Suspected Njauju cop killer gets bail

Malawi Police have confirmed a criminal investigations department officer who was arrested in connection with the murder of graft busting body, the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) corporate affairs director Issah Njauju, is now  freed on bail.

Gondwa:    High Court released him on bail

Gondwa: High Court released Naphiyo on bail

Police spokesman Nicholas Gondwa said Christopher Naphiyo was granted bail by the High Court following his appearance in the court two weeks ago.

“He is not on police bail but High Court bail. He appeared before the court two weeks ago,” said Gondwa.

Naphiyo, who is a policer officer at Area 30 in CID, was arrested a few weeks ago after some people reported him to police for allegedly boasting at a drinking joint that he knew killers of Njauju.

Njauju was brutally murdered in July, 2015 and the police are yet to identify his killers and the motive behind his murder.

Opposition and civil rights organisations in the country have blamed the government for the dilly dallying in the investigations but President Peter Mutharika has said his administration would bring the perpetrators to book.

Just a few weeks ago, Inspector General of Police  Lexten Kachama said the police investigations on the murder of Njauju are dragging because of lack of forensic equipment, saying law enforcers are doing the forensic manually which takes time.

He did not however say why the police is not prioritising the purchase of such a vital equipment for the nation.

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10 thoughts on “Suspected Njauju cop killer gets bail”

  1. Mlomwe says:

    Iyi siikusiyana ndi za a Joice Banda ija iyi… Wina amanena ku mowa kuti akuziwa anapha Njaunju… Wina ananena pa nsonkhano kuti akuziwa anashooter Mphwiyo… The only difference is wina wamangidwa wina sanamangidwe… My poor malawi

  2. Silver Coin says:

    There’s something missing here, are u saying he was arrested cz he was bragging about knowing who killed njaunju or he conspired to kill njaunju? if so its cz of bragging, why calling him “cop killer”? do u understanding the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”?…Now to high court..why giving him bail in that highly profile murder case.? don’t u think it will jeopardize investigations? what if he runs away? koma abale dziko lathu ili shaaaaaah

  3. olira says:

    Palibe chilungamo apa

  4. Wankulu says:

    Don`t fool people, I have never heard of a “forensic equipment” . Forensics is a combination of different expertise depending on the nature of the crime/murder. Forensics can involve experts in different fields, for example; anthropology, molecular biology, odontology, chemistry, pathology, ballistics, fire experts – the list is not exhaustive. You just need to look for these experts from within Malawi and you should be able to find them especially in our colleges and other institutions. And equipment used by most of these these experts varies; some just use the evidence available and their brains; some just need rudimentary techniques & tools to do their analysis. Get your act together and you should be able to do this.

  5. Eddy Gomez says:

    Mkasa Sananamedi Ku “olemera Amalakwa Koma Chuma Chawo Ndichomwe Chimawabisa”.

  6. mjiba says:

    Ha ha Police which Forensic are you doing manually? Did you recover bullets from Njaunju’s body? Did you recover any bullet casings from the scene of crime in Mgona? Have you recovered any firearms in relation to this case? Did you even attempt to involve City Fire experts to determine what type of combustible material was used to set Njaunju’s car on fire and compare it to what you had gathered at MEC offices to see if the methods of the arsonists are the same. Have you attempted to analyise Njaunju’s phone GPS locator to determine how he was moved during this ill fated day? Clearly all these things you cannot analyise them manually! Can you? Mwapita kwa singanga kapena? You are either doing forensic evidence gathering the correct way which will be tested in court or doing nothing. After all you demonstrated profound absurdity by not securing the crime scene and left it to be contaminated. This one is a big failure. Ogo!

  7. Tapiwa Muntharika says:

    Why Nyaunji case has become political? I see murder Cases of other people are not difficult to solve? Does this mean Nyaunji was killed by government officiala who were afraid to be reviwed of Cash Gate? Nyaunji was not a politician, he was doing his job. Do we have government killers to do our job? How can we work free and honnest? If Nyaunji was killed by ory person the police was going to find this man and convict him formurde murder. Abale you convict gays 14 years for having abnomal sex but never convict a Cash Gate or an ACB worker. It is strange country and very un safe place to work. I feel sorry for Malawians who are working in this nation. The nation is back to Kamuzu time. Dont call Malawi a democratic nation it is far more ro democracy. Nyaunji was not killed by robberies. It the poor man who took his telephone, but was a very well planed government person sent by highly in the government. It might not be the president but someone closer to him and the president is protecting this person or the president is not told the truth. It is not easy to be a leader. A leader is surrounded by followers who are protecting their interests. In Malawi it is not about working for their ation but their businesses. Once it was introduced that all ministers and MPs can have a business while they are working as minister Malawi became Corrupted nation. It was better with Kamuzu. We blamed him but he was better than all of them. Look what Malawi has become? We never suffered for food. I will vote for MCP to honor a man who loved our nation.

  8. Achimidizimidzi says:

    Was this person really arrested and charged because he boasted at drinking place that he knows who killed Njauju.

    Tell us something sensible Mr. policeman, not what you are saying.

  9. potepote says:

    Mukufuna asowe kapena athawe kuti mulandu usayende? He should reveal the info he has.

  10. Truck says:


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