Surestream rejects Mponda resignation: I will stay put, says Mponda

Peter Mponda has had his resignation as Surestream FC’s technical director rejected by the club’s board chairperson Chris Pitman and he remains in his post.

Peter Mponda: I will stay put - photo by Jeromy Kadewere.

Peter Mponda: I will stay put – photo by Jeromy Kadewere.

Pitman said there is no way he can accept Mponda’s resignation, describing him as hub of the team.

“Peter is Surestream, the institution is where it is now largely because of him and while there might be some misunderstandings, it shouldn’t have reached that point. I should believe there was some communication breakdown,” said Pitman.

Mponda announced his resignation on Tuesday , saying he was being frustrated.

Pitman said Mponda’s offer of resignation has been rejected and he has accepted to carry on.

Mponda confirmed that he will stay put.

Surestream currently at the bottom of the 15-team Super League log table with a single point from four games after three losses and a draw, faces Azam Tigers this weekend.

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27 thoughts on “Surestream rejects Mponda resignation: I will stay put, says Mponda”

  1. Dexter says:

    Sometimes if somebody builts a new foundations meets a numerous challenges. Endurance and perseverance at dis point is needed. Ofcourse the game of football needs good results if u’r said u ve good team. You have been building suretream academy for so long now. U ve seen areas where teams meets challenges after u have played four games now. Hopefully u ve been correcting all weak areas but to no avail. So till when u should be building the team to the point dat it is stable. Surely game of football requires experienced players. We ve bn seeing different teams doing well coz of experiencd players even abroad. So my advice is dat, if u’r excutive has got fund, pliz u must buy at least 4 experienced players so dat unexperienced players must imitate the skills from experienced ones. But if u go ahead with your sturbon, i swear u r to yield nothing in TNM superleage.

  2. Dexter says:

    Yes, youngers cant progress well if experienced arent available.

  3. kamfana sikusinja says:

    paja muna chalira kale mpando wa peter,nkhanga za ona.

  4. HR expert says:

    Those of you who say if a person resigns there is no way an employer can reject.That is not true. HR best practices entails that if people are resigning all labour turn over increases at an organization it means there is something wrong which the organization need to critically look into. Therefore, first is to make an inestigation and then try to find a remedy.I think the Board chair did just that,and that’s what is recommended in HR practices but thinking that every Jim and Jack should be let to go once he has handed a resignation is both dictatorial management and failure by management to resolve its shortfalls. kEEP IT UP SURESTREAM BOARD thats maturity in management.Peter be yourself and work even harder than before the company trusts you,don’t support it.

  5. kanyimbi says:

    Recruit some experienced players from which the youngsters can learn. Osapupuluma kunyanyala.

  6. dayfri says:

    kumenya bwino mpira ndi kuchinya….koma inu amponda makani. surestream all it needs are just two strong strikers who can shoot at the goal basi. The team that doesnt shoot at the goal doesnt score and the team that doesnt score doesnt win…..ndiye inu a MJOJO mukufuna kumatinamiza…. barca simamenya ma long corners? barca simamenyera patali? nzamkutu

  7. Phodos says:

    A letter from Leo Mpululo to Peter Mpondo.

    My dear Peter. I am glad to well come you to super league of Malawi. My advice is be patient. Coaching life here is very tough. Very tough against your boss, your players, your referees, your journalists, and not forgetting your supporters. Life is not easy here. So be mature as you change life as player to a different life as a Coach. All these people what they want from us is a win for each and every game. No two ways about that. Remember that if there is an employee who is always dismissed easily is a coach.

  8. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Earlier Mponda said,’I’m surrounded by people who don’t wish me well.’ Now, are you going to keep staying with the very people?
    I’m sure the sour scream executive have started a search for another technical director as a B plan since you are not trustworthy, in readness to firing you.
    Quitters don’t win, remember.

  9. gonapamuhanya says:

    Ha! Useless idiot! Resignation, resignation kuti? Angalowerenso kuti ndi ka certificate kawo ka Standard Faifiko!
    Sunati mphwanga ka team kakoko sikanati! Kakwapulidwa eeeh mpaka uchoka chothawa!
    Udzingoyamika kuti unapeza mwai umenewu! Nalikukuti wachabechabe!

  10. Khawaz man says:

    Asakunamize Mponda unachita bwino kuwauza zamaganizo ako go ahead Peter anthu saidziwa team ya Surestrem adziwa coz of you go ahead Peter

  11. Kingster Bella says:

    Childish!! Basi kufuna kuti munyengeleredwe. A Malawi tazikulani. At your level Mponda, be of principles. Either you overcome challenges or quit ( runaway), not these kind of behaviour(s)..

  12. sniper says:

    sinaoneko team ikungomenya pa stadium pamoz all these games…osapitako kwina bua? match fixn

  13. DTS says:

    Where did you hear that a resignation can be rejected by the employer? All the employee has to do is to notify the employer of his intention to resign, then serve proper notice (if any).

    Legally Surestream has no recourse to reject his resignation. Mponda please walk away and they will not hound you if you really are serious.

  14. paulos banda says:

    I can see poor employee and bad employer here. When employee resigns its better to let him/her go. The reason is simple trust yatha between you two. If he does not perform adzanena kuti pajatu munandikakamiza. And Peter know that you can be fired anytime with your employer as you have shown them that you are not stable.

  15. Dk says:

    Mjojo? Ndekuti chiyani? Zakukanikanitu apa. Grow up, be a man.

  16. Shymantis says:

    Osamanyanyala ngati mkazi. Mjojo, be man enough!

  17. Chief Cadet says:

    Kuluza konseko executive iziwombera mmanja akutukwane kumene people wants results not just we are playing according to instructions daily Ha ha ha Malawi wakale ameneyo umfuse Leo amakalipa mawa Ali pa game Too childish Peter,include one or two experienced players you have money kuwumira ngati zanthumba mwako

  18. bertha says:

    Dont take people 5 granted dont push them to corner mpondas reactio was normal

  19. Lloyd Mpofu says:

    Mponda, you ve shown you are inmature how could you rush 2 the media b4 u consult Ur employees? JACK UP

  20. Peter Mathanyula says:

    Pitilizani a Pido, ma muna weniweni sathawa ntchito. good luck.

  21. chimwemwe says:

    Mr Mponda, You have done a lot in football and if football remains your passion, there are other avenues you may use to sort out the burning issues surrounding your team. I would love seeing you prospering man.

  22. makito says:

    When you know you are worth the salt, you flex your muscles. Thumbs up Peter.

  23. ujeni says:

    This is what Mponda is good at, crying like a baby then people should plead with him, giving him sweets to sooth his child like ego. And for you Mr Pitman, we now questions your organisation here in Malawi. Very fishy, smells rotten fish.

  24. Mtumbuka says:

    It is good to apriciete other’s work.

  25. Ken Mwambo says:

    Peter Mponda has just shown how immature and childish he is. As a leader you need to expect to meet challenges and deal with them head on. He is not young anymore and needs to learn leadership skills very fast. The Surestream leadership are showing trust in rejecting his resignation, but he should not take that for granted. Peter needs to be reminded that he is heading the highest financially funded team in the country and needs to behave like such. I am honestry disappointed on how he reacted, whatever the issues.

  26. Wodzichepetsa says:

    Mumkwezerenso salary

  27. Mulukunuwa maluku says:

    Muzikula che mponda pang’onong’ono quit u nid to accept criticism & forge ahead

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