Superial Food Market suspended over hygiene concerns – Malawi Bureau of Standards

Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) on Friday  suspended operations of Superior Halaal Meats Butchery, Superior Food Market – Catering Services, and Superior Food Market Bakery (Bread and Bans).

Customer checking meat section at Superior supermakert

Customer checking meat section at Superior supermakert

Superior Halaal Group, a fresh foods company

Superior Halaal Group, a fresh foods company

Superior halaal butchers is situated at the North Gate Arcade along the Masauko Chipembere Highway in Blantyre.

MBS says the three sections of the food market have failed to comply with hygienic conditions as stipulated in Malawi Standard Number 21, which is the bureau’s code of hygienic conditions.

According to the statement, the suspension is due to the company’s failure to comply with hygienic conditions as stipulated in Malawi Standard Number 21; (Food And Food Processing Units – Code Of Hygienic Conditions).

Last week the Bureau suspended production and distribution of Chibuku Shake Shake opaque beer for Lilongwe plant on similar grounds.

Meanwhile, MBS has lifted the suspension order on production and distribution of the opaque beer after the brewer addressed the hygienic concerns at their Lilongwe plant as required by Malawi Standard 21.

MBS as national standards body, according to its director general Davlin Chokazinga, operates product and service and certification schemes to ensure that goods or services comply with quality requirements.

Chokazinga appealed to consumers in the country to take their role and responsibility seriously when it comes to quality and safety of the products they buy.


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9 thoughts on “Superial Food Market suspended over hygiene concerns – Malawi Bureau of Standards”

  1. mussi says:

    last week I bought two pieces of Pizza and found them spoiled and when called the manager she apologized and assured me that it would not happen again. I had the high opinion about them until this happened to me. I told the manager that what if this would be reported to MBS and she had no answer except the apology. so its for sure that hygiene is being compromised. we have to be aware about right to reject and report if we are sold anything of compromised standard. Also at KFC I bought wings and chips and I found the chips was a mix of fresh and non fresh chips and when I complained I was given the replacement with the apology again. try KFC TAKE AWAY and go home and see what you have got in ur take away. u will be surprised. we pay more for the brand and quality but they play with the standard to earn more profit. I urge to reject anything substandard. raise your voice and see what difference we can make.

  2. A voice from afar says:

    MBS, you haven’t a clue what you are doing. Untrained people, uncalibrated instruments, dated reagents, etc. I speak from experience, I dealt with you idiots some years ago.

    Only motivated by politics (to please your Masters) and bribe taking.

    Superior Meats has set high standards, and why your jealousy for their success?

  3. munthu says:

    Check also Shoprite and Peoples…mumachita kununkha mumma fridge awo..nkhuku za kale kale ku shoprite amachita kumagulitsabe..koma a Super Halaal amayesetsa ndithu

  4. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    MBS you need to be professional do the same with all produce markets in the cities of Malawi Limbe, Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba as a start. Then we will believe you are professionals.

  5. pissed off ex malawian says:

    Mbs tikuyang’ana kwa ndalama Fanta. Wake womwewo ndi nthambi zonse za boma, pa kaperekedwe ka ziphuphu ku Malawi ndi zopusa basi, zokhumudwitsa ndi anamufoolera Yobu. Posachedwapa takhala za kuzemba misonkho akhala zikuchitika kumeneko ndi sindikuwatsutsa anthu izo. Kodi misonkho yanu ati? Kupanga andale mafuta ndi olemera. zipatala alibe mankhwala, dongosolo maphunziro osati kugwira ntchito, palibe chinthu choterocho monga chikole. chuma kulephera, koma pulezidenti athu chete amatenga cronies ake America maholide misonkho yanu. n’zoonekeratu kuti malawi walephera pa demokalase. mulungu akudalitseni anthu a malawi, iwo sakuyenera ipyole zinyalala zomwe akukumana nazo.

  6. Chikondi says:

    What about the stink in Shoprite and Peoples and the rats in Chipiku? Superior halal is the cleanest supermarket in Malawi. How can this be shut down and the others not?

  7. concerned citizen says:

    Komanso mukayendere kumisika yonse MMalawi muno especialy in our cities . Anthu tikugulitsidwa zinthu zosasamalidwa in terms of hygiene. Dirty stalls, Zina pansi penipeni on dirty rags on isles where people are supposed to walk. Blantyre market its not like the same market which was clean and orderly during Kamuzu’s time. I wonder if city public health officers are still there and doing their job. Lets be proud of our country by doing orderly things and following good hygiene

  8. kukhala says:


  9. gringo says:

    koma makaladiwa tivutika nawo

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