Students  meeting with Mutharika ‘ a waste  of opportunity’ – Ayuba:  More demos to press for  bigger margin fees must fall

Fearless Chancellor College Students Union President Sylvester Ayuba James  has said the meeting  with President Peter Mutharika on fees impasse was “ a waste of opportunity”, saying  a compromise take on University of Malawi’s (Unima) demand for fees reduction which he directed that the tuition be reduced by K50,000.

President Peter Mutharika meets public Universities Students at Kamuzu Palace on Thursday(C)Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika with public Universities Students at Kamuzu Palace on Thursday(C)Stanley Makuti

Mutharika offered MK350,000.00 and MK850,000.00 from MK400,000.00 and MK900,000.00 for generic and mature entry students respectively,   but Ayuba said it was manifesty inadequate.

Ayuba speaking during an interview aired on popural  Straight Talk programme of  Capital Radio said the fees still remain high considering the economic turmoil the nation is going through.

“That was a dismal reduction,” said Ayuba.

He vowed that the students will continue to press for further reduction of the fees.

Ayuba said meeting Mutharika wasnt the right move considering that the President was part of the team that proposed hiking of the fees.

He said “lessons have been learnt”

Ayba said during consultations to hike the fees, President Mutharika was consulted as he is the Chancellor of University of Malawi.

“So this was like meeting a judge who already ruled on something and we went back to appeal to the same judge who could not contradict himself much. That is why this came out as it is.

“I represent concerned students on this fees hike, therefore will go back and consult them on what came out from the state house. Students themselves will give me direction on this matter,” said Ayuba.

He also dismissed fears that the student leaders had been enticed with monetary gratification to accept what government claimed was compromise by President to reduce fees.

Ayuba said personally he cannot be bribed.

Meanwhile, human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula has advised students to refrain from organising more demonstrations but to allow students’ unions to continue enganging University of Malawi Council and government on the matter.

Mwakasungula cautioned that more protests wil further weaken the students burganing power.

But Ayuba said if students will take to the streets, it will be peaceful.

But Mwakasungura who is chairperson of Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue  maintained that protests are not the way to go.

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Scotland Yard

Ayuba is secretly holding meetings with Chakwera wa NYAU nzake Achewa kwao nkupha basi…If Ayuba is too poor please go and continue KUWEDZA NYAU KU DAMBWE where you are experts (You and Chakwera)..

Ayuba and co. should admit that they were outmaneuvered by the government side; and they clearly failed the students. All that phuma (bravado) for nothing, evidently! Accept the defeat, if that is the perception, and fight another day. As most students, especially those in third and fourth years are itching to go back, finish their programs, and try their luck on the employment market. Enough time and resources wasted, already. Some of us guardians cannot keep paying for so long, abale. Out of respect of the conflict resolution process the student leaders accepted in the first place, either move on… Read more »

This Ayoba fool overrates himself!

Mpahamba sugzo

Gentlemen life now is very expensive and K350,000 is Just too small.Ngati ndalama zakuvutani basi siyani sukulu. Tonsefe tinalephele sukulu chifukwa cha ndalama dzikalimani.Agalu achabechabe.Langizo bwana pulezidenti musatsitse fees amene safuna asiye.If you continue with your strikes basi mukhaula nokha. Where can you find university education at K350,000.00 now. Shut up. Ine ndine wa MCP koma feesyo ndiyochepa.

be humane

Nyasatimes mwati fearless Ayuba? paja ananena kuti the president intimidated him and he kept quite. So what do you mean by fearless AYuba? Meeting the president was not right? mmmmmmmh I thought you wanted to meet Him? Do you actually what you want? Now whom do you want to meet now? the University Council? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk AYUBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaa


Ngati simungakwanitse kupeza ndalama zolipirira sukulu basi siyani siinu oyamba kulephera sukulu chifukwa chosowa fees. Kayambeni kugulitsa nthochi kuti ana anu mudzathe kuwalipirira fees. Ndalama za msonkho sizolipirira ana anthu sukulu fizi. Ngankhale ku America, Germany, France, Britain aliyense amalipira yekha. Zikavuta vomerezani. Palibe kuchitira mwina. The country does not owe you anything.


Sorry, but there are some of us who want all bright students to receive an education. So if I cannot afford the new fees for my child, she should go and sell bananas. Think again Magonapamhanya.


Kodi ti ana ta ku Chancol mukufuna chani? A president achita reduce fees by 50 pin komanso alonjeza ma loan oti muzitenga kuti pasapezeke olephera sukulu chifukwa cha fees ndiye inu muti mufunabe ma demo, inu mukufuna sukulu kapena chisokonezo? Ndinu oyamba kupita ku Chanco? I see mwatumidwa kuti mutisokoneze, choncho a boma akakuthirani unyolo muziti boma layamba nkhanza? Wakutumaniyotu akupwetekesani. You must be very stupid


You are stupid yourself. This is our country ndiye matchona asationongere


Mafana, this union president is crazy.I thought he is the very same man who was on the radio kumati they had very fruitful discussions with H.E.Now akuti he don`t want the same judge who made the fee hike ruling on fee reduction appeal ndiye Mupita kuti THIS TIME?JERSY KABWIRATU AKUPWETEKETSANI MPHWANGA


Anawa nkhani yawachepera. They should consult insiders like me. The agreed fees were actually K350,000 . They raised it to K600,000 knowing fully well the students would go on strike. Haaaa, then they negotiate with the chancellor himself to K350,000. Voila . Who takes the credit – the very same devil who raised the fees.
The students should demand fees of K100,000

Akulu, i personally know students who have withdrawn from Unima on Financial grounds, nobody cares…. so what makes you think if they have not managed to give loans to students who need as low as 100,000 and it will be easier to give 400,000? In fact, we are talking of 3,200,000 in four years, do you think its like getting a loan at Bank M’mudzi? Students cry in front of everyone upon being left for to access a so called loan facility. Ma students Osauka amasidwa zimenezi,In 2012 my friend withdrew from Poly in the second year of Civil Engineering… Read more »

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