Strike at Golden Peacock hotel: Local staff accuse management of ‘bringing Beijing into Malawi’

Local staff at Chinese run hotel in the Capital City, Lilongwe have downed their tools, asking for paying hike and accusing the management of abuse.

Golden Peacock Hotel

Golden Peacock Hotel

Staff at Golden Peacock or Segcoa, an upmarket hotel at the city centre, say they will not allow management to bring ‘Beijing’ into Malawi.

Golden Peacock assistant marketing manager Malumbo Kondowe said the staff had engaged the management on several occasions on the issues to no avail.

“At one meeting, a supervisor asked for his pay rise. Instead of receiving the pay rise, he was shocked to get a demotion letter. He is now a mere waiter,” said Kondowe.

Kondowe said the salaries are very pathetic with some of the staff getting as low as K7, 000 a month, no leave grant and there are 23 Chinese expatriates at the hotel, taking up jobs that can well be done by Malawians.

He gave an example of a marketing manager and human resources manager whom he said hardly speaks English.

“They can hardly communicate with anyone in English (Malawi’s official language) yet they are here, doing what? What is the Immigration doing?” wondered Kondowe.

He said the hotel management also flatly refuses to offer transport in times of bereavement.

In addition, Kondowe said, staff are subjected to bad food when on duty, claiming they are given beans without tomato on daily basis.

All the local staff on Friday got out of their working places and gathered outside carrying placards to the surprise of guests who did not understand what was going on.

Management said they would address the issues at a meeting the management and staff were to hold jointly.

Gokden Peacock Hotel has 247 rooms

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19 thoughts on “Strike at Golden Peacock hotel: Local staff accuse management of ‘bringing Beijing into Malawi’”

  1. Benjamin phiri says:

    Dis is rediculus….

  2. Notis gogoda says:

    When these foreigners introduce dare companies in our country thy called dare friends across de country and put them at high rank yet malawians are their who can also work extra hard instead thy are at lower position & gve them poor wages yet we hve ministries who can fight dis rubish thngs are here lyk ministry of labour & immigration.w@ r thy doing?

  3. Richard says:

    Adzipita kwao !! K7000 per month,they r not serious. Nobody can come and resurrect slavery on our own soil in 2016.This is what Malawians fought against at independence so why is it still happening 50 years later.

    The problem with these kind of expatriates is they are very low educated,with shady backgrounds.They have 0 emotional intelligence.Instead of building good relationships with Malawians they are breeding rebellion with their cheap cruelty!

    They dont contribute anything positive but instead constantly look for ways to take advantage and cheat.They are stupid!Kick them out of this country now!

  4. 2016 welcome says:

    The west remains the best model of life. These oriental people are filthy. You wouldn’t hear this crap with western people

  5. abbas oumar jr says:

    ntchito zina ?

  6. Mlimi genuine says:

    This hotel must shut down. Malawians do not benefit from this. They employ more and more chinese. They have their own farm where they grow vegetables. Ndiye ifeyo amalawi timapindulapo chiani. The employees receive peanuts .

  7. chindazi says:

    Do these people have work permits in Malawi… Immigration you have work here…

    There are also guys who are running Gazeebo Restaurant opposite shoprite as you go to Alexanders Bar… the ones who have bought it recently!!!!!

    The Gazeebo guys are involved in illegal entry of Indians in Malawi using their Toyota Voxy which is tinted white in color…

    But am surprised almost every weekend an official from Immigration of high rank is always at Gazeebo chatting with these guys….. something not adding up…

    Can you probe this aw well……?????????

  8. BigMan says:

    At least they should pay minimum wages.

  9. Myao says:


  10. Peeping lizard says:


  11. Nansani waku ENtandweni says:

    Anthuwa tikumawalowetsa mkati zedi, kenako amayamba kutitola!

  12. Nangondo says:

    government should take action as soon as possible, dziko ndi lanthu ili. ngati wantchito wanyumba akulandila MK15,000 Akudya pomwepo, akusambira sopo wako. ndiye mpaka 7,000???????????????? shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. zonse ndi moyo says:

    Ma China amenewa ndioBowadi. Ku reservation kuli kenakake sikamadziwika whether is male or female koma eishhh ndikotopetsa! Kamaona ngati we go there coz we r desperate eish!

  14. Nsena genuine says:

    Adzipita kwao

  15. YABWANYA says:

    I was shocked to see a Chinese Guard manning the entrance, an Expatriate Guard????

  16. Drake says:

    Nothing government can do, the chineese will keep on abusing us, they have invested alot in Malawi so bear the pains

  17. mwanalume says:

    it all comes down to poor policies by our g’ffamenent …that is supposed to first of all protect her people and uplift them but nay, the Chinese ‘expatriates’ are abusing our brothers and sisters on a daily basis and on one cares about them! we have had enough of Chinese employees abusing Malawians!

  18. mbani says:

    goodall gondwe effects dont worry alomwe

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