Suzi Banda elected Malawi Law Society new president

Malawi Law Society (MLS) has elected its former treasurer John Suzi-Banda as the new president of the body.

Suzi-Banda: New president of MLS

Suzi-Banda: New president of MLS

Suzi-Banda was elected at the Nkopola Lodge where the MLS held its Annual General Meeting. He takes over from Mandala Mambulasa.

The deputy president of MLS is now Powell Gift Nkhutabasa of Fountain Court Law Offices in Lilongwe. He has replaced Emmanuel Theu.

The MLS elected Khumbo Bonzoe Soko of Soko and Co Kwacha Chambers in Lilongwe to be the secretary general replacing Felisah Kilembe.

The new purse keeper of MLS is Ms Chimwemwe Ngondoma of NBS Bank.

MLS elected three committee members who include Francis Ekari M’mame of Auction Holdings Ltd, Mrs Beatrice Mwangwela Malawi Revenue Authority and Ted Roka of Kalekeni Kaphale Lawyers in Blantyre.

The disciplinary committee members elected were Mrs Videlia Mluwira of Malawi Savings Banda and
George Bakuwa George of Chisanga and Company law firm.

The new MLS faces a challenge to uphold the legal profession that respects minimum standards of integrity and ethical behaviour by letting lawyers answering criminal charges to continue representing clients in court.

Currently, lawyers answering criminal charges and representing clients on the same are private practice lawyers Ralph Kasambara (Senior Counsel) and Wapona Kita.

The two are being co-accused in conspiracy, possession of property suspected to have been stolen amounting to K55 million and money laundering, but at the same time they are also representing their clients in similar cases.

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23 thoughts on “Suzi Banda elected Malawi Law Society new president”

  1. Kamikaze says:

    Nde mwati man wa anabonza chick yaeni plain mpaka kuthira, kupukusa zonse zilowe komweko opanda mantha, aah ulemu wanu big man, inu ndi munthu wamkulu. Tengani chayamba ikhale yanu

  2. No noble profession remains what about accountancy in the wake cash gate and medicine with these fake doctors. Poor Malawi!

  3. Mainard Mbowe says:

    I know John Suzi Banda has the brains to run this useless society but I am not quite sure if he has the balls to bring back the lost glory this association once had.

    You have a huge responsibility on your shoulders son, si zachamba zija tinkasuta ku Chanco ayi.

  4. Black Market says:

    Konzani lamulo la qualification ya MP to go to parliament. Opanda A-level ayi n start at first degree. Many dont contribute effectively coz they are empty.

  5. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    Stupid liars. HE Dr Kamuzu Banda once said ‘there are three noble professions, accountancy, law and medicine’. But now there are two only. Law has been disgraced. No wonder they glorify themselves “learned ” yet they are the least educated, just memorising old colonial sections. When you read the Mariage Bill you tend to wonder whether it was vetted by an experienced draftsman. They had opportunity to discuss their ethical failings but alas they were busy fucking each other. Kaya Ralph mmamuopa chani kaya osangomukoka mapwara bwanji.

  6. Truth says:

    bunch of thieves. manisers. wominers. crooks. there is no moral in any of them.

  7. Abiti Sipoko says:

    Koma abale kuyalutsana choncho paneti pano. kkkkkkkl

  8. Vyawa says:

    MLS is a useless and toothless organization in Malawi. There is nothing there are doing. Many of their members are crooks. I lost respect in lawyers.

  9. malawiana says:

    Am not surprised why the older generation lawyers have abandoned this useless society.

  10. Mponga says:

    Okwata akazi aweni ameneyu satithandiza. Pamtumbo panu mumasankhani mufuna mudziba naye limodzi eti? I know this guy, he is a disgracr to th nation

  11. Mweeta Ookhwene says:

    Malawi Law Society just like Moam is a toothless organisation unable to discipline its own members

  12. nyayo says:

    It’s unsafe to denounce all lawyers. One day you may need their services. Just like any other profession, some of the lawyers may hav criminal traits but that does not mean that all are bad. Let’s learn to respect each other.

    1. Wodzitsata says:

      We have experienced their services before. We speak from experience when we talk of thieves…e.t.c.

  13. Wodzitsata says:

    Hahahaha! Malawian lawyers. Thieves! Zero ethics, zero morals! Actuality they are just slightly worse than politicians! Some of the most deluded of our society!

  14. Kafire says:

    Law Society is just a club of undisciplined and adulterated liars. A club of pompous fellows without morals. Never allow your child to marry or be married by any of them.

    1. May June says:

      You must be very bitter for nothing. May be you can’t satisfy a woman or effect an erection. You think if you close down on lawyers, your catch will be widened. Alas! You are fooling your dead balls.

      You will not be to cure your impotence by talking shit about lawyers.

  15. Kokotowa says:

    Elite forum my ass! Lawyers are glorified thieves!

    John Suzie Banda ndi munthu woipa kwambiri! Amachinda mkazi wa mzache wogwira naye ntchito Frank Kunje mpaka mimba!

  16. Zosautsa says:

    I cannot admire you my friend. This club has no moral and professional ethical standards for its members. I my view it is not different from the drug mafia groups of Mexico, full of underground dirty deals. Check Kasambala and the club has condoned his behaviour implicitly by not saying anything. Shame to you lawyers.

  17. Moya says:

    These lawyers are all one in stealing peoples money so they can’t stop kasambara knowingly they can also anytime be found with a criminal case anytime, this needs chief justice to stop lawyers like ralph representing clients before they clear their names in very serious cases of att. murder and caudate

  18. bongozozo says:

    Thought the article is going to highlight his academic background…..

  19. Gondolosi says:

    John Suzi Banda chigawenga anabaya G.Mwapasa ndi mpeni ku Chanco

  20. Pliz ensure that there is sanity in the profession. Pliz expel Kasambara and Wapona. There are the disgrace to the profession. Pliz.

  21. Congratulations my brother, may the Almighty God give you the wisdom to lead this ‘Elite forum’. Zimatha Chisale.

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