do not see parliamentarians, not even a lonepatriotic one, going against the herd on this one.


Because regardless of their coming from a variety of sponsoring parties and backgrounds, all our parliamentarians have found one common denominator:the “G” word.

Since others have powerfully and authoritatively already opined on the rampant gluttony (the G-word), we will not try to outdo their denunciation of the undeserved and ill-timed increments.

Rather, we want to address another related matter which might have escaped the naked eye.

It has been argued on this very forum by one of our learned thought leaders that the Leader of Opposition, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera – labelled game changer when he joined politics; were he awake, this hocus-pocus of “massive-increments-today-deferred-tomorrow-stunt” would not have happened.

It has been submittedby learned counsels that the DPP machinery, comforted by Dr Chakwera’s loud silence and conspicuous invisibility; decided to pull a fast one, even when our economy is at its lowest ebb since independence.

It has now turned out that this “increment-today-and-none-tomorrow”drama, whether it was popularity gimmick or not, is suicidal.

It is suicidal because the message that the government’sunfortunate strategy has sent to the IMF and donors is completely wrong.

President Mutharika, a man who rarely speaks, has been seen and heard all over town begging for aid.


Because, he knows that a zero aid budget is not a healthy recipe for Malawi and that a zero aid budget, a couple of years ago, proved to be fatal even to a sitting president. Zero aid budgets have no respect for State Houses.

Professor Mutharika was there in April 2012. Since then, he has been to hell and back because of a zero aid budget that was peddled as a zero deficit budget.

We will not say more.

Now, when you have a president not ashamed to profusely beg, you do not want to send even the tiniest signal that IF this aid does come, the priority spending area will be prodigious increments for people who are already doing well and in fact, are doing much better than the poor tax payer in London, New York, Berlin, Paris and Brussels whose sweat is the aid we receive to abuse.

Sadly, and at the Nyasa Times we sincerely regret this: the impression that Mutharika’s cheap gimmick has created is exactly this.

The cheap diversionary gimmick has sent wrong vibes all over.

They are laughing at us in London. They think we are idiots in New York. In Berlin, Paris and Brussels they are saying: you buggers beg so that you can live like princes and princesses on our sweat!

Game over, they are saying, reign in your leaders or starve!

And the opposition, under the leadership of Dr Lazarus Chakwera, was and continues to slumber, happily.

We will not talk about the agenda-less United Democratic Front (UDF) because we all know that it is un-African to speak when you are eating not to say when your papa’s case is being slowly buried.

We will not talk about the People Party (PP). The PP is absolutely ‘leader-less’ in and outside the August house. Show me the leader on the  ground not the roaming one.

This DPP stunt has come with a huge cost. The work of all pro-Malawi lobbyists has just been made extremely difficult, regardless of the idiotic ‘harmonization drive’ which the Minister of Finance has been constantly referring to as the cause of this policy inconsistency, madness and“increment-today-no-increment-deferred-income” about faces.

As far as we are concerned here at the Nyasa Times: it is our studied position that Professor Mutharika – if he is half as wise as his age – might want to grab the bull by the horn, rethink and reshuffle his team of advisors.

If this hullaballoo was a ploy to catch the opposition pants down, it has worked. But the cost to the DPP led government is that cluelessness is no longer the word. Incompetent is the right one.

The one thing that the government has demonstrated to donors, and done so beyond reasonable doubt, is that it is grossly incompetent and uncaring and that if given aid, it will spend the aid more or less like the biblical prodigal son.

What can we do now? What can you do about this? What can Mutharika do to redeem himself?

If President Mutharika and his army of advisors have run out ideas, we hereby volunteer advice: it is never too early nor too late to throw in the towel. Quit and pass the baton. Go and rest at Ndata.

Call for early elections and Malawians will see to it that a new breed of parliamentarians invade the August house, as opposed to the greedy lot that has outlived their welcome.

Malawians will see to it that the new president walks the talk in words and deed.

And while they are at it, Malawians will see to it that the Leader of Opposition to come, is someone who will not sleep on the job and just happy to call for pressers after the fact.

Professor Mutharika: if you do not want to quit for fear of re-awakening of the treason case, then stop the baloney!

And hey there: Dr Lazarus Chakwera, please do jack up! And if you cannot be proactive, then whenever you wake up to react – after the fact -tell Malawians, in plain language, whether you are ready or not to pocket the blood money. Go slow on the philosophical crap.

May God bless Malawi.

Signed and sealed – The Nyasa Times Crew

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73 thoughts on “Stop the baloney or quit: Malawi situation”

  1. Gimbogo says:

    Peter must go

  2. Medrian Kaunda says:

    There is only one way, only one, and you all know it. It is called 20th and 21st July. Nothing else will do.

  3. Mbuyache says:

    For your advice if they have to be fresh elections coz President has resigned or impeached that will only be for Presidential n not Mp’s as u think, pls know your Constitution atleast

  4. tuvitwana says:


  5. Kirininti Yowehiwana says:

    Wow Nyasa Times! Which section of the constitution would the President use to justify dissolving parliament to allow your new breed of parliamentarians,as you put it, to be ushered in?

  6. Truth says:

    Our president is the least paid citizen in the world and even the speakers and chief justice get much more and yet he is the head of state. Remuneration should be equal with responsibility. Joyce Banda had a salary cut hence supplemented with cash gate.

    1. yasa says:

      He is the least paid because he knows he is the beneficially of 92 Billion. His brother did not go with the money. His brother did not go with Mulli Brothers. He doesnt even need any Salary. The man is loaded with our tax. Even if he choses not to use his inheritance, he is the man incharge in Malawi. He s got access to Capital Hill or NGO as evidenced by NACGATE.

  7. kountry says:

    Peter ndi kape,I salute you NYASATIMES

  8. Mr. B says:

    This article is very interesting indeed. What if election comes next year and Peter Mutharika wins with landslide. Guys remember we are dealing with politics here not ufumu whereby only few family members decide the one to inherit. Please be serious when dealing with national matters. I am very concerned about the economy of our country but yet the blame is not the current leadership.

  9. vera says:

    if you look at the crop of advisers surrounding our president,you will note that most of them are inmature and of his adviser is a form 2 graduate who can only write his name and what can a form 2 graduate do that can influence the president positively? these brainless advisers and aides are the ones putting garbage in the president’s brain.

  10. The Chosen says:

    I like the article and it has an emotional touch. However, analytically one notices that the article lacks the substance expected from our beloved Nyasatimes crew . The article is a another true reflection of the most common skills-deficiency in Malawi’s journalism, serious journalism is not just about writing fancy English words to impress the readers it’s about being informative, being the people’s watchdog.Some argue that without journalism democracy fails, if that is true in mature democracies what more in Malawi. It’s high time that our journalists learnt to do a bit of research and believe in themselves.For example, one expects the article to provide a brief and informative summary of the crisis at hand,ie. the major areas where you believe Mutharika could have goofed; and the voters,experts perceptions/advice,etc, but it does not and only talks about the salary increase as the main issue and the rest is an attack on Chakwera who by all fairness matters less in a country where the President has too much power to overide the decisions of the legislature or even the judiciary. Malawi in crisis Chakwera alone can’t be blamed,what about the rest of us?How about you journalists what is your role and the so called NGOs where are they? Malawi will never move if we point fingures at who is failing us,as citizens Malawians have also been in deep slumber.It’s a disease we fear taking our leaders to task and Mutharika knows this weakness in us.That’s why he was bold enough to bribe you journalists knowing being in Malawi he would go scott free. We need change in our attitude as citizens, change in how you journalists understand your role. Again, further the article seems to mock the idea of zero deficit budget and at the time time attacks Mutharika for seeking budgetary support from donors,which is which Nyasatimes? are u against the concept of zero budget i.e you assume Malawi should continue being a begging nation or what? Mutharika is a failure of course but critically analyse the zero deficit budget as a concept. My advice to you our beloved journalists is to rise above the mediocre reporting, Malawi is in crisis. Learn from how the fearless and the purpose-driven journalists conduct their business abroad.Go out seek opinions from the experts in relevant fields say economists,political scientists,financial analysts,academicians, etc, and more important the citizens themselves to get a feeling of the magnitude of the crisis we are in, if indeed we are.We the citizens expect you to be the whistle blowers,call the shots. What we see is that there nothing like investigative journalism in Malawi,the cashgate you waited until some big shot had to pay you to write,in many examples journalists have failed us,have shown full cowardace. I miss the quality of the journalists who spinned the wheels in 1993/4I multiparty era,not these for sale at k50,000,how cheap!Jack up Nyasatimes.Wake up Malawi. I conclude with a quote by Seymour Hersh,an American award winning journalist to his collegues “I’m here to tell you that change is gonna come,And it’s not going to come because of politicians.It’s going to come from you and the stories you write’.

    1. kanchenga says:

      Thanks man, this article should come from a common citizen commenting on an issue not a media house. Too shallow to influence change of mind set in a nation engulfed in self pity and fear of the unknown.

  11. kapambwe says:

    Angozo should be a natural beggar (masikini weni-weni). If one can encourage his nation to remain a beggar he should shut up. Malawi has almost everything from mines; lakes; mountains; fertile soils etc. Our policies are letting us down. We don’t have our priorities correct. Indians don’t go to cue to vote for any government that has ever been put to power in this country yet they are controlling the economy. Any president that comes to power gets a bribe from these economic brutes. There is FMB here whose CEO walks through vip with a briefcase full of USdollars every now and again without being serched. FMB is working with press corporation to reap malawians in form of TNM who questions it. Last two weeks APM went to open a cashgate building adjacent to Universal biscuits at ginnery corner. You may wish to remember American Stores; Picks and Shovels. Recently the same guys have been paid three times for the same vehicles they supplied once to finish building the building APM went to open. Where does the dollar made by malawians end up. Follow these crooks they hv serious properties in London. Malawi is capable of doing well without them. This africa for clean africans.

  12. Kamchitete says:

    APM plz more fire so that everyone shd feel ur pinch. All the pipo saw wat ur groomy broz did. Shd we assume that got de throne by stilling or by God. Plz don’t follow ur brother until the lesson gets brimmed because we blunt at get lessons from de adventures

  13. Jumbo says:

    There is a simple solution to solve the country’s economic woes, let the leadership and Polititians live within the country’s means! That is what the so called Asian tigers did. When Polititians accummulate massive and unnecessary wealth, let government pay for excessive expenses such as unnecessary advisors, expensive vehicles, 1,000 liters of fuel per month, massive house allowances, etc., that’s skinning the country to the bone and you know there will be no services and no development, simple.

    If the country is poor you have to make it rich first before you can live like a rich man in Europe or America. But not for poor Malawi, it seems Polititians have given up developing this country so everybody is getting whatever money they can get from the Government for themselves.

  14. fathi slshehaab says:

    did we reesly 7/10 voted for someibe i know frm nsanje to chitipa, but max mbendere judiciarized the election disobeyrd sane decidion made by Ams Jb. zecount woulf hav settled things now wr r sll vounting error sftrr ror cashgste nscgate netgate soon bes.gate etc..mpake the nation is chasing its own yohth frm cladsrooms…shsme!

  15. mpimpa says:

    am not going to comment on this bcause all these comments are useless. Tikubvutikabe with this APM

  16. manyenje says:

    Can you introduce George Orwell Animal farm in their secondary syllabus? This is what I’d exactly happening in Malawi now. Chasowa may ur soul rest on peace!

  17. manyenje says:

    I can now see why HONOURABLE MBENDERA shed tears that day. He sensed something fishy so long as APM is sworn in as they Head of State. Ambuye tithandizeni.amene anavotera PETER Sankadziwa umbuli too much.

  18. Tonde says:

    when our billions were being stollen in the name of cashgate u were silent, we know mumadya nawo the likes of Sembereka, Kwataine and others pano ndie u want to cause confusion. God akuona and u know the truth.

  19. phiri says:

    I have stopped blaming leaders. I blame the voters (Malawians) – they have no vision!!

    1. Mccarthy says:

      Indeed this Country will never develop, unless we Change the leadership, too much sleeping Malawi, How long are you going to be ruled by thieves.

  20. Richard Pankomera says:

    Dear Moderator,
    I have noted with great concern that there is somebody online masquerading and commenting as Richard Pankomera. I know the name sounds vivaciously palatable to be associated with. The genuine Richard Pankomera has the email address as indicated above. Will you please email me the email address of this disguised Richard Pankomera as soon as possible? By the seriousness of this communication, can you stop publishing all comments emanating from this disgruntled personality!! I have no fear or favour to contribute but for someone to masquerade me as to comment on this online page is totally uncalled for. Comment 1 on this topic was commented by a fake person and I am sure you are aware of that!!

  21. James says:

    This is the first article that Nyasa times has published and in my view it out to be in African Confidential. For some reason it seems our leaders do not see the writing on the wall. To make things worse their hand clapping advisors do not tell them the truth as far as the reality is on the ground. Thank you Nyasa Times you couldn’t have put it any better. If APM and his bootlickers are reading this ,I hope they will give him an honest and the right advice .

  22. chaiwone wawo says:

    I refuse to accept that Malawians gave the throne to them. The last time I checked it was MEC and the courts, Or has history changed?

  23. ujeni says:

    Foolish people deserve a foolish president because only foolish people can vote for a foolish candidate

  24. Ghost of Kamuzu says:

    This Arthur Peter Mutharika is a lost confused person. Corrupt, Tribalist, Nepotist and a Looter of NAC. This man cannot change he is ineffective as a President. The man needs to go or be made to go to hell. Some of those who mislead him starting with misleading Bakili Muluzi, then misled Bingu the Looter of billions, then some misled Joyce Banda. They deserve to be banished from political life, these political prostitutes are destroying Malawi. As for APM either he backs and leaves or he will be made to leave.

  25. Give the President a break`don’t you think you’re expecting too much from him? we all know Cashgate is the main culprit of all this discombobulation(DAUSI) this administration is only 6 months old for goodness sake and for your own info Kwacha is gaining its value again
    and before you know it Kwacha will be equal to USA $-lets be patriotic for the change
    You just can’t live that negative way.
    You know what I mean? Make way for
    the positive day. Cause it’s a new day…
    Bob Marley

  26. Give the President a break`don’t you think you’re expecting too much from him? we all know Cashgate is the main culprit of all this discombobulation(DAUSI) this administration is only 6 months for goodness sake and for your own info Kwacha is gaining its value again
    and before you know it Kwacha will be equal to USA $-lets be patriotic for the change
    You just can’t live that negative way.
    You know what I mean? Make way for
    the positive day. Cause it’s a new day…
    Bob Marley

  27. Sad-Huss Mthunzi-wa-bowa says:

    We are all fools. We all knew what the DPPs under the Mutharikas did to Malawi in their 8 year rule and yet we brought them back into power. We really showed tham that we are fools and see what they are now doing. Don’t blame them. We gave them the throne.

  28. kapambwe says:

    Fools where were u all time to say something reasonable as this. Madzi ali mkhosi then you come in like the catholic gurus. Chokani apa.

  29. Dausi says:

    Anyasa mulunena zoona, apresident ganizani kawiri, kapumeni ku ndata tione mphepo zina before too late.

  30. Malindima says:

    Za zii!!!

  31. j cholomandenga says:

    I have always thought George Orwell`s Animal Farm should be on the syllabus right from primary level, surely in vernacular , up to secondary level. To stop this root population needs to be made aware of the intentions of their leaders right from an early age. Malawi is in a sorry state. Politicians are planning to give themselves hefty pay hikes ahead of the rest of the poor people. Now they tell us they have deferred the hikes till the economy improves, what they mean is that till new aid money comes in, watch, they have just put themselves ahead of the line. Donors watch out!.

  32. Wozinyanyala says:

    Thats what am talking about. Now this is reporting Nyasa guys. Remind these fools that its not all of us who will clap at them. These Muntharikas have proved to be idiots and why Malawians are still welcoming them as Malwians. They belong to the jungle because they dont have any clue whatsoever as to how human beings live. For Chakwera, am sorry to say that he will also stand in the history of Malawi as the most stupid opposition leader in the house. Keep up the good work Nyasa.
    Thumbs up for you guys…..

  33. Kwame says:

    Ndizoona ndithu. Tiziganiza kuti iwowo a chakwela zowonjezeledwa salary yao chonchi ndi ma parlimentarians zikuwasangalatsa pamene mutundu wa a malawi ukusowa mankhwala mu zipatala za boma, mitengo ya zinthu yikukwela nthawi zonse pamene iwowo awonjezeledwa ndalama za nkhaninkhani? A chakwera tsikani mu mtengo timve kuti mukuti chiyani pa kuonjeledwa malipiro anu ndi aphungu mokwela choncho . Nanga a peter muti chiyani. Osayikana inceamentzo bwanji? Dzukani a president nenani ku mtundu wa amalawi

  34. Our country is in the hands of thugs and bitches! We want a Revolution if things don’t change by 1st April, 2015. The thesis that had a notable err is being deliberately repeated with the ex-MYP-cum hitman as an intelligence guru to trace and kill critics in MCP Mafia style. A lot of money was plundered in the zero deficit Bingu regime than the whole cashgate combined. Mulli was everywhere collecting sacks of forex. Ask MSB! Mapwiya could get any amount from MRA without a nod……..! Uyu akuti “zero aid”, kumusintha chona dzina lodyera! Zero Aid My Foot!

  35. M'doko says:

    Ialways be surprised see pipo are weak to contribute ideas on things for their own. They twist things but they know what is reality

  36. machendy says:

    it’s true kuti chakwera ndi wa tulo komanso wa mphwayi kapena tingoti opola (ozizila). nkuluyu ndi msuzi-no-nyama kapena tinene kuti sound-no-gwede. saapanga act ngati leader of opposition or mwini wa chipani chachikulu zedi komanso chakale kwambili m’malawi.

    ku america, john boener amamusowetsa tulo barak daily. kuno palibe amatutumuka chakwera, bolanso kapito amapereka pressure

  37. nellia says:

    I dont know why we believe elections will solve our problems. The country is too divided and whoever wins, will face similar problems our beloved President is facing.
    Secondly, I agree that Zero aid budget will never work for Malawi but there are ways around it. Everytime donors walk out, we spend more time crying instead of rethinking our economic strategies and refocusing our efforts on building economic structures that will remain sustainable. Government inefficiencies are appaling and can be seen with the naked eye. We are failing to develop and support the agricultural sector, yet we claim to be an agricultural based economy. As individuals, most of us are contributors to the state of deteoration of affairs in the country. I say leave the politicians out of this..we are the game changers..we as Malawians have not even kept our side of the bargain. Our minds are not focused on working hard. Consequently, everyone is a cashgater in one form or another. Give our politicians a break, stop complaining and start working!!

    1. Jumbo says:

      We should all be working hard so that we make enough money for Polititians to be giving themselves hefty salaries and be very comfortable, what more with K 800,000 worth of petrol and the poor clerk who gets 50, 000 with a family gets hungry most of the time. We should indeed be working hard!

  38. Wa Mutha says:

    Democracy at its best (demo law). There is no leadership in it cause the leader is elected to listed to people instead of people listening to the leader to give way to satanic action be accepted by the mass. heee gay rights, undressing right, inter faiths, WCC and many more promoting the evil leadership eee! koma westerners yah.

  39. Nhuma says:

    This editorial is good but misguided. It seems to attach the innocent Dr Chakwera more than it does for the ruling Mutharika. Please be objective with your editorials. By the way where was the media? Why do you exist? What is your job description? We need a well informed and articulate Media in countries like Malawi. Don’t you see how your colleagues do at CNN, BBC etc? They analyse issues, critically and engage listeners and specialists in relevant areas. How do you interpret this? they ask. Their objective is to help the general public understand issues at hand. Our media is obsessed with relaying things as they are which anyone in the street can do. No analysis or discussion of issues. While that is important, we need a media which can miraculously bring hidden issues to the surface. We need investigative journalism to inform innocent Malawian that there is cashgate out there. But you waited until somebody’s chin was broken as he laid bare in the ICU. Our media has not changed. Its full cowards and opportunists. Please tell us something else not lambasting Dr Chakwera. Don’t you that media is also there to inform and guide our leaders…don’t you know that? Come one lets lead something else?

    1. phiri says:

      media in Malawi is corrupt. too much poverty in Malawi. akangowapatsa ka K20,000.00 basi asintha tune pa nkhani. it is not only in politics – even companies are giving handouts to journalists for fair coverage.

      on leader of opposition: the number of MPs is what determines his/her power. if opposition MPs (exclude the money-hungry-UDF-seeking-gvt-favor, and poverty-stricken-independents-now-pro-gvt) outnumber ruling/pro-ruling MPs then the opposition is powerful and can influence decision of the gvt.

  40. Angozo says:

    It sounds like there is sense in your thinking, but looking at it positively, asking the president to quit because of economical situation we are in now, is senseless, why? Because you and me knows very well why we are in this situation, APM has inherited the country’s leadership already in bad situation because of the so called cashgate which made the donors to pull out. Now my question to you Mr. Editor if you were the president what action would you have taken to make the donors start helping this country? Telling the president to quit is not an answer to the problems we are facing, how many presidents are we going to have, because as far as I know there is nobody in this country who can deal with this problem, may be if you can tell me that you are thinking of hiring somebody from UK, USA or other european countries to be our president I mean going back to colonialism. The only thing we can do is to knell down in prayer to God so that He should redeem us from the situation we are today. This war is not for the president only but for all of us Malawians. Mr. Editor if you think you have something which can bring back donor confidence sell it to those who are in authority, remember we are all in one boat called Malawi if Malawi become rich people from other countries will praise us all not only one person. I hope you have heard. May God bless you and also the president and the country atlarge.

  41. nyasa t. we still have four years to go. wheather you likeit or not, he’ll still remain the president of malawi. those of us who voted 4 him see no problem. the more u ill-talk about him, the more we love him.

  42. dadaboma says:

    I can see the anguish in Nyasaland and at Nyasatimes. What did you think voting for DPP meant? Did we not have a president who cared for Malawi and was governing this country well? And you thought Dr JB was not fit? Now enjoy with your DPP and its complicit MCP! Do not cry. And do not throw sarcasm again at PP by saying it’s leaderless. PP is not without leadership. You’re as mistaken today about PP as you were during the pre-election time when you used to say PP had poor leadership. PP does not only have leadership, but it has the leadership that Malawi needs in order to develop economically. The times of today are a testimony to this fact. And the times of tomorrow will tell you the same story. Malawi may keep on experimenting with leaderships, but to its own detriment.


  44. Tiko says:

    Oh yes! A hit on the head of a steel nail.

  45. CANAAN says:


  46. Professional says:

    Too true. This would be a golden opportunity for Chakwera, but he cannot see it. When your rival goofs, it is like food has been served to you on a silver platter. And Mutharika’s goofs are fast becoming too many to count.

    On another note, it is sad that not a single parliamentarian has come out to condemn the hike. Not even one has at least pretended.

  47. PEFECO says:

    Big Up Nyasa Times Clues. And U Dr. Lazarous Chakwera Do What Is Right For Malawians Not For Urself Rather U Will Be Called A Fool Or Idiot.

  48. horess chipofya says:

    If you want the best,start with the best. My advice to my president is to form a Gvt of national unity as a short term solution. This will make every Malawian to focus on building the nation because of equal representation, unlike the current situation where others fill maginerised. From the True Adviser.

  49. clement says:

    Wise word indeed. The govt is waiting for aid money to effect salary increments. Aid is supposed to be fo development

  50. Penu says says:


  51. John says:

    Now that is what I call editorial commentary….#clappinghands.
    Thank you!!! Phew!!!

  52. Joel says:

    DPP has grown gaunt. It cant take any advice.

  53. finye says:

    mr Editorial- who will pay for these early elections?? your mother?? ooh- it’s the donors no?? please call the donors and alert them that they need to come up with 15 billion from their taxpayers kitty so that some inaae, childish, inforgivably stupid, non-productive, begging and unnaturally unrealistic and especially non-resourceful, non-creative and tantamountly LAZY citizens of Malawi have decided to have an ELECTION!! YES, donors, Malawi does not want hospitals that work, good roads, a functioning civil service and independent judiciary- it wants ELECTIONS!! JESUS has lost faith in this flea infested homeland of sub-human primates!! may you ALL rot in HELL!!

  54. Anthu amunatu amenewo. Take it or leave it.

  55. Alufeyo says:

    Nyasatimes i love you but pse dont disappoint me. If MK1million for MPs is seen in European countries as good money then the azungus are fools. Surely the increase is nothing and the President hus vp and ministers should not have stopped this. USD 5000 for a president only encourages corruption theft and bribery taking. I believe leadership is not a popularity contest.

    1. Jumbo says:

      Where will he get money to earn more than $5000, he must live within the country’s means. That is the problem people want to leave outside the county’s means in one of the poorest countries on earth!

  56. Moya says:

    As you write this article they are cooking new ways of siphoning money this is a watering cane of money scandals, u bust and seal one whole its already leaking somewhere u seal that one its leaking else where. this message is for the readers only not leaders sadly. Donors now know its no longer a leaking bucket but a watering money cane, designed for that purpose so nothing can change its them to change instead.

  57. Chikuli boyz says:

    Eya! Zayambika, mantha atha hmmmm

  58. C says:

    Vuto ndiloti agalu awa samva unless anthu atamatcha ndiye asiyeni aona pa 15 Januarypa tidzakhala ndi massive demonstration, DPP has a group of greedy dogs!

  59. Clinton says:

    Seems the falling down will come early than expected. Even the supposedly pharisee has been taken by surprise and abruptly awaken from the slumber. Hope he correctly judges which way to go!!

  60. Mada Wa Muthalika says:

    Incompetent is the best word indeed. Please just quit and rest @ Ndata the Government resthouse for Muthalika’s family

  61. tchutchu says:

    I think you have gone too far on chakwera living the man behind all these may be its part of that 50grands that was being thrown on these atolakhani i dont know,was Mr Chakwera in when th issue of this increment was being made?was the increment brought and passed in the parliament?who and when was the bill brought in the house?when the bill was rebarated in the house?if it was a bill then the president according to power given by the constitution of Malawi can opt not to assent to it then why did he approved it knowing the economic situation at hand?i think you can’t be fair if you go deeper with Mr Chakwera on this issue while you already know the trueth.if you are mtolankhani weniweni don’t have fear go straight to a point rather that implicating innocent people on the injustice of others.

  62. notanjenjenjeman says:

    I salute in obedience, you people can write.

  63. wow! says:

    plain, loud and clear.

  64. Nankungwi says:

    Peter Muthariks very good mature sound advisors are very important in this govrnemwnt. However on the issue of increments everubody in malawi needs increments but what you need to do is make sure that who ever is due a salary is getting that salatry no matter bow small, the when the economy is better if ever ut will be the increments acn be discussed. Full stop!

    It really does not take brains to sort this out.

  65. What a great piece of writing tackling all sides:political , economical as well as social life without hating someone but only facts

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