Study claims people who drink alcohol live longer

As Malawi moves towards restricting alcohol consumption among its citizens largely due to health risks, a study by the US professor of Psychology at University of Texas found that moderate drinking, about one to two drinks per day, reduces mortality among older and middle-aged adults.

Beer party: Malawi cops drink up  for a longer life.

Beer party: Malawi cops drink up for a longer life.

This contradicts a 2009 survey by the World Health Organization on Non Communicable Diseases, and its risk factors that showed that 20 percent of all Malawians consume alcohol.

In a study Charles Holahan , professor of psychology at The University of Texas at Austin, and a team of researechers found the health benefits of drinking among older adults are intrinsically linked to moderation.

Using data gathered from a larger study of late-life patterns of drinking, the researchers followed 1,824 older adults (1,142 men, 682 women) between the ages of 55 and 65 who were former or current drinkers for 20 years.

The information collected included: daily alcohol consumption, socio-demographic factors, former problem-drinking status, health factors and social behavioral factors.

Findings show a substantial part of the survival effect for moderate drinking among older adults is explained by confounding factors associated with alcohol abstention.

Compared to moderate drinkers, abstainers in the study sample included many former problem drinkers and individuals with more health problems and health risk factors (such as lower physical activity and more cigarette smoking) compared to moderate drinkers.

The researchers also found those who drank moderately were more likely to live longer across a 20-year follow-up than those who drank heavily or who didn’t drink at all.

The findings showed increases in mortality risk of 42 percent for heavy drinkers and 49 percent for abstainers in comparison to moderate drinkers.

Health experts say alcohol abuse causes significant public health problems.

Dr Beatrice Mwagomba, the Program Officer for the NCDs and Mental Health in the Ministry of Health said:  “There [are]…major non communicable diseases [like] diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular diseases in general, respiratory diseases as well as cancers”.

She said these include liver cancer and esophagus cancer or cancer of the throat and there is evidence that alcohol does impact of these three major non communicable diseases.

But the study claims that people who never consume alcohol are more likely to die sooner than those who drink regularly. That means non-drinkers may be able to extend their livelihood by staying active and going out with friends—even if they just knock back a water or two.

Red wine is still touted for its heart health and overall blood circulation benefits, but the study did not look into the particulars of different types of alcohol consumed by individuals.

All in all, health experts say everyone has responsibility for their own health.

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Ndakana Uchidakwa inee….. Komweko ku Tekisasiko ndi malisechi anuo.

Vakabu ya amphawi.

1 Timoth 3 vs 8 Church helpers must also have a good character and be sincere; they must not drink too much wine. 1 Timothy 5 vs23 Do not drink water only, but take a little wine to help your digestion, since you are ill so often. The study is about those who take little alcohol not heavy drinkers. Even the bible allows us to drink a little. The scripture says do not drink too much wine.


Dont drink and drive


Proverbs 31 vs 7
let hm drunk and forget his porverty


Shaaa apa ndie basi tamwanso ndithu kaya mudananazo kma ife takondwera


What is the possibility of people being moderate drinkers? Very small. Many who drink indicate they enjoy booze more when drunk. Those who conducted this research are themselves probably drinkers and want to portray their habit as good


Totolitotoli you very right, that is a sales research so that their product should be bought with many while spoiling live. very bad.

Leave the mzunguyo for the Americans not Malawians. If any thing has to talk of other things not beers


Tamwanso asafune akhale muzingofa ndi ma BP ndi suicide kukhalira kukangana ndi akazanu mmakomo mmalo momakacheza for GOOD STRESSLESS LIFE!


Zabodza izi azungu omweo kwao kuno amati you are more likely to have health problems if you drink alcohol than those who’s doesn’t another research amapamga iyiyo analedzera


These are findings of a research, what is your problem Mr Bishop.

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