Super League of Malawi blocks Airtel sponsorship for Bullets

The Super League of Malawi (Sulom) has confirmed that it halted a K5 million funding pledged by Airtel Malawi to Big Bullets towards their CAF Champions League campaign, saying that would be in conflict of the sponsorship that the league has with TNM.

Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba:Halts Bullets Airtel funding

Sulom Treasurer Tiya Somba:Halts Bullets Airtel funding

Bullets received a K15 million rescue package from TNM on Thursday through an upfront payment from a proposed SMS campaign, virtually sealing their budget for the trip to the Comoros next week where they will face Club Fomboni on February 15 in their preliminary first-leg tie.

Sulom legal adviser Felix Tambulasi and treasurer Tiya Somba-Banda said they stopped Bullets from collecting money from Airtel  because a Super League club “cannot engage any company that is in competition with the sponsor, in this case Airtel Malawi.”

Bullets general secretary Harold Fote said they club agreed with Sulom’s interpretation but said while expressing thei “gratitude to TNM”,  People’s team is also “thankful to Airtel Malawi for their gesture”.

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45 thoughts on “Super League of Malawi blocks Airtel sponsorship for Bullets”

  1. Hardson says:

    Ok. That’s strange. But any we are nearing Comoros all the best The Peoples’ Team.

  2. Bmarket says:

    Change your mindset for a better football future. There was no any politics behind that assistance. We must change our mindset please lets accept changes

  3. William thera says:

    apa zikuoneseratu kuti fooball kwathu kuno siizapita patali. ma greement ake azii tiyeni titukule mpira ku malawi bac zokhomererana zithe apa

  4. Kodi A Bb Muzingo Upemphapo Basi Moti Inu Mmene Mmati Caf Caf Ndalama Zake Ndizopempha Basi,ndiye Muchinyidwa Zimene Inu Musanawone Ndithu.

  5. bbsupporter says:

    Nsanje basi,titengabe chikho cha CAF.

  6. BigMan says:

    Of course BB shouldn’t expect sponsorship from Airtel when they are under an exclusive sponsorship contract with TNM. Do you think if a national team kit is provided by Nike, that the same team can also choose to receive and wear boots from Reebok? Stop barking fellow Malawians.

  7. Songo says:

    The conflict is not helping at all. You must amend it waste no time we should have such clause in the sponsorship agreement. It’s not a good one, let any mobile company help in the development of soccer in the country in this era. Wake up sulom.

  8. mmalawi weniweni says:

    Zitsiru asulom

  9. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Mpira tikuupha tokhatu apa. Network providers are some of the companies that make unnecessary profits and some of their social responsibility would be sponsoring football clubs. So if Airtel has money it should not sponsor Tigers? If MTL has money it should not sponsor Chikwawa United, the same applies to access? SULOM you are fools. You are killing our soccer. And in this case at hand, Airtel is not taking bullets as a club to sponsor but was only helping to offset the deficit. Also remember that the 15 million Bullets has collected from TNM is not a grant. Its Money from Bullets supporters. We are going to pay through Sapota Mapeto Promotion. Airtel was giving the money for free. TNM kuba kwabaxi.

  10. Geoffrey Chimuliwo says:

    Palibe vuto onse ankhoza ku thandiza

  11. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    The current superleague officials are killing football in Malawi. Paja masankho aliko liti? We need new people wth flesh ideas who can renegotiate the contract, otherwise it appears the current contract is serving the interest of Tiya Nsomba and the company. Mumafuna mateam akhale osauka inu ku mtima mbee!

  12. Yankeez says:

    Ujeni, BB were just lookinng at the 5mitta with thier greedy Kondie without what Rules and Regulations stipulates, where was Aitel all this time that they could have come with sponcership like what TNM is doing while clubs in MW are starving lack of sponsership?? Siadali omwewo a Airtel amanama kuti tiyitenga Bullets pano kunangokhala zii ngati compony aitseka? Ok BB pple 5mitta and 15mitta yambili ndiitiyo pakuti these 2 componys can not sponcer one category at once? Now ndiumbuli wanu wauvendavenda eeh, U are blaming Walter b coz he was once a Nomad yet this guy is well Educated than yourself? Leave Walter wakupatsakoninso ndalama walakwa chani? Mwanva kuti anafuna aike mthumba mwake or anakana kuteletsa ndege ziwili nthawi imodzi kukana ngozi? Akanakhala a Kondi angakane ndalama mngakhale mutawauza kuti amwene Kondie ”ndalamayi ndaba”! Akhoza kukuuza kuti tiye tikazimwele mphwanga tidzayankha panthawiyooooo? Kkk? Yoo yoo!.

  13. Davie Duwe says:

    Kodi ankavomela mgwilizano opusawo ndi ndani? FAM, Sulom. Mubweleleso mukakambilane ife zatikwana ndichifukwa chake ma club team sakupeza sponsorship. Malamulo amenewo athe mukakambilane ndi tnm yanuyo mwanva? Mpira suzatukuka ku Malawi Kuno. Kudzikonda basi!!! Zatikwana

  14. Chemtukanika says:

    What is the relationship between TNM superleague and CAF?Why did Manoma and BB at one time receive assistance from one company at a certain period?Why does MDF sponsor more Superleague teams?What I can see here is jealous.If that money was going to team x you would have seen how those misleading SULOM encouraging the company to pay it faster.It is because of these selfish and unprofessional enemies of football that fail to assist the most loved Peoples Team to get sponsorship.Mind you,not all BB players and supportes use TNM.Some use Airte or bothl and may need a hand from any of them in time of need.Shame on you.

  15. Chendele says:

    so if noma or silver decides to join caf then tnm will be sponsoring hem too. what a siily,childish,myopic contract between sulom and tnm. thats why our football is going in reverse direction.u can see in england itrs barclays epl but standard chartered sponsors liverpool jersey.

  16. ujeni says:

    Kodi inu ma bulutu a BB supporters, mwayesa this is like sellng chipisi pa chiwaya? TNM has sponsored BB, that is publicity(advertising in disguised way). TNM advertise to promote its brand and beat the competitor eg Airtel. Why then should they allow Airtel to dilute their position of advantage? Its competition. Football is big business learn and deal with that you dunderheads

  17. Thocksy says:

    Mwalakwitsa izitu ndi za Caf

  18. Chief says:

    Rubbish. Malawi’s football is rubbish. Full of comedians.

  19. Dr. Mango says:

    Should have let Airtel assist, for heaven’s sake. Put God First!

  20. Jayilosi Ntedza says:

    This is a stupid agreement by SULOM and TNM, why monopolizing sponsorship as if they pay salaries for super league players. So you are telling us that standard chartered bank or Northern rock should not sponsor any team in the premiership because the league is sponsored by a rival bank? Nonsense. I believe FAM and SULOM are failing Malawians, football want develop with this kind of senseless thinking. This is foolish! No wonder super league teams wear TNM or Standard bank or carsburg on the shirt instead of their sponsors. We can’t develop, and cormecialisation of football will always be a dream! Mxiii

  21. Nyono says:

    walter!Time will tell ur judgeme nt with ur team manoma is waiting.

  22. Bwande says:

    Haahhahaha osamayesa zida!

  23. ujeni says:

    You Malawians you are now becoming boring with your bliss of never ending ingnorance. Go check FIFA or CAF rules on sponsorship and advertising. When Adidas sponsors something, Puma cannot again sporsor the same, thats unethical, it defeats competition. Thats why when some certain sponsored matches carried live in Television, you find all the ugly bilboards at Kamuzu station are covered and only the sponsors bilbords are erected

  24. Future Watcher says:

    No wonder with this kind of archaic thinking football will never develop in Malawi. zamanyazi we even fail to qualify for Afcon and we just smile…..This SULOM my foot, nsanje zikuphani. mumafuna ndalamazi zilowe matumba anu? go BIg Bullets gooo… Let me ask, is our league recognized internationally?

  25. Chawanangwa Mlori says:

    Surely this is craziest thing to happen to Malawi football. SULOM is supposed to be a friend, father , mother & brother of all super league clubs that it oversees. If anything some other legal bodies were supposed to do that dirty work and not the person who is expected to protect you. This is typical the way we do business here . No wonder this jealousy continue to pull us backwards each time there is an opportunity to move forward.

  26. True patriot says:

    Is it not possible for a public hospital to refer a patient to a private hospital or viseversa?why not with sponsorship?

  27. john phiri says:

    It is not strange, it is about marketing principles. Sulom is royal to TNM as per Sponsorship, BB knows this.

  28. mlimba says:

    Sulom ur so stupid, y blocking the sponsorship? U r boring us with ur politics. In south africa absa is sponsoring the league while standard bank sponsors both pirates and chiefs but we dont hear such nosence.

  29. Ahaz says:

    Kodi ndi udindonso wanu kuletsa ma company kuti asathandize team?Koma zili ku malawi ,jealousy basi!

  30. Suppose Airtel sponsors a Premier division team and that team becomes champions of that premier division, will the team be barred from entering the TNM super league? Uchitsiru wakula pa Malawi

    1. ujeni says:

      a Gwengwe a fake, that team will not recieve specifically alone, money for sponsorship from TNM, zamveka?

  31. Ameck says:

    Izi Ndi Zautsiru!!!!

  32. Ngati mkazi pa khomo sukupatsa ndalama zokwana kuti agulire ndiwo, kodi akayenda ndi mnjonda zina walakwitsa? ka 15 mita masiku ano ndi ka chaniso?

  33. Poor Sulom take a leaf from England.Barclays bank sponsors the English Premier League but Standard Chartered Bank is able to sponsor Liverpool FC.

  34. Why most of th tymz pple wants to tease themselves? Why you pple wants to kill football in Malawi? I thuoght your aim was to develop football in this country,but here it shows u r there to kill football here.National team ikamaluza mumada aphunzisi,mumaiwala kuti oyamba kulephera ndiinuyo.You are not serious guys,ndipo musazawauzenso anthu kuti cholinga chanu ndichokweza masewero ampira muno ayi,koma kulowesa pansi mpira wa kumalawi.Koma akanati ndalama izi mugawane nde zimimba kuno kulandira olo atakhala makampani onse airtel,tnm,mtl even access.Anthu oipa inu

  35. Dapalapa says:

    i dont like this clause “a Super League club cannot engage any company that is in competition with the sponsor” this is killing football. FAM,SULOM anthu inu mungo sainila zilizonse chifukwa cha dyela… Backleys Bank sponsors Premier League and Standard Charted is sponsoring LeverpoolFC in UK. in Sounth africa MTN is played by teams that are even sponsored by competitors e.g Vodafon. what is wrong with you Malawians? mapangano mukupanga lero mudziganiziranso future genaration. Please review this contract with TNM… we need competition not monopoly to develop Malawian Football.

  36. puludzu says:

    Bad nyz

  37. puludzu says:

    Toow baf

  38. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Please, can some one explain to me whether sponsorship of super league is the same as sponsoring a team. I have always heard people say some TNM Super League teams have no sponsorship.

    Although am not a keen follower of football but I know that super league teams participate in Standard Bank Cup ,Carsberge Cup and Zambezi Cup Challenge. Are the competitions sponsored by the giant TNM or different firms.

    Please, can someone spot where the difference between CAF Champions league and local cups is.?

    1. ujeni says:

      Achimidzimidzi, if Airtel came first and their K5m accepted, TNM money would not have been accepted. Football is business and competition. The two companies are rivals, they cant all go for the same team, it would be like colluding and trying to undermine MTL

      1. Achimidzimidzi says:

        Ujeni thank for your brilliant answer. Surely I didn’t know that TNM are official sponsors of BB and CAF Champions League. I wrongly thought its different league all together.

        You’re superb.

  39. PIC4LIFE says:

    If football is to improve, and indeed if Super League Clubs want to get sponsorship then SULOM must end its romance with TNM. That clause which bars competitors to sponsor a Super League is killing Football in Malawi, wakula utsiru

  40. nyamusideni says:

    Kodi Noma itapereka ka 5 mita kwa neba inu SULOM muletsanso?

    1. Rev Golong'ondo says:

      Kodi ife Manoma ndifenso competitor wa TNM? We are not engaged in telecommunication business. Abale tiyeni tiziyimvetsetsa nkhani before commenting. SULOM siinalakwe ayi, akungotsatira mgwirizano umene anasaina ndi TNM.

  41. U are killing football….i c nothing else to smile abt!fosake.

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